Roman Bath House

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The evening that construction completed on my home spa, I invited the new girl at my gym over to be pampered. For the last two weeks, I had been pushing the construction crew to hurry it along, ever since the first day she walked into my yoga class. She caught my eye immediately as she positioned her mat right next to mine.

Twenty-something, platinum blonde hair that stopped just above her perfect, palm-sized, perky breasts. Her soft pink yoga tank and pants clung so tightly to her toned body they sculpted her firm, round ass. Her nails had been manicured, her skin was soft, and she wore my favorite VS body spray.

As she bent over to get into the first pose, I stood there, lost in a fantasy, tugging on those hard nipples with my face buried in her ass, right there in class. When I realized everyone else were down on their mats while I stood there like an idiot, I recovered by pretending to find my diamond stud earring in my sports bra.

After our workout, I invited her to join me for a massage and was pleased when she agreed. During our conversation, I learned her name was Misti; she was 23, and just relocated to Santa Ana from Minnesota for an internship. She was far from home, alone, and eager to accept my friendship.

That evening, the cameras showed her approaching the gate at precisely 9 p.m. as instructed. Good girl, I thought to myself; I won’t have to punish you later for not being prompt.

Not wanting to appear pompous, I relieved the house staff after dinner and eagerly answered the door myself to greet her. To my excitement, she wore a tight, black, flared, mini dress and open-toed stiletto heels; she had great legs. Fuck, I wanted to strip her naked and taste her young pussy right there. However, since I wanted to take my time with her, I controlled myself for the moment.

Instead, I şişli escort made us a mixed drink and took her on a tour of the house, skipping the room, Sasha stays in when I don’t require her services and my bedroom suites. When we toured the media and entertainment room, I poured us another drink, this time stronger than the last, and I grabbed a couple of bottles of Fireball.

“Are you ready to see paradise?”

I took her hand and led her to the backyard and down the path leading to the bathhouse. She and I both had a pretty good buzz going and were getting along like old friends. I had to stop myself from running my fingers over her pretty little lips a couple of times. Just looking at her made me fucking crazy. I knew my husband was going to love her, but I wanted her first.

I led her into the building and down to the women’s powder room. There was a stocked bar along the far wall and relaxing meditation music playing quietly in the background. I made us another drink, and we sat on the chaise in front of the marble fireplace to talk. I was feeling quite uninhibited and confident after my fourth cocktail and could tell her nerves were settling as well.

“Have you ever been with a woman,” I asked her, brushing a strand of hair from her cheek.

She blushed, seemingly shy, then answered “once.”

“Tell me more,” I insisted.

“Right before college, my best friend and I got drunk,” she said. “After I passed out, I awoke to her kissing my nipples. When I started to protest, she slid a finger inside of me and said, don’t tell me you don’t want this; you are dripping wet. So I closed my eyes and let her continue fingering me and sucking on my breasts until I came so hard that I got my sheets wet. The next day we acted as nothing happened and never mentioned it again.”

She had been looking escort şişli down while she told me her story. I cupped her chin in my hand and raised her head so that her eyes met mine; she was still a little red from embarrassment.

“I have been as wet as you were in that story since you walked in,” I said to her. “I have wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you in Yoga class, and I always get what I want.” She looked a bit nervous as she nodded her head in agreement.

As if I had planned it, Sasha appeared with another round of drinks.

“Misty, this is Sasha. Sasha belongs to me; she does what I tell her. While you are my guest, she will do as you tell her as well.”

“Yes, mam,” Sasha answered and got down on her knees, awaiting her orders.

“I want a few minutes alone with Misty in the bathhouse. Fetch my husband and bring him down into the men’s changing room. Run him a hot shower, give him a good massage, and suck his cock until I tell you to bring him in with me.

Misty is a surprise, so don’t mention it, or I will have to spank you in front of him again. And don’t let him cum. Just a good tease with your mouth and throat,”

Sasha nodded in agreement and disappeared from the room.

I stood up and removed my dress and then took Misty’s hand and stood her up in front of me.

“Remove your clothing, not your heels.

Now feel how wet you have made me.

Put your finger in your mouth and taste what you do to me.”

As she removed her finger from her mouth, I grabbed it and put it into my mouth and sucked the saliva from it. Then I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth to mine. Her lips parted with mine as I slid my tongue into her mouth, and she kissed back. I inserted one, then two fingers into her pleasantly tight pussy. She eskort şişli was so fucking wet. She moaned loudly while taking my fingers inside her. I removed my fingers and put them in her mouth. She hungrily sucked every bit of her pussy from them before I shoved them back inside her.

We kissed aggressively again before I moved down to her beautiful palm-sized perky breasts. Her nipples were hard. My tongue teased each nipple before I took them into my mouth and sucked on them, giving both breasts attention. I fingered her more aggressively, feeling her tighten against them. I moved my other hand to her neck and held firmly, fingering her deeper and harder until she was quivering, and her orgasm spilled out onto my hand. This time I licked my fingers, tasting her sweet juices.

I got us both a robe and took her into the bathroom.

It was a massive room with an Olympic sized pool in the middle. There were two pillars in the middle of the water with fire pits atop them and water flowing back down into the pool. Two giant lion statues were sitting on each side to guard the water that stayed a constant eighty-five degrees. Greek statues aligned the walls, constructed from marble that extended to the floor, and a glass ceiling allowed the moonlight to shine into the room.

“Go clean yourself off,” I instructed, and she went into the water.

“Now come and sit next to me,” I ordered, and she listened.

“I am going to eat your pussy soon, and then I am going to watch my husband fuck you for a while before I fuck Sashas ass with that large strap on over there,” I pointed.

“You may order her to do whatever you desire, and she will obey. I would like for her to sit on your face while you are being fucked so he can lick her asshole and get it ready for me.

Does all of that scare you?” I asked.

“Yes, but I am willing to try,” she answered quietly.

“Good girl, now come and lay between my legs and start licking my pussy. My fucking clit is throbbing. I will tell you what to do if you need me too.”

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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