Running Partners Become Lovers

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Richard’s office was located on the third floor of a three-story building, and the windows faced the street. Across the street, on ground level, was a coffee shop. The space was rented so that Richard would have someplace quiet to write, asides from his home office. He loved natural light, so kept the windows curtain free and sometimes when his mind drifted he’d watch the street life below. Asides from the coffee shop, there was also a yoga studio, salad shop and a couple of clothing stores.

Less than a month into his lease, he realized a certain morning ritual took place each day. The yoga studio had early morning classes that ran about 90 minutes, and afterwards several of the students grabbed a coffee before heading out. It didn’t take a rocket science to figure out this was a good time to grab a joe refill and enjoy the view. After a few visits, some of the ladies began to look familiar. One morning, Richard started a conversation with one of the regulars.

She was an ebony goddess. A full tight compact bottom, thin waste, small firm breasts, long light brown wavy hair, sparkly eyes, gorgeous smile and brilliant. It was this last feature that made Richard repeatedly seek her out. It wasn’t long before they’d engage in ten minutes or so of conversation each day. Laughing at the government, business follies in the news and she always seemed to have some little science scoop to divulge. A few weeks later, and they called one another friends. Her name was Minet.

About this time, they both discovered they had a common interest—running. It also explained why she routinely ordered a small cappuccino, so she could run shortly afterwards. A week later, Minet asked if Richard would be interested in joining her for a five-mile jog. She was clear it wasn’t a date, just that some days it might be fun to have a running partner. He accepted.

Two months later, and they were running at least three times a week. Usually, just for five or six miles, but sometimes the two put in a long ten miler. A tradition followed, that after long runs they would reward ourselves with a cold beer. It was afterwards, she learned of Richard’s office location and that he was a writer. They both assumed the other had procured some suds, and both were wrong. Fortunately, Richard had a bottle of bubbly in the office and offered it as an alternative. Minet accepted and walked with him up to his office.

“This is where you work?” she asked after entering the space.

“Most of the time. Sometimes I like to break it up, write at home or in a coffee shop,” he answered.


“This is great Richard. Wow, I’m impressed.” It was a nice spot. The tw windows were fifteen feet wide and run from waist height up to the ceiling. One on each corner. Between them was an old slab of redwood converted to a desk, and along the non-entrance wall a floor to ceiling bookshelf. A large sofa was next to the office door, and at the end of it old ice box that had been converted by a friend to a modern refrigerator. Inside it was a chilled bottle of bubbles, along with various lunch items, veggies and health drinks. “Why do you even leave this place?” Minet had spotted his pour over coffee apparatus. “You have everything you need here.”

“Well, sometimes writing gets lonely and one does need contact with other people. Plus, certain people can often inspire traits in a character.”

“Are you saying that you’re using me as a basis for a character in a book?” Minet asked with a half serious tone.

“Yes, I’m writing about a MMA fighter and basing his personality on yours,” Richard answered with a chuckle. “No, what I do is spot someone that is interesting or unique, or does something differently, and I might take that and merge it into one of my characters.”

“I’m not sure I’m following you.”

“You know the barista downstairs, that is really quiet, and has a pony tail?”

“Yes, but its weird, I don’t even know his name,” Minet answered.

“Sergei. He was home schooled and started at the uni two years ago. He loves taking time-lapse pictures of stars from atop large mountains. So, he not only climbs up there, but will hang there alone for a few days. He’s also athletic. From a standing position he’s able to jump onto the top of a six-foot refrigerator. For me, I see those traits as interesting and someday want to transplant them into one of my characters. Not him, just a couple of his traits.”

“Interesting. You write fiction, correct?”

“Mostly, some short research think pieces,” Richard replied.

“Do you have anything I could read?” Minet asked.

“Sure,” he answered as he grabbed a novel off the bookcase and handed it to her.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a love story. About an addict who must choose between the woman he loves and the drugs that control him. It got some acclaim, but I’ll warn you, it is sad, dark and does not involve a happy ending. About a decade ago I penned it.”

“This isn’t your name on the cover?” Minet asked suspiciously.

“Its my pen name. When outside I prefer to keep anonymous. On the inside Trabzon Escort of the back cover is a grainy picture. You’ll recognize it, but intentionally it is not too clear.”

“Shit, that is you. Wow, Richard. I’m impressed. I will read it.”

“Now that the cat is out of the bag, what do you do?”

“I’m a professional athlete and model.”

“What?” Richard exclaimed.

“Really, you don’t recognize me?”

“No,” he stated with more than a spattering of embarrassment.

“Gotcha,” Minet stated with a broad smile. “Actually, I’m a pharmacist. I cover late night shifts which gives me some weekday flexibility to pursue other interests. I hate it. The job is a glorified pill counter. So, last year I wrapped up my MBA and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I intern at a pharmaceutical development business. I’m hoping to pick up full time work there once I finish my internship.”

“Cool, now I have a drug source,” Richard tossed back as he fetched the champagne.

“Very funny. Is that too much for us?” Minet asked just as the pop lifted off.

“You can try to put the cork back on, or limit yourself to two glasses. Choice is yours.”

“Ok, I know those corks do not ever fit back on. Just two glasses though.” Richard poured the first glass and the two discussed different places they liked to run in the city. As the conversation flowed, he noticed Minet’s nipples were peeking through her running bra. While he was thrilled with her mind, he also tried to keep from ogling her body. Often, he selected single trails to run with her so that he could follow her lead and take in the view of her behind that he found splendid.

As the conversation detoured through various topics, Richard refilled their glasses and gently inquired about Minet’s love life. She hesitatingly revealed that she’d ended a two-year relationship several months ago and was currently dating a special person. When she inquired of Richard’s status, he let her know that eighteen months ago his wife had asked for a divorce and since then he hadn’t really dated, but elected to use the time to clear his head. Minet felt a small rush when she uncovered his single status.

Midway through the second glass, Minet spoke up excitedly. “Shit, I forgot to tell you something. I signed up for a half-marathon and really want to set a PR. Care to join me? I’m daring you?”

“I’ll cheer you on, and help any way I can, but I’m not a racer. Although I do like dares. Sometimes. My ex-wife spent most of her weekends galivanting around the country as she was an event organizer and focused on race events. However, I’d be happy to help you or coach you. I used to run them and know a bit about prep work. What would you like your PR to be?”

“Hoping to bust 1:55. Crazy, right?” Minet laughed. “I’ll take just a speck more of the juice.”

“Sorry, its gone. There’s only four glasses in a bottle.”

“Shit. No wonder I’m having so much fun. I should probably let you get to work, and I do need to shower. Seriously, you’d coach me?”

“Of course. Your goal isn’t an easy one, but I think your capable. Or, will be after I’ve put you through the ringer,” Richard answered.

“Deal. You are on. Start tomorrow morning?” Minet stated excitedly. Having a coach would be fun, especially someone so easy to hang with as Richard. She realized the cool air of the office had caused her nipples to harden but also knew it was not responsible for the dampness she felt. Part of her wanted to stay, to sip away another bottle and, maybe, just maybe, exchange a kiss or two with Richard. But she was dating another and couldn’t. The realization of what her body craved motivated her. She gathered her keys and left abruptly claiming she had an appointment she’d forgotten about.

Richard was saddened by her swift departure. His cock had tingled with lust at the repeated chances to freely witness Minet’s rear, emerging nipples and adorable smile. After she left, Richard spent the rest of the day developing a detailed running schedule. They had a little less than six months to get her in great shape.

The two made a good team. Richard not only had her running a variety of short distances, slow long runs, sprints, but also had her swim twice a week and steered her to a runner’s diet. Three months later, the results were noticeable. She could easily hold a nine-minute pace for seven miles, and her body was stunning. While Minet’s breasts shrank a size, her bottom had grown and become firmer, while her legs would rival those of any model. They’d also gotten comfortable.

Minet often ran in short shorts and with only a sports bra on top. She’d become habituated to Richard’s eye “secretly” eyeing her ass and firm breasts. Internally, she viewed it as a compliment and sometimes she let her imagination roll. Maybe, after the race, she’d drink too much and, well, have a towel slip off unexpectedly after a show or something. Richard’s thoughts were more specific. Often, he worked devilishly to conceal his firming cock.

With two months left, the unexpected happened. Trabzon Escort Bayan After a twelve-mile long run, Minet insisted on doing a series of squats and wind-sprints not far from Richard’s office. She pushed herself too hard. In the final squat, she thought someone had stabbed or sliced the back of her thigh and buttocks. It wasn’t a freak attack. She’d pulled a hamstring and was barely able to walk the two blocks to Richard’s office.

Once inside, he had her lay face down on the couch then pulled an ice bag from refrigerator and wrapped it in small towel. He placed this on the back of her left buttock and leg. “Do you think I’ve blown it for the race?” Minet asked timidly.

“I don’t know. You need to see a doctor and probably push through a rigorous physical therapy regimen. After that I’d talk with your doctor again. If it’s a bad, I think your done, but if minor then maybe.”


Richard sat beside her and gently rubbed her back. “I’m going to softly massage your leg. Tell me how it feels, especially if it hurts badly.”


“If a specific spot hurts more than the other areas make sure you let me know.” With these words out, Richard removed the ice bag and started to gently caress the back of Menit’s thigh. Delicately, he glided his hands up and down her hamstring, slowly probing deeper to identify the point of injury.

“Right there,” Minet muttered, and up higher. Richard knew hamstring injuries usually affected one’s buttocks, but he was extra careful to avoid this region. “You’ve looked at it enough, might as well touch it. Just for diagnosis purposes.”

“What are you talking about?” Richard let out knowing damn well what she meant.

“My ass. You can massage it too. I won’t bite you.” Richard guided his fingers upwards and lightly probed her left cheek. “Closer inside, near my crack. Yes, there. Rub it a little deeper.”

Richard complied, yet was embarrassed by his hardening unit. Her ass had formed into a perfect specimen under his guidance. “Does that help?” he asked as his fingers pushed deep into her rear dangerously close to her crack and sex.

“Pull up the edge of my shorts, apply the ice for a bit and then rub it again. It feels almost gone when you massage it.” Slowly, Richard complied with her request. After the ice bag was on, he grabbed Minet two Advil and poured her a glass of sauvignon blanc. She laid still for almost ten minutes, then requested that the ice be removed.

Once the ice was off, Richard continued the massage. Pressing his fingers deeply, then marching them up slowly to press on her sources of pain to stimulate blood flow. With the cuff of her shorts edged up, the half moon of her ass was visible. Blood flowed freely into Richard’s little head. He was hard.

The massage and proximity of Richard’s fingers to Minet’s sex did not go unnoticed. She felt the coolness of the ice, but also a trickle of warm moisture foaming from her entrance. At one point, she simply wished that Richard would pull down and remove her running shorts. Surely, he’d be surprised to learn she never ran with panties, but how would he react to the unobstructed view of her womanhood. As his fingers rubbed her bottom, inches away from her sex, she visualized how it would feel to have Richard’s cock penetrate her.

It was these impure thoughts that prompted Minet to sit up and limp to her car. She thanked Richard for his care and promised to check in tomorrow after her appointment. After she left, Richard felt he must have offended her. Alas, he did not know she retreated to her apartment to release her desires.

The next morning, Minet met with a sport’s physician who diagnosed her injury as a secondary hamstring strain. He prescribed two weeks of physical therapy and thought she might have a chance at the race, yet warned her if the injury worsened for any reason, she’d be finished for a long spell. Five hours later, she met with the physical therapist for her first treatment.

Shortly after five, she exited the physical therapist’s office barely able to contain her tears. She knew the fellow she’d been dating was unavailable as it was after five and a week night, so instead she drove to Richard’s office hoping he was still there. He was. She did not knock, but instead walked into his office unexpectedly, catching Richard by surprise typing away at his computer. Two steps in, and tears streamed out of her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Richard exclaimed. “Is it a tear?”

“No, just a strain, and the doctor says I can maybe run the race, but, but…” barely emerged from Minet’s mouth before a series of sobbing took over.

“But what?” asked Richard.

“The physical therapy is $150 an hour, and my shitty insurance only covers $50 per session. There is no way I can afford it three days a week. My budget is tight because of the internship. I can pick up hours at the pharmacy, but I’m supposed to be off my feet for most of the day, so can’t. I don’t know what to do,” Minet squeaked as another bucket of tears prepared for their entrance Escort Trabzon into Richard’s office.

“What kind of therapy did they prescribe?” Minet was unable to answer this question for a few minutes. With effort, she was able to control her motions and answered. “Just ice, heat, stretches and massage. A week later, more of the same, but with a mild workout added in. And two weeks after that, I can start jogging.”

“That doesn’t sound so complicated. We could do it here,” Richard volunteered.


“We could do it here. I bet there is even a standard protocol for PT treatment of hamstring strains we can find on the internet.” He was right, and it took less then an hour to locate. Richard failed to disclose his father was a physical therapist. Despite this nondisclosure, Minet agreed to try their experiment out for a week.

A week later, she agreed to continue with Richard’s therapy. At this stage, Minet had developed a routine. She’d arrive to his office, remove her pants or skirt, and hike up one side of her panties until it was pulled into her butt crack. The exposure was titillating for both parties and after a week it still sparked a thrill.

Two more sessions went by without incident, except during the last one Minet arrived in a short tank top. During the session it crept up her back. Richard responding by giving her a low back massage. This was in addition to the leg treatment which now included alternating hot/cold therapies, light resistance exercises followed by a deep leg and buttocks massage.

On Thursday, Minet planned to go out to a small club with several of her co-workers. She called Richard to reschedule the appointment for the following day, however, he had to travel to the city to meet with his agent. But he had hours of work to catch up on, so suggested Minet stop by after her outing. Around 8 pm, Minet knocked on Richard’s office door before letting herself in.

She wore a mid-thigh length cocktail dress, bright smile and sported eyes a touch bloodshot. “Hello. Glad you made it here,” Richard advised. In response, Minet encircled her arms around him for a big hug followed up by a peck of a kiss that fell directly onto his lips.

“Do you ever get out? I think some socialization and fun would be good for you,” Minet stated sexily.

“Baby steps. I want a clear head before I start a relationship.”

“Do you think you have a clear head now, or is it still damaged? And, I’m just talking about getting out, not a fucking relationship”

“Ha. Good point. You’re right. I probably need to socialize more.” In response, Minet sashayed over to the frig, deliberately swaying her bottom back and forth, searched through it until she found a bottle of rose.

“Tonight, we are going to socialize. We can sip vino, chit chat and all while you work at curing me. Sound good?” she asked as she opened the bottle and poured two glasses into coffee mugs.

“Sounds wonderful. I do have wine glasses.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“I thought you’d be out with your friends and the guy you mentioned,” Richard asked as he accepted the cup of rose.

“He wasn’t available, as he had to be home before seven. It doesn’t matter. I’m here right?”

“You are. One should never turn down a free treatment.”

“Cheers to free treatments,” Minet offered. The two clunk glasses and took a deep sip. “And they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. You have enjoyed pinching and squeezing my cheek, haven’t you?”

“Well, no complaints,” replied Richard with some surprise, but he attributed her loose lips to her prior drinks.

“Tonight, is a double bonus.” With those words out, Minet turned around and slowly pulled her one-piece dress off. She had on a thong, and a matching black lace bralet. When she turned around, Richard could see the darkness of her nipples through the thin fabric. “Do you approve?”

“You do look sexy for a laid-up runner.”

“Well you better get those hands a working. I want to be laid. No! Not laid-up much longer.” Minet moved to the couch and bent over to brush off imaginary crumbs from the cushions. The maneuver accentuated her ass and peaking between her thighs was her lace wrapped pussy. Richard’s dick grew hard.

“I got some coconut oil. If you stand up again, I can put a towel down and we can get started.”

“Ok.” Minet answered. While Richard retrieved the items, Minet stood and had a few questions when he returned. “Do you think I’ve gotten too skinny from the training or do you think I still look good?” While asking, she posed seductively.

“You’ve always looked good. I’d say even better now, as your muscles stand out nicely.”

“I know my ass looks hot but what about the other parts?” Minet asked as she teasingly slapped her rear, brought her hands up and cupped her breasts.

“They look nice too. Lay down and we’ll get going. I do need to get home at some point.”

“How do you know? You’ve never seen them? And shush about getting home. Remember, I’m your friend who knows this is essentially your home.” With her words of protest out, Minet laid down on her belly. Richard dribbled some of the oil on her left hamstring and started the rub down. The thong and visibility of her perfect ass was distracting. He wanted to kiss, bite and fuck it. Instead, he slowly fondled its roundness.

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