Same Time Next Year Ch. 08

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As her entered her, Sue forgot the time and place. His hard cock probed her wetness and slid in with in and experience. She moaned as he continued to make love to her until they both came into each other’s arms. He was an arousing, passionate and gentle lover.

They made love all night long. Randy was quite energetic and Sue didn’t want the night to end. As the sun began to rise, they both finally fell asleep exhausted and totally satisfied wrapped in each other’s arms and bareness.

Randy wore her out, but she was exhausted yet fulfilled. She wanted more but she fell asleep.


Awakening from a romantic night of lust and lovemaking, Randy and Sue woke up looking into each other’s eyes. “Well?” Randy asked. “Will you marry me?”

Let’s just eat some of my birthday cake we missed having last night. Okay? I’m starved.

“Well?” Randy asked again shoving birthday cake into Sue’s mouth. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes, I will …. but not now. Randy, you have your whole life to live. I can’t give you children and you deserve a wife, a family and a chance to experience the world while you are strong and young.”

“But, none of that matters to me. I just want to be with you. Now, not later,” responded Randy. “Please think about it on the way home,” he beckoned.

“Let’s just not talk about it now, Randy. Let’s just enjoy our weekend. This has been the best birthday I’ve ever had.” They never made Urfa Escort it to San Francisco but just made passionate love the whole weekend. As a younger partner, Randy was experimental and concentrated on satisfying them both, over and over again using different techniques and variety. It was the best sex Sue had ever experienced. She had exploding orgasms, she was fulfilled and pretty sure Randy was, too.

Sue wished the weekend would never end. Randy would have to go back to Phoenix and she would have to return to her life in Los Angeles. They would part ways and go about life as if this weekend had never happened when they returned to LA.


Randy returned to Phoenix shortly thereafter. He was greatly disappointed that his marriage proposal was put on hold but Sue knew she had made the right decision.

Before he left, Randy told Sue that he was going to keep the honeymoon tickets with him until she changed her mind. “These are to Hawaii. When you change your mind, we are going to Hawaii. Same time, next year, I’m taking you to Hawaii and that’s final.”

Randy wouldn’t take no for an answer but Sue knew it was for the best. “Hawaii, it is then, same time, next year Sue embracing the idea.

Jane called Sue as soon as she got home Sunday night. Sue was in no mood to be interrogated so she told Jane she had to work the weekend in San Francisco. It wasn’t a total lie. Sex was work, Urfa Escort Bayan well, a fun work out. Jane didn’t have to know everything.

Randy and Sue kept in regular contact long distance but living their own separate lives. The year flew by and Sue met Randy in Hawaii exactly a year later. Randy hadn’t changed a bit; he was as handsome as ever.

Sue didn’t want the weekend to end in Hawaii either. It seemed like just yesterday, they were in Napa Valley. Hawaii was such a gorgeous and idealistic island. It was a perfect place for lovers.

On the last day of their vacation, Randy and Sue took a walk on the beach. As they watched the sun set, Randy told Sue he had a question for her.

“Okay, I’m going to ask you again Susie. Will you marry me?”

Sue quieted Randy down by kissing him relentlessly. She unzipped his pants and put his erect cock in her mouth. As she massaged his cock with one hand, she started unbuttoning her blouse with the other.

Randy stood up pulling her skirt up and pulling her thong panties down, turned her around and entered her wet, wanton pussy. As he entered her and pushed inside of her further, she bucked her round ass on his cock wondering if he could stand the impact. She pulled away as he lay down on the sand and she climbed on top on him lowering her hot pussy over his purple, enthralled cock.

As Randy let out a sign, Sue came and lay on top of him Escort Urfa as he wilted inside of her pressing their bodies closer together. “Will you…” not finishing his question.

“Yes, I will, Randy. I will marry you. If you haven’t given up by now, I guess you never will. I love you. I loved you the minute I set eyes on you, as well.”

“I love you, Susie, till death do us part. I really do.”

“Silly young man,” Sue chuckled.


Every year, Randy and Sue had a rendezvous. .. A rendezvous to remember their vows, to remember how they met, and to remember their uniting.

Randy always made the plans to a different part of the world every year at the same time of year, at the same time the next year.

On the third year, they went to Greece and Sue became pregnant. They had one more child the following year, consummated in either Italy or Spain; they couldn’t figure it out or in between where they had met in the first place.

Randy grew into a wonderful man, a wonderful husband, and a wonderful father. Sue was always happy with Randy. They traveled the same time each year until traveling because too burdensome.

Randy passed away three years before Sue did. Randy was 72 and Sue was 85. Those three years were the loneliest years of Sue’s life. They were survived by two children and four six grandchildren.

Sue always remained friends with Jane. Jane divorced years ago and lived till after Sue was gone and peaceful in her grave.

The tombstone was engraved with the words, “Randy and Sue, Same Time, Next year, till death do us part.”

The Finale by sexygoddess. Thank you for reading my stories. I hope you have enjoyed them.

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