Sauce for the Goose

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***Author’s note: Anyone involved in any sexual activity in this story is at least eighteen years old. All characters are entirely fictitious and are not based on any person, living or dead. Any similarities are purely coincidental.***


Monday morning in the Clemence household and never had the axiom appearances can be deceptive been more appropriate or on the nose.

It seemed like the average American homestead in all its particulars, as if the gods of domesticity decided to create the ultimate example of what middle class family life could and should be.

A harried and somewhat frazzled mother was going about her business, frying bacon and eggs, whilst simultaneously making a packed lunch for her husband. A meal he would ultimately never consume.

Said husband, a sombre looking and broad-shouldered man, was sat, attentively reading the morning paper, occasionally taking sips from a cup of coffee.

Another, younger man, their son, rushed in, heading straight to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of orange juice. He opened it up and swigged down huge mouthfuls of ice cold liquid, some of it splashing down his chin and onto his t-shirt.

“Greg!” His mother exclaimed. “What have I told you about drinking straight from the bottle? We have these things called glasses; you could try and use them once in a while?”

“Sorry, Mom.” He replied, between swigs. “I’m in a hurry.”

Then, a young woman entered the room. She was wearing a school uniform, a slightly provocative and risqué example of the type, and she was carrying a pile of books.

The mother, known by everyone bar her children as Annie, handed over a plate of bacon and eggs to her husband, Ray.

“Thank you, honey.” He said, quietly.

“Do you want some, sweetheart?” Annie asked her daughter, Kim.

“No thanks, Mom, I’ll just have some cereal.” She replied, clambering up on to a high stool, flashing more than a little leg as she did so. Her mother had spoken to her about the uniform, questioning its appropriateness, but Kim was nineteen and beautiful, and she liked showing herself off a little. What could any mother do?

Annie passed her a box of corn flakes and Kim poured herself a bowl.

“Do you want a lift to school, Greg?” Ray asked.

“No, I’m okay, Dad. I’m getting a lift from some of the guys. Jake Dalton’s just passed his test, and his folks got him a car to celebrate.”

“Don’t expect similar generosity from your parents.” Ray stated, coolly.

“Awww, come on!” Greg moaned, somewhat in jest, somewhat in earnest. “I’m going to need a car!”

“We’ll talk about it at a later date.” His mother said, in a soothing, pacifying tone. “You haven’t passed your test yet.”

“Okay, well I’m outta here.”

Greg quickly kissed his mother on the cheek and hightailed it out of the room. The remaining family members could hear the front door slam shut, as he left the house behind.

“You still want a lift, sweetie?” Ray said to Kim.

“Yes, thank you, Daddy.” She replied, in her best sweet-little-girl voice.

Annie didn’t say a word, but internally she was metaphorically rolling her eyes.

I bet you’ll buy her a car, she thought to herself. Even after what happened.

Kim Clemence was the apple of her father’s eye, and always had been. Technically, she was the oldest, born a couple of hours before her twin brother. And she had been a daddy’s girl right from the start. Ray had doted on her, without restraint or an iota of shame. He had spoiled her rotten, giving her pretty much anything she had wanted. Kim had always had her father wrapped round her little finger.

Now, more than ever.

Although, if Annie was being brutally honest, she had a similar devotion to her son. No parent admits to having a favourite, and Annie would never confess the fact to another living soul, but Greg had always been her special little boy. She loved them both, of course she did, and she would do anything for either of them, particularly so after the accident, but there was just something about her son that made her love him that little bit more.

He was so open and caring, in a way Kim had never been. At least not with her mother. Greg would always welcome her with open arms, a huge grin on his face as she enveloped him in a warm hug. When he was younger, he would sit on her lap and cuddle her for hours. Even now, he was so much more tactile and affectionate than his sister.

“You ready to make a move?” Ray asked his daughter.

“Sure thing, Daddy.” She said, slipping off the stool, her short skirt riding up her legs, revealing a pair of light blue panties.

“Isn’t it a bit early?” Annie queried, looking at her watch.

“I’ve got to get in for a Skype meeting we’re having with Singapore. Time difference means we’ve got to catch them early.”

“I don’t mind, Mom.” Kim said. kahramanmaraş escort bayan “I can study a little before class. And I love spending time with my Daddy.”

“Awww, thank you sweetheart.” Ray replied, reaching out to take his daughter’s hand and kissing it lightly.

“Oh please, get lost before I throw up.” Annie exclaimed. “You two are nauseating.”

Kim and Ray laughed. He came round the kitchen table and kissed his wife on the cheek.

“See you tonight, honey.” He whispered in her ear.

“Okay. Love you.”

“Same here.”

A few seconds later they were gone, and Annie considered what her plans were for the day, or at least what she might do for the next hour or so.

I think I might have a nice bath, she thought to herself, before heading upstairs.


It was fair to say that the Clemence family lived in one of the swisher parts of town. They weren’t rich exactly, but they were reasonably well off. A nice house, a couple of cars, a pool in the backyard. Ray worked his balls off to keep them all in the lifestyle they had become accustomed to; he felt it necessary to provide for his family.

A few miles away from the pleasant little cul-de-sac the Clemences called home was a somewhat less salubrious area, known as Cotton Heights. It consisted of some pretty rundown houses, an elementary school that had closed years earlier, and a strip mall, where half the businesses were boarded up. Behind it was a row of storage units, effectively secure garages, one for every store.

Ray had noticed them a few months earlier, and one morning, almost on a whim, he had stopped outside the strip mall, and ventured into a just-about-surviving drugstore, to make some inquiries. He had been in luck, since the owner of that establishment – perhaps the only drugstore in town that hadn’t been bought out by CVS or Walgreens – happened to own three of the aforementioned garages. He was more than happy to rent one out to Ray for a nominal fee. He was also happy to accept cash in hand, just to keep everything quiet and below board.

Ray had very recently discovered a compelling reason why he needed somewhere to get away from it all. He neglected to inform his wife about his little investment. The rent was small enough that she need never notice. And the storage unit was conveniently placed, right on his way to the office. He could stop there, and the whole world would be completely unaware of his activities.

So, twenty minutes after leaving for work that morning, Ray’s car was parked in his personal storage unit; the door firmly locked and a single, naked lightbulb illuminating the shabby interior. He was sat on the back seat of his car, with his pants and boxers round his ankles. His teenage daughter was straddling him, and his dick was buried balls-deep in her cunt.

Kim’s succulent thighs and butt cheeks were moving rhythmically, as she rode her father’s cock. You could see her muscles twitching and straining as they fucked. She was moaning and whimpering with every thrust, her tight little pussy lips stretched wide by his big, beefy fuck-stick.

She’d taken her blazer off, and it was lying on the passenger seat up front. She still had her blouse on, but it was unbuttoned, and one of them had taken the time to fish her big, juicy tits out of the cups of her bra. Her body was pressed tightly against her father’s, her arms wrapped round his head, as he buried his face in her cleavage.

Ray’s hands were roaming over her legs and buttocks, his fingers sinking into all that delicious, soft flesh. He licked and sucked at her nipples, tugging at them with his teeth, biting down enough to cause her a little pain. She had told him many times she liked it when it hurt; she enjoyed that extra added spice of sensation.

Father and daughter kissed, their mouths opened wide, their tongues slipping and sliding together, duelling muscles of wet flesh. They made out like teenagers on prom night, which was kind of appropriate, when you considered that one of them was still a teenager. It’s as if they were trying to devour each other. Both of them could feel hot breath against their skin and lips. She could smell and taste the coffee he had drank that morning. He inhaled the sweet, milky scent of her breakfast cereal.

Ray particularly relished fucking his daughter when she was wearing her school uniform. To be candid, he loved fucking her all the time – the fact it was incest already made it sinfully wicked – but it was just that little bit more wickedwhen she was dressed like this. You could never confuse Kim for a child – her body was too mature, too developed for it to be anything other than the physique of a young woman – but when she wore her hair in pigtails, or flashed him her cotton panties, like she had done that morning, the temptation kapalı gaziantep escort bayan to imagine was so strong.

What if she was younger?

Father and daughter had been having sex for nearly six months now. The first time it happened was the night of her nineteenth birthday; the birthday she shared with her twin brother. Ray had waited until then. That was what he told himself. That was the crumb of comfort he clung to when he felt particularly guilty or uneasy about what they were doing. What he was doing. It didn’t do much to salve his conscience, but it was there, nonetheless.

I waited until she was a grownup, he thought, with a sense of quiet desperation.

They had known it was going to happen long before then, of course. Both of them knew. There was always that strange bond that existed between them. That intimacy. That closeness. It was like some deep psychic connection.

They had discussed the matter in some detail, on numerous occasions before their incestuous relationship was consummated. It had become obvious, clear as daylight, the direction in which they were moving. It seemed to make perfect sense, their love for each other was so strong and so overwhelming. Once the subject had first been tentatively broached, both of them understood it was simply a matter of when not if. Neither of them had even considered the possibility of restraining themselves. Society may have judged their behaviour both wrong and immoral, but that was never going to stop them.

They simply had to be together.

God, he remembered that first night so vividly. Their first time as lovers. He and Annie had held a party for their children. A grand celebration to mark their coming of age. A year late, of course, but they had been given little choice in the matter. A few weeks before her eighteenth birthday, Kim had been involved in an horrific car accident. She and three of her friends were hit head on by a huge eighteen-wheeler. The driver of the truck had suffered a heart-attack and collapsed at the wheel.

The driver of the car Kim was in had died instantly. The person sat next to him survived, but lost a leg. Kim and another friend, who were in the back of the vehicle, were both seriously injured. She was in a coma for four days and it was touch and go there for a while if she’d even survive. She did, but she was badly messed up. As a result, she missed so much term-time, the teachers deciding to hold her back for a year. Hence the continued use of a school uniform and a lavish nineteenth birthday party, when most people go big a year earlier.

Looking back, Ray wondered if the accident had actually led to them becoming lovers. There was the shock and fear when he had nearly lost her; the joy and relief when he knew she was going to be okay. It made him reassess how much he truly loved her, how much he wanted to be with her.

And then there was the physio. Kim suffered some pretty serious internal injuries, but she also broke both her legs. She underwent a series of operations and it took her several months to learn to walk again properly. Ray had taken it upon himself to be there for her, when she had to endure her gruelling daily exercises. He had been there for the tears and the tantrums, for the laughter and the little victories.

Almost inevitably this involved the two of them being together in close physical proximity. He had to touch her and hold her, stretch out her legs, manhandle her in some ways. There became something hugely sensual and sexual about these sessions. Both of them came to relish this special time between them. It was where their new relationship had begun.

That night, the night of the party, Kim had looked so beautiful. This had been the first big social event she had taken part in since the crash. It was almost like her debutant ball, her entry into high society. She had worn a long, slinky dress, cut low to accentuate her ample bosom. Her strawberry blonde hair was piled high above her head, occasional curls falling down past her cheeks. She looked so sophisticated. So grown up.

All night, they kept exchanging glances, their eyes following each other round the room. Even when she was amongst her friends, laughing and dancing and cavorting, she would see him looking at her. His eyes burning holes in the soft, shimmering fabric of her dress. She would smile shyly at him, and he would wink at her. He was so full of pride. Full of love. Full of lust.

After the party had ended, the guests had finally left, and the catering staff had finished clearing up, Ray was stood alone in the patio in the backyard. The night sky was clear, the stars shone down on him like a thousand pinpricks of light puncturing a blanket of dark black velvet. Kim joined him, wrapping her arms round him, yearning for warmth and physical connection.

He smiled kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan at her, looked around briefly, seeing if anyone else was present, then he kissed her on the mouth. Her lips instantly parted, welcoming his tongue with hers. This wasn’t the first time they had kissed like this. Although he had refrained from actually fucking her, they had made out plenty of times in the last few months. Sometimes after the physio sessions, when they were both hot and sweaty; other times they had met up, late at night, usually in the living room, after everyone else had gone to bed. They had whispered and plotted and conspired and kissed. But tonight, they would go so much further.

“I love you so much, pumpkin.” He said.

“I love you too, Daddy. Thank you for tonight.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes. Although, I hope the best is yet to come.”

He looked up in the sky for a second, then returned his gaze to meet hers.

“Are you sure, my darling little girl? It’ll change everything.”

“I’m sure.” She said, her hand moving between them, finding the front of his pants and gently squeezing his erect cock.

He moaned softly. This wasn’t the first time she had touched him like that. Although they had yet to make love, there were other things a man and woman could do together, if they were so inclined.

“Wait for me in your room. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He said.

He kissed her softly on the tip of her nose and she giggled. The exact same type of giggle she’d had since she was a baby. Then she walked away, back into the house. He stood there and just admired the sight, her amazing buttocks and legs, encased in nylon and silk, moving in wondrous, poetic harmony.

Christ above, I’m going to fuck her so hard, he thought to himself.

Perhaps an hour or so later, Ray made his way down the landing and quietly opened the door to her room. A bedside lamp was on, bathing the space in a warm light. Kim was lying on the bed, naked as the day she was born. He audibly gasped at the sight. What a study of physical perfection she was. Nineteen years old and immaculate in the way only teenage girls can be. Those large breasts, somehow still pert despite their size. That flat, tanned washboard stomach. The long, shapely legs. Her vagina, fully shaved or waxed perhaps, a delicate cleft at the centre of her being.

No sign of the injuries she had suffered. The human body was truly an amazing thing. Especially at that age. It could suffer such trauma, such harm; and it could recover. There wasn’t a scratch on her. She had been at death’s door, and now she was reborn. Created anew to become his lover.

He entered the room and closed the door behind him. He was wearing a short robe, which soon fell to the floor. Now, he too was naked, his large cock bobbing in front of him. He climbed on to the bed and enveloped her much smaller body in his. He could feel the soft, silky texture of her skin rubbing against him. She spread her legs wide apart and, without saying a word, he penetrated her for the first time.

Ray had been suddenly conscious of the audience watching them. The row of soft cuddly toys lying at the far edge of Kim’s bed, propped up against the wall. Various teddy bears and rabbits and lions and even a koala he had picked up for her on a trip to Australia. She must have been seven or eight years old, and he remembered the tiny weight and heat of her body, draped against his, as she hugged and kissed him with joyful, childish gratitude.

Now, that koala seemed to be staring at him. Its dead eyes looking on, wordlessly accusing, as he grabbed hold of one of her breasts, her big, fat, juicy breasts, and wrapped his lips tightly round her nipple, sucking desperately, as if his life depended on it. Those cuddly toys, combined with the pop stars and actors on the posters on the walls, all staring down in judgement, as he violated his daughter in the most primal and forbidden way imaginable.

And he didn’t care one bit.

Disparate images and sensations from that night would live with him until the day he died. Her delicate hands roaming his back, straying between the cheeks of his ass, teasing his anus. Her tongue on his neck and shoulders. Her teeth tugging at his nipples. The moment he had to clamp his hand over her mouth, desperately trying to keep her quiet, as she orgasmed beneath him. The transcendent feeling he enjoyed when he came inside her for the first time. The way they had both wept, whispering sentiments of shared love and adoration.

Neither of them knew how many times they had fucked each other since then, but they’d done it a lot. They did it as often as they could, wherever they could.

Hence their latest assignation in this dingy storage unit in Cotton Heights. Both of them knew this would have to be a quick affair, work and school awaited, so they were getting down to it as rapidly as possible. Kim was moving around frantically on top of him, her body bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling in a frenzied rhythm.

Before the accident, she had been a gymnast, and she still possessed the lithe flexibility that discipline could gift a young woman. Her body was so bendy and fun to play with, as she practically did the splits on top of him, albeit with his cock speared inside her.

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