Satin Blanket

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…I came upon you napping in the back bedroom. I couldn’t avert my eyes from the display of unintended sexuality you exhibited.

It was the warmest day yet this spring. Outside, the temperature was probably in the mid 70’s and with the windows to the top floor of our condo fully open, the inside temperature had to be pretty similar. The curtains were blowing inward to the room, mimicking the shape of the breeze coming in. Their beige color shed a warm, sensual light throughout the otherwise unlit room. The sun was positioned in the sky exactly where you would expect it to be in late May just a short while before dusk. The outside sky was painted with a myriad of pinks, oranges and reds—creating the most surreal feel to the room.

I immediately noticed the way your hipbone lifted the satin blanket that covered you as you lay on your back. The blanket traced your body perfectly, making it nearly impossible to realize you only had on a pair of black lace panties left from your day’s attire. The way your left nipple was visible under the thin, soft blanket was so erotic, it took what seemed like an eternity to realize that your right breast was completely exposed, and just as aroused as the other. My heart rate was furious as I tried to figure out if you had intended for me to catch you looking so angelic and sexual. More importantly, I felt pressed to decide what I should do with this situation I’d stumbled upon. Did you want to be woken? Surely you’d napped because of a headache, or with a desire to simply enjoy having the large bed to yourself.

Just as I’d thought I convinced myself to let you be, I found myself at the foot of the bed. I couldn’t bring myself to turn away. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but the scene before me was so magnetic, I wanted to become a part of it, not for my own well being but for yours. I gently stepped to the side of the bed, and sat next to you, careful not to disturb you or the covers. I wasn’t sure exactly how deep your sleep was, but I knew I didn’t want to wake you… not yet at least. I gently tugged at the sheet that covered your chest, and saw your hidden nipple begin to become erect. I continued to slowly pull the satin sheet over the rest of your skin, being sure that it would bring each nerve ending to life. Having been with you for several years has its benefits, and being aware of your incredible sensitivity was one. I grabbed the blanket near your waist and gently slid it across Uşak Escort your soft tummy. This must have triggered very powerful nerves because your lower back began to arch very carefully into the air—only a few inches above the bed but I knew you were becoming aroused… even if you weren’t yet consciously aware.

I glanced up at your face again—still asleep. Your chest filled with breaths of the room’s sweet summer air, your exhales still arousing ever part of me. The way your lips hung slightly apart… the way your upper body shifted with each breath… the soft cotton boxers beneath the khaki slacks I wore could hardly contain what you were creating.

Before long I dared to become more physical. A trail of soft kissed began just below your left hand, on your wrist and down your exposed forearm. With no response from you, I continued to guide my lips down your upper body… first to your shoulder and then down to your incredible breasts. The way they laid upon your chest with you on your back was so amazing. As they spread apart, your seemingly brittle breastbone stood out as if it had never before been seen. Every part of your upper body appeared symmetrical with a sexual beauty I could not ignore. My immediate desire was to bathe every inch of you with moist kisses, but I knew a more gentle approach should be taken so not to wake you. I took my index and middle fingers and gently traced around your right nipple… then across your smooth skin and under the sheet to mimic the action on your other gorgeous nipple. Having to be so careful, so gentle, and gazing at the dark brown tone of your areolas had my heart pounding so loud I was afraid it would wake you. By now I could feel my cock throbbing at a similar rate, convincing me that exposure was the best form of relief. Before standing, I gently slid the cover completely off of your body. Considering the warmth of the room, I was certain the temperature change wouldn’t affect your sleep. As quietly as I could, I stood and let the blanket fall to the floor, along with my slacks, so as not to disturb your absolutely celestial body lying before me.

Now comforted with only boxers and my t-shirt, I knelt back at your side, continuing the trail of kisses at your chest. Taking moments to warm your chest with my tongue was so sexual because of the taste and texture, but also because it marked the first time in the early evening I heard audible sound from Uşak Escort Bayan you. Just as my warm lips reached the peak of your gorgeous breast, your exhale was accompanied by a pleasurable moan, much the way you’d react to a delightful dream. I had no doubt you were still sound asleep, so I absorbed your chest in my mouth one last time—with added firmness—and continued my way down your curvaceous abdomen. Your breathing had picked up in pace by now, and I began to consider for the first time that you were becoming conscious. As your chest raised and lowered with each full breath, I kissed carefully from just below your belly button down to the tip of your sexy apparel and was greeted by two surprises that brought me great pleasure. I hardly noticed the first—that your hips were pressing upward to meet my kiss—because of the second—the intoxicating scent of your familiar wetness now filled the area around me, and I couldn’t resist the yearning to experience your delicious pussy in my mouth.


“Maybe… maybe you could stop being so careful and just take advantage of me?” I heard her voice say as if she were still in mid-dream. I looked up to see her eyes half-open, but her chest and neck flushed with a familiar hue—guaranteeing to me her state of arousal.

“I just thought I’d try and be gentle to let you keep sleeping…”

“Please just lick me for a while,” she interrupted with a sigh, her tone begging to be pleasured now that she’d been woken.


I took no time to argue or reason with the hurricane of thoughts running through my head. I traced my hands down your tummy and over your hips to meet at the peaks of your delicate lingerie. As I lay on my stomach between your carefully spread legs, I tugged at your panties, exposing for the first time your perfect vagina. I gently but quickly slid off the alluring clothing as I tasted your scent with every breathe I inhaled. Within moments your body was completely naked, and I obeyed your request by letting my tongue meet your drenched outer lips for the first time this evening. As I felt her body squirm, I spread the tender pink folds with my fingertips and took in the beauty before me—both visually and otherwise. The taste of her deepest parts made me only want to lick further inside her. Again I set in to you, applying a gentle force to your sexual center. The more rhythmic my tongue and lips became, the more controlled and steady your Escort Uşak breathing became. Feeling your hands grab control of my head as I worked your immaculate pussy sent shocks through my own body—causing my dick to throb harder with its own desire to be felt. Over and over my tongue rolled, flicking your clitoris continuously and charging you like a battery—my full intention to cause an explosion.

The room was silent of words, but moans and heavy breaths surrounded us. The harder you thrust your hips towards my mouth, the closer I knew you were to coming. My pace quickened with just that thought in mind and your breathing did the same. I slid my hands underneath you—without skipping a beat—grabbing hold of your gorgeous, firm ass. I began helping your body’s motion towards me and within seconds you told me.


“I’m going to cum! Oh, please stay right there! I love your… lips on my… clit.” she said, her last words being fragmented by the rhythm of her whole body now pumping with desire.

“Just relax your body and let it happen, honey. Just cum for me,” I requested. By now my own body


Your moans began to quicken and lead on to your impending pleasure. I continued to suck firmly on your clit while flicking it with my tongue as the swollen bulb danced in my mouth. I took one hand from underneath you and slid it up between your legs. Just as I felt your release was imminent, I slid just enough of my finger into your tight vagina—it now exposed and lubricated as your body became overwhelmed with its orgasm. Your body took over. Now you were controlling the motions and you were fucking me. You pulled your clit from my waiting lips and replaced it again immediately. Again and again, you created intense friction with your movements and established a perfect rhythm of penetration and stimulation to foster your pleasure. Your orgasm had taken your body over, and as I gazed over the thin and soft layer of hair protecting your pubic bone, I adored your reaction.

“Oh! Oh, this feels so perfect…. So… Amazing!” you exclaimed—your hands holding me close into you. What a fantastic achievement for each of us, I thought to myself as I enjoyed the last few seconds of your unbelievable climax. Beads of sweat on our bodies were now cooled by the breeze from the window. Although every inch of my own body now yearned for more interaction with you, I felt calm and content enough to gaze up over your navel at the way you traced your curves with you nails. My dick was imprisoned against the bed beneath me, but your enticing stare found its way between your parted breasts and assured me it wouldn’t be long until your unique touch soon founds its way onto my hard, aching body…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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