Sapphic Seduction

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“Oh, a weekend all to myself,” I thought as John and the boys drove off down the street. Just what the doctor ordered, no playing chauffeur, or chef, or any other motherly duties. Just two wonderful days all to myself.

With that I decided to start my weekend off with a nice hot bath, and then I would sit back with a good book and relax. At least that was the original plan, but after soaking for a half hour in the tub I decided I was hungry and maybe I would go downtown to one of the clubs and get a bite to eat.

I threw on some clothes and did my makeup. As I walked past the mirror on the way out I stopped to look at myself. “not bad for a 40 year old mother of two” I thought. What I saw was a woman with shoulder length brunette hair (with just a tinge of gray), deep green eyes, and if I may say so one hell of a body. My 38 inch breast don’t sag, my waist is thin, and my ass is still tight. I guess all that work at the gym was working, not a model but very nice.

I parked my car on the street and started walking toward a little jazz club I knew of, but when I got there it was different, new name and a definitely a new sound. The dance music just wasn’t my thing, so I walked on by. The next club that I came to seemed like a nice quiet place to relax, and have a glass of wine and some food, so I headed in. I sat at a little table in the corner, and looked around, nothing out of the ordinary, just a nice small club, on stage was a woman playing the guitar and singing some good old sixties music. “This is a nice club, I wonder why we never came here before” I thought as a pretty young waitress came over to take my order.

“Hi, I am Becky, can I get you something to drink ma’am.”

“Yes, I’d like a glass of Merlot, and could you bring me a menu too please.”

“Sure, I’ll be right back”, she smiled and walked off.

I started to look around again, and something strange occurred to me, there wasn’t a man in the entire bar. Just then Becky returned with my wine, and the menu.

“Here you go, I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order,” she said, then walked over to another table to take their drink orders.

“Wow, this is a lesbian bar.” I thought, but I already had a glass of wine, and the music was good, so what could it hurt. Besides, it’s not like I was going out to pick some one up, so what did it matter if it was a lesbian bar, or any other type. “I’ll just drink some wine, eat my diner, and enjoy the music.”

Just then Becky returned “are you ready to order?”

“Yes, I’ll have a grilled chicken salad, and could you bring another glass of wine with that also please.”

“Sure, it’ll be just a few minutes, are you enjoying the music?”

“Yes, she is very good, I love this acoustic sound.”

“Yea, sixties music is the best.” She said, smiled, and twinkled off to another customer.

It was almost eight o’clock by now, and the club was starting to fill up. I looked around again, and I was surprised to see how many different types of women there were. There was everything from business women to biker chicks. “You would never get this much diversity at a straight bar.” I thought. Just then Becky came over with a fresh glass of wine.

“No, I wanted the wine with my meal,” I said.

“Oh, well, this is from the lady at the end of the bar,” she replied.

“Oh, I see, well thank you.” I looked over at the woman who had sent the wine and smiled.

“Your food will gorukle escort bayan be up in a minute, do you still want the other glass of wine?”

“No this will be fine, thank you Becky.”

I glanced over again at the woman at the bar, trying to be very discrete. She was quite attractive, about 30 with long auburn hair, pretty face, a little heavy but curvy not fat. She wore a red dress, that clung nicely to her body, and accentuated her full breasts. Then she noticed me looking and got up out of her seat to come over to my table.

She smiled at me and said, “May I have a seat?”

“Sure, I’m sorry, I am Susan.”

“Hi Susan, I’m Beth, I haven’t seen you here before.”

“Well actually this is my first time in here, I kind of stumbled on it.”

“Oh I see you are married,” she said looking at my left hand as I took a sip of wine.

“Yes, for what seems like forever, but my husband took the kids to Boston for the weekend so I thought I would get out and have a little fun.”

“Well, I am not looking for a one-nighter with a married woman. I have to go.” She said.

“Wait, I am not, er, I mean…”


“Well first I am not gay, and second I am not looking for a one-nighter either, I am not looking for anything, except to listen to some good music, and have a few glasses of wine.”

“Then what are you doing in a gay bar?”

“Like I said, I stumbled on it, and the music was good, so I thought I would stay, and listen for a while.”

“Oh, I am sorry I snapped, but I really have to go.”

“OK, nice talking to you.” I said. “Maybe I should get out of here, this is getting too strange,” I thought, but then Becky came over with my food. So I sat there eating my diner, and listening to the music. I was making a conscious effort not to make eye contact, but I did. I was watching the singer on stage, when a biker chick walked by, she looked right at me, our eyes locked for a moment. Then I realized what was happening so I looked away. It was too late though, the message had been sent, and received.

She walked up to me, looking very confident, “Hi, I am Kim,” she said.

I smiled. “Susan,” I said and tried to look away, but I couldn’t. I just sat there dumbly staring at her.

“I saw that little scene a few minutes ago, don’t worry about it,” she said as she sat down next to me, a little closer that necessary.

I felt a lump in my throat, and my mouth was dry. “Why am I feeling like this? I am a straight married woman,” I thought. I felt strange, almost like back in high school when a boy was going to ask me to dance. I had butterflies in my stomach.

“Well Susan, what brings you here?”

I took a gulp of wine, to wet my throat and said “I kinda came in by accident”

Kim signaled to Becky for another round and said “But what made you stay?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you could have left, but you were curious, wanted to see how the other half lives so to speak. So what do you think?”

As she was talking I looked at her, god she was stunning up close. Short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, a face that anyone would say was beautiful. Her clothes left little to the imagination. Black leather biker boots, long shapely bare legs, a short pair of tight leather shorts. She had a bare tummy with a belly ring, and a white belly shirt which could not contain her breasts.

“Well, what do you think?” she repeated.

“I nilüfer escort bayan really don’t know what you are talking about.”

“OK, I’ll tell you what I think,” she said as she placed her hand on my thigh. “I think you wandered in here by accident, noticed it was a gay bar and a deep, dark fantasy of yours kept you here. You have never been with a woman, but you have thought about it. You have closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like. I know your kind.”

I couldn’t concentrate, her hand on my leg was like a fire, burning my skin. “What are you talking about, I am a happily married woman.”

“Well then Susan, let’s dance, just to see if I am right about you,” she said and then she stood up, and led me by the hand to the dance floor. There were other couples dancing to the music from the DJ who had taken over while the singer took a break. I was grateful the song was a fast one, as I started to feel the rhythm. We danced to a few fast songs, and I started to calm down. Then to my horror the DJ said “let’s slow things down a bit for one last song before Maria comes back to sing for us.”

A slow song oh shit. Kim put her hands on my hips and pulled me close. I felt our bodies melt together. I could smell her scent, feel her touch. I could feel myself getting wet. “Oh god what is happening to me” I thought. Her breasts pressed deliciously against mine, and I felt my nipples betray me. They were hard as rocks and poking out of my shirt. Her hands roamed down my back and then back up my sides. I let out a soft moan as she pulled me closer and lightly kissed my neck and earlobe. I turned toward her and her lips descended on mine. My mouth opened to say “stop” and her tongue was inside it. We kissed a long slow sensual kiss that lasted the rest of the song. Then the song ended and she lead me back to our table.

“I Knew it” she said “now let’s get out of here.” We walked out the door, and she led me to her Harley. “Get on, and hold on tight.” She fired up the engine as I climbed onto the big bike behind her. I wrapped my hands around her waist and squeezed tightly, feeling her bare soft midriff beneath my fingers. The motor pulsed under my bottom as we pulled out into the night, heading towards her house and a night that would change me forever.

We pulled up to a nice small white cape in a quiet neighborhood, only a few miles from my own home. Climbing off the bike she took my hand in hers and led me up the walk to the well light front porch. Kim opened the door and walked inside, never taking her hand from mine. I hesitated for just a moment considering the consequences before following her through the door.

Once the front door was closed she turned to face me. Sliding her hands up my sides she took my face in her hands and kissed me softly on the lips. This time my lips parted willingly and my tongue slipped into her mouth with a verve. My hands began to roam all over her taut body before slipping up inside her little belly shirt. I pushed the shirt up over her firm little breasts exposing still more of her lovely body. We continued to kiss there in the foyer for tens of minutes, each of us exploring the others body with our hands. Slowly we peeled off each others clothes our lips never apart for more than a few seconds. Finally we both stood there naked except for my panties which by this time were soaked to the point of transparency. Kim broke away for a moment bursa otele gelen escort bayan and led me to the couch in the living room where she slipped off my panties and laid me softly on my back. I looked into her eyes as she climbed on top of me and ever so slowly lowered her body onto mine. Our nipples pressed together and she slipped one of her legs between mine. Her thigh pressed up deliciously against my soaking wet sex and my hips began to gyrate. We started to kiss again in earnest as we screwed ourselves together. The tempo increasing with each thrust, each of us trying to desperately to bring the other to climax. Finally the first wave of pleasure arrived and my body began to shake. My screams of pleasure muffled by the soft sweet lips pressing down on mine. Kim then started to shudder with her orgasm, neither of us able to do anything until our climaxes subsided.

“So now what do you think” she teased.

I responded by pulling her down on me again and kissing her deeply. Something came over me at that moment. I had just had the most powerful orgasm in recent memory, and I just had to show my gratitude. I slid out from beneath Kim and stood next to the couch looking at the nearly flawless creature before me. Bending down over Kim I began to kiss her body, first her neck and ears, then slowly down to her breasts. I kissed, sucked and nibbled on every millimeter of her lovely soft breast. Then I lightly bit her nipples, first one, then the other. She let out a low moan as I nibbled on her nipples, her hands running through my hair. I resumed my journey down her body kissing my way toward her sex. Stopping at her navel I slipped my tongue inside and played with the cool piece of jewelry sticking up from within. Ever so slowly I edged my way closer to my destination, my tongue leaving a slippery trail. I climbed onto the big couch between her parted thighs, and inhaled deeply. I could smell her arousal, a pungent yet sweet smell that I longed to taste. I brought my face down to within a few inches of her swollen mons and eyed a woman’s sex up close for the first time. It was so pretty like a flower, it’s petals begging to be touched. I inhaled one more time before softly kissing the spot where her thigh met the mons. She moaned as my lips made contact with her swollen sex for the first time. Her hands went back to my head, fingers entwined in my hair. With a new found passion I started to lick and suck, tasting her sweet juices as they flowed into my mouth. I continued to attack her sex, never once making solid contact with her hard clit. Her moans were loud and her actions deliberate as she directed my mouth upward toward her swollen clitoris. Finally I arrived. My mouth spread wide and my tongue rubbing roughly against her clit. I nibbled, sucked and bit on her sex as her body thrashed about in the most violent orgasm I had ever had the pleasure of witnessing. The quakes began to subside and she pushed my mouth away from her hyper-sensitive clit. Reaching down she directed me to lay on top of her and we kissed softly sharing her delicious juices.

“Are you sure you have never done this before?” she mused.

“No, never, but I want to do it again” I paused “and again, and again.”

“I think that can be arranged.” She laughed.

We lay back on the couch for the next hour just sitting there naked, talking and lightly stroking each other’s soft skin. I noticed while we sat there that we had never bothered to shut the curtains, and the street was a mere 40 feet away from the passion that had just been. When I mentioned this to Kim, she laughed and said she hoped they enjoyed the show as much as she enjoyed giving it. We laughed and then headed upstairs to bed, where we made love again. Then slipped off to sleep in each others arms.

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