Secretarial Sins Ch. 02

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I had to do some running around this morning, so didn’t arrive in the office until late. It had been a week since ‘the paper incident’, and although nothing had happened since, I had a feeling it would only be a matter of time, judging from the looks the boss cast my way when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I was definitely not expecting what was waiting for me in the office.

“Ah, there you are,” the boss called out from his office when I entered the antechamber. “Come in here, I’d like you to meet the new intern.”

I approached the office, and stopped, jaw dropping, in the doorway.

“This is Jean,” the boss introduced me to the naked and gagged figure that was tied to the wall using a selection of ties that the boss usually kept in his drawer. “Isn’t she adorable?” As he spoke, his fingers trailed across her body, causing her to gasp when they brushed her nipples. The way they stuck out from her body indicated that the boss had been entertaining himself with her for a while now.

I was quite surprised he still had his pants on, although a quick glance did show me how much he was enjoying himself.

“She is,” I agreed with him. I dropped the post on his desk and returned by attention to the bound figure against the wall. I reached up, I couldn’t really help myself, and brushed one of those hard, erect nipples for myself. She was certainly enjoying herself, but then, I could see that in her bright green eyes as she watched me playing with her.

She gasped again, and I glanced down. While I was still tweaking her nipples, the boss had slid a hand in between her legs. He looked to be just rubbing her for the moment, no penetration, although I could see the light reflecting off moisture on his fingertips. Yes, she was definitely enjoying this, although I was willing to bet this wasn’t what she was expecting when she arrived this morning.

My own body started to respond to the memories of that very hand glistening with my own juices, but I didn’t draw attention to myself, instead content to watch him play with Jean. Well, nearly content. After a moment of watching, I reached out again, and started rubbing both her nipples, and squeezing her breasts.

We all jumped when the phone rang, and I tore my attention away from Jean to answer it. I hadn’t left the office though, so I still had a good view of what was going on. I offered the caller a good morning, and introduced myself and our company. It turned out it was someone to talk to the boss, so I handed the phone over.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I definitely wasn’t expecting him to slide a finger into Jean’s wet and willing hole and start slowly, gently, and probably most important right now, quietly fingering her.

I could see incredulity in her eyes. escort bostancı There she was, with the bosses finger inside her, while he was casually sat chatting on the phone. I decided to try distracting him from the phone call, and so returned to Jean’s side. Looking at the boss, I again took up her breasts and started to fondle them. I heard a hitch in his breath and speech when I leaned down and took one of those nipples into my mouth, followed quickly by his explanation of “I’m fine, mate, just stubbed a toe,” to whoever was on the other end of the line.

Jean seemed to enjoy it too, judging from the quiet, muffled moans coming from behind the gag. I pulled my head back, and looked her in the eyes, loving the slightly wild expression I saw there. This was a girl on the verge of exploding. I’ll admit I was beginning to feel that way myself, thoroughly enjoying teasing and tormenting this poor girl. It was almost a shame I couldn’t take down one of her hands and put it to work on me.

I let one of my hands drift down, tracing a thin line down her stomach and into the small thatch of red fur she had lining her pussy. I was now close enough to be able to feel the boss and his fingers poking her. He had, however, left me enough room to be able to slip my hand in to tease her clit while he thrust his fingers into her.

She was just starting to moan louder around the gag when I heard my boss say, “Catch you then,” and hung up the phone. Now that he had another hand free, it was my turn to gasp and he suddenly pushed it up my skirt and onto the damp mound in my panties. I heard him make an appreciative sound in his throat, and then he started rubbing me.

It looked, from what I could see and feel, that he was trying to keep Jean and I in time, rubbing us both at the same rate. It wasn’t fair though, Jean had an advantage. I used my free hand to tug up my skirt, and pull my panties aside, giving the boss total unrestricted access to my pussy. He didn’t disappoint, and immediately slipped a finger, then two, into me too.

I leaned back against the wall beside Jean and just let myself enjoy his playing. I could feel more than see Jean doing the same. Listening to her trying to moan through the gag just turned me on even more, and pretty soon there was moisture running down both of the bosses hands.

I know I had came by then, and I was pretty sure Jean had too, probably several times. The boss hadn’t. That much was obvious from the massive bulge in his pants. I firmly pushed his hand away from my pussy, suddenly wanting to see him get it out, and use it on our poor, not-so-unfortunate prisoner.

I knelt down by his chair, and started undoing his trousers, while he continued to finger Jean. When his cock sprang ümraniye escort free, already hard and upstanding, it was my turn to make an appreciative sound. I slowly started to wank him, making sure Jean could see it well. That set her moaning behind the gag again, and judging from her shuddering, she came again on my bosses fingers.

Tugging gently on another part of my bosses anatomy, his arm, I guided him into standing up where I could push his trousers down and he could step out of them. Then, taking hold of his convenient handle, I drew him closer to Jean and started rubbing his tip through her pubic hair. He retrieved his fingers from her pussy, and held them up next to my face, and I eagerly took them into my mouth, tasting Jean’s juices for the first time (but certainly not the last).

I pulled my hand off his cock and, still sucking his fingers, gently pressed on his ass, pushing his cock into her fold. She jerked up and he thrust forward. I knew the look on her face. It was one of pure pleasure, having been teased for so long, to finally have that decent chunk of meat inside her was bliss. I knew that feeling, I had felt the same a week ago.

While my boss pounded the intern into the wall, I untied one of her hands. I don’t think she noticed at first, so distracted by her passion, but it became pretty obvious when I guided her hand, first to my breasts, where she could squeeze them through my blouse and bra, and then down, under my skirt, and onto the wet patch.

Her eyes flickered to me as I started riding her hand, using my own to fold her fingers into my hole until she outright penetrated me. She slid in and out so easily, I was already soaking wet, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

I tried to time it with the boss, so while he was thrusting into her, her fingers were thrusting into me. It didn’t take long before she was coming again, and I soon followed suit. After I came, i took her hand back, and lifted it up to offer it to the boss. He kept fucking her, but took her fingers into his mouth to taste me on her.

After a moment, I returned her hand to it’s new home, and kept riding it. My boos had other ideas though, I felt a hand on my ass, sliding down to slip between my legs from the back, and sliding into me, his fingers joining hers.

I was in heaven, fingered by two people at once, while watching them fuck. When I next came, they didn’t stop, and I could hear the slap, slap, slap, of their hands clapping together while my cum dripped down them.

Eventually, my boss pulled his cock out of Jean. It was glistening with her cum, and looked very tasty. I pulled Jean’s hand free of my pussy, and stepped back, forcing the boss to remove his hand too, then I dipped my head and took his tip kartal escort bayan into my mouth.

Jean tasted nice, and her pre-lubrication of his cock allowed me to really take it deep into my throat. I nearly gagged and pulled it back out, content instead to suck on it in a more regular fashion. I could feel him twitching in my mouth, that and the slightly salty taste at his tip told me it wouldn’t be long before he came. I didn’t want that to happen too soon though, since I hadn’t felt him inside me yet. I stopped sucking and stood up.

I placed Jean’s free hand on his cock, and she started teasing him, keeping him hard while I untied her completely. I then pulled her away from the wall, and towards the bosses desk, where I lay down. I propped my feet up on the edge of the desk and spread my legs for him. While he moved into position, I led Jean around the desk to where my head was, guiding her onto the desk and positioning her above me.

I pulled her down onto my face at the same time as I felt the boss pushing his rock hard shaft into my waiting pussy. Her pubic hair tickled my nose, but I didn’t let that stop me from diving right in. I flicked between her clit and pussy, teasing the rim with the tip of my tongue, dipping it into her every now and then.

And, of course, while all of this was happening, my boss was pounding away at my pussy, intent on filling me up, and stretching me out. Good God that felt nice! I think part of it was that I had been waiting for this for the past week, although I hadn’t expected to be face first in another pussy while he dealt with mine.

Not that I was complaining, Jean tasted great, even more so now that she was starting to cum again. She ground herself into my face, trying to make a sound beyond a muffled moan, but unable due to the gag, and I quickly felt her flood my face. I lapped up as much of her juices as I could, simultaneously cleaning her up, and prolonging her orgasm.

It was about now that I heard the boss start to grunt and groan. He was close, something confirmed by the subtle, but insistent, swelling of his cock inside me. Jean climbed off my face, revealing my cum soaked head and hair for the boss to see.

He let out an involuntary moan and started twitching as his cock emptied buckets of his cum into me. When he stepped back, cock dripping, I reached down and started massaging my clit, determined to cum at least one more time before the session ended.

Jean was there though. She gave the cock a quick suck, milking it of semen with her mouth, before turning her attention to me. I kept playing with my clit, since she was more interested in getting her tongue into me to scoop out the bosses cum. Honestly, I don’t know which was hotter – how it felt, or how it looked.

Either way though, it wasn’t long before I came again, all over Jean’s face, returning the favour, and things started winding down. We did continue to lie on the bosses desk for a while though, just getting our collective breath back. God knows we needed it.

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