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Anna Blossom

This story was originally the start of a new series which was to see Claire on her own abroad, the cuckold themes are still present, but the story is about Claire and her love for her husband.

If you could post any feedback in the comments, I would really appreciate it.


Claire finished her mornings work and saved the document before locking her PC.

As a solicitor she was always very protective of her work and recognised the importance of keeping her client’s sensitive information private. She was just as careful at keeping her own secrets. No one in her office would suspect or expect that behind closed doors Claire and her husband followed a female led lifestyle, that Claire kept her husband locked in a chastity cage, that he had given her his orgasms, or that she wore the key to his cage on a long thin silver chain which nestled between her large breasts, hidden by the modest, almost matronly outfits she wore to work.

As she collected her coat and handbag to leave the office for some lunchtime errands it crossed her mind that no one at work would have imagined that the night before she had rewarded her husband in a truly special way for a surprise gift he had given her……..

The previous night she had been lay naked in bed, her BBW body spread next to her husband,. Short blonde hair, cut neatly into a bob, large pale breasts sagging down and apart, her large belly with its rolls of fat spilling out, the short trimmed pubic triangle almost hidden by a belly roll and the tops of her thick thighs, her shaved pussy lips peeping out as one of her legs was lifted up to allow her husband to massage her shapely calf and small dainty foot.

He wore only his metal cage, and had spent the last half hour massaging each foot in turn as she watched her favourite show on television. Claire was idly contemplating allowing him to watch or help her masturbate before sleep, it was that sort of lazy evening and he had been on his best behaviour recently.

She waited while he finished and washed the remaining cream from his hands before he lay by her side and cuddled himself into her. Claire lifted one leg over him so she was spread wide, reaching her hand down to gently start rubbing her fat hairless pussy İstanbul Escort lips, her hand was soon joined by his and he pulled her lips apart so she could more easily circle her sensitive clit, dipping her fingers inside her wet pussy for lubrication.

“I love you” he said,

Claire turned her head and kissed him gently on the lips, smiling.

He slowly pushed a finger into her as she continued to play with herself.

“I’ve bought you a present”

“Mmmm?” she purred.

“I thought you’d like a week away, a holiday”

“That sounds lovely, you shouldn’t have”. Claire was excited, she loved to travel and the last few years had not given much opportunity.

“Where are you taking me?”.

“You’re going to the Dominican Republic. but on your own”.

“Really?” Claire was slightly confused.

“I want you to have an adventure. But, well, just as long as you tell me about it afterwards.”

Claire nearly came there and then, but decided to stop her playing. She decided her husband needed thanking properly for this gift.

“Get me your cuffs and toys” she instructed him and she watched as he jumped from their bed to bring his box from their wardrobe.

Claire moved from the bed, pulling the covers to the floor while her husband placed the box of toys next to her and lay spread eagled on the bed. She took her time fastening each ankle and wrist to the respective bedpost using the soft Velcro cuffs.

“Thank you so much” she said as she selected an item and a bottle of lube from the box and climbed onto the bed and up onto her husband.

Facing his feet she straddled his torso, her feet over his arms and her fat bottom up against his chin. She took the prostate massager she had selected and applied a coating of lube to it, as she leant herself forwards in order to reach between his legs, she lifted herself and slowly pushed backwards, lowering her wet pussy onto his face at the same time as she pushed the silicone toy against his tight hole, pushing firmly and starting the vibrations.

Claire moaned gently as she felt her husband’s tongue push into her pussy, she watched in amusement as his caged cock started to twitch and the swelling flesh begin to push against the metal bars. She reached down to increase the speed of the Kadıköy Escort vibrating massager, enjoying the feeling of his moans against her shaved lips.

Claire used her key to carefully unlock the cage, taking each part and storing it neatly at the side of the bed. His erection sprang free and his cock bobbed against his chest, fully hard for the first time in over two weeks. Claire reached her hand down and squeezed his swollen balls feeling another moan against her slit. She increased the speed of his anal toy again and then slowly started to squeeze and pull on his balls. Her pulling was lifting his hard cock away from his body, seeing how hard she could make him without gripping his shaft. She wiggled her large hips and ground her wetness into his face, feeling him pushing his tongue out and into her as far as he could, she slid herself about, using his wet tongue to fuck herself.

His cock was leaking pre cum and Claire used one finger to scoop it up, seeing the trail stretch out from the head to her fingertip as she moved her hand. She reached back and rubbed his slippery pre cum between her ass cheeks, against her tightest hole, and then she lifted forwards and repositioned her ample backside so that her husband’s tongue was now against her asshole, lubricated with his pre cum. It was Claire’s turn to moan as she felt him slowly work the tip of his tongue into her.

Reaching down she slowly started to pull on his long-neglected cock, taking her time to slowly bring him to the edge. As she felt him tense, she pulled her hand away, feeling his groan of disappointment as his ruined orgasm dribbled slowly from his head of his cock and pooled on his belly.

Claire leant upwards, pushing his face further into her ass and exposing her pussy, she scooped the wasted globs of semen from his stomach and then coated her pussy and clit with the sticky mess.

Claire lifted again and then settled her cum coated cunt onto her husband’s face, feeling him licking furiously away as she watched his cock slowly get hard again and with a laugh she reached down and started to play with the massage toy in his ass, knowing that she would be able to get at least two or three more loads for her husband to feed on before she would lock him back up.

After a few minutes she Ataşehir Escort felt his balls tightens again and removed her hand from his shaft as a second sorry stream of cum dripped from the end of his cock. This time Claire used his sticky mess to cover her asshole, pushing a silky cum coated finger inside her tight hole, then sitting backwards and allowing her husband to clean his cream from her.

Claire started to play with her clit while her husband gave her analingus, she watched his cock harden again and throb to the internal vibrations as she brought herself to orgasm, moaning as she came with her husband’s tongue penetrating her tight asshole.

Gripping his cock in her hands she began to pump steadily and only a few minutes later she pulled away, ruining a third orgasm.

Claire lifted herself up and moved around so that she was between her husband’s spread legs. she carefully scooped more of his cum onto her fingers and leant forwards, pushing her fingers into his mouth and letting him lick them clean. His face was coated with pussy juice and jism and he was smiling after his unexpected treat from his wife.

Claire was not quite finished however, she took hold of his cock again and started to pump him again while looking him in the eyes,

“I love you” she said as she felt his orgasm begin to rise.

“I love you too” he began, but trailed off with a groan as Claire removed all touch from his aching cock and a last ebb of semen appeared at the tip.

“Would you like me to lock you back up now?” Claire asked.

“Yes please”

“Would you like me to keep your key with me while I’m away?”

“Yes please”

“What am I allowed to do”


“Anything?” Claire asked

“Everything” he replied, “But take pictures and tell me all about your adventures”

Claire moved upwards and kissed her husband’s cum coated lips, enjoying the taste as she pushed her tongue against his. She could feel his now limp cock and fully drained balls against her fat belly, ready to be locked away again…….

As Claire left work, she was almost blushing as she remembered the feel of her husband pushing his wet tongue into her asshole as she climaxed.

She had several errands to run and only an hour to do them. Firstly, she popped into the local salon and booked a full waxing for the day before her holiday, then to the exchange bureau to get her spending money changed, finally she stopped for a sandwich while she ordered some final items on her mobile for quick delivery, she was so looking forward to her week away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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