Seduce Me

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She walks into the house and finds him in the living room. He smiles when he sees her and starts to ask her how her day was. Something in her gaze stops him and he pauses, unsure of how to read her mood, her look. She continues to walk slowly toward him, and reaches up to unbutton her blouse on her way. She never breaks eye contact with him, and slowly undoes one button at a time, slowing her movements, letting the anticipation build. His eyes drop from hers to her hands, watching her fingers. His mouth goes dry, and, oddly enough, he’s nervous and aroused all at once. This simply isn’t like her and he’s not sure how to proceed. He continues to stand in place, watching her move slowly, yet purposefully, to him, her blouse opening more and more with the opening of each button. He catches a glimpse of the lace at the top of her bra that reveals the swell of her breast and he swallows. He’s never seen her more lovely, more alluring than at this moment.

She finishes unbuttoning her blouse and it falls open as she takes the last step, finally reaching him. She stops and looks at him, neither one speaking or moving. She moves closer, her lips approaching his and he feels the breath catch in his lungs. Just as he expects to feel her lips on his, she freezes, millimeters from him. He can feel her breath Van Escort against his lips and every nerve in his body is alive and screaming, begging to feel her touch. He feels his cock harden to the point of discomfort, and she continues to stand there, so close yet too far away. He reaches for her, but something in her eyes makes him stop and he slowly lets his arms drop to his side again. He’s not sure what’s going on or what’s gotten into her, but it’s clear she’s very much in control.

She breathes “I want you” against his lips and reaches out with the tip of her tongue and runs it along the fullness of his lower lip. He moans involuntarily, and clenches his hands at his side to keep from touching her. She bites his lip, unexpectedly, quickly, and he yelps, yet before he can complete the sound she soothes the tender skin with her tongue. They never break eye contact and her gaze is intense, passionate, and she takes his head between her hands and kisses him. It is the most tender kiss he has ever received, and he feels his heart stutter a bit. He looks at her, silently asking, and he feels her smile against his lips.

She leans her forehead against his and he finally moves to wrap his arms around her, holding her as close as physically possible. Her hands move from the Van Escort Bayan sides of his face to his neck, moving to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, her fingernails lightly grazing as they move. They stand there, lost in each other, for what could have been seconds or hours, until she pulls back slightly, and kisses him again. Again the kiss starts tenderly, but it quickly builds in intensity into something deep and dark.

She begins to move him backwards as they continue to kiss and he lets her guide him, allowing her to maintain the power, the control. He struggles to maintain his control, sensing something deep within her, hearing its cry to be set free, feeling the need and almost desperation within. He feels the wall behind him suddenly and without breaking the kiss, she reaches for his shirt and yanks hard, tearing the buttons off. His first reaction is shock and then desire slams into him fast and hard and they begin tearing at each others clothing, fingers fumbling in their haste and greed. As she pulls his shirt off, she leans in and whispers “take me”.

He looks deep into her eyes, and then quickly switches positions, turning so that she is now up against the wall. He grabs her hips and takes one breast in his mouth, sucking hard and deeply, feeling Escort Van her nipple tighten impossibly. She says “please, now” and her voice is strained. He doesn’t even finish taking her clothes off but hikes her skirt up around her hips with one hand and reaches for her mound with the other. He feels the heat through her panties and she moans, arching into his hand. She moans “please” and her head falls back against the wall. His control snaps and he fumbles with the zipper on his pants, finally getting it open.

He frees his rock hard cock and yanks her panties to the side, his fingers finding her wetness. Her hands clench at his shoulders and he feels her nails digging into his skin, as he drives his fingers into her. She grits her teeth and moans “NOW!” and he removes his fingers and plunges his cock into her, completely and deeply. She stiffens and as he wonders if he’s been too rough, he hears her long groan and feels her tighten around him, spasming as she cums instantly. She feels so good wrapped around him, hot and wet and so tight and he struggles to maintain control and hold off. He continues to drive into her, trying to slow down but she’s relentless and tells him she’s close again. He closes his eyes and grits his teeth and she orgasms around his cock again. It’s too much and he shouts out as he feels his cock harden, his balls tighten and his seed empty deep inside her. They continue to move until the orgasms subside and then he looks at her and they both grin. He kisses her and holds her close and says “welcome home, baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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