Runt Ch. 01

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I’ll be the first to admit it. I was in a foul mood that night. Looking back, I’m not really sure why. I suppose the weather wasn’t helping. It was the middle of April and snowing in Chicago. It had been almost a year to the day that my wife had walked out on me. I suppose that could have been a factor. I had come to the conclusion that I was a perv and that probably had more to do with it than anything else did.

Last year when my wife Dawn had walked out on me, she left me with our two kids to care for. Now my daughter Suzy was finishing high school and my son Bob was wrapping up his first year at college. I knew I was better off without Dawn. We had been high school sweethearts and had been married for 19 years, but she was always such a prude. She never trusted me and after watching an Oprah on internet porn she looked at the history on my browser. When she discovered a porn web site I had visited, she confronted me and went hysterical – and I laughed. When I got home the next day she was gone. Our minister called and told me she had asked him to contact me. She had discussed my “problem” with him and they agreed that our marriage could be saved if I would ask God for forgiveness. I hung up. The last I heard she and the minister had left town and had joined a commune in California. It created quite a sensation in our little Northwest Indiana town. A few weeks after they had gone off together, the minister’s wife stopped by. She was dressed in what I’m sure she thought of as a sexy outfit, but at five-foot and two hundred pounds; she was a lost cause. I tried to be polite when I told her to leave me the fuck alone, but somehow she took it the wrong way. It just didn’t seem right. My Dawn had been fairly attractive. The thought of taking up with the minister’s wife would have been like swapping his pig for my Dawn. It wasn’t happening.

For the most part the kids did rather well with handling their mom’s departure. Dawn had always been very devout and demanded a great deal of involvement in the church. Sundays wasn’t enough. Dawn made sure the kids regularly attended the youth groups, volunteer work, and choir, just to name a few. After Dawn left, I quit going to church, but the kids continued to attend church services and activities. The minister’s wife made it a point to make sure my kids knew how concerned she was that I was a pervert and was going to H-E-Double-L. She even gave my daughter information on a porn addiction program. My daughter torn it up in front of her. When the new minister arrived a few months later, I received a letter that told me that neither my kids nor me would be welcome at their church any longer. I wasn’t surprised or disappointed. To my relief the kids seemed OK with it too.

That September, two more things happened to our family. Bob went off to college and I was promoted to VP Sales. The raise I received coupled with the end of the church tithing, meant that as a family, we were pretty much set for money. The job was a lot more demanding, but I figured Suzy had just turned eighteen would be fine fending for herself around the house. The job included entertaining clients and it wasn’t long before I knew my way around most of the titty bars and whorehouses in Chicago.

Although the job caused me to become something of a regular at the whorehouses, I didn’t partake. First and foremost I had to be there for my clients and I didn’t feel I could be watching out for them if I was indulging myself. I became friendly with many of the girls, whom I found to be rather nice. A few had drug problems, but most were just making a living.

While I was completely OK with Dawn’s departure from my life, the anniversary was looming and I found myself thinking about it more than I care to admit. I had some very good clients come into town in early April and I took them to a high class whore house run by a madam named Sunny. After I had set up the guys I was shooting the shit with Sunny at bar when suddenly I stopped. I saw a new girl. She had her back to me and from behind she looked exactly like my daughter Suzy. The girl was talking to a customer and was standing in front of an old time juke box that was lit up with neon. The İstanbul Escort light from the juke box shined through her long dress, making it see through enough so I could tell she had on no underwear.

Sunny followed my look and laughed. “I knew I’d eventually have someone here for you Dan,” Sunny said.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“We call her Runt,” Sunny answered.

“Runt? Odd name,” I said, “but kind of sexy.”

Runt turned around and I saw that the resemblance to Suzy was not as strong from the front. Both girls were beautiful, but in different ways. I’ve often wondered if I would have been as attractive to Runt if the first time I saw her didn’t come with the strong feeling that I was looking at my Suzy. Before Sunny could call her over, she and the client headed up the stairs.

I was kind of hoping that Runt was only going up for a “quicky”, but when my clients came down she was still upstairs, so I paid Sunny and we left. In the weeks that followed I couldn’t get Runt out of my mind. I was getting more erections than in my old high school days. I was a bit disturbed when I couldn’t stop thinking of Runt every time I saw my daughter Suzy. I began to consider that maybe Dawn was right. Maybe I really was a sick perverted asshole.

None of my next few business entertainment outings took me to Sunny’s. Different clients have different tastes and it just happened to work out that none of my clients over the next few weeks were the “Whore House” type. I was sitting at a titty bar listening to a drunken client’s philosophy when a gem of wisdom came from his mouth. We were talking about the latest sports star that was accused of raping a girl when the client made the comment that if he was a sports star he most certainly would be raping these groupies. After all, he said, what’s the point of having to live with the rape reputation if you never had the fun of the actual raping?

Of course this guy was an asshole, and I laughed heartily at his joke, but his comment did get me to thinking. My whole town and all of the friends Dawn and I had made during our married life thought of me as a pervert. Even in my workplace I had the reputation of a pervert since my co-workers all knew that a good portion of my job was getting clients laid. I had a reputation, but never had the fun of actually doing any of the things my reputation warranted. I though about this for a few days and made up my mind. I called my daughter and told her that some clients had come to town unexpectedly and that I would be out late. I headed to Sunny’s.

I should have been happy, but as I said before, I was in a foul mood. I walked into Sunny’s I could tell that she sensed a difference in me. I had come alone. This wasn’t me there to entertain clients. I was there to fuck a whore and Sunny knew just the girl I wanted.

“Wait at the bar,” Sunny said, “I’ll find Runt.”

Moments later she returned holding Runt’s hand. She made the introductions and left. I bought Runt a drink. “You have a cute name,” I said.

“Thanks. It’s a nickname I’ve had since I was a kid. I’m one of quintuplets – me and three brothers. My Mom told me that my Dad used to tease her about having a litter and since I’ve always been on the small side, the name just kind of fit.”

Runt was small. Like Suzy she was only about five-foot tall. She couldn’t have weighed ninety pounds. I thought she was cute when I saw her the first time I saw her. Now up close I realized she was actually very stunning. She had brown hair that cascaded off her shoulders and deep green eyes. She had an impish grin that went perfectly with her size. She was wearing a knee length dress that was tight enough to make it plain that she had on no underware. Her nipples were plain and her aureoles were very large.

“C cup”

“Uh, what?” I asked.

“You were staring. You were wondering how big they are.”

I laughed. “Jesus was I that obvious?”

“Yeah, it’s cool though,” she replied. “Want to go upstairs?”

“I’m in no rush,” I replied.

Runt smiled. “Me either. Sunny told me to take good care of you, so you can consider me your personal slave for Escort Bayan the night. You just need to tell me what you want.”

I smiled and held up my glass to her. She smiled, picked up her glass and clinked it against mine. This was going to be a memorable night.

“How long have you been whoring?” I asked. I knew a lot of the girls didn’t like that kind of talk, but as I said before, I was in a foul mood that night.

Runt wasn’t phased by the question. She smiled. “About six months. I started topless dancing to make money for school and one of the girls found out about this place. I love it here. Sunny runs a good house.”

“What are your limits?” I asked.

“I’m not really into shit, piss, animals, kids, bondage, or pain. Otherwise I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” I asked, “Sounds like a challenge.”

“That could be fun,” she replied. “I meant it when I said I’m your slave. You can challenge me all you want. I’ll really do anything. I’m a slut. I like the freedom being a slut brings. I don’t have hang-ups, sexual or otherwise.”

“We’ll see,” I replied.

I was in no hurry to go upstairs. I was looking for a way to challenge her. I set myself a goal that I would leave Runt as more of a slut when I was through with her than when I started. We talked about the things she had done and she had done a lot. She had done girls, DPs, facials, ass fucking, fucking in public – and that was all before she started at Sunny’s. This girl was a hard core slut and was enjoying it. I just couldn’t figure out how to challenge her.

The barmaid brought us another drink. I had been telling Runt about my situation. I told her how Dawn had dumped me and about my kids. She was interested in my son and the college he was attending. As it turned out, she had been accepted to the same school my son was attending. They had offered her a full ride scholarship in swimming, but in the last swim meet of the year she slipped and broke her leg. The school revoked her scholarship and now Runt was attending a community college while still living with her mom and brothers. She was saving most of her money to go to the school that had rejected her. The rest she was using her money to pay for the community college. As she told me this story I could see the competitiveness and drive in her attitude. I had no doubt she would reach her goal.

The fact that this little whore had a life outside of the house interested me. I started asking her for more details.

“So you still live at home? Do they know you work here?” I asked.

“God no! They think I am bartending.”

“Haven’t your brothers ever tried to come to your bar?”

“I told them it was a private country club. It kept them away and explained all of the cash. The members of “the country club” are very good tippers,” she said laughing.

“What about times you spend the night?” I asked her smiling, then added, “Like tonight?”

“Wedding at the club. By the time the time the party is over and we clean up, it’s sometimes dawn. At least that’s what I tell my Mom.”

I suddenly knew what I wanted. “Let’s go upstairs,” I told her.

I could tell Runt was wondering what had suddenly popped into my mind, but she didn’t ask. Instead she led the way. I followed Runt up the stairs and she showed me to her room. I had never been upstairs before and was interested to see what the layout was like. Each girl had her own room with a private bath. Runt’s room was nice. There was a huge bed with lots of pillows. On one wall was a small, but well stocked bar. Runt had decorated her room with lots of pictures of herself in various stages of sex. Most of the pictures were of an angle that made it apparent that the person doing her had taken the picture. There was a lot of her sucking cocks, obviously taken by the guy. There were a few of her eating pussy, taken by the girl. Some had been taken as she was being fucked. A few must have been taken by a third party. Seeing her in these pictures was my first opportunity of seeing her naked. Her body was stunning. One picture was a close-up of a cock entering her pussy. I saw she had only a small tuft of hair above it. Eskort I was studying the pic and she was smiling at me.

“Like my pics?” she asked, “Want to take a few?”

I noticed she had a camera hanging on the wall near the bar. Frankly it was all I could do not to agree and start in, but I resisted. I had another plan.

“You’re my slave?” I asked.

Runt nodded.

“You’ll do anything?” I asked.

Again, the nod.

“Here is what I want. I want you to suck my cock. I want to fuck your pussy and asshole. I’m not sure where I want to cum. It might be in your mouth, on your face, on your tits, in your cunt, or in your asshole.”

Runt smiled, “That sounds like heaven,” she sighed.

“I want all that, but something more,” I said.

“Anything,” Runt said.

“I want to be talk to your mom while we are playing.”

“WHAT! – NO!”

I smiled. “Come on Runt, I thought you were my slave. I thought you were a whore.”

“But my mom? I couldn’t.”

I almost said ok. Forget it. But as I said, I was in kind of a foul mood that night and I was determined to make her sluttier.

I turned her around and unzipped her dress. It fell to her feet and she was naked. “You have to admit then, I won. You’re not as free as you said.”

“I guess I do have limits,” she replied.

“That’s too bad, I didn’t take you for a quitter.”

At that Runt gave me a hard look. I was right about her competitive spirit. She was beginning to see me as more than just another John and this night as more than an average night. “I don’t have a phone up here,” she said.

I reached in my pocket and showed her my cell phone. “No problem,” I smiled.

When she smiled, shook her head and said, “You bastard,” I knew it was going to happen. “A few ground rules first though. You can talk to her, but you can’t tell her where I work or what I do.”

“Uh, Runt, you are the slave around here. I’ll decide what I’ll tell her.”

“Fuck, Ok. But try to be nice,” she said. “Do you want me to dial?”

“Not yet,” I replied, “First strip me. Next get us a few drinks. Oh and one more thing. Suck me off first. It’s been a while and I want to be able to last with your mom.

Runt smiled. Maybe she thought that I had just been testing her. Maybe she thought I would not push her after she sucked me. In any event, she helped me out of my clothes. I think she was impressed with me. For a 42-year-old man I was in pretty good shape. Dawn had been fairly over bearing about my weight while we were married. Of course she had put on some pounds, but I was still at my wedding weight. For the record, I’m 6-3, 185 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. I do 50 sit-ups and push-ups every day and watch what I eat. When she pulled down my underwear I was pleased to see her smile. While my cock isn’t tremendously long, about 7″ but it is very thick.

She pushed me gently onto the bed and climbed over me. The sight of her hanging tits was making me hard. Without touching me, she bent down and licked the entire length of my cock.

Runt was a very good cocksucker. She licked the shaft, sucked the tip. She lifted my cock and licked my balls. She took one ball gently in her mouth and started humming. I couldn’t believe the sensation of depth the humming gave to me. It was as if that ball was at the center of my soul. She let it go and rose up; licking the shaft as it pointed straight up. Our eyes met and she gave me a dazzling smile. She looked beautiful smiling at me from behind my erect cock. I wish I could have reached the camera.

She took hold of my cock and started to gently pump it up and down. I was oozing pre-cum and it dripped down over her fingers. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I wanted to surprise her with my load, but she was a pro and could tell. She locked her lips around the tip and continued to pump the shaft.

Suddenly I was pouring a massive load of hot thick sticky cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all down and continued to pump more out. With each stroke more was flowing until it was over. When my cock had become half-hard, she gently kissed the tip and laid it back against my stomach, then she once more licked the entire shaft. It was such an intense cum that when it happened, it briefly crossed my mind that I would let her off the hook, but that lick got me back in the zone.

It was time to call her mom.

(to be continued)

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