Seducing Brother in Three Steps

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My story is a strange one. I have written it in detail and I am sending the papers to you because I know you like strange stories. I want you to publish it so that others may learn from my experiences. Yes, I want them to learn from my experiences for whatever the world might say only good things happened to me.

I am from the Old World and the language I speak at home is not the language in which I have written this story. I give this information because readers may find errors in my grammar and sentence construction. I would be very unhappy if that should impede them in understanding my story for the language of love should know no borders.

When the events I am describing happened I was a girl aged eighteen. My brother Abel and I lived with our mother in a house with two tiny rooms. We lost our father when I was three. My brother who is eleven months older acts as if he is my big brother. For example he says he remembers father. I am sure he is imagining. When our studies in our small town school were over my brother joined a car mechanic shop as apprentice and I as embroider in a clothes shop. I am very good in many forms of hand embroidery.

It was on a warm Saturday afternoon that my life changed for ever. After breakfast my mother left to visit relatives in a town thirty miles away. She was to be back only after night fall.

Abel, always a late riser, had his bath and came to the room with a towel round his waist and head dripping like a dog out of the pond. He stood before the mirror and combed his wet hair. He said his unruly hair responds only to wet treatment. I was sitting a metre away reading a novel. Then this happened. The towel round his waist loosened and fell off. And there stood my brother, tall, muscular, and magnificently proportioned stark naked in front of me, his sister.

My eyes were on the hairy thing adorning his crotch. I have never seen adult male genitals before and the strange thing that my brother sported absorbed my total attention, so total that I became unaware of him. It seemed as if it was a being that had separate existence apart from his body. The penis, large like an over sized banana, lay partly on its side, and his scrotal bag was not dangling as I have seen in horses but tight and stretched over his huge testicles.

“May I cover myself?” asked Abel softly. I woke up with a jerk and immediately blushed scarlet. I had sufficient self possession to nod permission with vigorous shakes of my head. “You have seen this certainly,” he said as he tied the towel.

“I have of course,” I said now recovering my aplomb, “but what I saw years ago was a small naked rat. This is a particularly over grown hairy bandicoot.” He laughed.

“You have a hairy one too,” he said.

“Not when you saw it.”

“May be not now too if like Noah’s sister you shave.” Noah is Abel’s friend.

“How do you know she shaves?”

“Noah once saw her razor she forgot to take with her after a bath.”

“Rather indelicate of him to publish the fact.”

“He did not publish it. He only told me.”

“Would you?”

“I would not,” he said tactfully. He took a while to comb his hair to his taste. He should have left for his room to dress but he seemed to have something more to say.

“Kesi,” he said and stopped. My name is Kesia. I looked up. “Kesi,” he said again, “you have seen my thing and you have honoured it by calling it a bandicoot, it is now your turn to show me your thing.”

“Silly reasoning,” I responded with some heat. It was heat all right but an internal heat that developed as the result to seeing my naked brother. Yes, I was excited at the possibility of showing myself to him. But my feminity demanded that I yield only with protest. As his requests became more persistent my refusal also kept pace with it. Finally I showed signs of yielding.

“Only for a second,” I said.

“No,” he said, “as long as my display lasted.”

“Did you time it?”

“At least five minutes.”

“No,” I said. After some hard bargaining we settled for one minute. I stood up; Abel sat in front on a low stool. He was not to advance forward under any circumstance. I turned my head away to one side, closed my eyes, and lifted up my skirt. I could hear him gasp. I counted sixty and turned and cautiously opened my eyes. His eyes were bulging as he focussed on my vulva with as much intensity as I had focused on his genitals a few minutes ago.

“Time over,” I said and dropped my skirt. He did not plead for an extension as I expected him to but he did something very extraordinary

“See what you have done to your bandicoot,” he said hoarsely and whipped away the towel. His was a bandicoot no more. His penis was no longer placidly hanging but was pointing up like an antiaircraft gun, its girth doubled and surface festooned with large veins. The organ waved gently with every heart beat.

“Meet him,” he ordered. Thereupon I took one step forward and grasping the enlarged tip of the penis I shook it formally.

“How do you do?” I said and laughing sex izle I ran into my room and closed and latched the door. I discarded my clothes and lay on my back with thighs spread. I placed my hands on my vulva. It was wet. I gently rubbed the clitoris. I was so hot that a few strokes brought me to the verge of climax. I pressed my thighs against my hand on the crotch as I usually do while masturbating. The steel cot creaked as I shook in climax. I washed and settled on the sofa to analyse the doubts that I am often so full of.

Yes I am a girl full of doubts. ‘Would Abel treat this episode as a one-off incident and get back to being a brother?’ I read only curiosity in his eyes and not passion or lust. I on the other hand was full of desire. I was sexually attracted to my brother; he was my prime fantasy object every since I was old enough to sense my womanhood. I always think of him while masturbating. Till a short while ago while masturbating I used to imagine fondling and kissing but today I was bold. I had just then seen his erect penis. I had that organ inside my vagina thrust in as deep as I could imagine. I wanted it in me in reality. There and then I decided to use all the wiles that women are born with to get him.

When I was out of the room Abel had left for work. I had to rush too for I was already late. That evening at supper table he showed no sign that anything extraordinary had happened that morning. It surprised me that something that had churned me up had no effect on my brother. After supper he watched soccer on TV with his usual gusto. After the game was over he stood up and stretched and yawned. I sat on my usual corner chair working on embroidery. He came to me and stood in front. I looked up.

“Kesi,” he said, “if you think you have paid your dues you are mistaken.”

“What dues?”

“You saw me with no clothes on. I must see you like that too. You cannot get away with some skirt lifting.”

I got up. “You are naughty,” I said. I tweaked his chin and giving my head the best coquettish jerk I could muster with a smile to match I moved swiftly to my room. Strangely my first feeling was one of amusement. My brother still had the spirit of competition of our nursery days. I was happy too that he had not forgotten the episode as I feared he might have. ‘Did I make it clear to him that I was game to what he wanted?’ Those doubts again.

The next morning as I was getting ready for my bath I went up and down the room towel in hand. I was reminding him of his request to me. But Abel who was reading the sports pages of the newspaper did not seem to notice me at all. Mother was bustling about getting ready to leave for her shop. She took her bag and left. I could not see her but I heard her latch the garden gate. Abel could see her. He kept his eyes on her till she turned the corner and then looked up and smiled impishly.

“It is redemption time,” he said. I smiled back and moved to the bathroom. He followed me but when I went in he stood out. I closed the door but did not draw the bolt. I removed my clothes and wrapped a towel round myself. I came to the door and opened it. He was still standing there very sure that I will reappear.

“Here are your dues,” I said and threw the towel on to the rack. I stood erect, legs slightly parted and arms akimbo.

“Lovely,” said my brother hoarsely. “Lovely,” he said again. I turned round once and once again and stopped facing him.


“How can anyone be satisfied,” he said.

“What more do you want?” I asked. He hesitated.

“I don’t know,” he said.

I smiled tenderly, closed the door and drew the bolt. I bathed. Before I was out of the bathroom my brother had left for work. I breakfasted. I had half an hour to go before leaving for my shop. I took the cloth on the stretch frame and worked on the design to assist thought. I had a lot of analysing to do.

My brother is a soft creature. He is mamma’s boy. Even now this 1.8 metre hulk likes to rest his head on his mother’s lap and she would pet him. He did not have the mental strength to orchestrate sex with his sister; that is sure, but did he think of her in his fantasies? Ours is a liberal community but we are church going and follow the basics of our religion. Incest is something so horrible that most men and women in our community will shudder at the thought. I did not. Why? I cannot say. May be I am evil, or may be there is something in my genes that makes me approve. If as scientists say homosexuals have genes that make them so then why not genes for incest? Anyway my desire for my brother is strong and giving it up is not an option. The recent first physical intimacy has brought me to explosive point. I had to have him. I did not expect him to act. I will have to seduce him. Living in the same house with long periods when we were alone by ourselves should make my task easier but it was a matter that demanded very delicate handling.

I have a reputation n in our family of being a very determined girl. What I did next will startle and sexmex porno may even amuse you but it is proof that I go a long way to get what I want. The working class society to which I belong did not place great value on virginity. Young women more often than not have sexual experience before their wedding and not always with the man they marry. Consequently condoms are freely available for men and a young unmarried woman can purchase pills in shops without raising eyebrows. Shops that sell pills (not all of them druggists) have woman sales persons to reduce embarrassment to lady customers. Ours town in this respect is well ahead of the rest of the world. If mothers were to notice the pills daughters have a solid explanation for it. They would say it was for scanty periods or pain during periods. Taking pills is a standard remedy for those problems. I went to a shop well away from our place and got contraceptive tablet strips for two months. Our town is not enlightened enough for women to buy condoms; not yet anyway. Even if I could I would not for I did not like condoms. The joke amongst us girls is that using condoms is like taking bath with clothes on! I got my strips and took the first tablet as soon as I was out of the shop. I noted the time. Every day at that precise time I had to take a pill. I did so meticulously.


What with changes in duty shifts for Abel and with mother and her partner in the market taking turns to stay at home I got a chance to be alone with my brother only after a week. I had my plans for the morning. I put on a top with low neck and to improve on it I undid the two top buttons. What was visible was not just the valley but the inner half of both breasts. I sat in front of Abel who as usual was reading the sports pages of the newspaper. I was doing my needle work but with one eye on a shiny flower vase where I could see my brother in reflection. He was darting glances at my breasts. At times he took courage to stare. I was thrilling to have brother feast on the sight of your exposed breast. But I had more to do. Next time when he had his eyes focussed on it I suddenly looked up. He turned away embarrassed. I looked down at my exposed chest as if I did not know it was exposed and then looked up. I caught his eyes and smiled to reassure him that I did not think he did any wrong.

“No need to turn away Abe. It’s yours to look at or whatever.” I slipped the shoulder straps off and sat with breasts exposed. Anything more you want?”

“I don’t know Kesi. Please don’t ask me that question again. I fear I’ll do something that will hurt me the rest of my life,”

“Big words Abe,” I said. I got up not bothering to cover myself.

“It’s nothing of the sort. Look at my breasts to your heart’s content. Please don’t forget that no young woman is closer to you than me. Nothing, absolutely nothing can hurt you or me if it is by mutual consent. Please understand that.” I moved to my room to dress for duty. I came out ready to go. Brother was holding the paper but not reading. I went up to him and holding his chin I turned up his face and gave a gentle kiss on his lips and hurriedly went out. I was walking on thin air. I had my brother fully primed for action. I brief period separation would make him ripe for the final act in our drama.

That evening we had a guest. An aunt, the eldest of my late father’s five living sisters, was visiting her little brother’s family. My father was the youngest of eight children and the only boy. His sisters had a tender corner for the family of their much loved brother who died young. This aunt was more auntish than my other aunts. She had piercingly keen eyes and an even keener hook nose. Her speciality was sniffing out marital discord, illicit love affairs and even missed periods in the families of relatives that she regularly visited. I was on guard and in my brother’s presence I behaved with great care. I should have used the same caution with my mother too but apparently I did not. It was to have interesting consequences as we shall later see. Ten days were more than the brief period of separation I had desired. These were the most painful ten days in my life. The day my aunt left found me in an excited state.

“Aunt is gone,” I said to Abel. To him she was an aunt who had come and was now gone. He attached no significance to my statement. I was not surprised but it did annoy me a bit.


The morning after the day aunt left I was waited eagerly for mother’s departure for her shop. She would be away from nine till two. Her shop closed after that. Abel was on evening shift. He woke up late as usual an hour after mother left. He had breakfast and came and sat in front of the TV watching soccer. The moment to spring my plan had come. I went to my room and removed my bra and knickers. I wore thin top and short skirts. I sat by his side on the sofa and sidled close to him. I took care to be at his right, his dominant side. I was excited. I could already feel moisture at my vulva.

“How is our team faring?”

“One goal up,” sikiş izle he said.

“More to come.”

“It’s a replay.”

“We win?”

“Of course we do. Otherwise I will not be watching.”

I sidled closer crushing his arm. He released his arm as I expected him to and took it behind me to my waist. I had folded the hem of the top and held it in my arm pit. His hands felt my bare body.

“You are not wearing bra,” he said.

“How can you be so sure? You are only feeling the side of my chest.” He felt my back.

“I can’t feel any.”

“There are bras that are slug round the neck.” He felt my neck.

“Nothing there too.”

“You would have seen movie actresses with attached cups with no straps.” Silence from his side.

“Want to check?” He hesitated and then his fingers moved forwards. His fingers were on the side of my breast. They climbed up step by step. Soon they were at the top and then one finger pulp touched the nipple. He cupped my breast.

“Like it,” I asked.

“It’s divine,” he said. “Now I know for certain that you have no bra on,” he said laughing.

“On one side anyway,” I said teasingly. He then brought his other hand and cupped both my breasts. He was holding my breasts from behind me and my head was turned and we were kissing and laughing at the same time. In the struggle my skirt was up almost to the crotch. He looked down.

“Are you wearing knickers?”

“Find out.” He took his hand gingerly up the side of my thighs all the way up to the crest of the pelvis.

“I feel nothing.” He explored the inner side of the thigh up to the crotch.

“Nothing,” he said. He ran his finger over the inner side of the other thigh.

“Nothing here too,” he said. Then be became clever. “May be there is a cup for that too.”

“May be or may be not,” I said. He boldly brought his hand to the lower part of my abdomen and slid it downwards. He then cupped my vulva and thereupon both of us lost control. I lay on the sofa with feet in the air and vulva spread out in wild display. He was on his knees with his head between my thighs.

“Permit me to examine your..,”

“Vulva,” I said. Please do not use any of the words your friends use to describe it. Come on say it.”


“Louder, and roll it round your tongue.”

“Vulva,” he said again.

“Go ahead,” I ordered.

He opened one lip and then the other and then he spread both out. With his finger he touched the clitoris. I was watching him intently as he went though the movements. He looked up. Our eyes met.

“Lick me my darling brother,” I said. He did more. He took the clitoris between his lips and munched. I moaned with pleasure. That moan must have pulled the trigger for he licked my clitoris with vigour and I spread the leaves with my finger to bring it out. My pelvis was moving up and down and he was practically eating my vulva. It did not take me long to reach the peak. I was teetering at the edge waiting for him to nudge me down the steep cliff.

“Stop for a moment,” I said. He stopped. “Now start again in slowly deep swipes. He did so and I exploded. I screamed a muffled scream.

“Bite my clitoris,” I said. He covered his teeth with his lips and bit my clitoris. I screamed again. I could not wait any more; I had to have him inside me at once. I broke away. I removed my skirt and tops and ran to my room naked. He must have shed his clothes too for he followed me naked with his mighty penis flaying about. I lay on my back, thighs spread out ready to receive him. He was soon on top of me.

I was turning away with eyes closed. I do not know why but it is not from any sense of shame. Nothing was happening. I slowly turned my head and peered with half open eyes. My brother was on top of me with his extended arms holding him up. He was aiming his magnificent penis at my vagina but he had so little control over the organ that he missed every time by a generous margin. It was funny. He would steady himself and after aligning his penis he would try to spear my vagina. The penis never was steady enough for him to hit the bull’s eye. I reached out for his penis and guided it towards the vagina. I inserted it enough for it not to slip out.

“Push,” I said. He pushed but there was resistance. “Push again,” I said and as he did so I placed my palms on his buttocks and pulled his pelvis towards me. I felt a sting, yes it was nothing more than that, and he was in. I could feel his large organ stretching my hitherto unstretched vagina as it advanced. It was a glorious feeling. The penis went up to the hilt. I wriggled to get a snug fit. I hugged my darling brother tightly with arms and legs.

“I am deflowered,” I said, “by the best person possible, a brother.” I believed it then and I believe it now.

He moved his penis in and out. My vagina was so wet that the shaft slid smoothly. I could feel the flange of the rose as it moved. Once again I placed my palms on his buttocks and pulled him up so that he made proper contact with the clitoris. Soon he was pumping with speed and I was responding in rhythm with his movements. I was hot and so was he. I held his pelvis and bodily moved it up and down to rub his penis against my clitoris. I do no know from where I got so much strength but I did.

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