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This story is a pure fantasy although the lady involved is real and does in fact, work in the same office as I do. She has no idea that she’s inspired so many scenarios…

One thing I like about my job is that I can come in a little later in the morning as long as I compensate at the end of the day. I’m probably the only one in this company of 300 who doesn’t mind starting his week-end a little later, because on most Fridays by 5h30 the entire building’s empty.

Having to compensate for many late mornings this week, I planned to stay until about 7h30. At 4h I took a break, grabbed some food in a restaurant nearby, and smoked the end of a joint I had started the day before. By the time I got back in, everyone was gone, and I was free to work quietly while listening to music.

Around 6h30 I was on the end of my buzz and took a break for a drink of water and bathroom business. As I exit the stall, this beautiful girl I had seen around the office was standing there.

I don’t actually know this girl’s name. The guys call her Scarlett because her nose resembles to Scarlett Johanssen’s (the actress), but it’s not the only feature they have in common. She’s a terribly sexy, petite, blond-haired woman with the kinkiest smile and a look that kills.

Taken aback, all I can say is: “Oh, shit. Is this the women’s side? My bad.”

“No, no, it’s me who lost my way.” she replies calmly. “Working late?” she continues with a smile and the casual head tilt.

“Uh, yeah. Mornings are not my thing.” I am slowly starting to get a hold of my senses. “What’s your excuse to be here so late?” I continue.

She reveals the wallet she’d been holding in her back. “I forgot my wallet” she says. “I was surprised to see you here so late.” She pauses. “You look so hot when you’re focused on your work.”

We’ve never spoken outside of the occasional head nod when we pass each other or the typical acknowledgement when we’re be waiting side by side for the elevator or the coffee machine. She’s never given me any sign that she feels this way about me, and in fact, I’m aware that she has a boyfriend.

Not that it matters.

“So… you gonna tell me what you’re doing in the men’s bathroom?” I cockingly ask as I walk closer.

“I told you already, I got lost.” she answers promptly. “Think you could help me find me way?” bostancı escort she asks with the flirtiest smile on her face as she takes a step closer and feels my crotch through my pants.

I lean in and stop my lips about an inch from her mouth. “I’ll have to see what I can do” I say. “But we might have to take a detour on the way.”

And I kiss her wildly. I know right then an there that this encounter isn’t about romance. It’s about pure lust. My lips touch hers, our mouths open and our tongues start a battle that will only end with my last thrust. I grab her by the ass and lift her in the air, her legs on each side of me. Her arms are around my head as if she’s trying to pull me closer as we kiss. I sit her on the counter and immediately lift her pink shirt above her head, revealing her incredible breasts.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I fantasized about those breasts. They must be a full C cup, round and filling her white laced bra perfectly. My face must look like the one of an 8 years old on Christmas eve as she sits there, staring at me, my jaw to the floor. She moves her torso back against the wall, and fingers me to come closer. My hands can’t wait any longer and I fill them each with a breast while I move my mouth to her neck. She hasn’t let go of my hardening dick and I still can’t believe this is happening. I want to rip her pants apart and fuck her right then and there but decide to be a gentleman and give her such good lovin’ that she’ll come back for more.

I kiss her neck, tickle her ears with the tip of my tongue and fondle her breasts like a virgin touching skin for the first time. She unbuckles my belt and I slide my hands along her chest to her back, to untie her bra. She continues slowly jerking my dick and I begin to suck and kiss her right breast while still fondling the left one. Her nipples are very hard and her hand keeps pushing my face into her chest.

As I move to tickle her left breast with the tip of my tongue, I begin to unbutton her pants. She lifts her butt slightly to accommodate me as I slide the pants off her to reveal an exquisite matching g-string. I look at her crotch and look up to see her smiling like a kid who’s just done something wrong, holding her left index between her teeth.

I don’t want to say anything to break the mood so I push my pants ümraniye escort bayan down and remove my shirt to expose my chest. She moves forward, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing our genitals together through the fabric of our underwear. I’m already starting to feel the wetness of her sweetbox and I am eager to sink my tool into it. I slide my hand under the fabric and sink a finger into her warm hole.

She gasps when my finger first penetrates her but rapidly begins thrusting back and soon I plunge another finger and increase my tempo.

After a few minutes of intense finger-fucking she is on the verge of climax, and suddenly seems to remember my cock which is screaming for attention. She pushes me away from her, releasing my fingers from inside of her and falls to her knees, taking my boxers with her.

My fully erect cock is standing in all it’s glory in front of her face and I don’t need to beg for her to take it in her mouth. She begins by kissing the tip and licking all of its length; then in one quick motion swallows it whole.

It thought I was going to cum right away. I grab her silky blond hair in a pony tail so I can watch as she’s giving my cock the sucking of a lifetime. I can’t believe she’s taking it all in her mouth. It feels so good.

I’ve never been so excited and at this point I simply want to explode in her mouth. But being a gentleman, I can’t leave such a great blowjob unrewarded. I reach down to fondle her tits and lift her back up. We quickly kiss and I push her back onto the counter, legs wide open in front of me.

I kiss her nipples, I kiss her stomach, I kiss her navel, and finally, I kiss her slit. I tickle her clit with my nose and insert my tongue as deep as I can inside her. She shivers. I softly suck on her clit as I insert two fingers again inside of her and she screams.

I want to see her cum. I increase my tempo. I suck and lap like crazy while I penetrate her fiercely with my fingers and finally, she explodes. Her pussy walls contract around my fingers and she squeezes my arm so hard that it leaves fingernails traces.

Her body goes limp in a long moan. It takes only a breath before she looks down at my cock and licks her lips in pleasure. She strokes it a few times and aims it at her waiting cunt. I push the full length of my shaft kartal escort inside of her in one powerful stroke.

Her eyes close and she places her hand on my stomach to stop me for a moment.

“Ooooooo shit baby” she says.

I don’t have nothing to say. The only thing on my mind is sex. I take my cock all the way out and push it back in hard. Her head hits the mirror and her eyes close again.

“Oooooo yeah.”

I begin pounding her madly as I lick and suck her tits. My hands are squeezing her tits and she’s fondling my balls from below.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh oh fuck, fuck, oh shiiiit babyyyyy…” Each thrust comes with a scream. I’m loving it. She hasn’t open her eyes, he face grinning under the force of my thrust.

I move my torso back up to pound harder and I place my thumb on her clit, moving it up and down rapidly.

“Ooooooooo god” she lets out loudly. I wonder for a split second if we are giving the janitor a show, but on second thought I couldn’t careless. The only thing on my mind is the orgasm I knew my woman is building up to. She grabs her tits with one hand and places the other on my ass, pushing me in deeper each thrust.

“I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiing” she says before tilting her head back and dropping her legs off the counter in a loud moan.

I can feel that I’m about to cum myself so I slow down and eventually stop completely to allow her to change position.

“Well, it seems like someone’s still up for some more” she says, caressing my cock, as she kneels down and takes it in her mouth.

She only gives it a few it licks before I gently lift her up and turn her back to me. We are both looking at each other in the mirror and she quickly understands what I want to do next so she bends down towards the counter and lifts her ass up, rubbing it against my cock.

I feel down to her slit and slowly guide my cock into it. It feels so hot. I begin to slowly push my cock all the way inside her and fondling her breasts. As I increase my tempo she starts playing with her clit and too soon again we were both about to cum.

I place my hands on each side of her waist and I explode. I come deep inside her, still thrusting with all my strength. She starts cumming and screaming again and I can feel her juices flowing around my cock.

I pull out and my soft dick is satisfied beyond description. She turns around and gently caresses my dick and kisses me. We are both out of breath and exhausted. I run my hands on her tits one last time and we each get dressed, still in silence.

From then on, going to work took a whole other significance…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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