Sally’s Sordid Affair

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Hotwife Threesome

Sally Roberts, forty five, divorced, five foot six and pleasingly plump, carefully pulled the curtain aside from the large glass patio door that led to her garden. Looking up she saw that the curtains in the upstairs bedroom of her neighbours house were open. She could see the net curtains but nothing else. Knowing he was there she unlocked the door, sliding it back and feeling the slightly colder air outside. Immediately her nipples scrunched up and became two points pressed against her thin short nightdress. Grinning she stepped over the wash basket.

Standing outside she felt the soft breeze moving against her, further firming her nipples and rippling the bottom edge of her short nightie. Standing straight it was three or four inches above her knees, bending it rode over her round luscious buttocks, leaving the pink globes exposed; grinning she bent to pick up the wash basket, knowing he would be able to see everything. She knew he used binoculars to look at her. She’d seen the shape against the net curtains as she lay on her sun lounger earlier in the week. The beauty of mirrored glasses was that your eyes were hidden from view. She’d watched the dark circles appear in the corner of the window frame opposite.

Sally wiggled her bottom as she stood with the basket of washing. She felt a breeze on her lush hairy pussy and knew that the nightie was snagged on the rim of the basket, so as she stood it had lifted above her waist. Her bare belly and pubes were on view. So be it she thought. This is what a real woman looks like, enjoy. She waddled to the rotary washing line and carefully positioned herself to lower the basket and give him a closer view of her rear end. As it touched the floor she held the basket and spread her legs a little more. Grinning she stood and began to peg the items out. She ensured that she had to stretch to peg the clothes out, lifting the hem to reveal her luxuriant bush. She had never been a shaver and was very proud of the thick curly nest adorning her mound.

As she lazily pegged the items the breeze and slightly cooler air made her realise that she needed to pee. A strange thought came into her head and she angled herself to give him a better view. Spreading her legs wider, then lifting onto her toes she relaxed her muscles, she heard the hiss then the splash as the stream of piss erupted from her pee hole as she voided her bladder. She could feel drips rolling down both legs and her toes were feeling wet as the pee pooled on the grass before sinking into the dry earth beneath. Sighing with contentment she carried on hanging the underwear out on the line. Finishing she walked to the basket and bent low to retrieve it, walking head high, boobs bouncing, pussy tingling, back to the patio door. Inside she dropped the basket, slammed the door to and staggered to the couch against the far wall. Her fingers caressed her mound and slid into her slit. With her free hand she hiked the nightdress up to her neck, the hand snaking round her sagging breasts and squeezing tight.

Her fingers searched inside her for her g-spot as she pushed her legs together to rub her clit against her thighs, relaxing she moved her fingers in and out, feeling the onrushing orgasm, she loosed her breast and returned the hand to her crotch, lightly pinching her bud between her finger and thumb, rubbing gently as her fingers pistoned in and out. Suddenly she was over the waterfall of her climax, falling, rolling, pushing, and sliding headlong to the finish; she jerked and spasmed as she came again and again. Finally she slowed and removed her fingers from their sticky prison. Rolling fully onto her back she licked them one by one, enjoying the taste of herself. She lay quietly, mewing with pleasure.

The Patio door slid open and he entered, her neighbours eighteen year old son. He was legally a man and sexually more than adult enough to satisfy her. He pulled at his shorts revealing his stiff member, thin and not too long. He began pumping it in his fist, easy long strokes, gazing at her supine body. Lusting after her he pumped his cock, his eyes roving over her and liking everything he saw. He grunted as he reached his own climax. Pointing his cock down he soaked her bush and mound with his seed. Staggering slightly he rubbed his member against the whites skin of her thighs before he dropped to his knees. She giggled and sat up, looking at him and smiling.

“I thought you’d never come,” she said laughing.

“How could I not cum when you’re so sexy and beautiful.” he replied and reached for her. They kissed and moved together, his flaccid cock against her belly leaving a trail as the last of his cum leaked slowly out.

They kissed as lovers do and he slowly became stiff again, she rolled his cock between her fingers until he was rock hard again. Pushing him back onto the floor, she swiftly mounted him and pushed his rigid organ into her waiting pussy. She felt him slide into her, then his groin against her bud. She began to move, up and down and slightly sideways, he picked up the counter rhythm until they exploded together again; his balls delivering a massive load through his cock and into her. She moaned with pleasure. They fell still and curled and still joined lay foreheads together, gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan dozing in the warm morning sun passing through the double glazed doors. Later he rose and tucked himself in. He left her lying contentedly sprawled on the sofa; the cum drying in her pussy hair forming a white crust against the dark hair on her mound.

Later she showered and rid herself of any evidence of him. Dressing in a simple A-line dress, but no underwear, she busied herself with housework. Stopping for coffee at eleven she went to check the washing she had hung out earlier. She felt rather than heard the presence of another body besides hers. Turning with a smile, she was surprised to see the boy’s mother.

“Hallo Sally, can we have a word, in private?”

“Of course Susan, come in, do you want coffee?”

“I think I’ll pass on that thank you.” Susan replied abruptly.

Entering through the patio doors that her son had passed through hours earlier, Susan wrinkled her nose at the faint aroma of sex that seemed to come at her from the area around the sofa. It confirmed her suspicions; he had seen her wanton display and debauched himself with her, here on this sofa, in this room. Her nose wrinkled again in disgust.

“Well Susan, what can I do for you today?” Sally asked, pleasantly enough she thought, all the while trying to guess the reason for this visit.

“Well it’s not just today Sally, it’s more of a permanent thing. I’d like you to stop fucking my son and flaunting your body in the garden, please.” She smiled sweetly as if asking for help at the church bazaar.

“I’m sure you have this wrong, but if it were right, what do you think you could do to stop me? Not that I’m saying anything has happened of course, no admission of guilt on my part. But let’s just say if it did, what do you think you could possibly do that would worry me?” Sally smiled at Susan in return.

“What I would do, you addled sex addicted slut, is to make sure everyone knew you were so damaged that you had to seduce a barely legal boy and fuck him in your house after flaunting your fat flabby hideously saggy body at him in the garden. Oh and by the way the pee thing was gross, just so you know. What you did is so…well it’s just so sordid.”

“Well that’s quite a speech isn’t it; especially from you, such an uptight, haggard sexless drab, with tiny tits and no charisma. You stand there holier than thou, questioning my morality; when everyone knows your husband’s sniffing around every bitch over eighteen in town. I suspect that’s because you’re so frigid, when you open your legs a light goes on. That’s why he’s busy splashing his seed over every available pussy in a five mile range. When and if you can sort your own problems out, come back and see me again. Oh and by the way, I caught your daughter with the vicars son’s dick wedged up her arse the other night in the park. She was surely enjoying his pork sword in her dirt box from the sound of it. So I suggest you fuck the hell off and sort your own backyard out, before complaining about mine.”

Sally pushed Susan forcefully in the chest and saw her stagger a step backwards. Suddenly she launched herself at Sally, but instead of trying to slap or punch her, she grabbed her face and mashed her mouth against Sally’s. Taken by surprise Sally still found herself responding. Her hands grabbed Susan’s hips and pulled her closer. Susan was working overtime with her tongue inside Sally’s mouth, their lips moving over each others. Sally felt Susan’s hands move from her head to her shoulders, pushing her down, Sally felt she had to bend her knees. They sank to their knees in the spot the son had occupied earlier. Susan’s hands moved to Sally’s breasts, squeezing, caressing and cupping them. Sally moaned in pleasure. She placed her hands over Susan’s small mounds and felt the electric spark as Susan reacted with joy, moaning into Sally’s mouth.

Parting for and instant, Sally was surprised to feel Susan moving behind her. Then she felt the zip on her dress moving down her back, as it reached the bottom of its run she hunched forward and shrugged it off. Watching as it slid round her knees, as Susan’s hands and mouth began roaming over her back. Turning she held Susan by the shoulders and sliding her hands down her blouse found the hem, but not before she had caressed Susan’s breasts through the material. Pulling upwards she felt the blouse lift over Susan’s body, rising over her head. Helped by Susan she freed her from the blouses constraints. Her small breasts nestled in a pale blue pastel half cup bra and Sally released the clasp and slid the straps off Susan’s shoulders.

They faced each other, Sally naked, Susan topless. Standing Susan unhooked her skirt’s clasp and let it fall to the floor. As Sally watched in anticipation, Susan hooked her thumbs into the sides of her pretty pale blue knickers and slowly lowered them over her mound and thighs, letting them fall she stepped out of them. Sally reached for her hips and drew Susan to her. She kissed and nibbled her mound, the thin wispy blond hairs too thin to hide her beauty. Susan’s hands ran through Sally’s hair as Sally teased her mound gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan and her tongue ran into her slit. Susan moaned and opened her legs, allowing Sally better access, but after a few minutes, Susan stopped and lay down, legs open and inviting Sally to continue.

Sally was more than happy to oblige and began to kiss and lick, nibble and suck on the sweet petals that opened beneath her. Susan hands ran along Sally’s face. Sally looked up,

“Straddle me; I want to taste you too.” Susan said, raggedly husky and smiling.

Sally was more than happy to give Susan what she wanted, and immediately swung her leg across her body; she lowered herself gently down, and then felt the first tentative kisses on her pussy. Returning to her own task, she continued to minister to Susan’s obvious needs. Soon the pair were approaching their climaxes. Susan shuddered into her first climax in years as Sally felt herself reaching her own wall. Suddenly she burst through it and she began thrusting her pussy into Susan’s face. Susan gasped as Sally buried her face in Susan’s sex and they climaxed again and again.

Rolling to one side, Sally turned and faced Susan. Susan’s hand came to her hairline and she gently moved a stray strand back into place behind Sally’s ear. Sally leaned across and kissed Susan’s lips. They rolled together and Sally felt Susan start to cry. Sally held her as Susan cried out the agony inside her. Kissing her hair and touching her cheek, Sally encouraged Susan to cry out her pain. Susan let go and cried for half an hour. Held and loved by Sally she released herself and purged herself of all the agony and guilt she carried. Sally just felt that Susan needed to recover from the sheer madness of her first physical contact in however many years it had been since she had been held and loved by another human.

Slowly they relaxed and sat facing each other. Susan continued to touch and run her hands over Sally’s arms and face. Sally in turn let Susan touch her whilst she sat with one hand on Susan’s knee. As they calmed and the enormity of what had happened sank in Susan smiled and leaned in to kiss Sally’s lips; a kiss of friendship but also a kiss of love and affection.

“Thank you, that was beautiful. I love what we did, it felt so natural and loving. I haven’t made love in… I can’t remember how long. Shortly after he was born, Tim that is, things became… awkward between Ben and I. Lisa was a sudden holiday thing, once or twice, one weekend in Italy. Tim was at the Children’s Club, we were at a loose end. Ben was looking so tanned and relaxed; I dragged him into the bedroom and shagged him to death. That was the last time I think, but it was nowhere near as pleasurable as what just happened.”

Susan sat shaking her head; Sally cupped her chin in her palm and raised her head.

“That was the first time I’ve been with a woman in, I don’t know, twenty, twenty five years and it was miles better than I remember.”

Susan smiled and kissed Sally’s hand.

“That was my first time; never done anything like that before, never ever thought I’d like sex with another woman so much. Fuck why do we need men?” she smiled.

“Children probably,” Sally laughed.

“Talking of which, is Tim, you know…”

“What?” Is Tim what?”

“Oh God! is Tim any good at…”

“Yes he is, he’s very, very good at it.”

“Thank God! I really worry that he’s going to be a disappointment.”

“Your own son?”

“I know, pathetic isn’t it?”

“No every parent worries that their child might not succeed, sex is no different.”

“Thanks, really. If he needs to learn how to please, I’m glad it’s you teaching him.”

“I’m not sure I should be having this conversation.”

“You can say that smelling of my pussy?”

Susan laughed and pulled Sally close to her. They held each other, enjoying the feel of the other; the closeness and warmth of another person. They both sat up straight as the patio door slid open and Tim appeared, hauling his shorts down. His erection sprang up out in the open freed of its clothing prison.

“Sall… fuck! Mum! I… Fuck,” He stood mesmerized by the two naked women, the smell of sex all over them, their lips and chins glistening with each others juices.

“Wow Honey! That’s a really lovely cock you have,” Susan said and smiled at her son. Tim didn’t know where or who to look at first. His eyes darted over both women and despite his obvious discomfort, his cock remained rock hard. “Please undress properly; I want to see all of you.” Susan said and sat back against the wall, knees bent, legs apart, feet flat on the floor.

Tim’s eyes appeared to enlarge even more as he stared at his mother, naked open, desirable. Sally sat next to Susan and assumed the same pose, smiling at him. Tim tore his t-shirt over his head and stepped out of his shorts.

“Turn around, slowly.” Susan said huskily, adding “Oh My God, you are fucking perfect,” as she watched him slowly pirouette in front of her. She felt a small bead of lubrication slowly dripping out of her moist pussy.

“Do you like seeing your mother naked?” Sally gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan asked and lifted Susan’s hair from over her ear and then bending sucked the lobe gently into her mouth. Susan gasped and placed her hand under Sally’s leg, high on her thigh, sliding it slowly up and down. Tim groaned and his hand moved to his cock, taking it in his fist and slowly sliding his hand up and down the shaft.

“Mummy spent the afternoon fucking Sally, does that excite you Tim?” Susan asked and moving her head began to kiss Sally on the lips, sliding her tongue into the waiting mouth. Tim’s breathing deepened. Sally moved so she faced Susan, but without breaking the kiss. Sally hands moved to Susan’s small breasts and felt the nipples firm in her palms. Susan lifted her hands to Sally’s orbs and gently cupped and caressed them. Sally lay back, allowing Susan to kiss her body as she lay down.

Tim began to pant, his hand moving more rapidly up and down his rigid shaft.

“Tim, instead of playing with yourself, why don’t you join us and help Mummy come?” Sally asked as she opened her legs wider to allow Susan to lick and kiss her inner petals.

“Oh please Tim, put that gorgeous rock hard rod in Mummy’s pussy darling, that would make me very happy.” Susan pressed her thighs together in anticipation. Moving between Sally’s legs, she angled her bottom up and spread her legs. Seconds later as she breathed in Sally’s smell, she felt her pussy stretched by her son’s cock sliding into her. Gasping with pleasure she attacked Sally’s pussy with her tongue, lips and fingers. She felt Tim sliding in and out as he coaxed his prick deeply into her. Tim couldn’t hold off and she felt his cock twitching inside her and felt his hands grabbing her arse cheeks. She came and delivered an assault on Sally that forced her over the edge too. Panting, gasping and groaning they came and came.

Tim couldn’t believe what was happening. He’d come in hoping for sex with Sally and ended up balls deep in his own mother. What’s more his mother had encouraged him as she went down on Sally. It was too much and despite his attempts to hold out he climaxed in minutes, sending spurt after spurt into his mothers womb. He’d grabbed her bum cheeks as he’d exploded and now he began to caress them and moved his hands around to try to explore her better. She was quite slim compared to Sally and his hands easily reached round to her belly and it’s little mummy pouch, sliding one hand down he found her mound and pulling back he spat on his fingers before returning to her, intending to find her bud and help her orgasm.

Susan reacted with delight as his moistened fingers traveled along her slit and gently settled on her bud. He slowly moved his hand so his finger and thumb trapped her clit between them gently. Then he began to move them around and tease her. Susan felt her world tilt and sway as she rushed headlong into another climax. Pushing her face into Sally’s pussy she slurped, kissed, licked and rubbed sending Sally over again. As Tim tried to pull himself out Susan’s hand reached back to tell him to keep inside her for as long as possible. Finding his free hand she urged him towards her swaying breasts. Tim understood and pushed himself into her with his wilting cock and managed to find her right breast and fold it into his palm. Susan screamed into Sally’s sex and felt herself tense then shudder as another orgasm fired through her. Sally moaned and spread herself wider, her hands pushing Susan’s head against her as her orgasm flared again.

Finally exhausted the three collapsed to the floor, gasping and sucking in lungfuls of air. Susan’s face was slick with Sally’s juices. Turning she looked at Tim’s cock also glistening, but this was because he was coated with her juices. Somehow she found another reserve of energy. Rolling forward she slipped his prick into her mouth savouring the taste of herself and his ejaculate. Sally meanwhile moved between Susan’s legs and began to lick and clean the mixture of Susan’s juices and Tim’s sperm that was beginning to drip from her vagina. The two women busied themselves as Tim sat back and rested his weight on his arms, feeling his mother’s capable mouth sliding up and down his manhood. He felt it twitch and saw it stiffening as his mother worked on him. When he was stiff again his mother pulled off but switched to her hand. Running it up and down his shaft she slid away from Sally and tucked her legs under her.

“Sally, your turn, ride him; please ride Tim’s beautiful cock.”

Sally needed no second bidding and squeezed round between the two. Squatting over Tim’s lap she watched as Susan guided his cock to her entrance and helped slide it in. Sally moaned and began to move up and down his shaft. Susan slipped behind Sally, so she leaned in to kiss Tim. Susan slipped her hands round Sally’s back and cupped her breasts, rubbing her own small orbs against Sally. Tim enjoyed the feel of Sally’s passage rippling against his prick as he slipped in and out. The backs of his mother’s hands rubbing against his nipples adding to his pleasure. They slipped away and he felt Sally’s boobs rubbing against him again. When Sally shrieked; so he glanced over her shoulder and saw that his mother lay flat on the floor facing upwards. Her head seemed to be disappearing under Sally arse. He reveled in looking at his mother’s small breasts, flattish stomach and almost hairless looking mound. She planted her feet on the floor and spread her legs almost as if she knew he was watching. It was too much Tim came and delivered large spurts of cum into Sally; who climaxed just behind him, assisted by his mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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