School Days Ch. 05

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Officer Sloan had been half asleep when the radar gun chirped and he saw the blur of the red sports car rocket past him. He threw the cruiser in gear and was quickly after them, lights blinking and siren wailing. The speeding car slowed quickly and pulled off to the side of the road, Sloan bringing his police car to a stop a few car lengths behind April’s convertible. He punched the license plate number into the computer and waited for the information to come back. Looking at the car he could see the two occupants engaged in an animated conversation.

“Just fucking great,” Tina whined.

“What are you worried about, I was the one driving eighty something,” April replied calmly.

“Who cares, this is fucking backwater USA, and they’ll probably drag us in for something stupid like a busted taillight.”

April just shook her head at her hysterical passenger. “Look at me,” she said thrusting her chest out. “Do I look like someone who gets speeding tickets? I have never been given a ticket in my life and I don’t plan on starting today.”

The beep of the computer brought Officer Sloan’s attention away from the car. Not stolen at least, he thought to himself. The picture of the registered owner is what caught his attention. If you can look good in driver’s license photo you had to be hot. The pretty blue eyes and the reddish-blonde hair made his cock stir.

He got out of the cruiser thinking, “with my luck her grandmother borrowed the car and forgot which pedal was which.”

April watched in the rearview mirror as the cop approached. He looked young and fit, his uniform clinging tightly to his legs and torso. She shifted the seatbelt so it slid between her breasts and pulled off the oxford shirt to show just the camisole top underneath.

“License and registration please,” Sloan said as he took in the sight before him. His cock stiffened even more as he looked at the driver’s enormous chest swaying as she pulled her license from her purse. She handed him her ID and leaning out the window asked him, “What seems to be the problem officer?” April’s tits were draped over her car door.

The stirring in his uniform pants was noticeable as he looked into the deep blue eyes of the driver. April had already figured out how to get out of this ticket before he even asked if she knew how fast she was going.

“I’m sorry officer,” she said batting her eyes, “you see Tina and I were fooling around and I kinda lost track of how fast I was going.” The whole time she was talking April was sliding her hand along the swell of her breast. Glancing at his crotch she could bostancı escort bayan see that her teasing was having the desired effect. “I promise we won’t do it again,” she said licking her lips. “Well at least the speeding part.”

“Well,” he said trying to quell his lust, “eighty-seven is pretty fast. I don’t think I can let you off with just warning. I’m going to have to write you a ticket.” With that he turned and walked back to the cruiser his hard cock straining against the fly of his pants.

“I thought you never got tickets.” Tina chided.

“It’s not over yet,” she said, quickly modifying her plan. “Yell at me?”


“Yell at me; call me stupid bitch, whatever you want. Just make sure the cop can see you.”


As Sloan sat in the cruiser he saw the passenger start gesturing wildly and it looked as if she was yelling at the driver. After a few moments he saw the driver get out and walk back toward his car. He couldn’t believe the body on this girl. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra as her heavy tits swung free under the stretch top she was wearing, and her hips swayed gently back and forth, the jeans hugging her body. As she drew closer it looked as if she were crying. She stood next to his window.

“Can I sit with you?” April sobbed. “She’s screaming at me and telling me I’m a stupid bitch just ’cause I was going a little fast. It’s her fault anyway for wanting me to finger her while I was driving.”

Despite the little voice in his head screaming “bad idea” Sloan opened the passenger side door and the girl of his fantasies slipped into his patrol car. She dabbed at her eyes with the tissue he gave her as he wrote the citation.

“How much is this going to cost me?” April asked softly.

“Probably about $300.”

“And there’s nothing we can do to get it knocked down to a warning,” April asked demurely.

The voice was screaming again and again it was ignored. “What did you have in mind?”

A thin smile formed on April’s lips, a smile of victory. She leaned back against the passenger door and slipped the straps to her camisole top off her shoulders. Pulling the material down her chest she said, “I could give you a glimpse of the tits you’ve been dieing to see since you pulled me over.”

When the satin slid off the creamy white orbs of flesh, Sloan’s hand moved to his groin and rubbed his swollen tool. “That’s a start,” he said haltingly, “but you were going very fast.”

Undaunted, April pulled a nipple to her mouth and sucked it, and then as she switched to the other asked, ümraniye escort “What if I play with them in front of you?”

When he didn’t respond, April pulled his hand to her and placed it on her tit. “Or you can play with them if you like.”

Sloan thought he would come in his pants at that very moment. Here he was with a half-naked girl in his car, his hands massaging her bulging chest and all she wanted was to get out of speeding ticket. He was ready to rip up the ticket when the voice in his head told him that he may as well see how far she was willing to go.

“I don’t want to just play with them,” Sloan said, “I want to fuck them.”

“Deal,” April said with a sense of victory. For $300 she was more than willing to give him a titjob.

April slid her seat all the way back and then got out of the cruiser, motioning for Sloan to sit on the passenger side. He slid over and April squeezed herself onto the floor in front of him. Sloan was rubbing and pulling at April’s tits as she opened his pants and fished his stiff cock out. It was huge. April could barely get her hand around it as she stroked it to its full length.

Her mouth was poised to lube him up when she looked up at Sloan. “Rip it up or we don’t go any further.” When she heard the first tear, April engulfed him with her mouth coating his length with her saliva. She drooled on him as she slid up and down his cock, finally pulling his slippery tool from her mouth.

Leaning forward she rubbed his sensitive head across her nipples, his sticky precum coating them. Wrapping her tits around the shaft elicited a gasp of pleasure from the police officer. Quickly, she worked her tits up and down, Sloan’s thick mushroom head occasionally peeking above her cleavage. It wasn’t long before Sloan was moaning about his impending release. April spit on the head as it peeked out and the added lubrication pushed Sloan over the edge. His cock spit back at April, the hot sticky liquid splashing on her chin and dripping onto her chest before trickling down into her cleavage. A moan that wasn’t theirs made them look over at the driver’s seat where Tina sat with her fingers buried in her pussy; her flushed look the telltale sign of her recent release.

“That was so fuckin’ hot,” she moaned. “Looks like you could use a little cleaning up,” Tina said to April as she leaned over and licked Sloan’s semen from her tits. Her tongue slithered into every crevice even gliding around Sloan’s cock, which was quickly regaining its rigidity.

“See what you did,” April said with mock disapproval. “What are we going escort kartal to do with the nice officer now?”

Tina smiled, “You’re going to go wait in the car, like you made me, and I’m going to sit on Officer Sloan, take his cock in my aching pussy and fuck him silly until he spews a load of hot sticky cum in my cunt.”

April left the two in the cruiser and walked to the car, adjusting her top before getting in. She looked in the rearview mirror and could see Tina already braced against the dash pushing back on the hot cop.

Sloan was laying back and enjoying the day he was having. The cute brunette, who had licked up his spunk, was now grinding her pussy up and down his cock, milking it with her cunt muscles. From his position Sloan could also see the girl’s puckered brown asshole. He gently massaged it with his thumb, thinking that if her pussy were this tight her ass must be incredible.

The touch against her sphincter made Tina moan. Sloan took that as approval and gathering some lubrication from her sopping cunt, pressed his thumb up her ass. Tina moaned lustfully, “If you’re sticking something up there it might as well be your cock.”

Looking over her shoulder, Tina saw the look of shock.

“That’s right officer, I said fuck me in the ass. Pull your thick cock out of my pussy and shove it up my ass.”

Sloan slipped his dick, dripping with her juices, from the warm moist heat of her pussy and pressed the head against her furrowed rosebud. With a groan, Tina pushed back and the head slipped in. Slowly she pressed back until he filled her ass. One hand maintained its grip on the dash while the other toyed with her sloppy cunt, her fingers slipping easily inside as her thumb strummed her clit.

Sloan had recovered from his initial shock and was beginning to thrust back in time with her.

“That’s it fuck my ass. God you feel so good filling me up with your big cock. It feels like heaven. I want you to shoot your hot creamy spunk in my ass, fill me with your cum.”

Tina’s hand left her pussy and rubbed Sloan’s heavy testicles. He groaned as Tina increased the speed of her thrusts and rubbed the base of his cock. With a mighty yell he shot inside her tight ass. Tina felt the splash of hot liquid against her insides and came immediately thrashing about while still impaled on Sloan’s impressive organ. As her orgasm waned, Tina pulled herself off Sloan’s shrinking tool and slipped out the passenger door.

“Thanks officer,” she called as she headed back to April’s car, “you’ve been a big help.”

Still stunned by the strange turn of events, Sloan could only watch as the slim girl in the denim skirt sauntered down the side of the highway and blew him a kiss when she reached her car.

Giggling she hopped into the car, “Let’s go shop!”

And the car sped off to the mall, both girls giggling.

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