Sally’s Summer Thrill

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“He’s a fucking pervert,” Karen said about her brother. “Don’t get me wrong, I love him. I mean, he’s my brother, but he’s also a pervert.”

“Aren’t all boys?” Sally asked.

“Not like like him,” she insisted. “He tricked me into catching him jerking off.”

“Okay, that’s creepy,” Sally agreed. Like Karen, Sally had an older brother. Scott could still be a pain in the ass, too. While she had never caught him jerking off, she had caught him sporting a hard-on more than once. “How did he trick you into catching him?”

Karen frowned and looked uncomfortable. “If I tell you, you can’t ever tell anyone else.”

“I promise,” Sally swore.

Karen looked skeptical until Sally swore secrecy again. “I’ve seen him do it more than once,” Karen dangled. Sally put down her phone and gave Karen her full attention. “You know how our bedrooms are connected by a bathroom?” Sally nodded, she had been to their house lots of times since Karen’s family had moved to their little suburb. “We’re supposed to keep the door to our room closed, but sometimes he leaves his door open and I can see him doing it.”

“Does he have a nice one?” she asked.

“I can’t believe you just asked me that!” Karen shrieked with shock as Sally began laughing. Karen blinked away her shock before she started laughing, too.

“So does he?” Sally insisted. Still laughing, Karen nodded. “No way!” Sally loved that Karen would even answer her question. “Kent is so hot.”

“Down girl,” Karen groaned, rolling her eyes. “If you’re going to drool over Kent, I’m going to drool over Scott.”

Though they sat in her room with the door closed and no one should be able to hear them, Sally still lowered her voice to admit, “Scott has a big one.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve seen him hard a couple of times,” she said, blushing deeply at her confession. “One time, he fell asleep on the couch overnight and when I went downstairs for class, I saw the lump in his shorts and it looked really big.”

“That’s so hot,” Karen gushed before a cloud crossed over her face as if she had said something wrong. “I mean, I would have loved to see that.”

“I know what you meant,” Sally said, wishing Karen would trust her more. They had met during Freshman classes at the community college and became fast friends. After two semesters of sharing classes and hanging out, Karen felt like someone she had known all her life. They both had older brothers who used to play sports. While Karen and Kent had grown up in a single parent household, Sally felt like she had, too. Dad was only home for weekends before heading back out on the road. They had grown up with the strict rules of latchkey kids that still felt in effect.

“Did you just glance at it or did you really look?”

“I might have really looked,” Sally admitted, feeling her blush growing deeper. “That’s not the only time I’ve seen him excited, but that was the best time.”

“Your brother has a reputation for being a real player.”

“He never keeps a girlfriend.”

“If it’s really big, maybe they can’t handle it.”

“I wish Gregory had had a bigger one,” Sally complained, mentioning her last boyfriend. “Does Kent still have a girlfriend?”

“Ginger,” Karen said, rolling her eyes. “She’s nice, but she’s really uptight, too. I don’t know why he dates her.”

“Probably why he jerks off all the time,” Sally giggled. “Ever watch him finish?”

“Ew, he’s my brother!”

“I know, but I think it’s hot watching a guy do that.”

“Make Scott do it for you,” Karen suggested.

“Once, we were watching Game of Thrones together and I know he got hard. I bet he jerked off that night. He has such a thing for blondes.”

“I’m blonde,” Karen pointed out.

“Then he’s probably jerked off thinking about you, too,” Sally said, feeling herself blushing again. She ignored the sensation. “I want to spend the night at your house and see if I can catch Kent doing it.”

“Aren’t we a little old for sleepovers?”

“I don’t care,” she said, mentally trying to picture Kent sitting at his desk and jerking off while he watched porn. “Is it really big?”

“Big, but not too big,” Karen said, holding up her hands. “If he wasn’t my brother, I’d do him.”

“Stop it,” Sally giggled, squirming with delight at the idea of doing Karen’s brother. Kent used to run track and had the lean, skinny body of a runner that Sally liked so much. “He’s got such a nice ass, too.”

“Mm, I like football players like Scott,” Karen said, picking up her phone and tapping away at it. “Especially if they have big dicks.”

“What’s the biggest one you’ve had?”

“I’ve never had a really big one,” Karen confessed. “What about you?”

“I’ve only been with two other guys,” Sally reminded her. “Gregory and Matt, though Todd and I used to mess around a lot. He was my ‘everything but’ boyfriend, but I sure liked doing everything else.”

“Me too,” Karen said, smiling as she stared at her phone. “I was a real slut in high school, but I only fucked Anadolu Yakası Escort two guys.”

“I bet lots of guys wanted to do you,” Sally said. “Guys always like blondes best.”

“No way!” Karen said, shaking her head and making her blonde ponytail wag. “I know lots of guys who like brunettes. Besides, you have a nicer ass than me.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve got a great ass!”

“It’s tiny because I’m skinny like Kent, but you’ve got a bubble butt like your brother.”

Sally loved how they could talk so openly, even though she blushed all the time. People thought she was shy because she blushed often. There was just something about her look that made people think she was uptight. Karen said it was because she always wore a bra. Sally explained how she had to because she had very pronounced nipples. If she didn’t wear a bra, it looked like she was excited even when she wasn’t. She had to buy well padded bikini tops in an effort to hide her nipples. The first time Karen had seen her topless, she had understood.

Staring at their cell phones, they cycled between Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, and the rest of their social media apps. Karen shared a few things that made Sally laugh and Sally did the same. “So, are you going to do it?” she asked her friend.

“Watch Kent get off?” Karen asked, magically staying on topic. Sally nodded. “You think I should?”

“I would,” she said, knowing what was happening to her face. She would be blushing.

“What if he catches me watching?”

“What if?” Sally giggled, liking the idea.

“You’re a pervert, too.”


“I gotta go,” Karen said, uncrossing her legs and standing up. “Mom will be home soon and it’s my turn to cook.”

“Okay,” Sally said, following her friend as far as the front door. She stood there until Karen had driven away before heading back to her room. With Scott and Mom being at work, she had the house to herself. After shutting her bedroom door, Sally couldn’t stand it anymore. Thinking about seeing Karen’s skinny brother jerking off had gotten to her. Laying down on her bed, she undid the front of her pants and began caressing her wet pussy.

Sally closed her eyes and imagined Kent’s hard cock as she teased her aching clit and ignored how shameful she felt whenever she masturbated. She had a love/hate relationship with the idea of playing with herself. Touching herself made her feel slutty because it felt so good. The idea that Kent could do it with his door open thrilled her. Surely he knew he might get caught, didn’t he? It couldn’t be an accident if he left the door open more than once, could it?

Realizing she was too excited for just a quick orgasm, Sally made sure she had plenty of alone time before getting naked. Laying naked on her comforter felt wanton. Her bedroom door didn’t lock, though it shouldn’t matter. Mom and Dad had raised them to respect the privacy of a closed door, lock or no lock. Besides, she was home alone. If anyone came home, she would hear them long before they had a chance to reach her bedroom door. Knowing she wouldn’t get caught gave her the freedom to get naked. Believing she somehow could be caught fueled the fire of her excitement.

She let her imagination drift while she caressed her hard nipples and wet pussy. Though her nipples were always pronounced, they got bigger when she got excited and it felt good when she lightly pinched them. Gregory, Matt, and Todd had been too rough on her tits. They liked to pull on her nipples or squeeze her entire breast as if checking a grapefruit for freshness. Sally liked it soft and gentle. Just the slightest pressure mixed with a gentle rolling or side-to-side action worked best.

She went back to thinking about Kent sitting at his computer desk. She knew his desk was actually a table. That meant Karen had seen everything. She tried imagining her brother doing the same thing with the long, firm bulge she had seen in his shorts that one morning. What if he had touched himself? What if he had pushed down his shorts and pulled it out? What if he had glanced behind him, saw Sally watching him, and asked, Does this look good?

Sally bit her bottom lip and moaned as another orgasm clutched her body, rhythmically squeezing her core in ways that felt so decadent, so delicious, and so slutty. She had been right to get naked because she needed more. Flashing back and forth between imagining Karen watching Kent and her watching Scott was enough to set her off again. She arched her back, pressing her tits upwards towards her ceiling and shivering with delight.

What if someone opened her door right at that moment? she thought, gasping as she rubbed her aching clit faster and harder. What if it was Scott? What if he had come home from his crappy retail job early, had somehow snuck upstairs without making a sound, and then opened her door and saw his sister naked, clutching her pussy and pulling on her hard nipples? That shameful orgasm was the one that satisfied the monster inside Bostancı Escort of her. It rocked her, leaving her body feeling ravished and delighted even as shame, regret, and guilt filled her. Why did something that felt so good have to leave her feeling so guilty?

* * * * *

“I did it,” Karen told Sally as soon as Sally showed up at her house.

“You did not!” Sally gasped, instantly knowing Karen meant she had watched her brother jerk-off. “Tell me everything!”

“Not here,” she said, gesturing towards the kitchen.

“I’m heading to work!” Kent called from the other room before leaving through their back door.

Karen pulled Sally down the hallway to her room. As an extra precaution, Karen shut the bedroom door opening to the hallway and the door that led to the connecting bathroom. She even went to her bedroom window and watched her brother drive away before closing her blinds.

“Did you really do it?” Sally asked, beside herself with excitement.

Smiling, Karen nodded before plopping down on her bed across from Sally. “If you tell anyone, I’ll slash your tires and advertise your number on Craigslist as a prostitute.”

“I won’t,” Sally swore, unable to sit still. “Did you just peek or did you really watch him?”

“I really watched him,” Karen confessed, watching Sally’s reaction intently. “I watched him do the whole thing.”

“Oh-my-God!” Sally squealed before clamping her hand over her mouth. “You saw him, you know, shoot off?” She felt her blush beginning and didn’t care.

“Oh yeah,” Karen said with a big smile. “And it was hot as fuck!”

“He didn’t catch you, did he?”

“I don’t think so. I never turned on any lights and I was really quiet. Besides, he was too busy staring at his computer screen to look in my direction.”

“I want to see his room again,” Sally said, getting up and heading to the bathroom door. Just to be safe, she knocked on the closed door before opening it. Looking past the toilet and shower, she saw Kent’s door standing half open. Without asking, she guessed that’s how it had been last night, too.

“Crouch down,” Karen said, standing behind her. “That’s what I did. I got down really low incase he did look over at the door he might not see me.”

“Like this?” Sally asked, crouching down and duck-walking towards the door.

“Now look through the crack,” Karen said.

Sally started giggling as she saw Kent’s chair tucked beneath the table he used as a computer desk. Karen was right, she would have been able to see everything happening beneath that tabletop and it was unlikely Kent would notice her. “I wonder what kind of porn he was watching?”

“Does it matter?”

“Maybe. What if it was gay porn? Man, that would suck. Please tell me your brother isn’t gay, okay?”

“He has a girlfriend,” Karen groaned, rolling her eyes before heading back to her bed.

“So, you watched him do the whole thing?”

“Well, he was already doing it before I started watching, but yes, I watched him finished. He came really hard, too. I could even hear him moan.”

“Fuck that’s hot,” Sally cooed, squirming with excitement and already knowing what she would be doing to herself later. Without thinking about it, she then asked a very inappropriate question. “What did you do after that?”

“I crept back into my room and played with myself,” Karen said, looking shocked that she would ask.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry,” Sally said, feeling her blush heating up her face more than normal. “I didn’t meant to ask that.”

“It’s okay,” Karen shrugged. “Don’t you do that sometimes?”

“Sometimes,” Sally admitted, wondering if she could die of embarrassment. “But I’ve never told anyone.”

“I like doing it,” Karen said as if it was nothing. “I do it all the time.”

“Shut up,” Sally giggled, not meaning what she had just said. “How often is all the time?”

“If I tell you, you have to tell me.”

“Aren’t we a little old for playing Truth or Dare?”

“Whatever,” Karen said, picking up her phone and cycling through her social media. “You are so stuck up sometimes.”

Sally looked at her phone, but it bothered her that she couldn’t say. While it felt funny being nineteen years old and having a bestfriend, that was the best way to describe how she felt about Karen. “I did it three times yesterday,” she admitted in a very quiet voice.

“In a row?” her friend asked, glancing up from her phone. Sally nodded. “When?”

“Right after you left,” she confessed.

“You got excited thinking about me watching my brother, didn’t you?” Karen asked with a big, fat grin.

“Maybe,” Sally said, not willing to confess her fantasies because Scott had been a part of them, too.

“How did you do it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, did you use a toy? Did you get all the way naked? Or maybe you like to sandwich a pillow between your legs and ride it?”

“Oh-my-God!” she squealed again. “How many ways do you do it?”

“You forget, my Mom Erenköy Escort is a doctor, so I got the full and very explicit sex talk from her. She made sure I understood that masturbation wasn’t perverted. She made it very clear that masturbation is normal and natural.” Sally giggled when Karen said masturbation. “I know, that’s what she always called it, too: ‘masturbation.’ I sort of like that word. I think it’s pretty.”

“You’re weird. I don’t ‘masturbate,’ I play with myself.”

A wicked little grin appeared on Karen’s face as she asked, “Yeah, but how do you do it?”

“I’m not going to tell you that!” Sally objected, squirming uncomfortably, but not because of Karen’s question. The real problem was how she felt a little turned on talking about touching herself.

“After telling you about my brother?” she shot back, still wearing that same playful smirk. “And that I did it? I think you owe me some details.”

“Will you tell me how you do it, too?” Sally asked, trying to negotiate despite her red face and quiet voice. People might think she was shy and introverted because she liked to blend into the background. What people didn’t know was how tough she could be, too. She might be quiet, but she was never a pushover.

“You first,” Karen insisted and that was fine with Sally.

“I just use my fingers.”

“That’s all I get after all that?” Karen objected. “I want ALL the details! How do you like to touch yourself? What did you think about? Everything!”

Sally sighed, sucked in a deep breath, and collected her thoughts. “First I got completely naked. Then I laid on my bed, on my back, and I like to start by playing with my nipples.” She stopped, frowned, and realized she had left out a part. “Okay, first I just pushed my hand inside my pants, but then I realized I wanted to do more.” There, now she had the order right and felt better. “Then I played with my clit until I came. After I came the first time, it wasn’t enough, so I did it again and when that didn’t quite do it,” she shrugged, “I did it one more time.”

“That must have been one good fantasy,” Karen said in a soft, appreciative voice. “What did you think about?”

“It started with Kent,” she confessed. “Thinking about watching him, and then thinking about you watching him, and then I might have thought a little about Scott, too.”

“About Scott watching Kent?”

“No, about me watching Scott jerking off.” She swallowed hard before telling the rest. “And maybe about him watching me, too.”

“I’m getting excited.”

“Shut up!” Sally said, laughing at her. “So how do you do it?”

“Would you like me to show you?” Karen asked. Sally’s eyes went wide as her mouth dropped open before Karen started laughing, “I’m kidding!”

“Okay,” Sally said, nervously laughing with her friend. “Just for the record, I’ve never been with another girl and I don’t ever fantasize about it.”

“For the record, me neither,” Karen assured her. “Do you really want to hear about how I did it?”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Sally said.

“I use a toy,” Karen said. “Is that good enough?”

Sally nodded even though she was curious about what the toy might look like, where did she get it, and did it vibrate? Instead of asking more questions, she picked up her phone and went back to surveying her social media and trying to ignore how she felt a little excited. After a while, she had another question, “Are you going to do it again?”

“I’m going to do it as soon as you leave,” she answered without looking up from her phone.

“I didn’t mean THAT,” Sally laughed, realizing Karen thought she was asking about playing with herself. “I mean, are you going to try and watch Kent again?”

“Do you think I should?”

“Why not? It’s a free show.”

“Um, because he’s my brother?”

“So? You said he had a nice one.”

“Too bad you can’t watch Scott doing it. Now that would be hot!”

Sally tried to think of way for that to happen and couldn’t. “I’d have to call him out on getting hard while watching Game of Thrones or something. But then he’d know I could see him.”

“Maybe he won’t care?” Karen suggested, once more wearing that wicked little smirk of her that Sally equated with trouble. “What if he secretly wants you watch him?”

“You mean like Kent?” she pointed out. “There’s no way he’s doing that on accident. I think he wants you to catch him doing it.”

“And then what?”

“I don’t know. Then you make him do it in front of you whenever you want or something.”

“You mean, I make him do it in front of you and me.”

“Stop it,” Sally said, blushing as she squirmed. Forcing herself to be bold, she added, “Now you know what I’ll be thinking about later.”

“Later, as in when you’re masturbating?” She grinned.

“I told you, I don’t do that. I play with myself.” She grinned back.

After a quiet pause, Karen said a single word, “Yes.” Sally looked up with a question in her eyes. “If he does it again tonight, I’m going to watch.”

“I bet he will.”

“I hope he does,” Karen said under her breath.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together until it was time for Karen to start cooking. She invited her friend to stay, but Sally declined. “Besides, I thought you wanted some alone time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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