Sadie’s Sequel

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After any other flight, Jack would have been tucked into the thick, soft blankets of his hotel bed with a box of takeout on his lap and some cheesy, no-budget show on low volume. But this time it was different – he had some important business to attend to. Mainly, the business of reuniting with his sister for a night of sordid and unexpected pleasure.

The club was stuffed full of bodies, a wall-to-wall sea of dancing, drinking, flirting, teasing, and everything in-between. With every beat of the music Jack felt as if his chest was close to exploding, a stew of nerves and excitement churning in his stomach.

It was important it was him seeking out Sadie instead of the other way round; he wasn’t even sure she would recognize him. His new hair style and the darker color had completely transformed his face and he looked older, the smattering of stylish stubble adding to this upgraded, distinguished look. All in the name of passing for someone, anyone, other than her own brother.

As Jack continued to wade through the crowd, a familiar figure could be seen swaying and dancing to the music in the very middle of the dance floor.

Sadie looked utterly gorgeous, somehow even more so than Jack remembered. She had lightened her dark brown hair, giving the now-sunkissed locks a beachy, delicate wave. Her breasts were dangerously close to spilling from the sequined crop top she wore, and beneath a playful black skirt flared away from her body, pulling in her already narrow waist and exaggerating her round, thick ass. Surrounding Sadie on all sides were girls her age, each one preened to perfection and showing equal amounts of skin.

As if sensing his presence, Sadie swiveled around, catching Jack’s eye from across the room. Her eyes immediately lit up in recognition and joy. Jack couldn’t help but smile; seeing his sister always set his nerves at ease.

Keeping Sadie in his peripheral, Jack integrated himself back into the crowd as just another dancing body growing hot from the press of skin and movement around him, lost among the music and alcohol.

“Girls – I’ve found one,” Sadie giggled, biting her lip, leaning in so as to be heard over the thrum of music.

“Who?” The girl to Sadie’s left, Rachel, replied as she scanned the crowd intently.

“Tall, dark hair, white t-shirt,” Sadie revealed, “like, three people behind Lola.”

Lola renounced any attempt at subtlety and turned on her heel, immediately latching onto the cute boy Sadie had her eye on. “Ooh, yeah, go for it, babe,” she urged.

Relief flooded through Sadie’s body: none of her friends had recognized Jack as her brother, seeing him as just another random stranger. Now there was nothing stopping her from carrying out every dirty thing she had planned to do to that unsuspecting boy.

Parting from her friends who filled her with words of encouragement, Sadie squeezed between a group of guys, making a bee-line for her brother. When she reached him they shared a joint, coy smile and she lifted herself onto her tippy-toes to whisper into Jack’s ear.

“Fancy seeing you here,” she purred, having to resist pulling him in for an overly-familiar hug, aware of her girlfriends’ prying eyes burning into her back.

Jack grinned, bending to bring him mouth to Sadie’s ear in return, “I don’t know what you’re talking about; I have no idea who you are.”

A loud snort let Jack know what Sadie thought of his joke, but she bantered back nonetheless. “What’s your name then, stranger?”

“You can call me… Jason.”

The frown sounded in Sadie’s voice. “Wow, inventive.”

“I was thinking of Jason and the Argonauts,” Jack replied dejectedly.

“More like Friday the 13th Jason. But, whatever. Let’s introduce Jason to my friends,” Sadie gave Jack’s arm a warm squeeze, trailing down to grip his hand tight and led him back through the crowd.

Sadie’s friends continued to dance, obscured by the dark and the flashing lights,

seeking out warm, male bodies of their own to flirt with. Sadie placed herself in front of

Jack, reaching back to guide his hands onto her ass. Eagerly, Jack squeezed at her firm

asscheeks, resisting the urge to slide his hands up under her skirt to feel her skin against his.

As their bodies swayed in tandem, Sadie’s head fell back onto Jack’s chest and her ass

pressed firmly into his crotch. The temperature of the club rose dramatically, heat radiating off of Sadie’s gyrating, writhing body.

“It’s so hard to hold it in,” she breathed, barely audible over the thumping music, “every

time I press back against you… if you could hear my stomach, you’d know what I meant…”

“D-do you wanna…?” Jack could barely bring himself to say it, his heart beating hard

and fast, perfectly trapped against Sadie’s ass, the tension beginning to build between them.

“Feeling your dick between my asscheeks is making me horny… maybe I should treat

you… it’s been so long, hasn’t it?”

“Too long,” Jack agreed, memories of their previous Bostancı Escort encounters flooding back and

Jack’s cock began to twitch in interest from within his jeans.

At that moment the song changed and the room-shaking bass kicked in, hitting Jack

right in the chest with each measured beat. There, Sadie pushed back firmly into Jack’s

crotch and let out the first of several long, rumbling farts, able to match the beat of the

music perfectly. They were strong enough to vibrate through her skirt and into Jack who

gasped at the sensation, feeling concentrated warmth spread between them.

Too perfect was her timing that no one around them was aware of what was happening

between them; Sadie let another fart loose, large enough to cause her body to shudder

against him. Now, in a creeping wave the smell of Sadie’s farts began to seep upwards

into Jack’s nose, a thick, eggy scent that coated the inside of his mouth as he breathed it

in, his body reacting against it and causing his nose to wrinkle.

Around them, the others picked up on the smell, as pervasive as it was. The tight press of bodies shifted uncomfortably, trying to locate the source but as quickly as it arrived it was soon gone, lingering only on Jack’s tongue.

A final, smaller squeak caught against Jack’s body and with that Sadie turned and pulled Jack in for a kiss, hungry, both her hands pulling his head to her mouth and allowing her to slip her tongue in. The two kissed passionately, lips wet and ready, and the music changed. A popular song caused a surge to roar through the crowd, everyone pressing to get onto the dance floor, and Sadie saw her chance. Blindly, she grabbed at Jack’s hand and dragged him away from the crowd, fighting the tide of people trying to get on.

“Lucky bitch,” Rachel snickered, raising an eyebrow at Lola as Sadie and Jack disappeared from the group, “I wish I was getting some tonight.”

Bursting into a one-person restroom, Sadie had timed their escape perfectly – there was

not a single other person in sight. The two crowded into a single cubicle and Sadie locked the door; the music was muffled and hollow-sounding, it was as if they had been transported into a completely different world.

“Sit on the floor in front of the toilet and lean your head back,” Sadie instructed him. There was an urgency in her voice, a spark of electricity that Jack couldn’t ignore; he hurried to the floor only half-aware of how sticky and moist it was, his attention taken up by the beautiful body in front of him.

As Jack let his head fall back he watched Sadie’s hands sneak up under her skirt and pull down a tiny black thong, bringing it down her thighs and to her feet.

“What happened back there was just a taster,” she teased him excitedly, “nothing compared to what’s about to happen – believe me.”

Inadvertently, a shudder ran through Jack’s body. Sadie lifted her skirt and there was her perfect, round ass, her skin looked so smooth, Jack wanted to bend in and worship her, wriggling deep in-between her cheeks. To tease him further, she shook her ass back and forth, transfixing Jack, as with each movement the little pink bud of her asshole revealed itself, a hidden treasure.

“I can’t believe how gassy I feel,” she told him.


“Oh, yeah. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this full, my tummy is almost rock solid. And now it’s all going to be used on you.”

Sadie unzipped her skirt a little, allowing it to rise up her body and putting her ass on full display. The sight was enough to make Jack’s mouth water, now his heart beating faster than a hummingbird’s wings.

“I can feel another fart coming,” Sadie’s voice wavered and Jack knew she was desperate, “it’s making my stomach hurt. This one is going to really, really stink. My asshole is already so sticky from those last ones.”

Hearing her say those words, Jack whimpered a little. It was so, so wrong. Here he was sitting on the floor of a club toilet with his head resting on a toilet seat eager for his sister to bring her asshole closer.

“I wonder what my friends would think, knowing that there’s a perfectly good toilet inches away from me but I’m going to use my brother’s mouth instead.”

“My mouth?” Jack echoed.

“Well, of course, Jack,” Sadie’s tone was playful and light, “you’re going to be my human toilet for the night. That’s why I invited you here, after all. Now, you be a good toilet and stop talking – it’s time to put you to work.”

Before Jack could voice any protests, or even get his head around what was about to happen, Sadie was squatting backwards.

“Open your mouth and keep it open. This is going to be so fucking hot…”

Sadie was grabbing an asscheek in each of her hands, offering Jack an unobscured view of her tight little asshole. She had been right before – it did look a little wet, with a tiny

speck of brown on the rim.

And then she was on him, her asshole accurately placed right Ümraniye Escort between Jack’s open lips. The weight of her asscheeks kept Jack from being able to move his head even a little, his nose clamped firmly between them, truly trapped. Instinctively, Jack’s hands rose to grip at Sadie’s thighs, hoping to take a bit of her weight, and happily took a handful of her in each hand.

Readjusting herself just a little, getting comfortable in her own time, Sadie was able to form an air-tight seal around Jack’s lips with her ass, confirming to herself that there would be no escape – for him, and for what she was about to reward him with.

Now, much closer, Jack could hear the angry gurgle in Sadie’s stomach. Long and rolling, the sounds were almost painful to hear – the sound of an unquantifiable amount of gas stored inside her tiny body.

Sadie must’ve known he heard it too because she said to Jack: “I’m not even going to apologize for how loud that was. This is going to be bad. You’re going to have to be on your best behavior, okay? It’s your job to make sure we don’t make too much noise and get caught, because if we do then we won’t get another chance at this. Understand?”

An attempt at a nod was made but Jack couldn’t seem to move his head in any direction, pinned as he was to the seat. He moaned, signaling his acknowledgement, and shuddered as he felt his lips vibrate against Sadie’s asshole.

“Good boy. Get your cock out, too, I want to see how much you’re enjoying being my

little toilet slave.”

Embarrassed but willing, Jack released his grip on Sadie’s thighs to unzip his jeans and slip his cock out of the opening. He was still half-erect from her grinding and farting on him earlier, taking some maneuvering to free himself. He wished he could see Sadie’s reaction, but he could see nothing but her asscheeks above him.

“You’re doing so well, your face fits my ass perfectly,” Sadie wiggled her ass, somehow slipped slightly lower and for a moment Jack could no longer breathe through his nose.

His body seized, hands flying up to Sadie’s thighs once more, muffled howls breathing out onto Sadie’s asshole as he did so.

“Something wrong?” Sadie teased. Jack felt another shift in her weight and now stars were beginning to form in front of his eyes. The light caress of something along his cock caused him to start, bending his legs to plant his feet, needing now to struggle out from underneath his sister; it was too much, his chest was burning, all he needed was to-

And then he could breathe, Sadie had risen just a little in her intent to stroke his cock with her foot, freeing his nose. Jack gasped, adrenaline rushing through his body and causing his head to spin, and as he took in that first, life-giving breath, Sadie released a spluttery, explosive fart directly into Jack’s mouth. The smell of her asshole sucked directly into his body, meaty and warm and smelling of something unique to Sadie. It was all he could smell now, but he gulped it down nonetheless, scenting the element of sweetness in her, and the air was hot. It repulsed him, the wetness of the fart evident in the noise it made, but that didn’t stop him from trying to catch his breath, forced to take Sadie’s fart in the process.

“That was a big one, huh?” Sadie taunted Jack by dipping a little lower, cutting off his air again briefly, then leaning forward to free him. A small brief fart fell from her asshole as if by accident and this time it was accompanied by a small squirt of warm liquid shit that dripped directly into the back of Jack’s throat. He retched, and Sadie leaned back to force Jack’s head backwards into the seat. There was no option but for him to swallow it.

“Don’t disappoint me now,” Sadie murmured; she could feel a tremor in Jack’s hands as he fought the wave of nausea flooding his body, “this is what you’re here for, after all.”

Jack swallowed, finally, but the taste remained. It was similar to how her farts had tasted but somehow earthier and sour. Realizing he had eaten his sister’s shit only intensified the shake in his hands as he clutched at Sadie’s thighs in a helpless attempt to ground himself on something, anything.

As Jack struggled beneath her, Sadie’s eyes were latched onto her brother’s growing, twitching cock. As much as his mind fought to process what was happening, his body was responding keenly, almost seeking out the gentle grazing touch of Sadie’s foot once more. If Jack had thought to bring his hand between Sadie’s legs he would have found her soaking wet, utterly in bliss at having reduced her brother to her dirty toilet slave.

Eyes flickering shut in pleasure, Sadie moved Jack’s hand onto her stomach, pressing it lightly.

“Feel how bloated I am?”

Jack rubbed Sadie’s cute belly, feeling how distended it was, careful to keep his touch light. His wary touch caused Sadie to giggle.

“I haven’t used the bathroom in three days, all of that is stored up inside me; I’ve been saving it for your visit. I know my Kartal Escort tummy feels big now, but trust me – by the end of the night it’s going to be nice and flat… so, where do you think all of this is going to go?”

If Jack had felt lightheaded before, what he felt now was double, triple the intensity. A series of quick, raunchy farts fell into Jack’s mouth and there was no time to process what was happening as now there was something solid touching his tongue, snaking into his throat. It was a long, moist shit, dropping – impossibly big – from Sadie’s tiny asshole. If he had been able to see it, there was no way Jack would have been able to comprehend how wide Sadie’s asshole was currently stretched, all of that slimy shit traveling directly into his gaping mouth.

“Don’t chew it, just take it,” Sadie commanded, her voice fluttery and light with the relief of finally expelling, “let it slide all the way down, whole. Your throat is my personal human sewage pipe and your face is the toilet seat.”

As more and more shit left Sadie and crushed itself into her brother, Jack couldn’t help but resume his squirming. It was too much, an unrelenting release, clogging his throat and even coating his teeth. His throat worked to keep from rejecting it, wanting to please her, wanting to do well. Her little sighs caused his cock to perk up in interest.

Remembering how hard he was, how aroused he felt, caused shame to prickle at Jack’s skin; the ache in his balls a constant reminder of how much control Sadie had over him.

“Come now, don’t choke.” Sadie couldn’t resist another giggle, spreading her legs a little wider to stop herself from being bucked off. “Did all of my shit clog my personal toilet?

I’d have thought you would do better than that, after all, there’s a reason why you’re beneath me. But, I guess you just need to be taught. I’m not getting up until you’ve swallowed all of my shit. We’re not even close to the end.”

Frustration with his own body was beginning to build and Sadie’s full weight was back on him, cutting off the air supply. Now it was a race against time. Jack’s throat worked furiously, his eyes watering, the shit in his mouth mixing with his saliva and becoming watery, mercifully easier to take, but somehow more pungent in the process. A small coil of fear that he would vomit started to tighten in his gut, only the thought of how disappointed his sister would be in him kept Jack moving, gagging the clumpy shit down in dejected, labored swallows. His vision was swimming in front of him, everything was Sadie’s ass, everything he could feel, taste, smell, see was his sister and the content of her bowels. One final gulp and his mouth was empty, somehow, finally, and in a desperate attempt to signal his success to Sadie he reached out his tongue, circling her asshole and scooping up the remnants of shit he found there.

Vision darkening, Jack’s rock hard cock strained away from his body, yearning to replace his tongue, wishing he could sink it into Sadie’s asshole lubricated with her own shit.

Finally, thankfully, Sadie rose and Jack was able to suck in a life-giving breath before she settled back down, lighter this time, but still keeping him in place. Head swimming, Sadie’s voice seemed distant, ethereal.

“Let’s finish up. This time, I don’t want you swallowing, okay? Keep it all in. You’ve done so well, don’t fuck it up now. I’ll tell you when you can swallow.”

With that, she relaxed her bowels once more, a fervent gurgle sounding from her stomach in happiness as the last of her shit slopped out of her asshole and into Jack’s awaiting mouth. It spread and puffed out his cheeks, filling them and stretching them outwards, more and more until Jack started to panic; surely it wouldn’t all fit?

And then she was done, standing in front of him, and for the first time Jack noticed the terrible strain on his neck from having been bent back for so long – it seared and ached in every attempt to straighten it.

“Keep your mouth closed, no swallowing.” Sadie reiterated. Reaching for some toilet paper, Sadie wiped Jack’s mouth tenderly, catching any errant stains, before turning her attention to herself, cleaning up and stepping back into her thong. “I know it seems like a waste,” Sadie sighed, throwing the used tissue into the toilet behind him, “but there’ll be plenty of time for you to lick me clean, don’t you worry.”

Now it was Jack’s stomach’s turn to roll and gurgle and splutter. What he had swallowed previously had finally hit his stomach and it wasn’t happy, wanting to reject it. With his mouth full, Jack had no choice but to force down the retches that rose and fight the nausea; he didn’t want to think about the consequences otherwise.

Wobbling, Jack made it to his feet, his mouth stuffed like an animal storing nuts for the winter. Sadie, her hands tantalizingly soft and warm, tucked Jack’s throbbing cock back into his pants and re-zipped his jeans, giving him a little tap for prosperity. Then, wordlessly, she led him back out into the club.

The crowd was beginning to thin, enough time had passed that the best tunes had been and gone, and now half the dance floor was empty. Sadie’s friends were where they had left them, now joined by a few boys who lingered around them expectantly.

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