Secret Admirers Ch. 03

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It was now about a week after our swimming pool orgy, and I was still fantasizing about it. John was back in town for most of the week but he had just left again. I was sitting at home and I received a call. It was Jimmy, he called me on his cell phone and told me that he wanted to speak with me this afternoon and to meet him at the pool and maybe we could go for a swim as well.

I was so excited, as I hadn’t had him since that day at the pool last week, and who knows maybe he would bring a friend with him! I put on the sexiest thong bikini I had and waited at poolside for him. Soon enough he arrived and sat beside me.

He said, “After last week I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I decided we’ve got to make things, like what happened last week an infrequent occurrence.”

“If you feel that way, that’s fine with me,” I told him. I wanted to have a gangbang again but I understood what he must be going through. He probably didn’t want his girlfriend, Emily to be aware of his actions, and the more something like this happened, the more likely she would find out.

Also, I felt some jealousy in the air, he probably wasn’t as willing to share me as he thought at the time. I was his perfect situation and he was mine. When he was tired of Emily, or if he wasn’t getting enough, he could just say he was going home early, and no one would be the wiser that he was having sex with his step-mom. Also, I had a lover on the side, in him, that was perfect as well as if John was neglecting me as I could catch up, my sex life while he was gone.

After my reply, he added, “I told Bobby, Kirby, and Sidney to be quiet about it or they wouldn’t ever have another chance at you.” I laughed, and he asked, “Is that OK?”

I told him, “Sure if that’s the way you feel.”

He then reiterated what I had thought, by saying, “I just don’t want Emily to get hurt. She’s more ready to have a one on one relationship than I am, and frankly you make it work perfect since I can have you and make it seem like I am as ready as her.”

I told him that I understood, then I asked him, “How has Emily been, and how are you getting along with her?” I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks.

Jimmy said, “Oh she’s fine, and things are going OK, I guess.” His body language didn’t make it look like everything was OK though.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

He said, “Well, we make out, and or have sex every now and then, and maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t seem as good as it used to, it’s like she doesn’t enjoy it or something.”

I told him, “Just hang in there and I bet everything will be alright.” I didn’t know what to think though, I wanted to help them but I didn’t know how. I figured a lot of it was in his mind though, as he was having sex with me as well, and we would do some wild stuff. I’m sure that what they were doing was a little limited by Emily’s experience.

Oh well, I figured enough of the conversation, let’s get down to business. I stood up and helped him up, gave him a hug, and told him, “It will turn out fine.” I then reached both of my hands into his swimming trunks massaging his muscular, firm ass.

His cock started getting hard immediately pressing against my body, as I gently pulled his trunks down. I took a firm grasp on his erection, and started licking the head of his penis in a circular motion. I took just the head in my mouth and pursed my lips around it, while tonguing the end of it. I enjoyed giving him head so much! I thrust my head forward until his member almost gagged me and then I bobbed back and forth several times.

I laid him back onto a towel and reached underneath it to get some baby oil that I had hid by the pool. I took my bikini off and I liberally poured out a lot of the oil and literally had him turn over several times totally covering every inch of his body in oil until his well toned body looked so hot that I couldn’t stand it, then I asked him to do the same to me, and I laid back onto a towel.

He did the same, only he took some breaks by licking and sucking on my well lubricated pussy. He paid close attention to my soft tits, and my long legs, then he turned me over putting oil all over my ass. I turned over and pulled him on top of me.

We slithered around the poolside, sliding all over each other. I licked his cock some more and he gave me some more oral pleasure as well. We kissed each other many times and our tongues explored each others mouths until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I told him to take me.

He got on top of me and shoved his cock in and out leaving me panting at poolside and wanting more. I had him get up and go to one of our poolside chairs and he laid flat on his back right there. I straddled him and started riding his stiff rod, when I heard a noise, and I stopped.

Jimmy said, “What’s wrong, why’d you stop?”

I said, “I thought I heard something.” It was silent now so I figured I must have been mistaken. I started riding him again and once again I heard something but I decided I wasn’t stopping again! I hoped it wouldn’t be somebody who would tell John about İstanbul Escort us, and that whoever it was, was getting a good show. It sort of turned me on anyway.

After a few more minutes of this, Jimmy said, “I’m cumming!” I pulled off of him and got to his long cock and engulfed it with my mouth as the cum shot deep into my throat. I spit some of the cum back out onto his cock and sucked it like a lollipop a few more times when I heard another noise!

It was coming from the alley behind out house, and I even thought I saw somebody peaking over the fence but I couldn’t tell who. They sure we’re there for a while getting an eye full, I wondered who it was but I figured they were long gone now.

Jimmy and I went in to clean off, and I was thinking of his and Emily’s problems and I came to a decision. I decided I would film them and see what the problem was if there was any. I told Jimmy, “About you and Emily, I think you two need some time alone. Tomorrow take her out to eat, then come back here and I’ll make sure I’m not here so you can take her to your room and make love to her and you two can reconnect, if you know what I mean.”

Jimmy said as he laughed, “Your a great Mom.” I laughed as well, but the anticipation of what would be on the tape was getting to me.

The next evening went off without a hitch and the next morning, soon as Jimmy left for his last week of school, I was going to have a “real” movie to watch! I went to the couch with nothing on but one of my husbands white button-up shirts, leaving my panties in the bedroom floor. I put in the movie and I was surprised by my reaction.

I guess you can say I had seen a few porn movies before, and had thought about being with a woman before, but I had never been as turned on before as I was when watching Emily undress on the tape. I always knew that she was beautiful but she was literally breathtaking in the nude!

She pulled off her tight T-shirt and her blue jean miniskirt to expose a pink pair of panties that were barely there and it seemed were almost painted on her 18 year old body. Her bra was pink also, and while her tits weren’t big, it appeared that they were very perky and maybe about a handful if you know what I mean.

She removed the bra, they were as perky as I thought, and she had quarter size nipples that were sort of puffy in appearance. She then pulled her panties off exposing her trimmed bush, and she was a natural blonde after all.

She stood about 5’10”, and was skinny, yet athletic, as she had played volleyball for many years. Her legs were well tanned as was most of her body, and she had distinct tan lines around where her bikini was worn. My pussy was getting wet before they even started, just by looking at her beautiful body.

Jimmy got on top of her, he ate her out, but she didn’t return the favor which I thought was interesting, and then he started fucking her pink, tight pussy. By looking at her face I could tell she was enjoying Jimmy’s dick, so it wasn’t that she didn’t like it at least. I pulled my little vibrator, or pocket rocket, out of my purse and started going at it while watching them, when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door.

I quickly stopped the tape, put my vibrator under the cushions, and threw a bathrobe on. I figured I would just get rid of whoever it was and get back to the tape.

I opened the door and it was Josh’s mom Angela again. I wondered what kind of news she would have for me this time. I opened the door and she said, “Nikki I need to talk to you about something, can I come in?”

I told her, “Sure, Angela, you act like it’s pretty important.”

She said, “It is, believe me it is. I’ve got to speak up, I wouldn’t be a good neighbor if I didn’t. I was eavesdropping on you a couple days ago and I saw you doing it with Jimmy in your back yard. I know I shouldn’t have, but I heard you two and I got a view of what was going on, and I just can’t let you go through all of this without me saying something.”

I thought to my self, she is making it seem like she just got a peek and left but I knew this wasn’t the case, she watched for quite a while. I played along though and I said, “It will turn out OK, Angela, I didn’t intend on this happening, but it did and frankly it provides me a fallback when John neglects me sexually.”

“But it won’t be worth it when it ruins your marriage, and it tears your husband and his son apart from each other”, she added.

I said, “Please don’t tell John, regardless of everything I do love him.”

“I wouldn’t ever tell him, I couldn’t hurt him in that way, but I couldn’t just sit there as your life gets torn apart,” she added.

“How did this happen anyway? You said you were going to fix it when I told you that Jimmy had been watching you get naked, is this how you fixed it?”

I responded, “Look I didn’t intend on this happening, but it did and I’m fine with it. I figured at the time I would just provide some bait for him and see if he really was doing as you said, and he was, so it all went from there.”

“I don’t Anadolu Yakası Escort understand, you mean you filmed yourself basically on purpose?”, she asked.

I said, “Yes I did, I put on a good show, I even fingered myself on the video, then I watched him watching me and frankly I got turned on which I really wasn’t planning on.”

“You mean you actually play with yourself sometimes and you did that on the tape as well?”, she asked.

“Are you saying you don’t play with yourself?”, as I changed the subject.

“Of course not! I’ve touched myself down there before but I always make myself stop, it’s just not right to do that. Anyway, what happened after that?”, she asked.

I replied, “First, I disagree with your opinion of masturbation, it’s one of the best releases there are, and I enjoy the hell out of it. Now, as far as what happened, I went to my room thinking I was alone and I fingered myself while watching the video I had made. Jimmy came back and was watching me through a cracked door while I was masturbating.”

“I confronted him at the door with nothing on but the shirt I’m wearing under this gown right now, we spoke for a while, and the next thing I know I’m laying on the bed with him rubbing my pussy with a vibrator. This shows why you shouldn’t make decisions when your horny and your pussy is soaking wet. But now I’m fine with it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Angela asked, “You have a vibrator as well?”

This conversation wasn’t going well, and it was almost like this was a voyeuristic exchange, more than it was a true conversation. This lady just needs to admit that she’s jealous of me, that she wants to masturbate but can’t, and finally I’d come to the assumption that she is turned on by Jimmy, that’s why she came over initially and that’s why she watched for so long from the alley. So I figured I’d rock her world a little bit. I asked her, “Do you want to watch one of our tapes?”

She said, “Heavens no!”

I told her, “You can watch some of our tapes anytime you want, and I have some sex toys if you want to try masturbating, it might make you loosen up a little bit.” Then I turned on the tape of Jimmy and Emily, and she stood up, but a little slower than someone would if they were watching something they didn’t want to see.

She moved to the door mumbling words like disgusting, and horrible, under her breath, but all the while she couldn’t keep her eyes off the screen. I laid back, pulled out my pocket rocket and spread my legs exposing my pussy to her as I started rubbing my pussy with the vibrating toy. I told her, “Feel free to come back over if you change your mind.”

All the while she had started looking at my exposed body and the TV screen at the same time. She looked astonished and turned on at the same time but she did finally leave. I figured that would be the end of it, but I was so wrong.

A couple of days later, Josh and Jimmy went to an end of the year school activity, it was a busy week. John would be back tomorrow night and Jimmy would graduate on Friday. Anyway, their activities tonight would probably keep them out until 10 or so, so I sat down to watch some TV, and I heard another knock on the door. It was Angela again. I opened the door, and I immediately said, “I’m sorry if I upset you the other day, I had reached my breaking point with the story, and all of the questions, and I guess I just snapped.”

Angela said, “It’s OK, I guess I deserved it, and I guess, I’m here just to be honest about my feelings with you.” We both walked into the house and sat on the couch. She said, “To be honest, I haven’t had sex in along time, ever since Eddie passed on.” You see, Angela, is 42 years old, and she is a widower, as her husband Eddie passed away in an accident 4 years ago.

“I may try to start going out, after Josh goes to college but it just doesn’t feel right to go out with another man as long as he is in the house with me. I guess I’m just building up all kinds of steam with no place for it to exit, which is why I watched you and Jimmy the other day, after I accidentally heard you two while I was in the alley.”

“Besides all of that I’ve always thought Jimmy was such a handsome young man and frankly when I saw him naked that day I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. So I have a request, you said I could watch your videos anytime and I was wondering if I could have a copy of the one you showed me the other day.”

“Angela, I really wouldn’t mind doing that for you but I want you to do me a favor as well, or really I want you to do yourself a favor,” I said.

“What do you want me to do?”, she asked.

“I want you to sit here and watch the tape in my home, and I will give you one of my vibrators, and I want you to at least give masturbation with a toy, a shot. I know if I give you this tape you will finally see the light that masturbation is a good thing, but I want you to see what a vibrator feels like, I know you will like it.”

Angela agreed to try it. “I’ll give you some privacy at first but I want to watch it with you, Üsküdar Escort so I’ll be back,” I said. She agrees to this as well, so she tries to get comfortable as I start the tape. She pulls up her black skirt to show her black lace panties, and her pale white, long legs, which didn’t have an ounce of fat on them. She is a brunette, about 5’8″, and has beautiful brown eyes, and has some beautiful large breasts.

The tape starts and she is touching her pussy but only through her panties. Emily starts undressing in the movie and I start getting turned on from watching her again. However, I slowly walked away for a minute as I told Angela I would. I went to my room, got my pocket rocket and took it to her, and I brought my dildo-vibrator and hid it behind her for now. I stood there watching her, then I undressed and sat beside her.

By this time, she had pulled her panties down, and pulled her skirt off. You could tell she was enjoying herself, the newness of the feelings that the vibrator was giving her could be seen by the expressions she was making, and heard in her moaning.

Her eyes coated the TV screen, watching Jimmy really put it to Emily, and finally Jimmy shot his wad on Emily’s tits ending the recording. However, Angela kept going and just closed her eyes with the vibrator teasing her clit. I had been fingering myself watching all of this and my pussy was so hot that I had to do something about it. I had felt all of these feelings about possibly doing it with another woman and I had a horny, half-naked 42 year old woman in front of me so I was going to make my move.

I reached for the large dildo-vibrator and I moved in front of Angela where she had her legs spread. I told her I would help her out, and she said nothing so I went ahead and inserted it deep into her wet pussy, as she let out a louder moan. I plunged it in and pulled it out over and over and her hips started squirming and rotating.

This was turning me on to no end, then she started quivering and put her hands at her side, dropping the vibrator letting me have my way with her, but what I did next surprised her. I’d never done it before so I was unsure of what to do, but I moved my head down to her steaming, hot pussy and touched my tongue to her clit.

She said, “What are you doing?”

I answered, “I’m not sure, I’ve never done this before but you looked so good I had to try it. Do you want me to stop?”

Angela said, “I’m not sure.”

I took that as a no, and I kept flickering my tongue on her fleshy clit. She said, “No, don’t….no….don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

I pumped the dildo in and out as I licked her pussy and her body started shaking, then I slowed back down and moved my body over hers as we went into the 69 position. We read each others bodies that night, and learned so much about what the other liked. Her tongue danced all over my pussy and it felt so good. I’d never had a girls tongue touching my pussy before and I was wondering why I waited so long.

We both got into the floor and positioned our hips to where our pussies could touch each other and we started grinding our hips together. My pussy touching hers felt amazing.

Then I heard the back door open, and I realized we lost track of the time and Jimmy was home. I could see the hallway whereas Angela could not, and when Jimmy walked in his eyes got huge. I made a motion for him to come over and mouthed the words, “Take your clothes off.”

He disrobed and stood a couple of feet away from us, but he was behind Angela’s head so she had no idea. I pulled away and turned her over and she saw Jimmy standing there naked. Angela tried to cover herself with her 2 hands, and I told her, “Go ahead, it’s been a long time Angela, just relax.”

Jimmy made love to her that night, kissing every inch of her now naked body and finally he stuck his rock hard 18 year old cock into her pussy. I stayed close by, massaging her tits and even teasing her clit with one hand while Jimmy was fucking her pussy. That left one hand free to play with my own wet pussy.

Jimmy asked, “Do you want some too?”, as he looked at me.

I said, “No you just pleasure Angela tonight.” They went from position to position until Angela started riding Jimmy’s cock. She gyrated on top of it at a million miles an hour, and Jimmy shouted, “I’m cumming!”

Angela said, “Go ahead, don’t hold anything back, shoot it inside me!” He came, as his engorged cock shot semen deep into her love hole, and they both started convulsing, on top of each other. Angela’s body collapsed onto Jimmy’s and they held each other and kissed. An exhausted Angela got up, got dressed, and she told me, “Thank you Nikki, maybe we can do this again sometime.” Then she told Jimmy, “Jimmy that was great, you are such a handsome young man, and a talented man(she laughed a little), Emily is a lucky girl.”

She walked to the door and I told her, “Yeah, we can do this again or maybe we can do something like it anyway.” Angela and I looked at each other, we both laughed, and she was on her way. My sexual horizons had expanded even further that night, and it didn’t appear that it would stop. I had added another sexual partner to my list in Angela, and the possibilities were endless. I couldn’t wait for my next escapade, as I got my tired body into the bed and launched my body into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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