Root and the Pharmacist’s Wife Pt. 03

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Big Dicks

Brief Backstory: The setting is a Middle America town in the late 1970’s, and Lute, our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who’s finishing high school, playing bass in a rock band, and spreading his own brand of goodwill among the local ladies.


Lute and Ellen had been having regular Thursday night encounters in the vacant apartment above the pharmacy for several weeks. When one night, Ellen presented him with an interesting opportunity.

Ron, her pharmacist husband, was planning to drive up to the city the following Saturday to meet up with a couple of his old college buddies and go to a basketball game. He’d be staying over for the night, so she would be alone and available.

Ellen was telling this to Lute as they lay naked together on the bed in their apartment love nest, having just made love for the second time that night.

“Okay, so what are you thinking?” Lute asked, intrigued by the possibilities available to them with her husband gone, if only for a night.

“Well, I’d really love for us to spend a whole night together,” Ellen whispered as she ran her fingers through Lute’s hair as he laid his head on her soft and ample 38F bosom.

“Yeah, that would be great!” Lute agreed.

“We could meet at my house,” Ellen went on, “But I don’t really like the idea of us making love there – that just seems…wrong.”

“Right…I get that,” Lute whispered. “So, what about here? Will this work?”

“I think it’s our best option,” Ellen replied.

“Perfect…sounds like a plan,” Lute said, his voice somewhat muffled as his face was now planted in Ellen’s cleavage while he gently kissed her breasts.

So, a week later, with Lute’s parents thinking he was at a band mate’s house for the night, and Ellen’s husband off for shenanigans with his buddies, the couple holed up in apartment

It was a snowy Saturday, perfect weather for the kind of indoor activities our lovers had in mind. Lute had been at band practice and was the first to arrive at the apartment later that afternoon. Putting down the pizza he had brought along, and tossing his backpack and coat in the closet, Lute made himself at home.

He knew Ellen was still downstairs closing up the pharmacy, but she had obviously been in the apartment earlier, because there were fresh flowers on the table, and several bottles of wine and some food chilling in the frig. And checking out the bed, Lute saw there was a giftwrapped box with an “Open Me, Lute!” note attached to the front. And on the bedside table was a new bottle of massage oil.

After tuning the radio to a good jazz station from the city, Lute went into the kitchen and turned the oven on low and stashed the pizza inside to stay warm. Then, he turned off all the lights and opened the curtains of a big window so he could see the falling snow. It was almost dusk, and between the waning daylight and the streetlight in the alley, there was enough light so Lute could see around the apartment just fine.

Now, curious about the package Ellen had left for him, Lute opened it and found inside a pair of very sexy red silk bikini briefs. And underneath them was a white silk tank top. Chuckling to himself, Lute undressed and put on his new silky undergarments, and then he opened the closet door to check out his sexy ensemble in the full-length mirror.

What he saw was a fit guy who stretched out the sheer silk top admirably well. As for the bikini bottoms, it took just a bit of adjusting to get his cock situated in them, but the briefs had a sizeable pouch built into the crotch area, smartly designed for holding a guy’s ten-inch package.

Lute wasn’t sure where Ellen would have found such sexy garb in their town, especially in his size, but he knew she was a very resourceful woman. And taking a last glance at himself in the mirror, he laughed when he realized he looked like a wannabe Chippendale dancer.

Fortunately, the steam heat in the old building worked well, and though it was cold outside, Lute was just fine in his skimpy attire. And after uncorking a bottle of wine and pouring himself a glass, he settled into a chair by the window to watch the falling snow.

Lute had never worn silk against his skin before – or anywhere else on his body for that matter – so as he lounged in his chair, he realized the sensation of the silky garments against his skin was very arousing. And he had to practice his Zen mental state to keep his cock from growing into a raging hard on, not wanting to be overly ready for Ellen when she arrived.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before he heard footsteps in the hallway and then a key opening the door to
. Turning, he saw Ellen enter the apartment and kick off her shoes as she put down her bag, and then she glanced around the room while her eyes adjusted to the dim light.

“Hello, lover,” Ellen said softly when she saw Lute sitting by the window. And she then gave a low sexy laugh when she saw him in his new attire.

“Hello, baby,” Lute whispered Tekirdağ Escort from his chair, “Thank you for the gifts.” He then stood up and gave her a modeling turn so she could admire his ensemble.

“Mmm, yes,” Ellen chuckled lustily, “I think that’s the gift that will keep on giving!”

Then, still wearing her coat, Ellen walked over to Lute and gave him a long deep kiss before easing him back down into his chair.

Grabbing a glass of wine and taking a healthy sip, Ellen walked over and stood in the middle of the room. She then began to move sensually to the music while she slowly unbuttoned her long coat. And when it was undone, Ellen let it drop dramatically to the floor.

With her coat off, Lute saw that underneath Ellen was only wearing a pair of red silk bikini panties and a silk white tank top, much like his own. Except her two garments were filled out the opposite of Lute’s – because Ellen’s huge tits strained against the nearly see-thru top in a wildly sexy way that was already arousing Lute, and would soon be testing the holding capacity of his new bikini briefs. Unlike Lute’s, Ellen’s tank top had a low cut neckline, providing a tempting display of her ample cleavage, which he found especially alluring.

“This is what I wore to the shop today,” Ellen chuckled as Lute took in her voluptuous frame encased in the silky undergarments. “I wore a tight sweater and jeans, but no pharmacy smock, so I got lots of admiring looks from the male customers checking out my big loose boobs! And with this silk rubbing against them, my nipples were constantly hard!”

“I bet!” was all Lute could say as he continued admiring her statuesque figure.

“I’m glad you like our new outfits,” Ellen whispered as she modeled for Lute, “And this is all because of you, lover. You’ve made me feel so beautiful and sexy these past weeks. I haven’t felt like this in a long time, and I’ve enjoyed it so much! I’m really looking forward to having this night with you!”

Lute had been sitting in his chair while Ellen had modeled her new ensemble, but now he rose and went over and took her in his arms as they exchanged more long deep kisses.

“I think we’re dressed perfectly for having pizza, don’t you?” Lute then asked.

“Oh, yes, this is what I always wear when I eat pizza! And I’m starving!” Ellen giggled.

The lovers then grabbed pizza and wine and sat at the table while they talked and ate.

After reaching his pizza limit, Lute walked over to the closet and pulled out his backpack. In one of the side pockets he had stashed a joint that had been gifted to him that afternoon by the drummer in his band, a Dean’s List English Lit major at the college.

“What’s your stance on non-prescription drugs, pharmacy lady?” Lute asked as he held out the joint.

“I have a very liberal view on what you’ve got there,” Ellen said with a chuckle, taking the joint from Lute’s hand and going into the kitchen area for matches.

While Ellen grabbed the matches, Lute opened the window. And when she returned, they each took a few long hits and blew the smoke out into the cold night air.

“I haven’t smoked pot in years,” Ellen mused as she watched the snow gather in the alley. “Ron, as you might expect, is against any drug that isn’t sold in a pharmacy.”

“Right, that’s about what I’d expect,” Lute replied as he stubbed out the joint and placed it in the matchbox for later.

And as the weed slowly took hold, the lovers stood up and began to dance and kiss as the jazz radio program played a sultry set of Billie Holliday, ideally suited for such an evening.

As she danced, Ellen’s huge breasts swayed in her sexy top in such a seductive way that Luther would have been very happy to just sit and watch. And the way her comely round ass spilled out of the bikini bottoms as she moved her hips was equally enticing.

As for Lute, the bulging crotch package in his bikini bottoms was proving to be an irresistible temptation for Ellen, and she was soon fondling his growing leviathan through its silky covering while they danced. And Lute did likewise with her bulging breasts, stroking them hungrily as they swung about before him.

Lute closed his eyes momentarily while he slowly danced to the music, and the next thing he felt was Ellen’s warm mouth sucking on his growing member through his stretched silk briefs.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Lute moaned softly as he reached down and touched her head while shoving his hips towards her face, “That feels wonderful!”

Squatting in front of him, Ellen continued working over Lute’s silk covered cock and bals until the front outline of his thick member was soaked from her spit, and his python was erect and straining against its silky restrainer.

Taking a break from her work on Lute’s cock, knowing she’d be returning to it soon, Ellen stood up and kissed Lute lustily while they continued dancing.

It was now Lute’s opportunity to tackle Ellen’s big tits through their Tekirdağ Escort Bayan silky wrap, and he first moved in on her bulging nipples and areolas, barely disguised by their sheer covering.

Putting a hand underneath each of her boobs as if he was comparing their weights, Lute lifted and squeezed them as he shoved his mouth over their nipples. He continued kissing and sucking on them hungrily while Ellen swayed to the music, her hands locked behind her head and her chest shoved forward into Lute’s hands and mouth.

“Mmm…baby, I love that!” Ellen moaned as she leaned back her head and lolled it about, savoring the stir of Lute’s mouth and tongue on her silky tits as the fine weed subtly worked its sense-heightening magic on her.

“You really love my big boobs, don’t you Luther?” Ellen whispered, stating the obvious, though with genuine pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, Ellen, these are my absolute dream tits,” Lute moaned softly, “When I die, this is where I want my ashes to be buried,” He chuckled as he planted his face into her big exposed cleavage.

“Eeeew!” Ellen cried softly in mock disgust.

While they continued swaying to the music, Lute’s attention to Ellen’s tits persisted as they both became increasingly aroused. And when Lute slid a hand into Ellen’s silk-covered pussy, she shoved her hips forward, affirming his intentions. And as he continued, she ground her cunt onto his hand while he slipped it under her panties and began surveying the captivating landscape that awaited him down there.

Lute was now fully inciting two of Ellen’s key erogenous zones as he licked and kneaded her huge breasts and nipples and simultaneously explored her cunt with his hungry hand. Ellen’s head was rolled back and her dark wavy hair drifted out behind her while Lute continued to offer his thrilling attention to her body.

“Oh, yes, lover!” Ellen sighed. “Oh, god, what you do to me!”

And as usually happened when Lute worked his fingers into Ellen’s pussy, his initial explorers disappeared into her cavernous cunt, and he then had to send in reinforcements to check on the wellbeing of their companions. So, it wasn’t long before Lute had a good portion of his hand inserted in Ellen’s twat, which drove her to distraction.

“Oh, god, Luther! What you do to me!” Ellen moaned as she spread her legs apart and pulled her panties farther aside to assist Lute’s intruding hand. Then, realizing that she wanted to more fully enjoy his handiwork lying down, Ellen suggested, “Let’s get onto the bed, lover.”

Slowly removing his hand from her cunt, Lute followed Ellen over to the bed and watched as she lay back and removed her panties and then spread her legs wide apart, exposing her big pussy. Which, Lute now noticed, had been groomed since their last rendezvous.

The usual bushy thatch of dark pubes that had surrounded Ellen’s twat had been trimmed, so that her magic carpet was now less of a shag and more of the low-pile variety, providing Lute a less obstructed view of her big and enticing vaginal features.

Describing Ellen’s vagina as “big” not only pertained to its internal dimensions, which were indeed cavernous, but her dark red labia lips were also pronounced, and they spread out around her vagina like a big soft clamshell. And positioned above, her clitoris was a sizeable protrusion that mimicked a tiny tongue. And then there was her vaginal opening itself, which was also good-sized and able to offer a fairly easy entry to her inner sanctum for both Lute’s thick cock and his hand.

And as Lute now regarded Ellen’s recently tended pubic crop, he was able to more fully observe and appreciate the big cunt that he was about to besmirch.

But first, reaching and grabbing the massage oil on the bedside table, Lute shot a stream of it onto his hand, getting it good and greasy, which Ellen acknowledged with a wink and a smile.

And after replanting his face on her big silk covered tits, Luther slid his hand back into Ellen’s gaping cunt, which made a slight slurping sound as it did. And looking at the smile on her face as she laid back on the bed, her big tits rolling like waves on her chest, Lute slid the rest of his hand inside her vaginal maw.

“Yeah, lover, that’s right! Give it to me, baby,” Ellen moaned, “God, you know what I love!”

With one hand massaging Ellen’s huge breasts, and the other now firmly entrenched in her twat, Lute began to shift his exploring hand around inside her, enjoying how the oil made her pussy even more welcoming to his prowler. And then, spying her big clit as it stood out red and ripe and ready to be engaged, Lute dropped his face into Ellen’s pussy and sought her nub with his tongue. Finding it, he began to suck on it like it was his lover’s third nipple.

“Oh, yes!” Ellen squealed softly as Lute’s mouth became one with her clit, “Right there, lover! Right there!”

Lute’s hand was soon fist fucking Ellen’s big cunt in a steady rhythmic action, Escort Tekirdağ while his mouth worked on her clit. And with her ass now squirming about anxiously on the bed, her hands flailed about looking for a purpose – first gripping Lute’s head, then grabbing at her tits, until at last she simply thumped them tantrum-like against the bed. And as she thrashed about, Ellen felt the approach of her climax, as did Lute.

“Oooomph!” Ellen grunted and moaned as the first wave of her orgasm swept through her on a gale force wind, “Ohhh…yes! Oh, god, yes!”

Lute’s hand continued greedily sliding in and out of her stretched pussy as Ellen’s sexual mountain was summited. And once reached, she threw her arms above her head in victorious acclimation, celebrating the climactic euphoria that was coursing throughout her body.

“Oh, god, Luther! Yes, baby, yes!” Ellen cried, “Oh, my god, yes, baby, yes!”

Lute slowed his plunging hand as Ellen gasped for air, until he finally let his slick appendage slide out of her gushing pussy. And looking at his sated lover with her greasy crotch, sweaty matted hair and a blissful smile, Lute eased down beside her on the bed while she returned to earth.

“It never occurred to me that a hand could be such a satisfying way to fill up my pussy,” Ellen quietly said after a few minutes of soft moaning and deep sighs.

“It sure does seem to do the job for you,” Lute offered. And then he added, “You know, Ellen, you could do this yourself. Or, and I really don’t want to start giving lovemaking pointers for your husband, but he could do this for you.”

Ellen mulled this over for a moment, “Well, I have to confess, since the first time you put your hand in there, I have tried it myself. And you’re right, I can bring myself off that way. Which I did, and it was surprisingly satisfying,” and then after a pause, “As for Ron, I don’t know. He’s not very adventurous. And he’s not even keen on putting his mouth down there. But, we’ll see.”

Soon, ready to keep the party going, Lute slid from the bed and slipped off his bulging bikini briefs and his silky top, tossing them aside. And then as he stroked his ten-inch cock he encouraged Ellen to do the same, “Take off that sexy top for me baby so I can see those big beautiful tits.”

Ellen slowly sat up and slipped off her silk tank top, letting her succulent boobs drop down onto her chest. “Come here, lover,” she cooed to Lute as she lay back down and motioned for him to straddle her chest, “Come here and give me your cock.”

But before Lute mounted Ellen’s tits, he grabbed the oil and squirted it on her chest and torso, and then joined her in slowly rubbing it all over her upper body, with special attention paid to greasing up her tits and cleavage. And then he shot a stream of the oil onto the shaft of his own thick organ.

Once they were both well lubricated, with her big tits shining in the dim glow of the alley streetlight, Lute moved on top of Ellen and sat astride her chest, pushing his long veiny member into the cleaved gorge between her breasts.

Shoving her magnificent mammaries together, Ellen wrapped them tightly around Lute’s cock as he began to slide it back and forth, moaning softly at the erotic sensation she was providing to his swollen love muscle.

“Mmm…that feels incredible,” Lute sighed quietly as his slick member fucked Ellen’s improvised breast pussy, “Oh, yeah!”

Ellen then pulled a pillow under her head, propping herself up so she could easily place her mouth over the head of Lute’s cock when it emerged from her slick tit tunnel. And catching his cock’s mushroom head with each thrust, Ellen bobbed her head and hungrily sucked on Lute’s beast as he pushed it into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah…that’s right, suck it, suck it!” Lute encouraged as he prolonged one of his thrusts and shoved his thick meat deeper into her mouth, her gag reflexes having gotten stronger since their first time together.

Lute knew that if he continued tit fucking her at this rate, it wouldn’t be long before he could no longer restrain himself and would start blasting Ellen’s tits and face with huge spews of cum. And though that would normally be a fine first orgasm for an evening such as this, Lute had other plans in mind for where he wanted to deposit this load. So, he slid down off of Ellen’s slick chest and snuggled beside her for a moment, letting his throbbing cock rest against her thigh.

“Would you like to take me in the ass now, lover?” Ellen asked softly as she turned her head and gave Lute a long kiss.

“You’re a mind reader!” Lute chuckled as he rested his arm across her oiled stomach as they kissed.

In one of their previous trysts, at Ellen’s request, the lovers had engaged in anal sex. Lute had initially hinted at the idea by inserting his fingers into her ass during their lovemaking. But Ellen, as Lute had hoped, was the one who pursued the topic, and it led to another enjoyable first-time experience for her. And now Lute was pleased she was ready for him to drive up her back road once again.

After more enthusiastic kissing, Ellen turned over onto her stomach and raised her fine fleshy ass, signaling she was ready for Lute to maneuver his thick stallion into her rear paddock.

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