Seff and Veronica’s Vacation

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The door beeped as the key card was removed from the slot letting them know that it could now be opened. The bell-hop went up the stairs with their luggage and they followed. The stairs winded a bit to finally reveal a spacious room with two big cabinets that opened onto television sets and a smaller door that concealed the mini-bar.

Seff tipped the man. “Thanks for all your help. We really appreciate it.”

“My pleasure, sir. And if there is anything else you can think of just call the concierge desk. Enjoy your stay!”

Veronica heard the door close downstairs as the bellman left, and opened the French doors nearest her. They opened onto a small balcony with a lovely view of the mountains and had two chairs and a table set up for them.

As she took in the spectacular view and looked at the brilliant blue summer sky, Seff came up behind Veronica and encircled his arms around her waist.

“Hey there, baby,” he said casually.

“Hey yourself.”

“What ya thinkin’ about, Veronica?” Seff whispered into her ear, before kissing along her neck.

“Just looking…” she said as her eyes closed. “At… the… view…” she finished somewhat breathlessly. “What are you doing, Seff?”

“Just lavishing my woman with some lovin’.” He spun her around so that she would be facing him, and bent so that his lips met hers.

Veronica melted there in his embrace, raised her arms to loop her hands around the back of Seff’s neck, and softly moaned into his kiss. They broke apart and looked at one another.

Veronica ended the silence. “Let’s go into the room. It’s too hot out here.” She could feel the air conditioning gently leaking through the doors to gently caress her skin as he spoke.

“Alright, but you know that it’ll get hot in there soon, too.” Though his expression was completely serious, there was a playful smile Veronica could see that lit up his eyes.

As Veronica entered the room, she closed the patio doors behind her. The air conditioning in the room felt wonderful on her skin. Her senses seemed heightened after the sudden change of temperature. She decided to escort bostancı take her time to relax a moment. Veronica kicked off her wedge flip-flops and took off her earrings; next, went her watch. She heard water running in the bathroom. Veronica walked over to where the sound was coming from.

The sight that greeted her was quite a shock. Seff had not only drawn a beautiful bubble bath in the huge jacuzzi-like tub, but had managed to procure and light a few delicious lavender scented candles. The effect was delightful. The windows that gave a view of the mountains had curtains drawn over them so that very little sun leaked in. The candle light danced around on the tiles. Near the tub stood a shiny metal bucket that held a bottle of champagne chilling on ice; there were two glasses close by waiting to be filled.

Veronica was speechless, a smile playing in her eyes. “When did you find the time to do all this?”

Seff held out his hand to her. “Less questions… Let me help you out of these clothes…”

Seff pulled Veronica close and kissed her firmly, but gently, as his hand strayed to the bottom hem of her purple tank top. She lifted her arms so that the shirt could be pulled off. He stood back to admire the once milky white skin of the tops of her breasts. They had spent so much time in their bathing suits the past couple weeks, that a lot of her skin had acquired a healthy golden glow.

He undid the clasp of her Bermuda shorts and unzipped them. Veronica steadied herself by placing her hand on Seff’s shoulder as he slid the garment off her body. The transfer of heat coursed through her body to his. He could tell that she was already aroused. Her body gave off a deliciously pungent scent that Seff breathed in deeply.

Seff wasted no time reaching up to unhook her bra one-handed, while the other hand caressed her ass. He asked her to turn around. He loved when she she showed off her round ass with skimpy panties like the g-string she was currently sporting.

Veronica turned around so he could ogle her. He gently ran a hand over her smooth skin. His lips met ümraniye escort her lower back as he kissed her, worshiping her.

Then, Seff pressed against her lower back, motioning for her to bend over. He removed his other hand from her ass but brought it back down hard. Veronica moaned. She loved getting spanked, and he knew it.

He hooked his thumbs into the stringy waistband and slid his hands down her body until the flimsy garment lay on the floor. He spent a few minutes just drinking her in.

Seff kissed his way up Veronica’s leg from her ankle up to where her thigh met her bottom. As he worked his way over to her right side, his hands caressed her upper body, ending at her breasts. He reluctantly let go so that he could continue his journey down her leg.

He turned her around to face him. Veronica’s breathing had quickened a bit. She hastened to undo the fly on his shorts while he removed his shirt. His clothes soon joined hers in a pile on the bathroom floor.

Veronica knelt and kissed Seff’s abdomen. She wasted almost no time before moving on to Seff’s cock. She licked her way all along his shaft, deliberate in all her tongue’s movements. Her right hand slid down so her fingers could stimulate her clit. Her left grabbed the base of his cock as she engulfed him fully with her warm mouth.

He allowed Veronica to suck him at her own pace for a few minutes, but he couldn’t control himself as he began thrusting deeply into her mouth, gently at first but with increasing ferocity. His fingers were laced in her hair, allowing him to have the correct amount of resistance with each thrust.

Seff finally desisted, but Veronica took over. Her finger was moving over her clitoris with increasing speed. His animal instincts aroused her to no end. The circular movements her fingers were making continued to increase, matching the rhythm of her mouth on his cock.

For some inexplicable reason, Seff suddenly snapped back to reality. He reluctantly pulled his throbbing cock from her extremely wet mouth. Veronica was disappointed. She had gotten so close to the brink of kartal escort bayan an orgasm. As always, he knew her better than she knew herself. If he had kept going, yes, she would have come, but she knew Seff had something much more pleasurable in mind.

Seff helped Veronica to her feet and kissed her deeply. Not breaking their embrace, they walked over to the sink. He lifted her onto the counter-top with her ass right on the edge. He held his cock in front of her moist slit and stroked it slowly using his right hand. Still holding his throbbing member, Seff moved closer. Veronica tensed with that familiar sensation that came right before she was penetrated with the apendage she knew so well. But Seff did not penetrate her, yet. Instead he swirled the head of his cock around her swollen clitoris. He continued for about a minute and slowly traced his path down to her tight cunt.

The head of his cock slid into her pussy easily. He moved in and out of her, teasing her until she was compelled to bring her fingers to her clit. Veronica was about to burst with her impending orgasm, but Seff kept her on the edge still. He withdrew his hardness from her warmth and traced his dick on her clit. The slick movements drove her wild and when she could stand it no more Seff plunged his cock into her pussy with one thrust. He thrusted twice and could feel her cumming.

Veronica grabbed the back of Seff’s neck and drew him closer to herself and kissed him hard. She moaned to let him know she was close. Her breathing was ragged.

“Babe, I’m going… to…”

It was all Veronica could do to hold on and ride the waves of bliss she was experiencing. She could not tell if there were several peaks or it was just one enormous explosion but she knew it was good.

Seff kissed her gently as she came down and caught her breath he slowly rocked inside her all the while.

“I bet there’s more where that came from,” Veronica whispered with a smile on her face. Seff smiled.

They moved to the tub to continue their fun in the water. Veronica’s senses seemed sharper after her orgasm and the flowery scent that permeated the steam inside the bathroom was quite strong, but not unpleasant. Seff helped her to step in to the bath tub where he would continue to luxuriate Veronica in his own sweet, tender, relaxing way until they were ready to adjourn to their bedroom…

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