Sally’s Special Birthday Present

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It was the birthday of my very close friend, Sally. As it was now 5.00p.m. she would have received the birthday card I sent her but would be wondering why she hadn’t received a present. She would be thinking I’d forgotten to get one. But I hadn’t. No indeed – anything but. I had a rather special present in mind.

I went up into my bedroom and took out of a drawer a large sheet of gold cloth which I spread all over my bed. Then I went to my jewelry box and took out every piece of golden jewelry. I had a gold collar with a piece of chain attached, two waist chains and a large golden necklace with a pendant and large links interlaced with golden beads. Yes! That would do nicely!

I placed an upright chair on one side of my bed and another on the other side. Then I went downstairs to phone Sally.

“Hi Sally! Happy birthday darling.”

“Melanie! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the gorgeous card you sent.”

“Glad you liked it. I couldn’t send your present. It was too heavy.”

“Ooooh! That sounds interesting. Too heavy! How heavy is that?”

“About 120 pounds,” I replied.

“Wow! Now that is heavy. Is it big?”

“Oh yes. Over five feet.”

“That’s crazy! I just can’t wait to see it.”

“How about coming over NOW?” I said.

“You bet. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Great. Twenty minutes would give me just enough time to UNwrap Sally’s present.

I went up to my bedroom, stripped, and put my clothes on the one chair. I pinned a notice on it which said “Melanie’s clothes”. On the other chair I pinned a notice which read, “Sally’s clothes”.

I took my padded pink handcuffs out of the drawer and put the key on Sally’s chair; then I lay down on bursa otele gelen escort the bed. I fastened the gold collar around my neck and let the chain coil down my body to end up circling my navel. The two chains I curled around my breasts leaving my erect nipples exposed. Then I placed the pendant over my pussy after doing something rather special with it.

I left the collar on but took the other things off and went over to the window to watch for the arrival of Sally. As soon as I saw her get out of her car, I lay down on the bed and put the jewelry on again. Then, the final touch. I put the handcuffs on one wrist, put my hands above my head by the bar which ran along the top of my bed, slipped the handcuffs’ chain around it and handcuffed my other wrist.

I had left my door unlocked, and moments later I head Sally’s voice. “Hi Melanie! Where are you?”

“I’m in my bedroom. Come on up.”

She hurried up the stairs and kocked on the door.

“Come in Sally,” I said in my most seductive voice.

She opened the door at the foot of the bed and hers eyes widened in surprise as she took in every inch of my naked body.

“Well, here’s your birthday present Sally. All 120 pounds of it. All you’ve got to do is come and get it.”

A second later she was lying beside me on the bed as we kissed, out tongues dancing together in eager rhythm.

She glanced up at my hands. “You’re handcuffed to the bed,” she commented in some surprise.

“That’s right. Naked and helpless. Just the sort of present you like, eh?”

“You bet,” she replied as she sucked my nipple into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it.

“Before bursa eve gelen eskort you go any further,” I said, “There’s just one small thing.” She stopped and listened. “There’s a chair just behind you.”

She looked at the notice which said “Sally’s clothes” and in 30 seconds flat her clothes were on the chair and our naked bodies were pressed close together.

“I assume the key on my chair is to unlock your handcuffs. We won’t be using that for some time. “Of course,” she continued, “you are not totally naked are you? I think I’ll do something about that.” She started to undo the chain around my neck. For every link in the chain, I’ll give that place a kiss.”

Sally was as good as her word. She repeatedly kissed my neck moving around to my ears as she flicked inside them with her tongue. She knows this always drives my entire body crazy. Her wet tongue flowed down my throat ending up between my chain-encircled breasts. She took hold of one end of the chain on my right breast and lifted it vertically. She looked at it. “Mmmm. Quite a few links on this one. Each link becomes a lick!” Then she covered the entire area of my naked breast with softly applied licks. I arched my back as she took my erect nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard.

My pussy was already soaking wet, but as she repeated her performance on my left breast it must have been running like a milky river. I groaned as my head turned from side to side in ecstacy – a captivated captive.

Her lips returned to my mouth and our tongues swordfenced again before she ran the tip of her vibrating tongue down my throat, between my upraised breasts and my navel, coming to rest at the bayan escort bursa jewelry covering my pussy. As she slowly lifted this she flicked it so that it vibrated over my open, wet vagina. It was then that she discovered what I had done with the end of the chain and the beads. I’d inserted them inside me.

Slowly, very, agonisingly slowly, she began to pull them out. As each large bead forced its way into the air it gave me another thrill. I looked down and could see Sally’s hands soaking wet and shining with my freely flowing juice. By the time the last bead emerged I was almost coming. I spread my naked legs wide open as her tongue began to flick my clitoris up and down and side to side. Then she invaded my vagina with her tongue licking in swathing circles. That did it! I exploded in a river of juice which ran down between my legs. “Arrggh!” I cried out arching my back and thrusting my eager hips up into her face.

For a few brief moments we both subsided, breathing hard. I tried to speak but my voice came in a sexy croak. “My pussy feels empty now you’ve taken the chain out. Do you have anything else you can put in there, Sally?”

She smiled at me looking down at my naked, pink pussy. “Now, let’s see. What could I put in there? Oh yes, I do have something which I think might do the job. Instantly her tongue went to work again.

“Just try this for size, darling.” She thrust her tongue inside me and started exploring. Then she moved up my naked body and our tongues entwined once more. We both moved our nude bodies together in rhythm, pussy to pussy, faster and faster. Once again I arched my back and raised my thighs as a frantic wave of pleasure took over. We were both grunting and straining and then – suddenly- a double explosion as we both climaxed together.

Sally collapsed on top of me as we both gasped for breath. She finally raised herself on one elbow and looked at me with a faint smile brushing my long brown hair off my perspiring face.

“Happy birthday Sally!” I said.

“Oh yes,” she replied. “Very happy. The best.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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