Royal Flush Ch. 09

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Abella Anderson

****** Please Read This First *******

I know, I know, I usually don’t bother with the disclaimer bits either. Blah, blah, blah, over 18, blah, blah, blah, don’t read if easily offended, blah, blah, blah. But, just this once, please bear with me and read this one.

Firstly, this is chapter nine of ten and the story will only make sense if you read it from the start. If you haven’t already done so then I sincerely urge you stop and go to chapter one. It will be better that way, honest.

Secondly, this is a work of fiction and all the characters are completely fictional. In particular, one of the main characters is Princess Charlotte who is, according to chapter one, “about tenth in line for the throne”. Now, in real life, there can only be one person who holds that position but this story is not real life and it’s definitely not about her.

Princess Charlotte is not a real person and any resemblance is purely coincidental. Before I get carted off to live out what is left of the rest of my life in the Tower Of London, I want to stress that this story is set in a parallel universe where Britain has a very different Royal family with a very different line of succession.

Thirdly, briefly but importantly, my heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped so much. Especial mention must go to, in no particular order, V and OneWhoAdores.

Fourthly, once again, I fall neatly between the BDSM and Lesbian Love categories. This story centres on a BDSM club and much of the action has a BDSM theme. However, it’s a bit short on the whips and chains to really be a BDSM story. On the other hand those looking for a lesbian themed story may well end up complaining, as a critic once did, that my stories always seem to feature a D/s relationship. This one is no exception; its a lesbian love story with BDSM overtones. If this is not what you’re looking for stop reading now. That’s kinder than voting one star because it wasn’t what you were after.

Lastly, this is a story of deception and subterfuge. Most of the characters have at least two names, many three or even four. To help the reader keep track each chapter will start with a dramatis personae.

The list for this chapter is:-

*Andrea, a journalist, masquerading as Emma Pearson from Paarl
*Tamsin, another journalist, masquerading as Susan Ward, Emma Pearson’s sub
*Georgina McDonald, owner of a Dun Luid, a Scottish castle, along with her sub Zoe Fitzwarren
*Angela Noble along with her sub Justina Crawford
*Fiona Bradshawe along with her sub Maggie Withenshawe
*Barbara Abercrombie along with her sub, Felicity Ambrose
*Princess Charlotte, a princess, known to her friends as Charlie.
*Henrietta Snape along with her sub Frances Albermarle
*Roberta Frogmorton along with her sub Sophia Sutton

Enjoy the story


When they got the ghillie’s cottage they found that they weren’t the first, not by a long chalk. Five of the ten prey were already there, corralled in a disused sheep pen. At first it looked as if they were just sitting there but, as they got closer Tamsin could see that each of the captured prey were held by a leather ankle cuff attached to a length of chain that had been pegged across the turf for just this purpose. Roberta led Tamsin and Charlie into the pen and had them sit down so that they were now the next two in line. They were to sit, like the others, on the turf and, like the others, their wrists remained cuffed behind them. At least Roberta had finally removed their goggles which had begun to pinch.

When Roberta left to resume her stalk Charlie and Tamsin settled down to chat with the rest of the prey. From the splashes of paint and the selection of collars it was clear that there was quite a distribution across the Dommes. Only Felicity’s blue was, so far missing.

And it wasn’t long before that was remedied. As with Roberta, Felicity had caught two prey at once and she was obviously proud of having both Fiona and Zoe walking in front of her. They were added to the group in the sheep pen and this made nine prey in all, sitting and waiting and only one ankle cuff left empty. By process of elimination they worked out that Maggie was the only prey still at large and there was speculation as to how long she could remain free. However, after quite a wait, but long before the deadline, it was Georgina who appeared with Maggie in tow.

“…eight, nine, ten. Well, that seems to be a full house. I’ll recall the others,” Georgina said counting heads. She went to to where the Land Rovers were parked up, found the air horn and, standing up on the roof of one of the cabs, pressed the button, turning back and forth so that the sound echoed off the surrounding hills.

One by one the stalkers returned and it was time for the reckoning. The ‘prey’ became ‘slaves’ and, from the collars and paint splashes, it was easy to sort out who ‘belonged’ to whom. Whether by luck or good fortune, Felicity, Justina and Roberta had all bagged two each. Andrea had only managed one while Georgina had three to her name. There was a certain amount of good natured şişli eskort banter about how Felicity, who normally took a submissive role, had captured Fiona, normally one of the Dommes.

There was also some joking about how pretty the slaves looked all chained in a row and how it might be good to have them march back to the house like some sort of chain gang. Given the distance this was just joking and after removing all cuffs from the slaves they were herded over to the Land Rovers and, with Georgina taking the wheel of one and Justina the other, they climbed aboard and drove back to the house.

Charlie and Tamsin weren’t the only ones to have got a bit muddy and, of course, all of the slaves had splashes of paint all over them so there was quite a bit of cleaning up to be done when they got back. Similarly, the stalkers, now Dommes, wanted to change into something more suitable for the evening ahead. As such it was agreed that all shoes would be removed before entering the house and each Domme would take her ‘slaves’ up to her room to get cleaned up.

“Right, it’s just short of four thirty,” Georgina said, looking at her watch. “Let’s agree to meet back downstairs for six o’clock. That should give everyone plenty of time to get ready. Agreed?”

There was general assent and Roberta ordered Charlie and Tamsin upstairs to her room which, like the one assigned to Andrea and Tamsin was spacious and well appointed.

“Right, you two, I need you both fresh and clean before you can serve me properly,” she said imperiously once they got there. “Get in the shower and get cleaned off.”

“Both of us?” Charlie asked.

“That should be ‘both of us, Mistress?’ and yes, both of you. Oh, and make it good, I want to watch.”

It said something about the sumptuousness of Dun Luid that the three of them could fit easily into the en suite at the same time. Despite the antiquity of the castle the rooms had all been refurbished to the latest standards and the en suite was designed as a ‘wet room’ with an open shower. Charlie and Tamsin removed their collars, turned on the taps, adjusted the water temperature, and got in under the shower.

Once under the jets they were both somewhat self-conscious. Roberta was expecting some sort of show. She had ordered them into the shower and was now leant back against the washbasin watching. Tamsin could imagine the likes of Felicity or Popsy really getting off on performing like this and she remembered how, back at the initiation ceremony, she and Augusta had been ordered to give a show for Hermione. However, after the events back at the burn, she was reluctant to initiate anything. She reached for the shower gel, poured out a generous dollop, and smeared it against herself.

“I think Roberta is expecting me to do that for you,” Charlie came up close and whispered in her ear. “Do you mind?”

Mind? How could she possibly mind? Charlie had taken yet more gel and was massaging it into her body in the most sensual way possible and, surely, Tamsin was supposed to reciprocate. She returned Charlie’s caress and felt her respond, sharing the sensuality of soapy bodies under a hot shower. Of course, this was OK, this was only a show for Roberta, this wasn’t the real thing at all.

That didn’t stop it from feeling real.

That didn’t stop it from being real.

But much as she loved the feel of Charlie’s body against hers, much as she wanted to savour every inch, to melt together under the warm flow of the shower, she couldn’t help but be repulsed at the way this was for another’s enjoyment. As she shared caress for caress, she wanted, she ached, to express physically an emotional attachment that seemed to have sprung from nowhere but also seemed to bind them together. She wondered if she should kiss Charlie; she wondered if she dare kiss Charlie. However, she held herself back. For Tamsin a kiss was far more erotic, far more revealing, far more intimate than the way she was currently soaping Charlie’s nipples.

“Wow, you two look so hot! But I’m not going to let you have all the fun. I’m going to join in and you had better not forget which one of us is in charge.”

Roberta went back into the bedroom and returned moments later completely naked. She came in, under the shower and slid in between them. Charlie and Tamsin, in their role as slaves, had to pamper to her, both washing her and, naturally, caressing her. Charlie was behind her, reaching round and caressing her breasts and Tamsin was in front, massaging shower gel into her tummy when Roberta put her hands on Tamsin’s shoulders and pushed downwards.

The shower floor was hard on Tamsin’s knees and Roberta’s groin tasted mostly of soap so this was hardly conducive to Tamsin’s enjoyment. However, there was no way out so, as ever, she set too with a will. Even so, every time she tried to breath, she kept getting a mouth full of water and, in the end, even Roberta realised this wasn’t really working. She turned off the water and reached for the towels. When they were all dried off she picked up the collars from the washstand escort bayan şişli and ordered Charlie and Tamsin to follow her through to the bedroom. She sat down on the bed and ordered Charlie and Tamsin to kneel before her.

“You two are going to be my little slaves for the evening and, while you are, I’m going to call you ‘a’ and ‘b’. You,” she reached down to Charlie and fastened the collar around her neck, “are ‘a’ and you,” she repeated this for Tamsin, “are ‘b’. Now then, tell me your names.”

“I am ‘a’, Mistress,” Charlie replied.

“And I am ‘b’, Mistress.”

“Very good. ‘b’, I’d like a gin and tonic. Go and fetch one. ‘a’, tidy up in the en-suite and then you can help me get dressed.”

Tamsin set off looking for where she could find a gin and tonic. She headed downstairs where, luckily, she came across Zoe on a similar mission. Zoe led her though to the drawing room and showed her the well stocked drinks cabinet had all that Tamsin could need.

By the time she returned to Roberta’s bedroom she found Roberta sat at the dressing table dressed in a light chemise and with Charlie busy applying a crimson nail varnish to her fingernails.

“Is that my drink? Just put it there. One moment, ‘b’, what is this?” Roberta pointed to the edge of the glass where Tamsin had garnished the drink.

“It’s a slice of lemon, Mistress.”

“Lemon! Oh, dear. How frightfully naughty of you. I take lime, not lemon. You really ought to know that.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I’ll go and change it.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary this time but maybe you need a little reminder to help you get it right next time. ‘a’, I can’t be spanking anyone while my nails are still wet. You will have to do it for me. Finish the nail you’re working on and then give ‘b’ six spanks on each buttock. Over the knee will do.”

“Certainly, Mistress.”

Charlie finished off the nail and stood up. As she came towards Tamsin she raised her eyebrows. She seemed to share Tamsin’s feelings on how silly this all was and it was all Tamsin could do to stop herself from giggling. Still, they had both agreed to the rules and a mild spanking wasn’t anything that they could reasonably object to. Charlie sat down on the edge of the bed and patted her thighs.

Encouraged by Charlie’s attitude, Tamsin lay down across her lap in the time honoured fashion. Under other circumstances she wouldn’t have particularly minded this. She would never, ever, be a lover of real pain but a little light spanking as part of foreplay; let no one call her a prude. On the other hand she was back with the problem that this wasn’t between Charlie and her, however much they might like it to be. This was purely a sex show for Roberta’s amusement.

Smack, smack, smack, smack! Charlie set to but almost immediately Roberta cut in.

“No, no, no. She’s not a child. Proper smacks. Believe me, if I have to do it myself then I’ll have to include you as well. Here, have a hairbrush. Maybe that will help.”

Roberta handed over her hairbrush from the dressing table and Charlie set to work once more. This time she was considerably harder and, in addition, Tamsin played up to this, kicking and screaming as if she were having the beating of a lifetime. Apparently this display, along with the reddening of Tamsin’s buttocks, was enough to satisfy Roberta.

Then it was back to waiting on Roberta hand and foot, quite literally in Tamsin’s case as she was assigned to re-varnish Roberta’s toenails while Charlie returned to work on her fingernails. Charlie already had a head start and was finished well before Tamsin had completed one set of toenails so Roberta ordered Charlie to help Tamsin and so ended up with her two ‘slaves’ knelt before her, each working on her toenails.

“How pretty the two of you look,” Roberta commented once they had finished. Now, how shall we pass the time while we wait for my nails to dry. ‘b’, why don’t you finish off what you started in the shower. That will be just the thing to get me in the mood.”

Roberta went over sat on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. She pulled up the hem of her chemise, opened her legs and gave Tamsin a ‘get on with it’ look. Tamsin got down on her knees and, with Charlie watching, leant forward and kissed the inside of Roberta’s thighs. Roberta lay back with a sigh and ordered Charlie to lie down beside her and kiss her breasts.

For Tamsin, knelt on the floor between yet another set of all but anonymous thighs, this was everything she had come to loathe about this assignment. It wasn’t the sex, exactly; she liked to think of herself as pretty open-minded in that direction. It was more the anonymity of it all. Roberta had no interest in her as a person, she was merely some sort of ‘catch of the day’, the new girl, the one everyone was talking about. There was no love, and precious little emotion involved. She might as well be a mechanical doll.

The only person with whom she had felt the slightest spark was Princess Charlotte, or Charlie as she now thought of her. And what a spark şişli escort bayan it was. It was almost as if they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and yet they had to play as strangers, they had to pretend that they too were part of this bizarre dance.

But Tamsin didn’t really have time for ruminating. She had a job to do, one she had to get on with. She had already kissed all around Roberta’s upper thighs and lower belly and the petals of her sex had opened up, demanding attention. Tamsin lightly traced her tongue along the edge of the outer lips, opening them further, tasting the proof that her labours were not going unrewarded.

For Tamsin could not be unaware of the irony that, despite her misgivings over this impersonal sex, she was, apparently, very good at it. Quite possibly the two were linked. It was because she always thought of sexual acts as emotional, almost spiritual, that she could not fail to make some sort of connection with her partner and hence be more responsive to her needs.

For example, she could tell that Roberta wanted more but also knew that teasing served to heighten desire. The longer she stayed away the sweeter the release when it arrived. She could almost feel the frustration as she let the tip of her tongue just flicker oh so lightly over the bud of Roberta’s clitoris and was rewarded with a gasped ‘oh my god, yes, like that, please!’

Another quick flick of the tongue was similarly rewarded. And again, and again, until further teasing would seem unfair and Tamsin settled down to a rhythmic flick, flick flick against Roberta’s now swollen nubbin. Within moments this was taking her to a first mini climax, a wave of pleasure, but just a step on the way to the bigger bang.

There were two more such waves before Tamsin knew that she was taking Roberta towards the summit. She could feel it building, indeed, her aching jaws were glad that she could, and she knew that the end, when it came, would be explosive.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Roberta kept repeating. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, oh my god, oh yes, oh yes, oh my god, OH MY GOD!!!”

Tamsin stayed with her as long as she could but in the end Roberta had had all she could take and she reached down and pushed Tamsin away. Tamsin knelt back and watched as Roberta rode out the helter-skelter of her orgasm wrapped in Charlie’s arms. There was the vague satisfaction of a job well done and she smiled to herself as she watched Roberta subside back and return to planet Earth. But all that was as nought when Charlie, now relieved of breast kissing duties, glanced down at Tamsin and gave her another huge wink. Tamsin wasn’t the only one who found this all more than a trifle ridiculous.

“Ooh, they said you were good but nobody told me you were that good,” Roberta said slightly groggily as she sat up again. “What a clever little tongue you have. I might have to make use of that once or twice more before we’re finished. Now you two wait here. I’m going to clean up.” She got to her feet and toddled off towards the en-suite.

“What a clever little tongue you have,” Charlie mimicked as soon as the en-suite door closed.

“Never mind that, pass me a tissue, will you. I need to wipe my mouth,” Tamsin replied but she was laughing as she did so.

They sat together on the edge of the bed while they waited for Roberta to finish. They didn’t say anything, they didn’t need to. They just quietly shared the little bit of peace while they waited for their ‘Mistress’ to re-emerge.

“There, that’s better,” Roberta said when she finally did so. “Now, let’s get dressed, that’s me, not you two, of course and then it will be time to go downstairs and join the others.”

Charlie and Tamsin helped Roberta into a black leather outfit that owed a lot more to a fetishised view of domination than any practicality. The figure hugging black leather skirt must have looked good in the shop but it was immediately obvious to Tamsin that her ‘clever little tongue’ wasn’t going to be called into action as long as she was wearing it. However, as Roberta looked at herself in the mirror she turned this way and that, seeming to like what she saw. It was time to join the others.

She re-attached the leashes to Charlie and Tamsin’s collars and led them downstairs. Moreover, when they got to the lounge door she wanted to make a grand entrance so she ordered them down on their hands and knees and had them crawl, one either side, like a pair of dogs.

The effect was somewhat spoilt when it transpired that Felicity was the only other Domme to have come down, the others still getting ready upstairs.

“Hi there,” Felicity called out as they entered. “I’ve just ordered slave Fiona to fetch me a drink. Can I get her to fetch you one as well?”

“Yes, please, gin and tonic please.”

“You heard the lady.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Fiona replied. It was evident, even from this brief exchange, that Felicity was having lots of fun Domming Fiona and, although it was all good natured and very much part of the game, Fiona was suffering as a result. Indeed, instead of just handing the gin and tonic to Roberta, Fiona was ordered to get down on her knees, and offer the glass up and, when it was taken, kiss the toes of Roberta’s shoes in thanks for being allowed to serve. It looked like Fiona was in for a long night.

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