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Black And

Scarlett was a young girl I had been courting. We were to meet today at the coffee shop. She had just turned 18. That’s good…as I was quite a bit older than her. We had met online, and started to chat. We both agreed we couldn’t meet until she was 18. She was innocent, and that’s something that I want to break. I want to turn her into a bad girl.

We met at the coffee shop and had a date. She was dressed in a cute outfit, one that showed her cleavage. She greeted me,

“Hey Bryan. Nice to finally meet you.”

We proceeded to have coffee. She had a cheese danish too. She ate it greedily, and I asked her,

“Did you want to go to the movies afterwards?”

She nodded, and we proceeded to the movies, driving in my car. When we got there, I noticed that Scarlett was staring at me. I kissed her, and she seemed to really enjoy it. She then entered the movie theater, and said,

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

I fought off my temptation to join her in the bathroom, as staring at her ass as she walked away in her short skirt really turned me on. Her ass was nice and firm. I waited in the lobby, almost impatiently. When Scarlett returned, she went with me into the movie theater. I had chosen a movie that had sex scenes in it, a raunchy comedy. I was hoping to get Scarlett in the mood. After about the third scene, we started to make out in the theater, right in front of everyone. Scarlett was really bad at kissing, meaning she probably had never been kissed before. She struggled to meet my tongue, but was eager to attempt to please me. We left the theater after the movie, with Scarlett’s hand on my thigh as we drove home. She started to run her hand up and down my thigh, and I took us on a detour to the park. I parked there, and Ankara Escort talked with Scarlett for a bit, trying to embarrass her,

“So have you ever had a boyfriend before?”

Scarlett blushed, and answered,

“No, I’ve just kissed a few guys in high school.”

She was really embarrassed now. I leaned over, and kissed her, deep. She then slid her hand to my cock, rubbing it through my jeans. We did this for a while, then Scarlett’s phone buzzed. she checked it, then laughed.

“It was my mom.”

She then asked me,

“Are you going to have me home late? She wants to know.”

Scarlett winked at me, and then I replied,

“Yeah tell her we are going to be late.”

I then drove her back to my apartment, where we proceeded to spend quality time together. We watched netflix, and I desperately prayed to get her in the mood. She kissed me, this time on the cheek, I then reclined back, and we both sweated from the warm summer day. Her breasts glistened against her top, and her redhair shimmered against the glow of the television. She kissed me again, this time deeper, and rubbed at my cock. She then did me the biggest favor in my life. She dropped to her knees, and started to give me the best blowjob. It made me wonder if this was the miracle I had been waiting for? She sucked it so good, licking at my head, taking me then in as deep as she could.

She sucked me until we got up and headed to the bedroom. She laid down, and removed her clothes, and started to play with herself, letting me watch as I kissed her and edged her on. I rubbed at her clit, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She removed her fingers from her pussy, and laid back, letting me push Balgat Escort it deep inside of her. She moaned, and we continued on, playing, Scarlett loving every minute of it.

“Push it deeper, daddy!”

Oh, and I did. Her ample breasts moved up and down as my cock entered her deeper and deeper. She breathed deep, and we matched our thrusts. We got her closer to coming, her moans coming every few seconds, and then she squirted, all over my cock. I then pulled out, and she squeezed her tits together, letting me fuck them until I sprayed my cum all over her face. She then proceeded to lick it off of her face the best she could, swallowing every last bit.

We then put our clothes back on, and finished the movie we had started. We kissed several times during the flick, and Scarlett promised to see me each weekend. She remarked,

“I hate that I can’t spend the night….”

She left, and I thought about her each moment of the night. I was hot and bothered. How will I keep such a woman? Scarlett will leave me the first moment she finds someone else. She did that week. I had been just a tool. This was what was bitter sweet about being with a girl for the first time. You’re just training wheels to her. I was a passionate lover, but I’d seen too many young girls come and go with me. I had been used and abused by so many.

I’m 38 now. Not a young pup by any means. It was this quiet reflection that disturbed me. I had not found a wife because of my volatile nature. Women loved me for my bedroom prowess, and that’s as far as it goes. Once the spark dies, then they are on to someone else. I’ll keep searching, realizing their first time will never be the last time for me. I had broken Çankaya Escort in so many young girls, licking my lips as each one comes to age. I’ve fucked so many of them on their birthdays that it is more numerous than my own. I can’t even count that high.

I started my search again, scouring the schools yearbook. Who will be my next victim? Who will I leave my mark on? Who will I get a hold of? It’s been sixteen years that I’ve been doing this. Here’s to sixteen more. Give me a young hussy and I’ll break her in half. I smiled, thinking,

“No mountain is really too tall for me to climb, is it?”

I got out a cherry pie, remembering Scarlett. Here’s to our years of friendship, and one night of passion together. It’s been two weeks since she’s called me. When she finally did, she told me she wanted to see me again. This shocked me. Had I casted a spell on her? They never come back for more. Maybe Scarlett is special. I just have to believe that I can make something more out of this.

Scarlett admitted she had seen someone else in our two weeks apart. She got mad at them, making the comparison game to me. She admitted,

“They aren’t as good as you, daddy!”

The weeks turned to years, and Scarlett is still seeing me. We talk about marriage every once in awhile.

“Maybe one day?”

Scarlett teased, us both realizing it wasn’t possible. Scarlett wasn’t the type you marry, and neither was I. She took me to the bedroom, and we started up again, us getting it on as we do several times a day. It felt so good in her tiny pussy. It’s true that she broke my curse. I still think of how many I had to break before I had found her. I had broken in at least 100 virgins before I had found my Mrs. Right. She was a hot trick, one that I had discovered was bisexual. That’s why she had never been with a man when I had gotten to her. I had given her first time with a man, and admit it, she loves the cock. We are in utter bliss, and sometimes she even invites her friend she had seen in those two weeks over for a hot threesome. Who doesn’t love banging two chicks at once?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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