Savages Ch. 03

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Writer’s Note

Quick update. Work has made me too busy to upload my stories on a weekly basis. I’m not sure when I will have more time to focus on writing and editing more stories. Hopefully chapter III satisfies your needs in the meantime. Enjoy!


Chapter III: Sunday

I was two fingers deep inside her. She was sweating and breathing heavy. Then she pushed me away.

‘We don’t have time for this, I need to be out of here before Madeleine shows up’.

She was right. Madeleine thought Meghan didn’t know what was going on. She thought Meghan was unaware of my cheating on her.

‘Maybe you can stay for a threesome, ever thought about that?’

She smiled at me then kissed me goodbye. It was worth a shot I believed, the thought of having both the Cooper sisters at once had haunted my dreams since I first met them. Strange that I never acted upon it before.

Meghan headed for the door, turned first the handle and then herself. Facing me she said ‘She’ll be harder to convince, so get that out of the way first’. The door closed and she was gone.

That was the first hint she ever gave that she wasn’t opposed to the idea. I had mentioned my incest kink to her before, but she never suggested her sister. The idea she left in my mind made me even more excited about meeting Madeleine tonight. Speaking of which, she could be here any moment.

I tidied up the house a bit more and sat waiting on the couch with the football game on. Now you should know that I don’t like sports at all. It’s just part of the mask I wear to not stand out too much.

The doorbell rang and even though I was excited to see her, I made her wait a while before I opened the door. Madeleine looked amazing just like her sister. Nice round breasts, tight waist and firm rear. Although the part I liked most about her was how her face reminded me so much of Meghan yet her eyes still had a very distinct look to them.

‘Is she gone?’ Madeleine was always so anxious about getting caught.

‘Yes, she left an hour ago and won’t be home till midnight either.’

That put her at ease. She took off her coat and walked into the living room. I followed her and admired the gentle sway of her bum. She threw her coat on the sofa and took in the house her sister had decorated. She was definitely jealous even though she and her husband didn’t have a bad place themselves. I turned the TV off and asked her for a drink.

‘Don’t worry I’ll get it myself’. She always liked to pretend this was all hers and that she wasn’t a guest but the host. She walked into the kitchen and looked at our display of vintage wines. She picked the first one and started reading the label (half mumbling to herself). I stepped up behind her pressing myself against her slim frame. My hands holding her waist and her bum cushioning my hard member. I started kissing her neck as a lover would do. It was all part of our little game; she wasn’t my paramour, no, instead she was my wife and this is just one night where we decide to make love passionately rather than suffer the boring standardized Maltepe Escort process of lovemaking that she got at her home. This was exciting, we weren’t some boring couple, we were spontaneous and living high with a healthy sex life.

She put the bottle away and her left hand slipped over mine. Her right hand crawled through my hair holding my head against her neck. She arched her back inwards and pushed her ass into my crotch. She softly grinded on my cock while letting out a soft sigh. Her eyes closed she was fully immersing herself into her role. I moved down to kiss her shoulder and for her this was the cue to turn around and initiate a passionate kiss. As always, her tongue was very nimble. I sometimes wondered if she was like this with her husband as well. She was even better than I imagined her to be tonight. Usually her performance depended on her mood. Something must have happened at home just before she came over that made her lust for it much more than usual.

She stopped our kiss and grabbed the bottle of wine again. She looked around trying to find the bottle opener, when she couldn’t find it, her face showed traces of panic; it wasn’t really her house was it if she didn’t know where the things were, right?

I grabbed the opener from the drawer and presented it to her ‘Sorry, hun, I’ll put it back in the drawer next time’. Relief was clearly visible on her face, but she had to stay in character ‘Just open the damn thing’. I took the bottle and looked at the label, she clearly went for the most expensive one. Once she got into her role she didn’t care how obvious her trail of evidence would be; she just wanted the best, all of it without a second thought. I didn’t really care. We kept the best wines in the cellar anyway.

I opened the bottle and she immediately snatched it away to drink from the bottle. The first sip she took had her coughing. Then she took a mouth full and kissed me with it. Half the wine dripped down to the floor. The other half tasted decent, but damn the way she was acting made me horny.

Madeleine didn’t care about the mess she’d make. In her fantasy we probably had a maid to clean it up, which is actually something that I wanted. A maid for some quick and easy fun on the weekends, but Meghan didn’t want anyone snooping around in our house. So, we settled on occasionally hiring an escort in a maid outfit for our needs.

I started undressing Madeleine, first unbuttoning her shirt. Then she got on with it as well. Taking off my belt and dropping my trousers. She froze and stared at the tent pitched in my briefs. I pulled down her bra (as I like clothed messy sex more than the fully naked kind) and grabbed a handful of her boobs. So supple and perfect. She pulled my sweater over my head and seeing my naked torso she felt the need to kiss me again. Her tongue still tasted of the wine.

Meanwhile my hands were struggling with her jeans. Too tight to get the button loose easily. She noticed my amateur moment which was dead embarrassing to me, even though for her it probably sold the idea of a non-cheating Ümraniye Escort fantasy husband. She was about to help when I got it loose. I turned her around again and bent her over the kitchen table as I slid her jeans down her ass. She perked up her perfect butt as high as she could and a lesser man would’ve lost it all at that moment and ravaged her without a second thought. She looked absolutely stunning in that position. Instead I took the wine bottle and started caressing her soaking wet labia with it. She didn’t say anything, I wasn’t sure if she liked it or just wanted me to take her hard. To me it was so insanely hot though. When I pulled the bottle back strands of grool formed from her wet pussy to the bottle opening. Naturally I did the only thing appropriate in that situation and took a sip of that pussy wine. It tasted funny and maybe it was the combination of the setting and ambiance but I liked it. I will definitely try this with Meghan and a better bottle of wine.

After my drink, I was hesitant to please her with it again, she still hadn’t said anything about it. Well, there was one more thing I wanted to try, so I used the bottle in her nether lips again. This time she moaned a bit. I was unsure if she liked it or not up until she finally said those unforgettable four words: ‘Put it in me’.

I didn’t waste a second. With how wet she was at that time, it slid in with ease. She moaned louder this time and I started fucking her with the bottle. The wine inside sloshing all around, some of it entering Madeleine and mixing with her own fluids before returning to the bottle. It got me super hard. I wetted my right thumb and inserted it in her ass. I never did anal with Madeleine, but today was the day of trying something new. She didn’t mind and I could feel her sphincter tighten and relax. She moaned loudly now. She was on the verge of climaxing.

I pulled the wine bottle out of her vagina and knelt down behind her. I wanted to know what she’d taste like now. So while keeping my thumb inside her ass, I caressed her clit with the bottle and ate her pussy. It was delicious. Alcohol and pussy is a great combination. I lapped at it eagerly. It was exhilarating and I had to put the bottle down and give myself a stroke. I noticed that my helm was dripping precum. With a few strokes, all that precum was applied all over my now glistening rock-hard cock. I sucked the last bits of wine from her pussy then stood up, grabbed her by the hips and penetrated her tight little hole. Madeleine was enjoying every second of it. She had never had a fuck this intense before. Her whole body was loving it. She moaned and squirmed and shook. I started pounding her harder and faster. Her body movements told me she was nearing her climax again and so was I. To be honest I hadn’t had a fuck this good in a long while myself. It took every ounce of strength to not blow my load inside her. I pulled my cock out, many strands of the precum/grool mixture formed between us and drooped down to the floor.

‘Turn around, hun’

She knew this part all too well. I loved seeing İstanbul Escort her face while I cum so much that thus far I have always finished in her mouth the first time of the night.

She took off her jeans went down to her knees then got back up again. She then grabbed the wine bottle, took a sip and squatted down on it in front of me. Looking up with piercing blue eyes, an open mouth and a tongue hanging out, her role as obedient housewife left no fantasy unfulfilled.

I stuck my cock in her mouth and she gobbled it like a pro. Meanwhile she was going up and down the bottle. If I had the time to pay attention to the bottle I would fear it would break the way she rode it, but my attention was fully focused on her face and my cock going down her throat. Her tongue moved deftly around the helm and her lips were perfectly wet to slide up and down my shaft. My engorged cock was throbbing. Her warm wet mouth never felt so good before.

It was too much now and we both knew it. Everything was literally in her hands now and she did not disappoint. She timed it perfectly with her own climax. I busted my load inside her mouth. Filling it with more than she anticipated, more than I expected and she nearly choked on it as she moaned from her own orgasm riding the bottle. She couldn’t handle both and tried to pull back, but instead I grabbed her head and pushed myself deeper down her throat. My cock was in the perfect place to enjoy the aftershocks and shooting out the remainder of my cum.

She coughed up the cum that went down the wrong pipe. Some of it was dripping down her lips (which she professionally lapped up with her tongue) but she didn’t swallow it yet, she first sucked my cock dry and then she took the wine bottle and poured some more wine into her mouth. She swished it around for a bit, mixing it with my cum before she swallowed it all. I’m pretty sure it tasted awful, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it off her face. No, instead she was like a siren. I think this was the first time where I wanted her more than she wanted me. We stared at each other in silence, our minds processing what had just transpired. Never had I fucked Madeleine like this before. And the night was still young. The first act of the play was over.

The rest of our time was spent with her trying on my wife’s dresses and me fucking her in them. I had never wanted to fuck her more than today, but every fuck after the first one was not but a distant echo, a ghost of that first fuck. Yet with each orgasm I kept yearning for her all the same.

At one point, she even used Meghan’s vibrator. Taking it with her in the shower (which I thought was an ingenious way of washing the thing without making it seem like it was someone else’s). However, one time with the toy was enough for her though, but everywhere she went in the house she’d carry and take sips from that wine bottle.

Towards the end of our night, I asked her ‘You’ve tried everything of Meghan’s, ever thought about trying her?’

She didn’t understand my question, of course she didn’t, she was more than tipsy by then, so I put it bluntly.

‘Have you ever thought about a threesome with your sister and me?’

She snapped her head back looking at me intensely. I was not sure if she was about to kill me or if it was the alcohol, but I’ll never forget that look.

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