Saturn Rising Pt. 04

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This is part 4 of the story of my first true lover, Becky. It is an emotional roller coaster for me writing this, but I have loved every minute of it so far. Thank you to all my lovely readers for all your wonderful comments. Jodie and I are dedicating this part to exploringgirl19, with all our love.


I was awoken the next morning in the most wonderful way possible. I slowly became aware of soft kisses on my lips. I was on my side, and I could feel Becky’s leg draped over mine, pulling me close to her.

I sighed and slowly opened my eyes. She was lying with her head on the pillow, right next to me, kissing me with little short pecks, her eyes open. The sudden feelings of love and desire for her brought a rushing into my heart.

She pulled back and smiled. “Good morning sweetie. Do you know how beautiful your eyes are? The hazel contrasts so beautifully with the red of your hair. I could look into them forever.”

I blinked, looking back at her, genuinely surprised. When I finally found my voice I said, “Really? I always thought they were kind of boring, but your eyes, they are so beautiful. That deep blue. I’ve felt that from the moment you caught my eye in the kitchen at the party.”

“You noticed that? I wasn’t sure, but the way you looked at me was the first of those signals I told you I thought I was getting. So, we will disagree on who has the most beautiful eyes. Let’s not have our first fight over this,” and she smiled at me.

I nuzzled close to her and, with our arms wrapped around each other, we kissed. A long, languorous kiss, with love, caring and passion all in the mix. I felt Becky’s thigh slide up mine, and I pushed my leg up so that it was directly in contact with her. I loved the feel of her sex against my skin. I could feel the slight wetness, and this sent a delightful thrill through me. It was as if her pussy lips were giving my thigh little kisses.

She let out a low moan and started to rock slightly against me. It was amazing. I could feel little contractions from her against my skin. Instinctively I pushed up against her, and this caused her to break our kiss and whisper, “Oh god Anna, yes.” She started to move slightly faster and I just kept the pressure on her, hoping she would actually be able to come this way.

We kept this up, kissing with Becky rocking against me, for several minutes, our hands running down over each other’s backs, pulling each other closer. I loved the feeling of our bodies being so close, our skin touching, our breasts squashed together. I could even feel Becky’s nipples hard against me.

She suddenly arched her back slightly away from me, breaking our kiss, and she started shaking. Instinctively I dropped my hand to her bottom, and pressed on her as she let out a shuddering, long, deep throated moan. It was so beautiful, and I was so happy. We lay there, embracing until her shaking subsided and she held me close and cuddled me, planting kisses on my forehead, my nose and then my mouth.

“Anna. My god. You are so in tune with me. Thank you. That was just wonderful,” and she kissed me again.

I knew she was right, and that there was more to it. “We’re somehow linked. We both always seem to know what to do. It’s who we are.”

She smiled, kissed me once more and then, without saying another word, pushed the duvet down, revealing our naked bodies, and placed delicious little butterfly kisses on my neck, over my shoulders and down to my breasts. She cupped my right breast in her hands and sucked the nipple into her mouth. She gently bit on it and I felt delicious tingles shooting from there straight down between my legs.

She pulled back and said, “Good morning, Pinky.”

I smiled and sighed, remembering the naming ceremony from the night before.

Becky repeated the ritual on my other breast, making my urgency and need climb just that little bit higher.

“And good morning, Perky.”

Pushing me softly so that I was flat on my back, she did something that was delicious and surprising. She gently pushed my breasts up and ran her tongue along the crease below them, all the time squeezing Perky. I could feel contractions inside me and suddenly had a heightened awareness of my clit. It was a thoroughly new sensation. One of an increasingly long list that I was experiencing with Becky. It sent shivers through me and I instinctively opened my legs, crooking them so my feet were flat on the bed, and let my free hand wander down so I could touch myself. I was surprised how big Chloe felt under my fingers, and the moment I stroked her I moaned.

Becky stopped what she was doing and looked down, then back up at me with a smile. “Naughty Anna. That’s my job.”

I didn’t say anything, but just kept on stroking, revelling in the wonderful feeling of doing something so intimate while my wonderful lover watched me.

Becky smiled up at me, “Mmm. Okay. It’s going to be like that is it?”

She slid down so that she was between my legs. I stopped, expecting to be treated by her tongue, but Becky başakşehir escort said, “Oh no you don’t. Don’t stop. I want you to make yourself come while I help.”

A little more brazenly I started circling my clit once more, suddenly loving that Becky was watching me at such close quarters. The sensations coursing through me were a combination of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual worlds. I was aware of my crinkled nipples and the wonderful rush of waves of pleasure building in me.

I felt Becky’s fingers. I could feel her parting my lips, spreading them wide, and then I felt her at my entrance. She slowly pushed a finger in and found that magic spot, which made my head light, and my walls contract, then I felt her draw out and add another finger, widening and filling me. She once again stroked upwards and I squirmed and moaned, and started stroking my clit slightly faster. Then I felt her draw out and add a third finger and I felt myself being deliciously stretched. She didn’t push hard, but kept the pressure up and suddenly I felt myself open to her and it sent a delicious thrill through me as her fingers slid deeper inside me. I had never been so full, and I loved it.

Once again, she pressed upwards and then I felt her other hand go up onto my mound and she pressed down just above my pubic bone. This had an amazing effect on me. It pulled my clit hood up, tightening everything. There was this weird sensation like suddenly the palm of her hand, my clit, her fingers inside, my pussy walls and that little spot were all one. Everything was as sensitive and energised as my clit. It was as if my clit was larger, extending deep inside and out. It was an intensely beautiful and erotic sensation. I could feel my orgasm starting and I moved my finger faster over my clit while Becky just kept the pressure on me and slowly slid her fingers in and out.

When it hit it was mind blowing. It was immediately all over me, like my full body orgasm of the night before, but with more depth and without spreading out, it was just all there at once. I cried out, my hips sinking down into the bed as it pulsed.

As I finally came down the sensations were too much and, sensing this, Becky eased her palm up and slowly slid out of me. I had that wonderful shuddery feeling as I was suddenly empty.

Sliding up next to me she lay her head on the pillow and I turned to look at her.

“Oh my god, Becky. How does this keep happening? Every time we make love, you do something that makes it different and even better.”

She smiled and kissed me, lingering for a moment.

“All I want to do is make you happy, and I’m glad it seems to be working.”

I kissed her and said, “God it is. I worry I don’t do enough for you.”

“Well stop worrying. You are in every way the perfect lover.”

I preened. I had never been told I was even a vaguely good lover, and I suspect that for my past, limited experience, that was almost certainly true. I had never really been engaged in the way that I was with Becky.

I kissed her, and pulled back. “What a beautiful way to start our ‘just us’ day.”

“Mmm. Yes. It is. So what shall we do today sweetie? Any thoughts?”

I thought, and could only come up with, “I don’t care. As long as I’m with you, I really don’t care.”

She smiled and kissed me again. Have I mentioned how much I loved our kisses?

“Let’s change the bedding and then go downstairs and get some breakfast.”

This brought a memory of her juices on the bed from the night before, and I smiled.

“That was amazing. I really didn’t know that could happen.”

She kissed my nose, a gesture I was coming to love. “Like I said, it doesn’t very often, but it is perfectly natural, apparently. After the first couple of times it happened, I went to my doctor. She said it was not a problem and I should just enjoy it, although I should probably invest in some towels.” She laughed as she said this.

I felt that twinge of jealousy once again but it was far less than before. I was beginning to not only understand it, but accept it, because my trust in Becky was total.

She slid off the bed, and I followed. Together we took the duvet cover off, along with the sheets and pillow cases, dropping them all in a pile near the door. Becky went to the hall and opened an airing cupboard and got fresh linen out. It had a cream coloured background with a random, large blue and pink flower print. Working together we redressed the bed.

Once we were finished, Becky picked up the dildo-panty combination up off the dresser and just the sight of it send a little thrill through me.

“I need to wash this. Don’t want one of us getting some infection when we use it again.”

Just the thought of using it sent a flickering sensation through me, which was a surprise after such intense lovemaking.

She walked through to the bathroom and I followed, watching that delicious looking bum once more. When we got there, Becky ran some water in the sink beşiktaş escort and squeezed some soap out and started washing it. I hugged her from behind and watched over her shoulder. It was curiously erotic watching her hand slide down the shaft.

Once she had finished cleaning it thoroughly, she rinsed it off and reached for a towel to dry it, and I suddenly realised my bladder was a bit full.

“I need to pee, Becky.”

She smiled, “You want me to leave you alone?”

The thought of her staying while I peed was odd, but it didn’t disgust me. Which should have surprised me, but didn’t. I was changing and growing so much.

I smiled at her. “I never want you to leave me.”

She kissed me and went and sat on the edge of the bath, her legs slightly open and I was filled with a mixture of desire but my need to pee was quite urgent by now so I just sat down on the loo and let it go, all the time staring at Becky. She smiled and whispered, “Love you.”

“Love you too,” I whispered back.

I had never peed in front of anyone, and it was a mark of my total trust and love for Becky that I could do this at all.

When I finished I went to get toilet tissue to dry myself, but Becky stood, came over, said, “Let me,” and took the paper out of my hand and ever so softly dried me. It was so tender, loving and intimate.

When she’d finished, I stood and we had a long, close hug.

“Well, that’s another first,” I said, “I have never gone to the loo in front of someone else.”

She kissed me. “It’s a first for me as well, sweetie. I’ve never been so comfortable with anyone that I would actually want to be there.”

Here was something that was just us. “Really? That… that’s wonderful. I think?”

She pecked me on the lips and said, “Just to be clear, I’m not going to be comfortable with… um… anything more.”

The thought made me shudder. “Eww. No. There are limits!”

She chuckled, “Good.”

We went back through to the bedroom, Becky carrying the dildo. As she put the toy back in her cabinet, I noticed my overnight bag still on the floor. “Oh, I should probably unpack,” and realised that I was being a bit presumptuous. “God. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound like I’m moving in.”

Becky smiled, “You don’t? You want to go back to your place?”

I knew she was teasing, but rose to the bait anyway, “No! No, Becky I don’t. I want to be here. With you.”

She took my hands and pulled me to her, her arms going around my waist, pulling me into a lovely hug, “I’m just being silly. I don’t want you to leave. Ever.”

Wrapping my arms around her I said, “Well, at least it would save me the rent,” and I laughed.

She looked straight into my eyes, “You’re serious?”

“Well, I was sort of joking about the rent…”

“Would you like to live with me?”

I swallowed, realisation dawning that that was, exactly what I wanted, more than anything in the whole world. “I really would.”

“I have a spare room, if you’d like it.”

I was horrified, and then saw her mischievous grin.

“Seriously Anna, I would love for you to move in, but I don’t want to rush things. Living together can be so much harder than just spending a few days in each other’s company. We might get under each other’s feet, or even have a row and then where would you be? Or me, for that matter?”

My heart sank, but I at least needed to make the appearance of being grown up. “Yes. Of course. I know. It could be awful.”

I didn’t mean a word of it.

She squeezed me. “Anna, please understand I really want you to move in with me.”

She stopped and I thought I sensed a ‘but’ coming, however my heart lifted when she said, “How about this? You move in but, for at least a month, you keep your place and at the end of the month, we can see how things are. If we’re both happy, and I’m sure we will be, we can make it a little more ‘official’ and you can give up your accommodation.”

My mood soared. I was going to be with Becky every day.

In my enthusiasm I gushed, “I could learn to cook all your favourite foods and have dinner ready for you when you get home. I don’t have lectures all day every day. I can…”

She stopped me with a delicious kiss.

When we’d finished she smiled at me and said, “I so love you Anna, and I love your enthusiasm, but one step at a time. I’ll clear some space for your clothes in a bit and you can unpack. In the meantime, let’s get the bedding cleaned.”

Off the back of the door she took down a gorgeous pink silk kimono with a sparse floral pattern in red and blue.

“Oh no! I just realised I left my dressing gown on the back of the door at my place.”

“Don’t worry sweetie. I’ve got a few, so you can borrow one. We can go back to your place later and pick up any extra bits and pieces. You know, toothbrushes and the like.”

I thrilled at the idea of wearing more of Becky’s wardrobe. I held out my hand and said, “Can I put it on you. Please?”

Smiling, escort she handed it to me and turned around, placing her arms slightly back. I placed a kiss between her perfect shoulder blades and then slid it up her arms. She turned around and I closed it and tied the sash. It was quite short, mid-thigh, and she looked ravishingly beautiful in it.

She turned to her wardrobe, opened it and came back with a gorgeous red silk robe with white lace trim on the neck and sleeves. I couldn’t wait to put it on. I turned and she slid it over my arms, then turned again to face her.

Closing the robe, I realised that it was quite short, only just covering my bum and I loved it. I was truly becoming quite the exhibitionist around Becky.

“It looks and feels like a piece of expensive lingerie, it is wonderful. Thank you Becky.”

She kissed me again, a quick brush of her lips, “You look gorgeous, sweetie. Absolutely gorgeous.”

We carried the bedding downstairs and went through to a utility room that was near the downstairs loo. We loaded the bedding into the machine and Becky put the soap powder in and started it.

Taking my hand, she said, “Okay, now we need to make some space for your clothes.”

We headed back up the stairs, and over the next few minutes we happily moved stuff around. I ended up with my own underwear drawer, and we put my bras, knickers, socks, tights and my one pair of stockings in there. Becky spent a little time examine some of my lingerie. I didn’t have much, but I had a few things I’d bought because I liked them or, in one case, because Jake wanted me to.

“A basque? Now I would love to see you in this,” Becky said, holding it up. It was black and I had a sort of love hate relationship with it. Hate because Jake sort of got a bit weird about it, quite often almost pleading with me to wear it, and now love because Becky liked it. It is odd how things can change your perceptions so totally.

“I would love to wear it for you. With my black stockings. If you’d like?”

“Oh my. Yes. I can just see you in this. Mmm. Maybe later?”

I so wanted to please her. I said, “Now, if you want?”

Becky giggled, “I so love you, sweetie, but not now. Let’s do a bit of practical stuff first, hmm?”

She was right, of course, so we carried on putting my stuff away. Putting my dresses on hangers alongside her clothes and my jeans, trousers and leggings on a shelf.

“Right. Breakfast,” she said.

We headed downstairs once more and Becky started the coffee, then produced two bowls and said, “Corn flakes okay?”

“My favourite start to the day, other than kisses and sex,” I said with a silly giggle.

She laughed and said, “Well, yes. Obviously.”

She poured two bowls and got some milk out of the fridge and then poured coffee for both of us, adding the milk just how I like it. I had never felt so pampered, and felt guilty for not doing anything.

“I need to get to know your kitchen so I can…”

She stopped me with a kiss. I didn’t resist.

“Our kitchen now, and all in good time, sweetie. For now just indulge me and let me spoil you. It’s a glorious day. Why don’t we go and sit in the garden?”

I loved the idea, “Oh yes. Wonderful.”

We picked up our bowls and coffees and Becky led me through the dining room, briefly putting her coffee down while she unlocked the French windows. She opened them wide and I followed her out. The feel of my bare feet on the cool grass was delicious.

There was Tilly, sitting on the large glass table, and I felt a surge inside me as I recalled that first touch on my back. I noticed for the first time that the garden was surrounded by tall trees, giving it total privacy, which I loved.

There were four single chairs and one bench seat, all wood framed with pastel green, padded linen cushions.

We put everything down and sat next to each other on the surprisingly comfortable bench seat. Just like the night before I was aware that, due to how short my bath robe was, my bare bum was on the linen. Before we started, Becky leaned over and gave me a long, lingering kiss. I felt my body react. How on earth I could be so easily turned on, over and over again, was something I was revelling in. She broke away and said, “I so love you, Anna.”

I smiled, and felt little tears of happiness welling up in me, “And I love you, Becky. With all of my heart. Pinky, Perky and Chloe also happen to adore you.” I was loving my newly named parts.

Becky smiled and I could see the moistness in those beautiful, deep blue eyes.

We started eating our cereal, and drinking our coffee. We were just finishing up when the doorbell rang.

Becky looked confused. “Who on earth would be calling on me on a Sunday morning?”

Realising this might be awkward for Becky, I said, “Do you want me to get out of the way?”

A thoughtful look came over her face. “No sweetie. Just stay out here. If it’s someone who may have a problem, I’ll make sure I keep them in the hall or the kitchen. I’ll come back when the coast is clear.”

She gave me a little kiss and headed indoors. I watched her retreating back, admiring her in her beautiful kimono. I took in her mussed bed hair, her beautiful legs and swaying hips. Just as she got to the French windows she turned, blew me a kiss and mouthed, “Love you.”

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