Sarah: Waiting for Daddy, 2011

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At home visiting Sarah loved it when her father came to her room at night. She’d been sexually aroused by her father since she could remember. His coming into her room though was something entirely new.

He’d never even looked at her sexually before, and now that he was, Sarah dressed provocatively, hinted in every way she knew how, that she approved.

He’d gone from just watching her after one night when he stepped in to check on her, to touching her when he thought she was asleep, and tonight would be no different. She even started going to bed earlier, kissing him goodnight, looking at him in such a way she knew he’d soon follow.

She laid in her old bed in her old room pretending to be asleep and each night pushed her blankets a little further down so he could begin touching her sooner.

She’d gone a step further when earlier in the evening, anticipating him coming to her room she’d pressed her fingers against her already slippery wet little pussy through her panties and touching herself she had the sexiest idea.

Sarah took off her tiny little powdery blue panties, the ones she’d picked especially for him, and found the wet spot of where she’d pushed them into her gushing throbbing little pussy.

Her body and thoughts humming with aroused excitement she took a small pair of sewing scissors and cut a slit in her panties right where her fingers pressed inside her, where her Daddy touched her; this time she wanted to feel him touching her not just through her damp little panties. She wanted him to feel her soft warm wet folds so creamy slippery hot for him, to push his big finger inside her warm throbbing wet little pussy. She wondered if her father would go that far. Her entire being thrilled at the thought.

The cut she made in her delicate little panties wasn’t a big hole, just a small little slit, enough that as he ran his fingers down between her legs over the material pulled tight against her swollen little mound, it was big enough the tip of one of his fingers instead of just pressing through her panties, would surely go inside her panties, and maybe even slide inside her.

She knew he felt how warm and damp he made her when he touched her under the covers, so tonight she decided she’d again lay on her stomach and push her blankets down past her bottom her one leg bent at the knee so he’d have unfettered access to his willing daughter’s warm sex already swollen and throbbing wet for him.

She pictured herself lying on her stomach pretending to be asleep, her soft moans, her pushing her bottom up to her father’s hand in little undulating lifts. She’d also raise up her nightshirt, up high like it raised up all on its own; she wanted him to see all of her in the soft light coming in from the hall, her breasts, how sexy she looked in her little panties, to tempt him to touch her aching hot breasts, her nipples swollen and puffy erect, her entire body on fire. When she would at last roll over he would see just how aroused she was, how her rubbing on the silky sheets made her breasts and nipples swell so firm aching hot for his warm mouth.

Sarah wanted to hear her father whisper those words, “Good girl, be a good girl for Daddy,” as she purred and moaned on his lovely fingers. She wanted to hear him call her his lil baby, the way he always did, but this time with his fingers buried in her soft little pussy, her writhing hot, her cumming on his long sensitive fingers.

She laid on her stomach in her old bed, in the dark of her old room waiting for him, spreading her knees apart rubbing her bare pubis in little circles on the mattress like she had when she was younger.

The insides of her thighs rubbing the so soft sheets, she was making herself so wet, so hot she could barely stand it, so aroused she was rocking her hips, unselfconsciously rolling and rubbing her belly and her starved little pussy into her soft sheets, her legs all around on the sheets, purring out, “Nnnnn, Papa, come visit me Daddy.”

She wanted him to see her, her legs spread, her tight little bottom pushed up, her sheer panties so tiny they barely covered her, so sheer he would be able to see her freshly shaven bald little slit, just for him. She felt so sexy, so girlishly feminine. Imagining him pushing her little panties aside, him slipping his finger inside the hole she’d made, her bucking on his fingers dipping so perfectly warm inside her; she willed him to come into her room, when she heard him in the hall.

She quietly turned her face away from the door; she didn’t want him to see her so excited, her sucking her own juices from the knuckles of her fingers, breathing hard even before he came in not wanting to whimper like she almost did the night before afraid he’d stop if he knew she was awake.

She’d been laying there like that for what seemed like an eternity, her right arm down along her side, her left hand underneath her, touching herself, wriggling on her fingers; she so badly czech casting porno wanted to slide her fingers through the little hole she’d made in her powdery blue thin panties, the material already so warm damp. She made herself wait savoring that moment when her father’s fingers slipped inside and touched her pink soft slippery wet little pussy.

Her heart was beating so fast she moved her hand out from under her and lay still wondering if he’d smell her sex on her fingers, how much he’d love her taste as much as she did, when he opened her door.

She heard him walk in as softly as he could across her room, and then stand silent next to her bed, the only sound he made, his breathing. She’d never felt so erotic, so completely sexual.

Almost unable to breathe, holding her breath she felt him sit on the edge of her bed; she felt giddy, her eyes racing. She felt his hand on her bottom, the touch radiating up through her, his fingertips touching between her legs, so lightly, her knee raised, her pussy open for him, gently sliding one finger along her slit through her silky thin panties.

Without even meaning to, she subtly lifted, raising her bottom, her pussy pushing up to his fingers, just a little, her hot little cunny swollen and open and creamy wet under her thin tiny little panties.

She wanted him to touch her so badly. She felt the bed jostle again as her father slowly, gently, to not wake her, lay down on his side next to her. Sarah could barely breathe.

She felt his chest bump and rest against her arm and shoulder along her side between them, and then… she felt his cock touch her bare hip, hard and rubbery soft, so warm hot, popping out erect from under his robe, its hard hot throbbing length bumping against her. Her blood rushed as he settled alongside her, as she felt the solid pulsing weight if her father’s erection rest so warm-hot on the inside of her upturned wrist between them.

She felt herself gush slippery wet, her father so close; she imagined wrapping her little hand around her father’s cock, trying to fathom what it would feel like in her hand.

She was almost shaking anticipating what would come next when she felt him rub its hard hot throbbing length on her bare hip, her bottom, right over her arm along her side her upturned hand just inches from his cock. Sarah reflexively uncurled her fingers, opened her hand waiting for that moment to touch him, to feel her father’s hardness, to curl her fingers around it, to feel its weight and heat in her little hand. She could barely contain herself when its thickness touched against her arm, on her wrist down between them; she knew if she moved her arm just a little, if she raised her hand even slightly, his cock would be in her palm, and she did.

Without him realizing her father’s hard warm-hot cock slid like silk through her palm, across her fingers, along her leg as he rocked his hips against her. Sarah’s pussy tingled.

Sarah felt him slide his hand down between her legs. She quivered as she felt his fingers feather-light trace the line of her pink little slit through her thin little panties right to her clit where he pressed in small soft circles almost making her moan shuddering with excitement.

She could barely control her breathing when he slid his hand over her freshly shaven mound through her tiny thin little panties to the flat of her belly, to cup the whole of her pussy so softly in his big hand, rubbing, her closing her eyes tightly, bracing herself to not let herself start rolling her hips to his touches. The heel of his palm pushing against her soft little bottom, Sarah sighed a warm hot breath, and mmmm’ing feigning sleep used the moment to turn her head toward her father lying alongside her so she could watch him touching her.

He was wearing his big soft robe and was leaning on one elbow looking down at her as he rocked his hips rubbing his throbbing hard erection against her hip and wrist. She felt his fingers so softly press and slide back and forth through her soaking wet little slit through her thin warm-moist little panties, and she was so slippery creamy wet, she wondered if he felt how soaked her panties were, if his fingers were slippery with her.

She couldn’t help it when her hips began moving to his touches, up and down, little circles, helping her father’s fingers touch her.

Her breaths hot and damp against her pillow she watched him in the dim light, saw him suddenly stop in surprise, pause, and smiled at his intake of breath as his fingertip found the hole she’d made in the thin feminine material of her tiny little powdery blue panties.

Before he even touched her wet little pussy through the hole, Sarah did the unthinkable, she pushed her little bottom up, rolled her hips, just enough to make her father’s fingertip slide inside the hole in her panties, under her panties, into her creamy hot wet little cunny.

They both gushed out czech couples porno a breath, her father’s finger touching her bare bald soaking wet pussy, creamy satiny smooth his finger so warm slipping inside her. She was already so hot, so creamy wet she moaned and pushed back to make her Daddy’s finger slide inside her even more, needing him inside her. Still feigning sleep, Sarah lightly closed her fingers around her father’s cock sliding through her hand, closed her fingers slightly around it, once, twice, wrapped her warm little fingers around her Daddy’s cock, so lightly, softly squeezed, and then squeezed again, once, twice; she could tell he wasn’t sure whether he was rubbing through her hand, or on her thigh, whether she was awake or not, and she smiled mischievously in the dark.

She then squeezed her fingers more firmly so he would know she was in fact awake, began pulling on him as he fingered her, squeezing him in her loose little fist jacking her Papa’s cock with slight turns of her wrist.

Her father’s long thick throbbing hard cock so hot warm in her little hand, the head of his cock sliding up and down the inside of his daughter’s warm wrist, his pre-cum slippery wet Sarah gushed out loud when she heard him whisper.

“Ohhh, lil baby, yessss, pull on Daddy,” as he slid his finger deeper inside his little girl, pushed his big finger inside her.

In the sheer excitement she humped back at her father’s finger slipping in and almost out of her, “That’s my good girl, let Daddy make you feel good baby,” pushing deeper inside her hot creamy wet little cunny, “pull on Daddy, Sarah, that’s my good girl,” his big finger fucking up inside her, his whispers in the dark making Sarah gush with excited heat.

She arched her back, pushed her little bottom up, gushed out loud, “Ohhh god Daddy, nnnn, ohhh, nnnnyesss touch me.”

His breath hot on his daughter’s cheek, her father’s thick swollen hot cock throbbing in her little hand, her tight, wet warm little pussy sucking at her father’s big finger, Sarah felt herself push up on her knees, press her little bottom up to her father’s hand.

“Nnnn, Daddy, ohhhh god Daddy, yessss, finger me,” rolling her little hips, rocking her pelvis, her father’s warmth against her, fucking back at her Daddy’s fingers in the dark of her old bedroom.

She felt her father’s cock surge, jump in her hand, “Nnnn Daddy, yessss, touch me,” she purred and cooed rocking her slender little hips, pushing her little bottom up to her father’s big hand, cupping, rubbing, pressing into her hot wet swollen little cunny. Her weight rubbing her aching hot swollen tits into the silky sheets, her squeezing her father’s cock in hers, her father fingered her through the hole she’d cut in her panties as she humped at his hand cupping her bottom, the whole of her throbbing hot sex, his thumb rubbing so provocatively over her quivering little bottom.

His thick swollen cock throbbing in her little fist she pushed herself to slide herself closer to her Papa’s lap. She couldn’t help it; she was so hot, so on fire for him, for this moment, she wanted him in her warm little mouth, wanted to please him, wanted to be his good girl, just the two of them alone together in her old bed, in her old room.

In one fluid movement she raised up on her elbows, her bottom pushing up and back against her father’s finger so deep in her hot little cunny, shifted her weight toward him, turned and leaned, and without a word sucked her father’s aching hard cock into her warm little mouth. Her father groaned his approval.

“Ohhh lil baby,” his arm curled around her hip, her bottom, his finger pushing inside her as far as it could go, pushing, pressing, slipping in and out of his daughter’s warm wet little cunny as she sucked him into her warm little mouth. “Yess, little baby,” faster and faster, harder, deep into her sopping wet little cunt, “ohhh Sarah, ohhh lil baby, your little mouth is so warm baby, your little pussy is so wet for Daddy.”

Her rocking her little hips, her bottom pushing up, her moaning, mewling, her father fucked his finger in and out of her soft little baby pussy so creamy hot, her father’s big hand rubbing her entire cunny, fucking her. Sarah moaned, squeezing, pulling, sucking her father’s dripping wet hard hot cock in her warm little mouth. She could feel her pussy dripping hot wet down the insides of her spread open legs, her bottom pushed up exposing her dripping wet bald little pussy, her tiny little panties soaking wet barely covering her hot little cunt as she sucked her father’s cock.

The more he fingered her, the harder she sucked. The taste of her father’s pre-cum made her moan and mewl with lust, sucking her father’s throbbing hard hot cock, harder, deeper, taking him into her throat, pressing the flat of her tongue around his girth.

Lavishing his cock with the flat of her tongue, abandoned to his moans, to her own moans, Sarah czech estrogenolit porno sucked her father’s swollen throbbing hard cock into her warm wet mouth, her father’s long fingers rubbing into her silky wet little pussy, her throbbing clit, her knees so wide apart, her father fingering his little girl, his daughter’s creamy wet swollen soft little cunny, pressing through the hole in her tiny little panties.

Sarah groaned on her father’s thick warm hard cock in her mouth. She loved her Papa’s hand on the back of her head, his fingers in her hair, pulling her hair, humping his hips, fucking her mouth. She licked his pre-cum from the tip before sucking him back into her warm little mouth, taking him as far as she could down her throat, pressing with the flat of her tongue, sliding her lips back up his length, and back down.

She loved her father’s cock. She loved his finger fucking into her, his whole hand pressing against her bald little mound so slippery slick wet, the sensations making her wild with lust.

She was startled when he began getting up. He slipped his finger out of her, out of the hole in her panties, his cock pulling from her hot sucking little mouth. In surprise, she started to raise up on her hands when he pressed his hand down on her upper back, her bottom thrust up, her on her knees, pressed her belly down to the bed, and with a growling sexy heat whispered, “don’t move little baby,” his hand pressing into her as he got up from the bed, stood, whispering, “shhhhh, that’s my good girl,” untying his robe sash with one hand, pressing down on her with the other as he kneeled on the bed.

Sarah watched her father, her mouth open panting hot, his weight pressing harder into the small of her back until he was on the bed behind her, his heavy soft robe open and shrouding over them, straddling the backs of his daughter’s upper legs.

She tried to look behind her, her hair sweaty hot around her face when she felt him guiding the head of his throbbing hot hard cock to her bottom sandwiched between his strong thighs, raising as she felt his cock press against the too small hole in her tiny little panties.

When he tried to push the big bloated hot head of his cock through the hole Sarah groaned, “nnngggh Daddy,” and mewled a panting moan when he stopped, when he tore the hole open more, began to push his cock through the hole, the swollen head of her father’s pulsing hard cock touching into her pink wet slit, the heat of his cock touching the soft creamy warmth of her throbbing little cunt.

She pushed back, pressing her bottom up and toward him above her, her father’s fat swollen cock spreading her open, slipping through her creamy wet folds, finding his daughter’s tight little hole and forcing himself inside her, slipping in with each stroke deeper, slipping into her with such fluid ease, fucking her right through the hole in her tiny little panties.

Neither of them said a word as his sex entered his daughter’s sex, as her father’s thick, hard throbbing incestuous hot cock spread her open, as the soft silky slippery glove of his daughter’s tight soft little baby cunny gripped him, took him, deeper and deeper inside her slippery wet warm little belly.

Sarah was already cumming. She felt her Daddy straddle her bottom, put his cock to the hole in her panties. She felt him begin to push, so she pushed back as her Papa’s fat swollen daddy-cock pushed deeper and deeper inside her soft, wet, silky warm swollen little pussy, so aroused not having anticipated him fucking her right through the hole in her tiny little panties, her Daddy’s hands on either side of her, holding himself up above her, his weight pressing into the bed in front of her.

Sarah gripped her father’s wrists pressing into the bed on either side of her shoulders, kneeling behind her, on top of her, fucking his cock deeper and deeper into her, grinding into her soft little bottom pushing back, her little bottom shaking with each thrust, her breasts shaking and jostling with each thrust, her little cunt opened up to her father, his swollen hot throbbing incestuous daddy-cock stretching his daughter open, sliding deeper and deeper, fucking her. Sarah wanted him inside her, all the way inside her, deep in her warm wet sucking little cunt the sounds of their fucking, their breathing in the dark of her room, her father’s cock so deep inside his daughter’s warm little belly, him fucking her though the hole in her panties, her little bottom pushed up, being fucked by her father in her old room, in the silence of the big house , in the stillness out over the neighborhood.

? ? ?

The next morning holding on to the head board Sarah straddled her father’s mouth. She looked down at him with pleasured love, him between her legs, her lover’s face, into his eyes as he kissed her soft little cunny, her shaved bare smooth mound, murmured, “Nnnnn, Papa, I love you, Papa. Ohhh god, lick me Daddy,” as she rocked her little hips in smooth fluid back and forth motions, her smooth soft little pussy back and forth over her father’s warm wet mouth, his tongue licking through her pink little slit, mouthing her clit, sucking his daughter’s creamy hot wet little pussy his big hands on her hips pushing her nightshirt up over her belly.

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