Royal Pleasures

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Liese, now 18, had wed the King three years prior. The marriage originally was a farce. Her intentions in the marriage were the usual for a non-royal. Her family’s fortune had fallen into bad hands when her father died. By marrying the King she insured that her family would be provided for. It was a perfect match; the King wanted a young bride.

Typically the Queen’s role was to provide a royal heir, but the King coveted a slave. He yearned for a woman who would meet every insatiable craving. Outside of wedlock, they had spent their first evening together. The King requested her presence in his personal chambers at the first sign of nightfall.

Upon her arrival, Liese quickly found herself under the abusive control of the King. He had ushered her in with a warm embrace and goblet of wine. This soothed her and dulled the senses. Liese’s eyes lazily took in her surroundings. The chamber was composed mostly of black marble and the iron bed was centered in the expansive room. On either side of the King’s haunting iron fortress there were prominent hearths with griffin décor. The light emanating danced on a large rose window at the far side of the chamber.

The King observed the anxiety leaving bursa escort her body. He seized the opportunity. He led Liese to a fireside bearskin throw. The King gently guided her to the flooring. They laid together in silence. The tension had not returned to Liese’s body, but hints of her earlier anxiety were evident. The King quickly detected her nervousness building. It was time for him to reveal what she should have been fretting.

The King commanded that Liese quickly remove all her clothing. Startled by the request, nay, command, she hesitated in obeying. The King, infuriated with her noncompliance, rose, walked purposefully over to the mantle and grasped a flat, wooden paddle. Liese’s waywardness was quickly alleviated. Hurriedly she stood and removed all of her clothing, even her pearl earrings and necklace, until she stood before him entirely nude.

“You will always do as I say.” the King uttered with powerful cadence. Liese trembled at the thought of what her disobedience could have brought upon her.

All too quickly after having such a thought, the King commanded that she go bend her body over his towering bed. Liese did not think this time. Instantaneously her body was bent bursa escort bayan at the hips, the upper half pressed against the black silk and the lower dangling a couple inches above the floor.

The King enjoyed the sight of her lying across the dark fabric. He felt his trousers pull as he sauntered to the bedside. His pace was unhurried. The King wanted to absorb this moment; the moment that he decidedly owned his bride.

He removed his overcoat, blouse and trousers to reveal a thin pair of short linen pants. They did nothing to conceal his excitement. No longer able to fight the temptation, he reached down and caressed the downy patch between Liese’s legs. She dare not move. The King was seeking a response, he wanted her to purr.

He grasped the paddle from its resting place on the silk. Liese peripherally saw this and braced herself for the painful blow. The sound that followed surprised her. It was obviously saliva, but–

Suddenly she felt the handle of the paddle impale her vagina. The King had lubricated the leather handle with his saliva and was now taking what he believed to be her virginity. Liese squirmed with awkwardness. Yet, she was clearly enjoying the attention.

The escort bursa King twisted the handle until both of them were close to climax. Liese was writhing underneath him with pain and enjoyment. Pre-cum was erupting out of his penis. He needed satisfaction.

The King removed the paddle and quickly stabbed Liese’s tenderness with his own tumescence. She was moist, warm and tight. He knew this would be quick. He rode in unison with her movements. Making her suffer and take pleasure in every inch of his cock.

Only several moments after entering her, both the King and Liese began to orgasm. He grasped her hip with his right hand and her breast with his left. The two swiveled their hips as one until he had been milked of all cum and she twitched with sensitivity.

Both gasping for breath, the King turned his new lover onto her back. Liese’s chest was rising and falling laboriously. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes excited and focused. The King’s older but muscular body stood before Liese, his cock remained deep inside her. Unsure of how to react, Liese lay there quietly staring at the man who would be her husband. After a moment of silence, the statuesque royal removed his penis from its new home. He walked to the other side of the bed and cocooned himself inside his luxurious materials.

The King was done with his new love slave for this evening. Liese would be his bride the following week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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