Sadie’s Secret

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It was raining out, and after the briefest of glimpses at the murky gray sky through the window, Jack decided that he wouldn’t be leaving his room until his class that afternoon. He’d not yet been at college long enough for the novelty of laziness to wear off, and besides, he always woke with a painfully stiff cock, and there was no way he was heading to the co-ed bathroom with that poking out of his shorts.

He opened his phone, and began browsing for some viewing material that might help satisfy his morning urge. He was half-asleep still, and as he scrolled through the endless list of thumbnails, one caught his eye. It was a perfectly round, creamy white ass — smooth and unblemished, reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, cheeks slightly spread to afford a tiny glimpse of a tight pink pussy.

He clicked it, and the picture came to life; that gorgeous ass bouncing up and down as its owner twerked, her ponytail bouncing along with it. As her cheeks moved, they spread ever so slightly, giving him flashes of her pussy and asshole, making his cock throb. He began massaging his cock as he watched, imagining that round ass pressed against his face, tasting the wetness of her pussy, breathing in her natural scent as he probed her holes with his tongue…

Jack could feel himself building to orgasm watching the ass clap on his screen. Two pale white, perfectly manicured hands reached around those beautifully smooth cheeks and pulled them apart, proudly displaying every inch of herself to the camera. Her asshole puckered once, twice, and then blasted a huge, long fart that rang loudly out of his phone’s speaker. Cum exploded from his cock, his head flew back onto his pillow as he bit his lip with the force of it. It splattered all over his bare chest, and as he lay there, breathing heavily, gently pumping his cock for the last ounces of pleasure, he was vaguely aware that he could still hear farts through his phone speaker.

The headiness of his powerful orgasm began to wear off, and he reached for his phone to stop the video, on which the girl was still twerking, letting rip as her cheeks clapped. As he picked it up, though, he froze. On screen, shaking her ass, squeezing out violent farts and winking at the camera, was his sister. Despite his shock, his dick was already twitching again in excitement.

Sadie had always been beautiful. Growing up, they’d been as close as siblings could be; being only a year apart in age meant that they had always been best friends, and while Jack knew that his sister was attractive, he’d never been attracted to her.

Now that they’d entered college, Sadie had undoubtedly begun to cut a curvier figure. With a naturally skinny waist and large hips, Sadie had the sort of hourglass silhouette that made all the girls jealous and all the boys crazy, and her shapely ass had always been the focus of Jack’s friends’ attention.

While her body might have changed, her face hadn’t. Sadie still had the same huge, dark eyes that she’d always had, and her long, brown hair was always beautifully straight and meticulously brushed. Even knowing that everyone around him considered Sadie to be the sexiest girl they knew, Jack had always seen her as his innocent sister, and never anything more.

That day in his dorm room, though, had been the beginning of Jack’s biggest fetish – and also the beginning of his attraction to Sadie.

He’d missed her a lot when she’d left to go to college, and he felt a little lost at home without her. That last year at home for him, he’d looked forward to her visits, and now he couldn’t wait to go home for the holidays to see her — except after encountering her videos online, he found himself looking forward to it for all the wrong reasons.

Living alongside her again wasn’t easy. Jack constantly caught himself staring at her ass, fantasizing about what she did when she was alone in her room, sniffing the air around her, and every time he’d have to excuse himself due to his growing erection, head to his room and watch one of her videos. It was awkward for him, but she seemed none the wiser.

That was, she did — right up until she caught him. That morning, they’d been watching TV, and Sadie had let out a huge fart on the other side of the living room. Feeling his cock twinge with excitement, he’d had to quietly excuse himself. Not ten minutes later he was sat on his bed, his laptop next to him playing one of her videos, with his cock in his hand. Thinking she was safely downstairs, he’d not bothered to lock his bedroom door, and Sadie had burst in to ask him if he wanted to play video games. Seeing what he was doing — and, more importantly, what was on his screen — she turned bright red and ran out of the room.

After a couple of quiet, painfully awkward days of avoiding one another, Sadie had knocked at his door. She told him that she didn’t want them to feel awkward around one another and had an idea for how to resolve the problem. When Jack hadn’t known what to say, she told him that their parents were going out Anadolu Yakası Escort at the weekend, and they’d be able to continue the conversation properly then.


“So,” Sadie said as the pair watched their parents pull out of the driveway, “you ready to talk about it?”

Jack blushed, still mortified that his sister had caught him masturbating over her videos, still painfully aware that the girl he grew up with had now seen his dick, in all its glory, rock-hard for her. “I guess,” he replied.

Collapsing onto the sofa, Sadie began chewing her nails, as she always had when she was nervous.

“I started making videos just after I went to college,” she blurted out. “A girl I knew was doing it, and she was making heaps of cash from horny dudes on the internet, so I figured I’d earn some spending money, you know?” She looked at him anxiously.

Jack, lost for words, just nodded his understanding. Sadie relaxed a little.

“Anyway, I did a couple, and this guy got in touch and asked me for a custom video. I figured he’d just want me to say his name a couple of times, maybe flash my feet or something, but he asked if I could fart into the camera for him.” She was staring off into space, absently poking at a hole in her jeans. “I thought it was weird, but he was offering like a crazy amount of cash just for, like, a minute-long video. I thought ‘why not, easy money’, right?”

“Right,” Jack said carefully. He didn’t want to give anything away — he was still a little ashamed that he’d developed the fetish at all.

“Well, I really liked it. The thought of farting on a guy’s face, of him being desperate for my bodily functions, it’s kinda… hot. Y’know?” She looked him dead in the eye, and he realized that she was asking more than just the question she’d spoken out loud.

“Yeah, I get you,” Jack said, not daring to meet her gaze.

“Jack,” Sadie said, “look at me. I’m your sister. Your best friend. Please don’t judge me.”

At this, Jack looked up at his sister, and all of his embarrassment began melting away. She really was attractive, he thought, as her big, puppy-dog eyes lured him into a false sense of security. He knew he was treading on thin ice.

“I get it,” Jack replied. “I’d never thought about it before, either.” Sadie looked at him, raising one eyebrow slightly. “Or you,” he added hastily.

Sadie laughed. “But you think about it now?” she asked, grinning.

Jack couldn’t stop himself from blushing, and he looked away as Sadie giggled.

“You might not want to answer, but that big bulge in your pants is telling me all I need to know,” she said.

Jack looked at her, his discomfort plain in his eyes. “Sadie.. I– We…”

“Shh,” Sadie said, standing. “Follow me.”

Jack followed her upstairs to her room. She gestured to the bed, and he perched awkwardly on the edge. Sadie rolled her eyes.

“Lay down,” she said. “I think it’s time you learned to give in to your instincts.” She reached under the bed, producing four short lengths of dark rope. “Don’t ask,” she said.

Jack said nothing as she began tying his wrists to the bed posts, but his dick continued to grow in his shorts. As she finished with his wrists, Sadie noticed his excitement. “I’m going to do your ankles, too, okay?” she asked, although she didn’t wait for a reply. As unsure as he was, Jack was too turned on to fight it, and let her tie his ankles down, too.

When she was done, she told him she’d be right back, and disappeared from the room. He was so nervous; it felt so wrong, but he couldn’t deny the painful throb of his cock in his shorts as he began to think of exactly what she might do to him. The thought of his sister’s ass, and of finally smelling the farts he’d been fantasizing about for months, steeled him against his own internal apprehension. He longed to grab his dick to massage away some of the building tension, but Sadie had tied him up pretty tight. His stomach lurched as he heard the door to her room, and in a brief moment of panic he imagined his parents had come home early, walking into Sadie’s room to see him tied to the bed, his hard cock standing proud in his shorts, and he’d be unable to move as they looked at him in horror, unable to explain why he was there…

“Comfortable there, Jack?” Sadie said from the doorway.

He craned his head to see her, and watched as she closed the door. “Not really,” he said. “My dick is throbbing.”

“You’ll live,” she said, crossing the room. “After all, you beat off enough. Don’t forget, we share a wall. I hear you hammering away at it night and day — your headboard bounces off the wall.” Looking down at him from her bedside, she smirked. She was dressed as though she was heading to the beach — a pair of shorts that showed off the entire length of her legs, and a little of her ass for good measure, and a tight tank top that accentuated the fullness of her breasts, see-through enough for Jack to note she was wearing a pink bra.

“You like my outfit?” she Kurtköy Escort asked as he gaped, finally allowing himself to study her body properly. “I know, it’s a little tight. I grew out of these shorts years ago, but I wanted to make sure you got the full experience.”

Jack nodded nervously, and she giggled. She laid a hand on his thigh, and his cock twitched painfully at her touch.

“Just going to make myself comfortable,” Sadie said with a wink, gently squeezing his thigh. She climbed slowly onto the bed next to Jack, carefully and gracefully placing her knees either side of him. Painfully aware of how close his sister is to him, his cock fights against the fabric of his shorts, poking hard into the soft of Sadie’s belly. She giggled. “Steady,” she said, “we’ve not even started yet.”

She wriggled herself back, using her ass to force Jack to lay flat. For the briefest of moments he felt her weight on his face, smelled the musky aroma of her through the seat of her shorts, and then she leaned forward, allowing him room to breathe.

“Ready?” she asked, gently shaking her butt just inches from his face. He nodded, and she edged even closer. He could feel the excitement building in him, battling with his nerves, and his cock strained harder against his shorts, stretching them tighter across his thighs.

He felt Sadie’s body tense ever so slightly, then relax as a huge fart blasted from inside her shorts. It sounded exactly as it had in her videos, except this time it was real, warm and close, and he could practically taste it as it tickled his tongue. Unthinking, he recoiled, straining against the ropes at his wrists and ankles, but his cock twitched in approval. Sadie giggled on top of him, lowered her butt even closer to his face, hovering just above him, and ripped another.

“Sniff it,” she said, stifling another laugh. “It’s good, isn’t it?”

Jack tried, but he gagged before he could breathe in, causing him to struggle even harder against his bindings. There was a part of him wishing that he hadn’t gone along with it; but that part apparently had no control of his cock, because he was harder than he’d ever been in his life.

In response to his struggles, Sadie simply sat back onto her brother’s face, cutting off his supply of fresh oxygen, wiggling her hips around. This close, the aroma of her farts mingled with that of her sweet pussy, and he could feel his throat attempting to retch against the lack of air.

After an eternity, Sadie lifted herself off of his face, just far enough that he could breathe. Expecting fresh air, Jack was disappointed by the slightly stale aroma of Sadie’s lingering farts, but he gulped in mouthfuls regardless, her stench filling his aching lungs.

“Sniff it properly, this time, okay?” she said, her tone suddenly less playful. She let another one go, and Jack breathed it in as deeply as he could. As soon as it hit his throat, though, he gagged again, his retching causing the rope to cut painfully into his wrists. He felt certain that he was developing rope burn, and made a mental note to move as little as possible. She’d probably suffocate him if he struggled too much, anyway.

“That was much better!” Sadie exclaimed excitedly. Lifting herself a little, she slid her shorts down, and Jack was face to face with a pair of pink panties he’d only ever seen coming out of the dryer. She resumed her perch slightly lower on his face, putting her weight onto his closed mouth, neatly lining up her asshole with his nostrils. He gulped, having forgotten that the taste of her farts was still in his mouth, and gagged slightly. She giggled again. “I know you’re enjoying it. You’ll stop gagging soon, I’m sure.”

She let out a couple of small, airy farts that went straight up his nostrils, and Jack didn’t mind these as much. They still stank, but they weren’t as overpowering as the last few, and he wondered if maybe she was right; maybe he was getting used to it. His cock was throbbing so hard that it shifted in his shorts, much to Sadie’s delight. “I love the way your cock’s ahead of your brain,” she said playfully. “The rest of your body might fight against it, but your cock loves my farts!”

She let out another small puff of air, as though to prove her point, and Jack groaned from the pressure of his shorts against his cock — which had apparently started leaking slightly, as he felt a little sticky. His head spun with the stench of the room, and his stomach was threatening to revolt, but his cock really was loving it.

“I think it’s time to show you what you’ve been wanking over,” Sadie said, looking over her shoulder at her brother with a grin. She reached back and pulled her panties down slightly, wriggling her hips to get them down. Her cheeks gently brushed his face as she did so, and a fresh wave of odors washed over him, causing his throat to convulse. His excitement allowed him to stifle his gag reflex. The fabric of her panties was tight against her juicy ass, and her cheeks jiggled delicately as Pendik Escort she maneuvered her way out of them. Once they were down, she pulled at the waistband of his shorts, freeing his aching cock. She grabbed ahold of it, and it threatened to erupt, so intense was the relief of its freedom. Only the lingering stink in the room held Jack back.

“You like the view back there?” Sadie asked, wiggling her hips a little to highlight her point. Jack was no more than two inches away from his sister’s wet pussy, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her gorgeously puckered butthole. As much as he knew that he’d likely be subjected to more of her horrific farts, he was mesmerized by the hole before him, and he knew he wouldn’t fight her on whatever she wanted to do.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Sadie said, gently twerking, teasing Jack. His eyes followed her ass as it moved, and his head nodded ever so slightly as he did so. Gripping his cock tighter, she suddenly stopped. “Tell me you like it,” she said.

“I like it,” Jack replied mindlessly, staring intently at his sister’s holes.

“You want to eat my ass, don’t you?” she asked, spreading her cheeks wide, winking her hole at him, threatening to let out another fart.

Jack nodded rapidly, rendered dumb by the persistent throbbing of his cock.

“You will,” Sadie said, looking back at him with a grin. “Not yet, though.” She winked mischievously.

As Jack strained his neck to see if he could get closer, Sadie’s stomach let out a quiet gurgle. She looked into his eyes, and raised her eyebrows. “Uh oh.” She giggled, and moved her ass closer to his face, hovering just out of reach, spreading her cheeks as wide as she could.

She let out a massive, loud, rasping fart, one that smelled as though she’d been stewing it for some time, and Jack felt his cock twitch. Sadie giggled and ran her finger along the length of his shaft as she forced out another hot blast of gas, this time into his open mouth. Jack felt the hot air hit his throat, tasted the aroma of her dirty ass, but he didn’t gag. His cock stood up even straighter, and Sadie grabbed hold of it.

“I knew you’d love it, you filthy fuck,” she said, giggling. “It stinks so bad in here, I bet you’ll taste it for days.”

She let out another, this time smaller, and Jack found himself licking the air, hoping for a taste. He retched slightly as the rancid flavor hit his tongue, but his cock throbbed in delight, and Sadie leaned forward to kiss it gently.

“I love it when your cock does that,” she said, stroking it gently. She squeezed again, her body tensing, and Jack braced himself for another wave of gas. None came.

He relaxed slightly, hearing it only as he laid back, then feeling the warm, wet splatter of it on his face.

The room went silent, and Sadie froze. As Jack realized in horror exactly what had happened, his cock once again throbbed with pleasure, and Sadie relaxed. He knew it should have made him sick, but it didn’t smell any different than the farts he’d been inhaling, and knowing she’d embarrassed herself gave him a little power back. He stared at her sticky, dirtied asshole and wondered if she’d climb off of him, apologize awkwardly and untie him, but she made no move to do any of those things. Instead, still gripping his cock, she spoke.

“I think it’s time for you to eat it now.”

Jack had given up on fighting his urges now, and his cock wanted more, so when Sadie lowered her ass to his mouth he set about working it with his tongue, cleaning her hole. It tasted sweeter than he’d have expected, which was a welcome surprise after the onslaught of rancid farts, and he gratefully lapped away at the mess around his sister’s asshole. She moaned gently, then let out a long, wet fart directly into his mouth. He felt it as it echoed its way into his lungs, and his cock twitched in Sadie’s grip. Turned on and enjoying the taste of her dirty ass, Jack tried probing with his tongue, but before he could get it in Sadie began grinding against his face, rubbing herself all over him, the wetness of her pussy leaving its marks on his chin. She let out another fart, and Jack quickly put his mouth over her hole in time for a second, tasting the sour puff of gas against his tongue. He tried to thrust against Sadie’s grip on his cock, allowing himself some small relief, and she responded by straining for another fart into Jack’s mouth.

Jack felt the rumble move through her stomach on top of him, then the puckering of her ass, and then his mouth was suddenly filled with Sadie’s hot waste, warm and soft and tasting every bit as foul as he’d have imagined. He gagged and retched, thrashing against his ties, and Sadie sat back on his face, pinning him down with her weight, trapping him there with a mouthful of her shit.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her reaching into her bedside drawer, rummaging for something. He couldn’t see what, and all he could think about was the mass of shit in his mouth. His tongue was trying to force it down his throat so that he might stop tasting it, but his throat wouldn’t let him swallow. It felt as though his body was desperately trying to work out what to do with his sister’s waste, and, to his humiliation, his cock was as hard as ever while his big sister sat there, unfazed, on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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