September Bromance

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Kim or Kimber, as she was nicknamed by her friends, was one of the happiest women you could hope to meet. Her life wasn’t always easy but she always had a good time in whatever she was doing.

Currently her life revolved around her nine and twelve year old sons, but she tried to find dates where she could using mobile apps or dating web sites. Sometimes she would strike gold and get a date with a younger guy who had a thing for an older milf. It wasn’t hard to do most of the time. That wasn’t her only interest however. She had recently completed a profile for a dating site that catered to men who were willing to care for women who were interested in more casual relationships. Kim was in the prime of her life at 39 years old, her breasts were a very tempting 36E and her hazel eyes complimented her brownish, blonde hair. Her 130 pounds suited her five foot seven frame perfectly. She would joke that she didn’t have much of an ass, but no man would ever complain about it when she was grinding against them in a cowgirl position. She could work it as well as any more voluptuous woman could.

She had now been divorced twice. Her last husband had been the father of her own children and he had two adult sons, Jason and Jordan, as well. Kim had only met them a few times when they were teenagers and it wasn’t always a friendly connection. She assumed that those feelings had to do with the animosity their mother had against her, or that maybe that the teens didn’t like that their father now had other children competing for their attention, but she never really knew for sure. But those hard feelings were about to come to an end.

Kim was grocery shopping on a Saturday with her two boys. Mitch, her youngest, was inside the cart while her older son Brent walked along side her playing a hand held game. As she entered the produce section of the store, a young man approached her with a curious smile. “You are Kim, right?” He said bluntly in a friendly voice. Kim was naturally startled to hear her name and looked at him carefully, trying to recall his face. He looked familiar but she wasn’t sure if this was someone she was connecting with online or else where. “It’s me, Jason,” he stated as he walked closer and then stopped as he saw her youngsters.

As the realization hit her that she was looking at her stepson, Kim laughed. “Oh gawd, Jason, how long has it been?” Indeed, it had been a very long time. Jason started to offer his hand, but Kim reached out for a one-armed hug. She had to extend herself up on her toes a little to get her head up over his shoulders. He was now a very handsome and strapping man of 25 years old, not the young and scrawny boy of 17 so many years ago.

Before Jason could answer or break away from the hug, another voice spoke. “Hey Kim.” It was Jordan, now 21, who was standing a few feet away leaning on his grocery cart, offering a lazy hand wave. He was equally as striking as his brother.

“I can’t believe this, it is so good to see you guys,” Kim gushed. “What are you guys doing in Jersey?” she inquired as she pulled away from Jason.

” We are sharing an apartment not far from here. The rent is cheaper here and the commute to the city isn’t so bad. I am working with a construction crew and Jordan is taking classes at Community.” He was now staring at her boys. “These guys are getting big, huh?”

“Oh yeah, they are going to be overwhelming me soon enough. They keep me busy already with school and activities. I am sure it is only going to get better …or worse, depending on how you see it.”

“Yeah, I bet. How’s dad? You see much of him?”

Kim thought this was an odd question. “Only when he comes by to get the boys for his weekend visits. I would have thought you saw him more than we did.”

Jason puckered his lips into a frown. “No way. I mean, I am sure that if we wanted to see him he would be there for us, but we have our own lives now, you know? He does too I think. Mom says he’s got a new girlfriend.” This was news to Kim, but there wasn’t any reason should should know about her exes personal life either. “Hey, um, can we talk for a minute?” he was gesturing away from her cart towards Jordan.

“Sure…Brent, stay here with the cart and Mitch, Mommy will be right over here.” Brent just shrugged hardly looking up from his game.

As she stepped away, Jason said, “Cool.” As they got closer to the younger brother, Jason started to talk. “Hey, this is really cool that we ran into each other. I was thinking maybe we could catch up some time, have you over at the apartment. We would love to show it off to you.”

“Really?” Kim said in a surprised voice. Was this really happening?

“Yeah, yeah, maybe we could have a little food, a private party, catch up, whatever. It would be fun, I bet.” He took her hand and held it lightly by the fingertips as he finished the sentence. Jordan now was standing up straighter, taking an interest in what was being said.

“I mean, I guess so. I would think you two guys would Kartal Escort want to spend the evening with your girlfriends or some friends.” Kim was a bit incredulous. It sort of felt like her step son was asking her out. Not that this would have been such a bad thing. Both of the men were hot in her opinion, but obviously, it would have felt a little weird.

“We can do that anytime, but if I don’t ask you over now, we might never see each other again. Here…” Jason took out his phone and began typing, “Give me your number and I will text you our address. Sometime when you are free from the kids, you should let us know so we can clean up the place before you get there.”

This caused Kim to laugh. “Ok, sure. I think that sounds fun.” She recited off her number and Jason sent the message to her iPhone with a winking emoji. She looked at the message and said, “Got it. I will try to give you as much notice as I can but it might be a while.”

“No biggie, just don’t forget about us,” Jason said.

“Nice to see you again, Kim.” Jordan smiled.

Kim offered a small wave and rushed back to her cart. Mitch was trying to take the game from Brent and standing up in the cart. “Boys! Stop it, sit down Mitch or you can get out and walk!” She handed him her phone so that he could keep himself occupied too and resolved to stop at a Game Stop to find something for Mitch to use the next time they came with her to the store.

Jason and Jordan watched with amusement. “That’s a real milf for sure.” Jason said under his breath to his brother.

“Is that what you think of her?” Jordan said incredulously.

“I ain’t no kid anymore, Jordan. And you know dad. He knows how to pick out the sluts. If we play our cards right and we will both be tappin’ dat ass, little brother.” He held up his hand for a half-hearted high five. The two men headed for the checkout while Kim gathered her thoughts and children together and continued their shopping.

Several weeks had passed when Jason sent Kim a text. “Did you forget about us?” She hadn’t. In fact her encounter with her stepsons had been on her mind more than she cared to think about. They were extremely handsome, hot young men now. In her quiet moments when she was able to let her mind wander, she would reflect upon them and how confident and perhaps flirtatious Jason had especially been. If he wasn’t her stepson, she could easily imagine herself flirting back and eagerly accepting the invitation to come over. She called rather than replying with a text.

“Hey, no I haven’t. In fact, the boys are visiting with their father this weekend. Do you want to do something then?”

Jason pretended to check with Jordan about any conflicts on their schedule. “No, you want to come over around six or seven on Saturday? We can prepare some snacks and get some drinks and chill for a while.” He provided the address of their apartment again and told her he was looking forward to her coming. He smiled at his double entendre.

“Ok, I will call you before I leave. See you then.” Kim was smiling too. This would be fun catching up with the boys and maybe learning some gossip about her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. And if Jason took a little bit to flirting with her, that might be fun too.

On Saturday, the boys’ father arrived at Kim’s around three o’clock to pick up . He didn’t know about her encounter with his older sons so nothing was said about it. They exchanged information about the wheres and whens for returning the kids back to Kim. He also gave her the monthly check that he was obligated to provide. Kim helped the boys carry their overnight bags to the car and then returned back inside to get ready for her evening with Jason and Jordan.

Of course getting ready to go out was always a chore. She first put on her makeup and styled her hair. That was the easy part. But deciding on what to wear was a challenge. Kim pushed her hangers around in the closet, looking for inspiration. Her mind raced with possibilities and options. Let’s see, nothing formal; it is just my stepson and we aren’t going out. But what if we do? I need to look presentable. After some further deliberation, Kim decided on a pair of jeans that had some strategic, stylish tears in the fabric and a solid red cap sleeved shirt. She then put on a pair of pump sandal toed shoes. She admired herself in the mirror. The shirt form fitting without being tight and didn’t reveal any cleavage. The jeans hugged her ass nicely and added a touch of sexiness with her skin showing through the three different tears on the front and sides of her upper legs. It seemed appropriate. She added a long necklace and some bracelets and her favorite dangling, hoop earrings and considered herself ready.

A few minutes later her Uber driver arrived and took her to the re-purposed department store that was now the apartment home of her stepsons. Kimber checked the mailbox listing to ensure she was going to the right home and then took the elevator to the Pendik Escort third floor. Jason opened the door in response to her knocking and warmly welcomed her in. Jordan was in the kitchen finishing up with the hors d’oeuvres. There was a simple cheese and cracker tray, another of cubed meat finger sandwiches and another of something that look like pizza rolls. Kim gave Jason and hug and walked in to survey the apartment and offered to help Jordan.

“Wow, this place is really cool. It looks much more industrial than I would have thought from the outside.” Kim said with some astonishment. Jordan handed her a tray to take to the living room.

“Thanks. We will show it off to you after a while. It is pretty cool.” Jason said as he grabbed a tray too. The moved over to a couch in front of the television. A music station was playing softly as they sat down. Jason sat in a matching recliner while Jordan and Kim sat down on the couch. A bottle of wine was already sitting in bucket of ice and Jordan poured out a glass for everyone. “Cheers, and thanks for coming to see us tonight, Kim.”

The three of them sat there drinking and munching on the snacks catching up on each other’s lives. There was a lot to learn about the guys; she asked a lot of questions about their school and careers and the purchase of the apartment. For her part, there wasn’t much to tell. Middle aged life doesn’t seem to have the luster of a young life. But when the question of dating came up, Kim didn’t tell too much. There wasn’t much to say really, but she didn’t want to sound like she was actively looking online. She only mentioned that she sometimes dated but wasn’t involved with anyone seriously. The boys too played their cards close to their chest, not revealing too much either. For Jason, it wasn’t much of a stretch. He was more of a player than a stayer and had even visited a few of the older women websites looking for easy hookups. Jordan was less experienced, but not a virgin. He had done some casual dating in high school and was doing the same now in college as well.

The evening continued on until the the bottle was emptied and another was opened. The conversations became a bit more louder and more laughter was involved. Kim felt the need to go to the bathroom and asked to be shown where it was. Both men stood up, Jason to show her to the powder room and Jordan to start clearing off the coffee table. The living room was the first room in the apartment and adjacent to it was a very small room for dining and the open kitchen. Off of the kitchen was a powder room and then three bedrooms, the master was being used as a game room with an old arcade video game, a small inexpensive pinball machine, and pool table. Once Kim left the powder room, Jason showed her his room and and Jason’s briefly and then led her into the master bedroom.

As Kim exited she remarked about what a great bachelor pad they had. “Although it has been a really long time since I have been in one,” she smiled.

“You are always welcome back here, Kim. It is really nice to have you here and I would like to see more of you.” Jason smiled in return.

Kim walked around the converted bedroom and toyed with the games there before stopping to pick up a pool cue. “You want to show me how to play?”

“Sure, just the rules or do you need to see how to shoot the cue ball too?”

“I might need a hand with that too.” Kim blushed as Jason stepped forward. He stood behind her and held the stick in front of her, then told her to hold the cue stick as he was. He then placed his hands over hers and leaned her forward, talking about how to line the stick up on the cue ball and to aim for a point on the target ball in order to get it to move towards the pocket. But Kim was distracted. His hands were upon hers and she was pressed against the edge of the table and nearly on top of the surface as she bent over to shoot. Her ass was firmly against Jason’s pelvis and Jason moved slightly as he talked. She was sure he was grinding against her subtlety.

They stood up together and Kim turned around. Jason had not moved and she felt very crowded. She had an embarrassed smile on her face. “What are you doing?” she started to say, but Jason kissed her before the second word could be spoken. It wasn’t soft, but firm and masculine. She was still pinned between the table and his body and her neck curved sideways as she willingly allowed him to explore her mouth with his lips and tongue. His hands pulled the cue stick away from her and he placed one hand on her hip and the other to her waist. The kiss was warm and intoxicating as the liquor they shared together and the more they kissed the more inebriating it became for her. His hips were placed firmly to hers and the hardness within his pants could easily be felt now. He finally broke the kiss and lifted her up from beneath her buttocks and sat her upon the edge of the table.

“Ahhh, Kim…I am going to use my stick to sink my balls into your hole,” Jason spoke Göztepe Escort quietly as if still teaching her the fundamentals of the game. He was unfastening her jeans as he spoke and Kim leaned back on the felt surface of the table using her elbows to support her weight.

“Jason…ahh, it’s not that, you know, I don’t want to but…this is kind of weird, right?” Her complaint was halfheartedly at best and she knew it.

Having removed her shoes, her jeans were now sliding down her legs and her panties had started as well, falling off her waist unevenly. “Ever since I discovered milf porn years ago, I have been dreaming of this moment, Kim. Don’t deny me this fantasy.” Her jeans were cast alongside the cue stick and he was now pulling her panties down. But he didn’t remove them entirely, being too eager to place his face between her thighs. She clinched her fists and laid back entirely, her head making slight contact with one of the balls and causing it to roll away.

“Oh shit, Jason, oh my god, yes”, she said a little bit louder. Jason was as eager with her clit and pussy has he had been with her kiss. His lips played and sucked on the clitoral hood and his tongue bore down onto the little bump that was rising rapidly. “FUCK!” she uttered loudly as he rolled his finger around her opening, prodding and pressing, causing her to juice up more. Her top lip was now inside her mouth as she struggled not to make more noise but all she really wanted to do was scream in release. She adjusted herself a little bit to get more comfortable and open her legs wider. Jason responded by pausing and removing the panties all together before resuming his cunnilingus. He was incredibly adept at eating pussy and Kim knew that she would be coming soon. Oh how she wanted and needed it! The room was soon echoing with her gasps and moans as the powerful sensations climaxed within her. Jason stood up with a victorious grin on his face. Kim was weak and was putty in his hands as he helped her up from the table. She assumed that she was going to have to return the favor. At this point, there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Her brain was fogged with endorphin and alcohol to even consider resistance.

But instead, he turned her to face the table again and gently lifted her right leg off the ground and slowly placed it on the edge of the pool table so that her leg was supported upward and she stood on one foot. He then began sliding his hands up her shirt and under her bra, playing with her nipples and kissing her neck. “You are fucking amazing, Kim. I am so glad you came over tonight.” He whispered into her ear as he continued massaging her mammary globes. He slid his hands to the side and pushed the shirt up with his wrists and forearms over her head and extended arms. Then he unclasped her bra and removed it as well. She was now naked. He pressed against her neck so that she leaned forward slightly then went to his knees, looking up in the the mangled hair of her pussy. With two fingers he entered her and began plunging in and out of her rapidly. Kim gasped and gripped at the table, but couldn’t find anything to hold on to. A third finger now joined and the sound of her wetness was clearly being heard. He was penetrating her deeply and quickly, finger banging her as she had never been done before.

“Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!!” she called out looking back but unable to see him. When he stood up, she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or frustrated. He was now kicking off his shoes and removing his pants. She looked at his manhood with hunger and desperation. He placed one hand on her left hip and stepped closer. He rubbed himself along her womanhood a few times before slowly entering her sopping wet and welcoming hole. “Yeah, yeah, fuck that pussy Jason, ummmm, give me that creampie.” She arched her neck backward and looked at him, smiling broadly as she spoke.

“Yeah, baby? You want my cum, you want it?” Jason’s face was red, he was clearly fighting to hold off his orgasm, but the excitement of his dream’s fruition and her dirty commands were proving to be a challenge to his stamina. But as his luck would have it, a break in the action took place. Jordan was now across the table from both of them, watching his brother fuck his step mother just as Jason said he would. He didn’t say anything, but dropped his pants then jumped up on the table, landing on his buttocks, legs extended. Kim turned away from Jason at the sound of the noise and was briefly embarrassed. But Jordan wasn’t having any of that. He scooted towards her and pulled her by the neck down towards his extended cock. In a brief second of remembrance, Kim speculated that the boys must have gotten their genes from their mother. Both young men were more endowed than their father was.

Jordan held onto her neck and assisted in moving her face up and down his cock after she received it. He rocked her hard and fast. Why is it that the quiet ones are always the more aggressive ones in bed? Jordan hadn’t mentioned any desires for his step mother before but maybe this was an expression of anger or frustration for her involvement in their lives. Either way, Kim couldn’t see the determination on his face, she could only focus on suppressing the gag reflex and the coming orgasm that Jason was delivering.

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