Serendipity 19: Candace Returns Home

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XIX – Fairytale, Part 2: Candace Comes Home

I won’t even try to tell you about picking Candace up at the airport. It was a circus. But the kids were ecstatic, and Teddy, well, he was reunited with the love of his life. And despite what it implied for me, I was happy, too, to see Candace back home and with her family — three weeks more pregnant than when we last saw each other. After the children, then Teddy, she came to me and wrapped her arms around me and thanked me. I think there were a few tears in her eyes.

For all her traveling that day, she was in pretty good shape. The client had authorized Business Class for her return flight, and by manipulating her sleep schedule and skipping the first meal, she had managed to sleep nearly six hours of the eight-hour flight.

When we got home, she tried to change and unpack her toiletries while Eddie and Caleen just had to tell and show her everything they had done with me (and Daddy, of course) during the time that Mommy was gone. I heated up the dinner I had prepared that morning, and after all her traveling, Candace still had an appetite. Except for the occasional “Could I have more roast potatoes, please,” conversation was dominated by Caleen and Eddie and all the exciting things they’d done while Mommy was on her “biz-niss trip.”

Then clean up, then playing, then off to bed, complete with stories, and then Mommy tucking Eddie and Caleen in — it was almost a re-creation of the night before Candace left. Then lights out and doors closed.

Ted, Candace, and I went into the living room, and Ted poured some drinks — wine for us, club soda for Candace.

Finally, Ted, got to the matter that needed to be addressed.

[ [ You might remember that I promised you there would be sex stuff. Well, I’ve kept you waiting long enough — here’s where the sex stuff starts. ] ]

“Candace, remember, one night a week or so ago, when we were talking, and you said that you wished you could be here with us? Well, Georgia and I were a little confused by what you meant …,” and let his voice hang there.

Candace, not the least bit flustered, said, “I was looking at the two of you, there, together, and you looked so happy, and I just got this feeling that I really wanted to be there, with you.”

“And by ‘being there — with you,’ you meant ‘being there — in the bed — with us?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I said, isn’t it?”

“And … do you still feel that way?”

“It’s funny. I thought that it might be just that one night, when I was feeling kinda lonely. But every time we visited at night, I had the same thought, how nice it would be to share that time with you. So, …yes — “

“In bed? And you still feel that way … right now?”

Candace thought about it for just a moment, then said, “I know what you’re getting at, so … yes, I want to share the night, in our bed, with you and Georgia.”

Well, there it was. No more fishing around. No more pussyfooting, I guess you could say.

Teddy: “Tonight? How should we do this?”

Candace replied, “Maybe we should just get ready and get into bed and then see what we want to do.”

And with that, Candace broke into a big smile, took Ted’s hand, and led him into their bedroom, while I went to “the baby’s room,” where I had moved most of my stuff in preparation for Candace’s homecoming.

I went about preparing myself — “solemnly” might be the best way to describe it. Candace? Candace, on the other hand, was almost — bubbly! I mean, what could possibly be better than getting into her own bed, in her own home, with her wonderful husband, and with the marvelous woman who’s taken care of him and made him happy for the past three weeks?

“Georgia, are you coming?”

I had been delaying things, giving them time to work out the details, or perhaps, change minds. Well, I guess nothing’s changed in the past ten minutes. Candace and Ted and I are headed toward spending the night together in the same bed.

It turns out that I’d underestimated the nature of the bond between Ted and Candace. Hesitantly, I entered the bedroom, to find Ted and Candace sitting up against the headboard, completely naked, and Ted said, simply, “Georgia, lets help Candace share the happiness we’ve enjoyed, thanks to her.”

Candace looked to me and held up the bedsheet for me to slip in next to her. I don’t know where the words came from, but I heard myself saying, “Candace, we’re glad you’re back home to share with us.”

And after those lovely — and loving — thoughts, it got pretty nasty, pretty quickly.


I thought that I would ease the way into the evening’s activities by saying, “Ted, why don’t you show your beautiful wife how much you love her,” as he moved to lie between her legs with his head between her thighs. But instead, Candace had apparently been storing up ideas and had her own agenda.

She reached under Ted’s shoulders to pull him up, for a sexual, loving, mouthy, tongue-ey kiss. Then she guided him up, canlı bahis and she scooted down in bed so he straddled her face and then said, “I’ve been dreaming about having this wonderful cock in my mouth almost from the minute I left.” And with that, she guided Ted’s half-erect-and-growing cock into her mouth and proceeded to — what’s the best way I can describe this? — gobble it.

Basically, it looked like she did almost three weeks’ worth of swallowing, licking, probing, jacking, and swallowing again. I watched her grasp that beautiful cock in her right hand and pressure Ted away from her mouth. She examined the underside, wet with her saliva, then brought him closer so she could probe the pee-hole with her tongue, trying to work it around, getting whatever tastes she could from it. Then she rested the tip of his cock on her lower lip and proceeded to jack him off, driving her tongue into the pee-hole, but stopping enough to keep him from losing his control and actually cumming.

She then changed tactics and grasped his beautiful asscheeks in both hands and pulled him all the way into her mouth. I guess that was the cue for him to start fucking her mouth seriously; and once he was into a rhythm, I saw her reach her left hand around behind him and start to finger his asshole.

She pulled him out long enough to gasp, “That’s it, Baby — fuck my mouth with that gorgeous dick of yours.” Then, “Did you and Georgia do that — did you shove that dick all the way down her throat every night?”

Well, not every night — but most nights. Also, it seems that after I gave him some lessons, Ted had, indeed, managed to teach his sweet little wife the stimulating pleasures of nasty talk.

Ted knew what to say. “Yeah, Baby, I shoved my dick down Georgia’s throat every night. But all the time, I was thinking of fucking your throat.” Then, “Baby, I gotta stop this or I’m gonna cum, and I want to fuck your pussy first.”

“You want to fuck my cunt, is that what you want to do, Teddy? Say it — you want to fuck my cunt!”

“Yeah, I want to fuck your cunt — that’s all I’ve been wanting to do for three weeks now.”

“Then shove that big cock into my cunt. I’ve been keeping it open for you with my hands all that time. Once when we were calling, I had three fingers up my cunt. I came three times while we were talking. Did you see me, Baby? Did you see me cum on my fingers, thinking about you and Georgia?”

“We saw, Baby, we saw it all. Now I gotta shove my dick into your sweet cunt — that’s all I’ve been wanting to do for three weeks now — I gotta have you!”

I wasn’t hurt by any of the things Ted said. I guess I had taught him well, and he was saying all these things to turn his wife — and himself — on. It wasn’t doing too bad a job on me, either!

“Do it, Baby, put your huge dick into your Baby’s cunt and fuck the piss out of me.”

And Ted proceeded to fuck her so hard that I thought, with her baby-compressed bladder, plus all the water she drank before we went to bed, he might actually fuck the piss out of Candace. (Actually, that came later.)

Ted fucked that little girl so hard I thought she might break, but I guess he was right — she’s not fragile. He was holding himself up, doing his best to keep his weight off her belly, but then she ordered him, “Lay on me — I want to feel all your weight on me, like I’m yours. Yeah. Now fuck me hard. Put another baby inside me.”

Now that was hot! And, indeed, he fucked her, well, like he was trying to put another baby in her belly. And that sweet little girl threw her legs over his thighs and pulled him to her, and she dug her nails into his shoulders and into the backs of his thighs and pulled his face down to hers and bit his lips and his cheeks, then bathed his face with her tongue, then bit his lips again, and generally acted like a firecracker bitch in heat. Sometimes she would take her hands away from his head and clutch her breasts and squeeze and pull her nipples ’til they had to hurt. By this point, I couldn’t help myself, and I had my hand half-way up my pussy — okay, my cunt!

Finally, despite the considerate lover that Ted usually is, he couldn’t last long in the face of Candace’s lust. “I’m cumming, Candace, I can’t help it — I’m cumming. I’ve wanted this so long ……….. “

“That’s it, Teddy, Baby — put three weeks’ of your hot come in me — put another baby inside me!”

And with the beautiful groan that I had come to know and love so much these past weeks, Ted just released himself inside of his panting wife.

And then it was quiet, except for the sound of soft kisses and the gentle exchanges of “I love you, Teddy,” “I love you so much, Candace.”

It was beautiful. I guess it turned out that I was the one to be joining in the happiness.

A little time to rest. Ted got up and brought back a bottle of water for us to share. Then, after we’d rested a bit more, Candace said, “Teddy, Georgia’s waited patiently while my beautiful man welcomed me home, and I think bahis siteleri now it’s time for us to share with her.”

Aware that Candace’s good heart usually knew the right thing to do, Ted carefully navigated his way over his wife and across the bed. I spread my legs, so he knew where I wanted him to end up and what I wanted to happen. Unlike the sex-deprived Candace, I welcomed Ted’s head — and his tongue, and his lips — in between my legs. From the very first time, I’ve loved the way he makes love to my pussy and my clit. Yes, he wants me to give me pleasure and to prepare me for whatever might follow. But it’s also his way of showing his affection for my body, and for the woman who inhabits it. Also, he really seems to like eating my pussy.

But not for too long. Having to lie there and watch that beautiful stud and his wife had made me antsy to get on with the main event, namely, feeling that gorgeous hunk of meat up inside me. With a simple, “Now, Ted — put it in me,” I felt Ted once again filling me, Also, I couldn’t help thinking, “maybe for one of the last times.”

Unlike the frantic fucking with sex-starved Candace, Ted treated me to long, slow strokes. He moved up so that every one of those strokes rubbed my clit, giving me a fresh rush of pleasure with each stroke. Ted and I just went on for several minutes — we were well-practiced in this from the previous weeks.

In the midst of this pleasure, my mind wandered, and I realized that here I am, a 61-year-old woman, with my arms (and legs) around the body of a trim, muscular young man, and that I was being fucked as satisfyingly as I ever have in my life.

And Candace? Candace lay there on her side, watching the two of us, and smiling — it seemed, almost benevolently — as her husband made love to me.

Then she said, “Tell her, Teddy,… It’s all right — you can say the words … “

There was a pause. Then, beside my ear, Ted softly said, “I love you, Georgia.” And before I could react to this … — I don’t know what to call it — Candace took my hand off her husband’s back and held it, entwining her fingers in mine, and said, “Georgia — tell him. It’s OK — you can tell him …”

Almost without thinking, I whispered “I love you, Ted,” and held him tighter with the arm that Candace wasn’t holding.

Candace’s hand squeezed mine, and then she placed my hand back on her husband’s shoulder and continued to smile at us.

I was stunned by the words I had just said — not the words themselves, because I had known for some time that they were true — but that I had spoken them, aloud, to Ted, with his wife right there, listening, encouraging us both.

But I knew what I wanted to do then. I said, “Ted, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Ted didn’t ask any questions, but instead, eased himself out of my pussy and scooted up and positioned himself so his cock was right at my mouth, waiting for me to guide things from there. I placed my hands on his hips, opened my mouth, and pulled that beautiful cock, slippery with Candace’s juices and my own, into my mouth.

I took some time to savor it, and the tastes, and the smells, and the volume of it as it filled my mouth, but then it was time to do what I wanted to do. I pushed his hips backward, ’til just the soft tip was in my mouth, and I put my thumb and four fingers around him and gently, efficiently, masturbated him. I didn’t rush it, but aroused as he was, it was only a matter of a minute or two before he poured his creamy, sticky come into my waiting mouth.

Other times, I would have relished it for a minute, using my tongue to coat my mouth with his jizz before slowly swallowing, savoring the warmth and the salty tang as it worked its way down my throat and toward my belly.

But this time, I knew that I had to do something else. I gently nudged Ted’s hips aside so I could turn toward Candace. I looked into her eyes and gently placed my hand on her cheek. She knew what was going to happen. She leaned her face toward mine and opened her mouth and accepted my gift of her husband’s sperm, which we shared, back and forth, until we each swallowed. Then we lay there, our faces next to each other, looking into each others eyes, and sharing the feelings.

We lay like that for several minutes, Ted knowing that this was something that shouldn’t be interrupted. Finally, he kissed my cheek, then got up and walked around the bed and got in on the other side of his wife. And we lay like that, Ted holding Candace, Candace and I face-to-face, holding hands. And that’s how we must have fallen asleep.

Sometime later, I felt the bed move, and Candace got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, Ted moved to the middle to allow Candace to be on the outside and, thus, closer to the bathroom. And that’s how we fell back to sleep — Candace on the outside, with Ted spooned up against his wife, his right arm gently across her swelling tummy, and me, snuggled up against Ted, my crotched pressed against his tight buns.

The bahis şirketleri next morning was still a pre-school morning for Caleen, and Candace wanted to do everything to get back into the normal routine with the children, so she got up, woke Ted, and together they fixed breakfast for all of us. After Caleen and Eddie (and Ted and I) were into our breakfasts, Candace left to dress, and then she and Caleen drove off to Caleen’s school, intending to do some errands and grocery shopping on the way back home.

After they left, Ted and I corralled Eddie and got him dressed and settled in front of something marginally educational on the TV and then sat down for another cup of coffee. I finally summoned the nerve to ask Ted, “About last night … two things, actually. First, do you think that what happened is what Candace really wanted, and did it go right for her? And second, you and I said some things … ,” and I let it go.

Somehow, nothing flusters Ted. I think part of it is just the way he is, and another part is the fact that Candace is so upbeat and practical that nothing really phases either of them. That seemed to be the case now.

“Yes, I think that that’s what Candace wanted. I’m not sure she knew exactly what she wanted, but I think that what happened last night is what she felt she wanted. And I don’t know about you, but I think that what we did, and the way we did it, was, well, beautiful. And I think that’s the way Candace felt about it — still feels about it — too.

“About the other thing …?” I started, then I wasn’t sure I even had the words to describe it. “I can’t believe there are many women who could lie in bed and hear their husband tell another woman that he loves her, and encourage the other woman to tell her husband that she loves him, too.”

Ted just sighed. “I married a remarkable woman. I don’t know if you can believe this — certainly most women — or men — couldn’t. But for Candace, she isn’t the least bit threatened by the fact that you and I might have feelings — strong feelings — for each other. For Candace, the fact that a woman — a woman she admires greatly — cares about her husband, and that that woman makes her husband happy … well, what’s good for Candace’s husband is good for her.”

They way he said it, made sense — sort of. And I believed Ted, and I believed what he said about, somehow, Candace not being threatened by Ted’s and my feelings for each other. But I decided, then and there, that I would never use the fact that Candace knew and accepted how Ted and I feel as an excuse to approach Ted. Calling that an “unconscionable abuse of her trust and affection” would be putting it too mildly. And I’ll never, ever, do that.

No matter how badly I might want to.

That evening — the whole day, in fact — was amazingly “normal.” And then, Eddie and Caleen were asleep, and Candace, Ted, and I knew that it was time for bed.

I used the guest bathroom to “freshen up,” while Ted and Candace used the bathroom attached to their bedroom. The laughter and giggling I heard coming from their room accounted for why I finished up before they did. They were happy sounds, and they made me feel happy.

I gave them some extra time, then walked into the bedroom to find them already in bed, sitting up and waiting for me. They were still giggling and holding hands.

I slid in on the other side of Candace, who welcomed me to her marital bed with a hug, which I returned. And it wasn’t a fake hug, or a pro forma hug mandated by the situation. Instead, I found that the more time I spent Candace, the more fond of her I was becoming.

Tonight, I decided to start things off. “Ted, why don’t you show your beautiful wife how much you love her.”

Ted promptly climbed over Candace and, after some gentle kisses, nips and nibbles to her breasts, gently spread her thighs and began eating her pussy. Unlike the previous night, Candace was not desperate and frantic, but instead simply lifted her hips up and down in response to Ted’s attentions.

“Georgia, the way you and I kissed, after Teddy came in your mouth last night, I was wondering … have you ever kissed a woman … you know … well, like Teddy’s kissing me now?”

Teddy was at that moment “kissing” her pussy like the proverbial starved man. So, yes, I knew what she was asking, and, yes, I’ve enjoyed “kissing” a number of women like that, and I’m pretty sure they’ve enjoyed being “kissed” by me.

“Yes, Dear, I have.”

“I was wondering … what’s it like? I mean, with them being …?”

“I’ve enjoyed it very much, dear. It’s incredibly exciting, to smell another woman’s scent, and to taste her unique flavor, and the incredible feeling of her moving under your lips and your tongue.”

“I’ve wondered — how about Lauren and Jane? I mean, they’re so free and — uninhibited, I guess is the word — do you think that they’ve ever …?”

“Yes, Dear, I know that they have, and they probably still do on occasion.”

“Have you ever — done it … with …?”

“Yes, I’ve done it with them — with Lauren, just once — but it was a special occasion for her father …” (I don’t know why the hell I inserted that detail!) “… and a number of times with Jane.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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