Sandra Fucks Me in a Park

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I was at a rooftop bar with my friend James when I saw her dancing with her friends. She was about 5’5 with dark brown hair and had a curvy figure. She had on light red lipstick and gold hoop earrings that shun under the roof’s hanging lights. James and I were sitting at a table that had several empty beer bottles on it. We were both tipsy and were looking around at the crowd that had formed on the roof. House music blared from two large speakers where a DJ spun records on a stage.

My eyes locked with hers and she gave me a flirtatious smile. I smiled back and knew I had to get her number before I left the bar for the night.

“Wow! She is hot,” James said in awe. I turned to see who he was talking about and saw a leggy raven-haired woman. She was drinking a cocktail with several women at the bar counter.

“You should walk over and talk to her,” I said to James. James’ eyes were still on the woman as he nodded in his head in agreement.

“Yeah, I have to,” James said as he stood up abruptly. I laughed at this.

“Take it easy, man. You don’t want to stumble over there and fall on your face,” I said.

“You see anyone that you are interested in?” James asked me as he turned to look at me.

I gave him a sly smile. “Yeah, I see someone.”

“Who? Let me guess. I know you usually go for artsy types so it has to be one of those girls here,” James grinned at me. “Gonna talk about Rembrandt and other artsy shit, huh?”

I laughed at this. I had known James for over ten years and I had to give it to him that he did know my type when it came to women. We all had our types even though we pretended like we didn’t. James loved to date tall women. He was 6’2 himself and constantly dated women that were close to or taller than his height.

“Well, have fun talking about Shakespeare. I’m going to see what this woman is all about,” James said as his eyes turned back to the raven-haired woman.

“Shakespeare was a writer,” I said with a laugh.

“Whatever, you know what I mean,” James said with a grin. “Text me if things go right for you with the artsy girl.”

“Alright, man.”

James headed over to the woman and escort ataşehir I turned my eyes back to the pretty brunette girl that was dancing with her friends. They were still on the dancefloor and they were all moving their bodies in funny ways. They were obviously drunk and having a good time. I walked over to the dancefloor and grooved to the music. I came close to their group and started to display my own moves. She looked over at me and smiled. The music transitioned into a loud and upbeat track and more people came out on the floor. I was pressed close to her and I gave her an embarrassed smile.

“Sorry,” I said over the loud music to her.

“It’s ok,” she said with a smile. “I like your moves. You can really dance.”

“Thanks. You’re not bad yourself. I like that move you do with your shoulder,” I said with a smile.

She laughed. “I do that for every song. It’s all I know really.”

“What’s your name?”

“Sandra, you?”


“No shit? Like Charles Xavier from X-Men?” she asked me with a surprised look on her face.

I laughed. “Yeah, exactly. That was my nickname all of my life.”

“Are you here alone?” she asked me.

“No, I’m here with my friend.” I turned and looked around until I saw James still talking to the raven-haired woman. “How about yourself?”

“I’m here with a couple of my friends. They dragged me out of the house to come here,” Sandra said.

“Oh, you prefer to be at home?”

“Nope, the opposite actually. I work a lot,” she said. “I’m a Marketing Manager for a tech company. It’s a startup so my hours are all over the place. How about yourself? What do you do?”

“I work as a Program Manager for an educational non-profit.”

“Oh, that sounds fun.”

“It can be sometimes but–” I started to say when we were interrupted by one of Sandra’s friends. Her friend’s hair was plastered to her face from the sweat trickling down from her head.

“You ready to go, Sandra? Maria and I are going to take off.” Her friend gave me a curious look.

“Sure, give me one second,” Sandra said then turned back to me. “It was nice to meet you, Xavier.

“Likewise. kadıköy escort bayan I would love to continue our conversation some other time,” I said with a smile.

“Same. What is your number?” she asked me.

I gave her my number and she dialed it from her cellphone to which I got her number. “Ok, you have a goodnight, Sandra. I’ll hit you up soon.”

“Ok, you too.” Sandra moved through the crowd with her friends in tow. I looked over at James who was standing at the bar alone. I walked over to him and he told me that the woman was married with a disappointed look on his face. We left the rooftop and went our separate ways to our apartments.

As I walked up to my block, I got a text from Sandra. I looked at it in surprise. I texted her back and set up a date to hang out on Friday. There was a bar that I had been wanting to try out for some time that was near both of our locations, so we were scheduled to meet up there.

The rest of the week dragged along as I waited for Friday. Sandra and I texted during those days as we got to know each other better. She had wonderful taste in music and enjoyed live music as much as I did. We talked about the bands that we had seen in the city and I was surprised by how frequently she went to music venues.

On Thursday, Sandra bluntly texted me about my favorite sex position. I smiled at this text and told her that I enjoyed cowgirl. She texted me back saying that she liked the same. We spent that night talking about what we enjoyed in bed and then Sandra sent me a nude pic of her ass and my cock was as hard as a rock. She asked for a dick pic and I sent her one. She told me that she wanted it in her mouth. I was now more than excited to see her the following day.

Friday finally came and I walked over to the bar and grabbed a table inside. It was packed with 90’s indie rock playing through the speakers. The crowd was a mix of young and older people that seemed to be talking over one another. After a few minutes, Sandra walked in and I waved her over. I ordered our drinks and we spent the next few hours talking about a wide range of topics. I found her to be very interesting escort bostancı and so damn beautiful. I wanted to kiss her desperately.

We left the bar as it got closer to closing time. We stepped outside and Sandra was standing near me when I decided to kiss her. Her lips were soft and eagerly met mine. Her hands went to my back as I kissed her. We broke apart and she told me to come back to her place. We walked a few blocks and we were passing by a park when Sandra grabbed my hand and led me inside.

We found a quiet and secluded bench and she pushed me down onto it. She smiled at me before she straddled me. I started to kiss her as she began to unbuckle my pants. My cock was very hard as she took it out. She started to stroke it as I kissed her. My hands traveled to her breasts and I unbuttoned her shirt to take them out. My mouth traveled to her left breast and sucked on her nipple. She continued to stroke me as I tasted her nipple.

She then spat on her hand and used it to lube up my cock. My mouth went over to her other nipple and I sucked on it. After a moment, she slid her panties to the side and I entered her. We both moaned at the pleasure. Her pussy was warm and already wet. She started to ride me as my mouth lingered on her nipple. Her pussy had a firm grip on my cock and it felt amazing. She pulled my head back and gave me another kiss.

She began to ride me faster and my hands went to her ass where I gripped both cheeks. She moaned as she rode me. I moved my hand down to her clit and began to gently rub it as she rode me. Her moans increased in volume. I continued to play with her clit and watched her facial expressions. Suddenly, she gripped the back of the bench and cried out. Her body shook on me as she came. I held her close to me as she orgasmed. After a moment, she stopped trembling and she gave me a deep kiss before she began riding me again.

She rocked her hips against me and I knew I was close to my own climax. I held her asscheeks as she bounced faster on me. I closed my eyes as my orgasm came. It tore through my body and I found myself leaning into Sandra as my cock spurted its semen. Her warm pussy continued to ride me and it helped to empty my balls. It felt like an eternity as my orgasm moved throughout my body. I relished every moment of it.

When I was completely spent, I leaned back and Sandra gave me a kiss. I kissed her back and held her close to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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