Sex Beckons

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WARNING: This story is explicit and perhaps might disgust you.


Bored Monica Dhar had been looking forward to a memorable day of sun, great surf and returning home near-exhausted but exhilarated.

Not to be. The sea was flat because the forecast favorable wind had failed to arrive. She spat out her gum and sulked, looking aimlessly out to sea.

A guy on one of the four-wheelie things came along the beach and up to stop beside her.

“Hi. If you’re looking for a wave to come it won’t be today,” he said, noticing her board on the ground at her feet.

Monica made no effort to reply.

“Are you deaf or just dumb?”

She had to smile.

“That’s better,” said the muscular guy in a black bush singlet, shorts, wool socks and boots. “I bet you thought I was angling for a fuck?”

“It had crossed my mind.”

The guy scratched his short-cropped black hair. “Sorry, but you’re out of luck. I’m particular where I put it.”

“Good for you,” said the 26-year-old nurse. “A virulent STD can move through your cock, eat into your gut and then ride a return artery to begin eating your heart.”

“Christ, you’re a bundle of joy,” he said, turning a little pale. “Sit on my ATV while I nip into the store.”

She was still standing in the same spot when he returned with milk, bread and Saturday morning newspaper in a clear carry bag.

“How long would it take to eat out my heart?”

“About three very painful weeks. But you’ll remain conscious and coherent until just near the end and will be able to choose which of your buddies will be pallbearers.”

“You’re a nurse, aren’t you?”

Surprised, Monica said, “Yes, how did you work that out?”

“Because you have big tits and are wearing your nurse’s cap.”

“I am not, you clown,” Monica said but still was unable to stop raising her hand and feel her hair.

“Nah, Mrs Stewart who runs the store reckoned you’d be a nurse when I told her what you’d said. She’d noticed us chatting. She was a nurse way back and said they used to tell that same story to guys to give them the brush off.”

“So Mrs Stewart is the clever one; what does that make you?”

“Extra specially dumb I suppose. I did believe you.” He turned his appealing brown eyes on her but was not given an inch.

The guy shrugged and climbed on to the dusty red quad bike and started it, revving the motor and moving off shouted, “Well goodbye, I was going to invite you to return along the beach with me for a fuck.”

“Okay,” Monica called.

She watched the brake light burn bright red and the bike skid into a partial turn that he finished and rode back to her. Looking rather embarrassed he said, “Did I hear you say okay?”

“I don’t know what you heard but yes I did say okay. A fuck is better than wasting my entire day. Are you any good?”

“Um would babes complain if I disappointed them?”

“Not if they were polite.”

“I only date polite women.”

“I bet.”

He grinned and said she was all right. “Move your ass and we’ll have a great time.”

“Oh I’ll perform. The question is can you?”

Flushing, he said, “I’m Danny Roberts.”

“Hi Danny my Fucker of the Day. I’m Monica Dhar.”

“Ah, so that’s why you have a dark skin.”


“Because that’s a district in Central India. I read a lot.”

“My paternal great-grandparents emigrated from India but from then on we have been European. My mother, who calls my skin color olive, is whiter than your mother?”

“How on earth can you say that?”

“It was a thought, simply a thought for you to prove or disprove.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Because it’s intellectually more stimulating than going around and asking every female under the age of fifty to have sex with you.”

“That’s rubbish. I only asked you because you looked forlorn and I thought what could I do to cheer this lovely and forlorn young woman.”

“Well you didn’t think far, not beyond your zip in fact.”

“If that’s meant to be criticism why did you accept?”

Monica said because it was the best offer she’d received all day although it was not yet 9:00 am. They laughed.

“Put your board inside your SUV and I’ll hop across and ask Mrs Stewart to keep an eye on your vehicle.”

Danny returned and said because Monica was a nurse Mrs Stewart said she could park her vehicle on the front lawn. “It’s this house beside the store. I’ll open the gate.”

Monica, with muddy brown hair and looking a little over-weight, returned to Danny who was already seated on his bike. She was wearing sunglasses and was putting sunscreen into her small handbag and also carried a beach towel and a car rug.

“What’s with the rug?”

“You are unlikely to fuck me on your bed with your mom lurking. It’s to make sure I don’t get sand, or hay or straw or even green grass up my pussy.”

Danny turned crimson. “Um Monica. I shouldn’t have asked you so crudely to have sex. I’m sorry. Put the rug back in your vehicle.”

“No while it was appallingly crude, your sheer cheekiness set me alight. I want Niğde Escort to proceed with our unexpected promiscuous liaison. How old are your Danny?”


“Oh god, only just out of your teens. Do you know how to do it?

Danny was crimson again. He said hesitantly, “Yeah I think so.”

Monica sighed and got up behind him. “Let’s go Danny.”

They rode down the boat-launching ramp and went north along the beach on firm sand just below high water mark. He’d said they’d not travel quickly because with two on the machine they could bog in soft spots and perhaps even flip.

Monica dug her hands under his T-shirt and rubbed his nipples.

“What are you doing?” he yelled.

“Getting myself worked up as well as you,” said called, loving the feel of her long brunette hair flying out in the wind and the salty-air on her face. “Stop at the first good spot.”

She kissed into his neck and heard him say, “Jesus” and again but she only just heard it as she pushed her breasts into him.

He steered into a delta in the cliffs and rode in a little way in soft sand below the bush-lined cliff. “Does this look a good spot?”

“For what?”

He failed to meet her gaze, head dropping.

Suppressing a giggle she stepped off the bike and grabbed the rug, spreading it on the sand. Monica removed her sweatshirt and turned her back to him and ordered, “Undo my bra.”

Danny jumped off the bike and staggered as he fought to stay balanced. He reached her, breathing heavily, and fumbled successfully to undo the three hooks. He then reached around to cup her.

“These are great knockers. Um that name is okay, isn’t it?”

“Call them what you like but do something with them Danny.”

“Like what?”

Monica sighed. “Turn me around Danny and fondle them and lick them but don’t you dare bite the nipples until I’m really heated up.”

“How will you heat up?”

Monica rolled her eyes. She pushed him back a little and pulled off his T-shirt and nipped one of his nipples.

“Christ,” he yelled and grabbing her buried his head between her moderately large breasts. Swinging his head from side to side he was crooning, “Oh lovely, oh so soft.”

Smiling, Monica grabbed his butt, dug her fingers in well, and jerked him against her and at first she thought she’d caught his arm between them but then her eyes widened above a growing smile as her hand confirmed what she held was no arm.

“Christ Danny, are your jerking and stretching this all day?”


He stopped slobbering and now aware of what she was on about said, “Big ‘uns run in my family.”

“Get back to what you were doing. Work on my nipples with your fingers and lick long strokes between my tits. Who taught you to do that?”

“My big sister.”

“Oh god.”

“But she won’t let me fuck her. You must understand… it gets boring out here. Mom used to love jerking me across her fat gut but that stopped because she said she didn’t like me pestering her all the time to be allowed to put it in.”

“Oh god.”

Overcome by a roaring in her ears and feeling her tits swell, Monica caught Danny in a leg hook and threw him on to the rug. She unzipped him and was rather relieved it wasn’t quite as large as first thought.

Aware she was now naturally lubricated she grunted, “Want to do it now?”

He said yeah so she sat on him, pushed him in and bounced.

Before very long she groaned into release and he fired. She stepped off, not even in a sweat.

“That wasn’t very long.”

“Don’t be greedy.”

“Mrs Williams goes for more than an hour.”


“So she tells me.”

“Oh, good for Mrs Williams.”

“She says dad is the best of her men.”

Monica reached for her towel, her mind giving up on the sexual activities of this community.

“I couldn’t believe you’d let me do you before I administered the slap and tickle stuff.”

“You mean foreplay?”


“Well I was eager for it, wasn’t I? Anyway what’s this before I let you do it? You just lay there staring at my tits.”

“They were awesome, swinging like that. It got me off.”

“Oooh. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah, although you are taller and broader than me and a bit fat I found you rather tight.”

“I know how to squeeze and anyway I’m not a gaper. And cut out that reference to being fat or you’ll get now more pussy.”

“What does all that stuff about squeezing and being a gaper mean?”

“Never mind; by the time you have fucked the entire district you’ll know everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Never mind. Just talk about us Danny. Stand and kiss me and poke that thing into my belly — no don’t bother to wipe it unless you want to. I enjoy the feel of a cock wet after sex against me when kissing.”

“Do you want me to piss on you?”

“No thanks darling. We scarcely know one another.”

“I bet you are a great fuck when you get going Monica. You probably can teach my mum and thing or two and that might reduce the times dad wanders off to give it to someone else.”

“Could Niğde Escort Bayan we concentrate on us Danny? I’d like you to learn whether I’m a good fuck. If we do it enough times you’ll be in the position to judge.”

“Like how many times?”

“That’s up to you Danny. I’m yours all day to do whatever you wish.”

Danny pondered that. “How long is it since you had sex before today?”

“About a month.”

“Oh you poor woman.”

“Well said Danny. I’m hungry. Any chance of breakfast?”

“Oh Christ. Mom will kick me in the nuts. I have the bread and milk. Put those tits away and let’s go. Please don’t tell her I fucked you.”

“Am I likely to tell her that?”

Danny grinned, pulling on his top and then toweling around his crotch. “You confuse me the way you talk.”

“You’re dealing with an older person.”

“Yeah I know. You’re old enough to be my young brother’s mother.”

Monica said that was very unlikely and asked how old was the brother. He said eight. She sighed without answering.

Mrs Roberts came running out when she saw them arriving. She said to Monica. “Are you injured?”

“No Danny was quite gentle.”

Mrs Roberts looks confused. “We occasional find people on the beach exhausted or injured or both.”

“She came to surf mom and I found her outside the store looking bored. I invited her home for a feed.”

“And who is her?”

“I’m Monica Dhar.”

“Oh welcome Monica. I’m June.”

“She’s a nurse mom.”

June looked relieved and sweeping back her shaggy blonde hair said, “That means you are respectable and not a prostitute or a drug dealer.”

“I rather think a prostitute would have lean pickings in this district.”

June doubled up in laughter and said, “Oh you are funny. You have no idea how right you are.”

Monica looked at Danny and decided he had no idea what they were talking about. Oh wasn’t so he naïve and sweet?

Inside Monica was introduced to the father Dennis who spent most of his time looking furtively as her breasts, and to Carole was looked eighteen and possessing an almost flat chest, eyed Monica’s enviously. The kid named Pete wandered in and eyed Monica’s chest when saying hello before casting his eyes down and remaining morose until Monica cheered him by asking him if he had a girlfriend.

“No but do you think I should have one?”

“It’s not for me to say.”

“Mom says puberty comes first.”

“That good advice to wait. Girls are still silly when they’re younger and don’t quite know how to cope with boys.”

“Ah, so that’s why they’re goofy.”

“There are better words for it Pete but you are at a great age in life when you have few responsibility and few pressures, like people really telling you what to do. Enjoy playing and exploring with your pals and doing crazy but safe things because you’ll never get another chance.”

“Now you listen to Nurse Day er whatever her name is. She has explained that so beautifully to you.”

“Yes mom. I want to sit at the table with you Nurse Dhar.”

“Oh that delights me Pete. Can you spell my name Dhar?


“Oh Pete, you clever boy. That was an excellent attempt. It’s really spelt D-H-A-R but please call me Monica.”


June said Pete should do what Nurse Monica says.

As soon as breakfaster was over Pete went outside to play with his dog and Dennis began reading the sports section of the newspaper.

“Come on Monica, let’s go,” Danny said urgently.

“What’s the hurry?” asked his mom. “Monica has just gotten here.”

“She has agreed to teach me how to fuck, that’s why.”

“Oh how lovely,” cooed his mom. “Monica is a woman. “You’ve only had scatty teenagers up till now.”

“Yeah a good older woman puts a young guy on the right track. That’s what my Aunt Nellie did for me. Is there any chance…?”

“No Dennis. June needs it from you while I don’t.”

“You can say that again Monica,” June sighed. “Take Monica over to the far barn Danny and take food and drink. There will be no kids over there gathering round to watch you two at it.”

* * *

Danny had rolled open both wide roller-doors and sun streamed in to where Monica was spreading the blanket.

They stripped and Nurse Monica slowly took Danny through the sensitive parts of her body although emphasizing women acted differently and preferred being touched in only a few of those areas while some didn’t like being touched at all. “It’s a matter of learning by touch,” she smiled.

“I never would have found out you like your guy blowing under your right armpit without you telling me. Why not the left one as well?”

“I have no idea Danny. It’s one of those mysteries of life. Which testicle do you like your sex partners sucking on and rolling in her mouth?”


“I thought so. And what’s this about pissing?”

“We watched a DVD one of my friends got off his big brother. We couldn’t believe it. Guys and women pissed over one another and pissed over couples that were fucking. The women wore silk so the Escort Niğde wetness showed up.”

“Did you enjoy watching?”

“Yeah, but I’d not want to swallow someone’s piss.”

“Me neither. But I’ll let you piss over my tits if that’s what you want.”

“I dunno.”

“Come on, do it now. You’ll fuck longer without a bladder full of piss.”

“What, with you standing up?”

“Yes, you’ll have the pressure to reach up there and will be able to watch it dribble down and over my cunt.”

“You said cunt; I thought women hated that word?”

“Well not all woman are the same and that’s one of the important things I can teach you. I use the word to men because I know that helps them with their excitement.”

“Excitement? What, when fucking?”

“Oh Danny, am I going to be a great encounter for you in your rise into manhood.”

“Right, I’ll piss over you now. What will I feel?”

“Probably nothing because you’re not warmed up. In fact you may feel you have humiliated me.”

“I don’t what that to happen; you’re too nice.”

“Oooh Danny. Let’s work into foreplay. I can do things to you that will get your motor running.”

“Like what?”

“Don’t be impatient.”

Over the next couple of hours Danny learned about effective routines and how a woman could get his motor running. He almost lifted off the ground when Monica ran a little wet finger into his ass. Cock twitching in Monica’s hand he yelled, “Jesus!”

“Whatever did those younger women teach you Danny?”

“Not much I guess. Generally they just lay with their legs open and ordered me around, saying things like, ‘Hurry up, get it in’, ‘It looks too big Danny’ or ‘Don’t you dare make me pregnant’.”

Monica rolled her eyes. By then they were both temporarily fucked out, their fronts partly soaked in semen and pussy juice.

“I’m hungry.”

“Okay,” he said standing and pulling her up and watching come ooze from her pussy. “You eat a lot for a female.”

“Usually I don’t eat much at all. The urge to eat comes when I’m aroused for sex or after it.”

He nodded in agreement. “Me too. You make the sandwiches. Like a beer?”

“Thanks. I suppose you didn’t bring wine?”


Monica sighed and said if he were more considerate and consistent with the young women he fucked perhaps they might allow him to do it more than once. He listened intently as Monica explained from her observations and listening to him she would think the females he’d fucked would be left with the impression he only desired to get his end into them to shoot and he didn’t care a stuff about them. Besides, it was likely most of them never got off.

“I really didn’t know much about that.”

“But surely your mom talked to you about such things when she was jerking you off?”

“Nah, she was too busy fingering herself into a groaning fit… at least until today I thought it was either a fit or she was just being happy and singing the Nun’s Chorus to herself.”

Monica staggered about laughing hysterically.

“What? What did I say that’s so funny?”

After lunch Monica taught him doggy — he really liked that and next best was Monica on her shoulders with her feet spread and resting on hay bales while he stood and drove down into her.

“You’re cunt’s gaping now, ” he said proudly as he jerked himself over her face.

They slept and when awakening Monica said, “I’ve taught you many of the basics. But now we head towards the plateau and do lovely things to one another, gently. This is what loving sex is about. Make a name for doing this and you’ll have the babes lining up to gurgle in delight at what you can do for them.”


“Don’t be like that Danny. Just do it, give time for the word to spread, and then see what happens. Now work me up gently and sweetly again Danny…”

“It’s no use. Today I’ve shot the most times ever. There’s nothing left.”

“Just do what says Nurse Monica says Danny. I’ll make sure you get off.”

They played around and Monica got him hard enough to get going and when he was tiring she squeezed his balls gently and rammed her dry index finger up his ass and then squeezed internal muscles. The poor guy’s eyes bulged, he snorted and then screamed “AAAAAAARRRRRRGH” and emptied into her.

“Jesus,” he panted.

“Come on, take me down to the sea so we can clean up,” she said wearily. “It’s almost 4:00. My shift starts at 7:00 in the morning.”

“They stopped after the nude swim at the place they’d first stopped in the morning.


“Just one more time.”

“Oh,” she groaned.

“Come on teacher.”

“All right,” Monica yawned and pulled out a condom. “I’ll teach you to ass fuck.”

“W-what, up your dirty asshole? No way and besides I’ll never get it in there.”

“The length you can fill will be clear of crap and my butt will adjust to fit you. Men find it incredible women can be so accommodating.”

“I dunno.”

“Well forget it. Just remember it’s a good alternative if your babe is having a period and that puts you off.”

“Oh yeah? Well let’s try.”

They tried and tried but couldn’t get Danny erect enough. He yawned and said he was overdue for sleep.

“You will be poor boy. You have done amazingly well today. Sometime soon find an older woman and allow her to coach you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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