Role Play at Home: The Jewel Heist

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Role Play at home: The Jewel Heist

This story is a follow-up to “Discoveries at Home.” The previous instalment documented some of our sexual adventures when we as a couple experimented sexually. The following story contains mild themes of control, bondage and non-consent all of which take place in against a backdrop of a role play scenario within a consensual and stable relationship. The people represented bear only a passing resemblance to real people, and the names have been changed. If these themes are not your thing, then please feel free to skip by.

Inspiration for the story comes from two classic films, Hitchcock’s “To Catch A Thief” and the classic “Day of the Jackal.” They are used as references as background to the story

Lizzy and I play sexy cops and robbers.

It was a cold, wet miserable winter Saturday. The sort of day where it’s as dark at 3pm as it is at 10pm. The rain was falling incessantly and almost horizontally in large droplets, driven by the gale that accompanied it. It was the perfect sort of day to curl-up on the sofa with my girl and the heating on in comfy clothes watching old movies and grazing. And that is exactly what Lizzy and we were doing. It was so dark outside we had shut the blinds, turned the lights on low and cuddled up. I sat on the sofa with my back against the arm while Lizzy had squeezed in between my legs, her back against my chest and her head resting on the front of my shoulder. It was the perfect set up. Lizzy was wearing a blue satin knee length baby doll covered by a robe and I had a pyjama set consisting of a t-shirt and loose-fitting bottoms.

We were watching “To Catch a Thief” starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, the story of a retired jewel thief being accused of a series of robberies while being romantically pursued by a beautiful socialite wanting to become his partner in crime. From time to time I would find myself idly stroking Lizzy’s head or arms, playing with her hair or running my fingers tenderly across her neck and top of her chest. The sort of tender touching that couples enjoy in the quieter moments of intimacy. As the film drew to its end Lizzy looked up at me and said coyly

“Have you ever fancied playing cops and robbers? Maybe we could create our own little version of the film?”

I could tell that Lizzy had that glint in her eye, the sort of glint that led to all sorts of naughtiness and I was more than happy to explore what she had in mind,

“I don’t think I have Liz, but I am up for giving it a go, what do you have in mind baby?”

“We could dress up as a burglar and police, one of us robs the house or something and the other is the police officer who turns up to investigate………..and.”

“One of us ends up at the mercy of the other?”

“Oh yes!” Lizzy giggled.

“We will have to work out the details of who is who and who is going to be caught.” I said.

“What do you mean who will be caught, it has to be the robber doesn’t it?”

“No not really, what if the tables are turned and the police officer ends up at the mercy of the robber after dropping their handcuffs?” I countered as I slipped my right hand into Lizzy’s robe and under her baby doll and onto the top of her left breast.

“Hey cheeky what are you up to?”


“It doesn’t feel like nothing to mmmeeeeeeee!” Lizzy squealed as I pinched, her hardening left nipple. Lizzy’s nipples are super sensitive and have a direct connection to her gorgeous pussy. If I kept caressing her 34E orb her quim would be wet in no time. I then slipped my left arm around Lizzy’s neck and crossed my right, slipping my hand under the robe and baby doll to locate Lizzy’s right nipple.

“Hmmmmm baby, mmmmm.”

Was all Lizzy said as I continued to caress her magnificent orbs. I could feel her nipples standing to attention and my fingers and thumbs gently rolled, squeezed and stoked them, Lizzy looked up and me and bent my head forward to meet her in a long passionate kiss. I could feel Lizzy press herself back against me. I opened my arms outwards and the robe’s tie gave way, as I opened my arms wider the robe slipped from Lizzy’s shoulders taking with it the thin straps of her baby doll, leaving awesome nubs fully exposed. I began to squeeze her tits as we kissed while soft moans began to escape from my beautiful fiancé.

Lizzy broke off our kiss just long enough to whisper that I was being terribly naughty, and it was an observation that I wasn’t disagreeing with. I ran my right hand down Lizzy’s body until I reached her waist, moving my hand further forward I touched the top her right thigh and began to pull the bottom of the baby doll up towards her waist, when it was above her waist I slid my hand across to the top her pussy and began to slowly trace little circles on the top of her silky smooth pussy.

“Hmmmmm, god baby, that is so good.” Lizzy gasped.

I slipped both of my feet under Lizzy’s lower canlı bahis legs, so they met between her legs and then slowly used my feet to gently open her legs just enough to allow me to slip my right hand down into her cleft. Lizzy’s quim was already moist, the caressing of her sensitive tits and nipples had had the desired effect, Lizzy was horny. My index finger found her bullet hard clit immediately and I heard Lizzy gasp as squirm at my touch and I began to rub her sex nub in slow circles and Lizzy’s hips started to gently sway in the same slow motion as my finger. She reached upwards with both hands, wrapping them around my neck and pulling my head forward into a deep forceful kiss. As our lips met, I felt the weight of Lizzy’s legs lift from my ankles as she spread her legs wider to give me unrestricted access to her pussy. I continued to maul her right tit with my left hand and then slipped my middle finger down to her pussy entrance, without pushing it inside her I applied just enough pressure to gently spread her slot open slightly before releasing it and then doing it again, all the time I kept my other finger circling Lizzy’s by now fully engorged clit.

Lizzy’s sweet love hole was getting wetter and wetter, my middle finger was now covered in the sticky sweetness of her love juices and they were already oozing out of the bottom of her pussy. My gentle probing of her pussy opening and the toying of her clit was pushing Lizzy to the edge. Her breathing became more gasp like, she was moaning through our kisses and her hips continued to move in time with my fingers.

“Mmmmmmmmm baby, don’t stop I’m ah……”

gasped Lizzy before her orgasm tore through her, she pulled hard at my neck, her legs closed around my hand and she convulsed between my legs. Lizzy’s right nipple was now bullet hard between my fingers. Normally this would have been my cue to fuck her senseless after all my 7-inch tool was rock hard and had been sticking into Lizzy’s back for the last few minutes. Lizzy untangled herself from my arms and sat upwards before turning around and kneeling between my legs. She reached forward and tore at the waistband of my bottoms to pull them down. I raised my hips off the sofa and closed my legs a little to make it easier for her and in an instant Lizzy had pulled them down far enough to free my rock-hard member.

Looking me in the eye Lizzy said,

“Your turn Mister!”

as she took hold of my cock with her right hand. With the precum that had been seeping from my end during my fingering of Lizzy to orgasm she had no trouble in slipping back my foreskin and exposing my purple helmet. Lizzy leaned forward, pursed her lips and slowly enveloped my cock with her mouth. My position on the sofa meant that I could see my beautiful fiancé kneeling forward, with my cock in her mouth, her magnificent tits dangling with her peachy ass high in the air. I could only take in the view briefly as my eyes closed as Lizzy’s soft warm wet mouth went to work. As she bobbed her head slowly up and down around my helmet, she gently wanked my shaft with her right hand, and then I felt her begin to caress my fully loaded balls with her left. The sensations she was creating, and sloppy noises were quickly pulling me to my own peak. Lizzy sensed this and broke off for a moment and whispered

“Come on baby I want it all, give it to me! Fill my stomach with your cum.”

Lizzy had always been quite happy to swallow but I had never heard her say anything like that.

“God Liz!”

was all I could manage as she returned to her sucking. I began to feel the tell-tale tingle of an approaching cum shot, my cock seemed to harden even more, and my legs began to tense. Lizzy sensed this and looked up at me as she continued her work, she began to moan her encouragement for me to cum that only hastened my release. My hips began thrust upwards to meet Lizzy’s mouth which met with approving moans, I could feel my jism speeding up my cock shaft, my sensitive and over stimulated helmet screaming for relief began twitching as the inevitable cum stroke arrived. Lizzy felt it too and forced her mouth as far down my shaft as far as it would go. Lizzy had never gone this far before and as my cock hit the back of her throat wad after wad of cum blasted out deep into my girls welcoming mouth. Lizzy moaned her approval as I came and she continued to tug at my shaft after the initial three spurts of my orgasm she raised her head and began to suck the top of my cock ensuring she had gotten very last drop of my seed out of , before she released my member from her mouth with a pop and then licked me clean.

Lizzy raised herself up to a kneeling position and was wiping her mouth of the sticky mess of saliva that was the natural output of a blowjob of that nature and smiled. Her robe and negligee were gathered around her waist hiding a view of her pussy, but her tits were on full view. As she retrieved the straps of the baby doll and pulled them up to cover herself, bahis siteleri she looked at me and said

“I think that makes us, even don’t you?”

All I could do was nod as I came to my senses “Why don’t you open a bottle of wine whale I get cleaned up and then we’ll watch whatever is on next?” she added.

“I’ll get the wine, but don’t you dare get cleaned up.” I replied as Lizzy looked at me quizzically

“I am all sticky down there; I can’t sit here like that all night.” she replied

I reached out and pulled her forward into an embrace, as I stroked her head gently as it rested on my shoulder I whispered,

“Liz leave it, when I make love to you later it will be lush to feel my cock pushing into your sticky cum and juice-soaked pussy.”

Lizzy just looked up, kissed me and said “You are such a prev! Get the wine!” I manoeuvred myself out from under Lizzy and headed for the kitchen.

I opened a bottle of white and gathered some tapas style nibbles and headed back to the lounge and Lizzy, we sat cuddled up picking at the food and enjoying the wine. It had been about an hour since our little orgasm exchange when a new film started “The Day of the Jackal”, Lizzy had never seen it and we watched as the fictional plot to assassinate Charles de Gaulle unfolded and the race to stop it. We had reached the scene where Edward Fox, the would-be assassin, proposed his cover name “Jackal” when Lizzy commented on how clever it was. I agreed and continued to watch. Lizzy who had been until this point cuddled up on me, sat up and paused the film.

“You know earlier when we talked about the cops and robber’s thing, I have an idea?”

“Back to that are we?” I replied with a smile before adding “Go on then hit me with it.”

“Right, we set up a role play for cops on robbers based on stealing jewels, the robber has a code name, but not The Cat that’s cheesy! The Jackal is too harsh, so how about something like The Panther?”

“Okay sounds good so far, what else?” I replied

“So I’ll be the policewoman sent to investigate a jewel robbery and you can be The Panther the jewel thief, we would have to have costumes so it’s realistic, but I like the idea that it’s the policewoman who is on the wrong end of what goes on!”

“So, what you are saying is that we dress up and play out a robbery and that you want to be the one who ends up compromised in the scenario, is that right?”

“Yes, that’s about it.” Lizzy replied

“And how far does this go? I am assuming we will use our safe phrase, but is it carte blanche anything goes or are there boundaries in place? Remember control night two? You surprised me by breaking one of our boundaries for anal sex?” I countered

“That’s true, so how about we say that anything goes but, on the night, the safe phrase stops an activity but if used twice the whole thing stops?” Lizzy proposed

I thought about that for a moment before suggesting “The safe phrase stops everything as normal, but to stop a single activity Father in Law should be our safe phrase, that would make more sense?”

“Sounds good to me. Let’s do it this Friday.” Lizzy beamed.

“Just one last thing baby, are you becoming a submissive by any chance, you know wanting to be the victim etc?”

“Maybe just a little, but it’s more to do with the fact that I know how imaginative you can be, so what wouldn’t I take advantage of it? “Lizzy replied with a huge smile “So shall we get back to the film?”

The wind rain continued unabated outside making us feel cosy inside spending the rest of the evening entwined in each other with wine, food and films. At around 9pm we headed for an early night that included me keeping my word and slipping my cock deep into Lizzy’s sticky, warm, wet and welcoming quim and slowly making love until we were both spent. The perfect end to a very enjoyable day.

We had a little over a week before cops and robber’s night, so we got ourselves together to see what we needed, first up Lizzy needed a Policewoman’s outfit, so I left that to her. We already had a set of handcuffs that we had bought and used a while back. I needed to look like a burglar or thief so based on Cary Grant in the film I went with a black polo neck I used for golf and matching black trousers. I ordered a black eye mask off eBay and found a black kids water pistol in one of the cheap tat shops in town later in the day. I was still a bit lost on the jewels I was supposed to be stealing, Lizzy didn’t own anything really expensive except the 1 carat piece of ice on her left hand I had given her when I had asked her to marry me a month or so back. I was also a bit lost on what I would do to turn the tables on the policewoman who was out to catch me.

I thought long and hard on how I was going to make this work and while we were watching some old Greek mythology-based flick on Tuesday evening, inspiration came, I was going to obtain, not steal, 4 jewels. I was going to be given these 4 jewels, so no “crime” bahis şirketleri would have been committed and I would end up in possession of them. I little playing around in my head with names and I arrived that on Friday night Lizzy would provide me with the following

1.The Twins of Gemini

2.The 2 Orbs of Venus (upon which the twins were mounted)

3.The Star of Venus

4.The Flower of Venus.

Now I had to work out how I was going to do it. Later that same day I was scrolling through Wish and some of the items that were popular were of an adult nature, one interested me, a body chain! I skipped over to the adult website where we bought our toys and found a suitable body chain. It was black with a thin collar, the front vertical chain was made up of black glass stones, two smaller chains connected to the centre chain about a foot from the collar, on the end were nipple clamps. As the centre chain continued down with the black glass stones smaller until it ended with a clit clip. As I scrolled through the site an offer showed up for 50% off a plug-in wand vibrator. It all fitted in now I knew how I would get Lizzy the policewoman to give up the jewels, with a little prompting.

Over the next couple of days, the items I had ordered turned up plus one or two addressed to Lizzy, we both knew they were for what we had planned so neither of us asked what had been delivered. To date everything we had tried with our sexual adventures had brought the element of surprise and we had both enjoyed the benefits and so it would continue in that vein.

On Friday evening we closed the house curtains and blinds, we both showered, and Lizzy did her hair and make-up. We had agreed that Lizzy would start in the porch as if she had entered the house to investigate a jewel theft. I would hide upstairs and wait for the moment I could execute my part of the role play. Lizzy went downstairs to finish getting ready in the downstairs bathroom taking with her the handcuffs we had where she would wait until we were ready to start and I retrieved the bag of goodies from my wardrobe and used our en-suite bathroom to change. Once I was in character, I opened a few drawers in our room, and a wardrobe door. I turned on a small light and closed the behind me. I then went to the two other bedrooms and scattered some clothes on the floor in one room and turned on the light in the other. Finally, as I was going to the small back bedroom my phone pinged, I opened it and saw a text from Lizzy, all it said was “I’m ready”. I turned on the light in the bedroom and I moved the bookcase in the bedroom out a little and hid in the gap between the wall and the back of the bookcase, I checked I had my water pistol, pulled down my mask. From where I was, I could switch off the light to create a sense of threat when I heard Lizzy approach. Lastly, I took my phone from my pocket and replied to Lizzy, all it said was “I’m ready now, start now”

“POLICE! If there is anybody here, show yourself!”

I heard Lizzy shout as she stepped from the small enclosed porch and into the house, I could hear the click of her heels on the wooden floor as she explored the dimly lit house. I heard the dining room door open with a squeak as Lizzy checked the room

“Show yourself, police officer!”

I heard again this time slightly more muffled. Lizzy continued to explore the house looking for the jewel thief she was after, suddenly I heard the click of her heels stop, I knew she was on the stairs, I reached out and flicked off the light.

“Who’s there? show yourself!”

Was Lizzy’s response followed by a click as a beam of light began to sweep the stairs from the torch she had taken to use. Even though it was just a role play I felt like my breathing was on volume 20 and that my heartbeat would be heard miles away. I could see the beam of light getting closer and I peered through the gap in the door watching Lizzy’s silhouette step into the first of the bedrooms.

“Police show yourself”

Lizzy called again as she closed drawers in the room. I watched as she moved along the landing and checked the bathroom. I couldn’t make out what she was wearing except for her heels. The bathroom cleared, she moved closer to me and went into the next bedroom. I could hear her walking across the room back towards the open wardrobe door and I quickly moved from my hiding place to the bathroom she had just checked.

I could smell the Coco Chanel she had put on as I passed back the way she had just come, I hid behind the door and waited. As she left the bedroom she turned and noticed the bookcase, she turned on the light and again shouted “Police” only to be met with silence. That meant there was only one room left to check, our bedroom, she switched off the light and made her way towards our room, I drew the water pistol from my pocket and as she passed the door I burst out behind her grabbing her around the waist with one hand and pushing the water pistol into the small of her back. Lizzy’s scream was genuine at being ambushed and she dropped the torch, I held her firmly by the waist and let her regather herself for a moment, I could feel her heart racing and how fast she was breathing from the fright.

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