Sex in a Stream

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Katrina waded into the stream, throwing her silvery blonde hair back and loosening her corset. The thing does wonders for my bust line, but it’s so uncomfortable.

She shed the corset, tossing it to the bank. Next she freed herself of the rest of dress, and threw it aside. It had grown incredibly heavy in the water.

Now wearing only her under dress, Katrina glanced at the discarded clothing lying on the muddy bank. Her oppressive father would be angry, but she doubted he would notice, the man paid very little attention to his only daughter.

Katrina slipped straps of the cloth garment off her shoulder, and left it fall. It clung to her skin where it was wet, which was up to her belly button, but she peeled it off and stepped out of it.

Now nude, Katrina waded into deeper water. The water was cool, and a light breeze made her nipples stand on end. Sighing slightly at the pleasure, Katrina ducked her head under the water, running her fingers through her hair. This feels so good after a hot summer day.

Katrina continued to wade in the water, then leaned backwards. She fell with a splash into the stream, and then began to float on her back, sunlight glistening off of her wet skin.

And then, suddenly, she heard voices. To her horror, Katrina realized it was two boys. Panicking Katrina did not have time to hide her discarded clothing; she only had time to hide behind some low lying tree branches. Partially hidden in the shade the branches provided, Katrina crouched on her knees, so that she was in the water up to her nose. She slowed her breathing, attempting to become as silent as possible. Her heart was pounding inside her chest, and she willed it to slow.

Now that the two boys were coming around the bend, she could recognize the two voices. One belonged to Billy Fritts, a boy of around fourteen. The other was deeper, more mature. Katrina’s heart sped up as she recognized the older boy as one of her friends, Jack Wier.

Jack, being nineteen years old, was only a year older than Katrina was. She had gone to school with him, had shared amused glances and secretive inside jokes during Church services. She liked him very much, but he was just a friend, and Katrina did not want him to see her in this position. At least, that’s what Katrina told herself.

“…didn’t get anything. I just don’t know where the good spots are this time of year,” Billy was saying. They must have been fishing down stream, Katrina realized. And yes, as they came into view Katrina that they both were carrying fishing rods and tackle.

“The fish are usually in the shady spots. Near branches or logs that go over the water,” Jack responded. Katrina gulped inwardly; she was hiding in just such a spot.

“Well, I’m not good enough of a caster. I’d get the hook stuck in a tree branch knowing my luck,” Billy said. The pair of them wear walking past, hopefully Katrina’s clothes would be concealed by the bank of the stream. “I’m going to go back.”

“Alright, I think I might try my luck right here, that spot over there looks good,” Jack was saying. Struck with fear, Katrina held her breath and with deeper under water, till only her eyes and bahis siteleri forehead were above water. Please go back with him, please!

“Okay, see you later,” Billy said, waving and disappearing over the bank. Jack had sat down his tackle box, and was looking over something on his fishing rod. He walk over the small hump that was the bank and looked into the stream, directly towards Katrina. She leaned backwards against the steep muddy wall that was the stream bank behind her as far as she could.

Katrina suppressed a gasp as he cast his line, just six inches away from the leaves of the tree branch. He sat down at the crest of the hillock and looked upstream. No! He had noticed!

Jack was looking at the discarded clothing, his brow creased in a frown. “Somebody been skinny dipping?” he remarked. Katrina, was forced to rise up out of the water a bit, she hadn’t realized she’d stopped breathing in her anxiety. “Those look like…” Oh no…

“Katrina?” Jack realized. He looked up stream and down, and then his eyes fell directly on the spot where Katrina was hiding. He knows!

Katrina saw him smirk, and then he rose to his feet and began pulling his line out of the water. He grabbed his hook, as if examining the bait. Maybe he’ll just leave. He’ll give me a hard time later, but…

Suddenly Jack released his hook and almost an instant later he cast it, directly at Katrina. Taken by surprise, Katrina couldn’t help but release a small shriek. The heard the hook hit the branch above her, followed by laughter coming from the shore.

“Katrina! I know you’re in there. Been out for a mid-afternoon swim?” Jack exclaimed. Katrina didn’t say anything, she was still shocked. He had cast that at her!

“I know you’re there. Don’t try to keep hiding,” he said, mockingly.

“I…be careful where you have those eyes!” Katrina admonished, stepping out from her hiding place. She was careful to keep her knees bent, so that only her head was out of the water.

“You should have thought about that before you went wading in the nude!” Jack retorted, still failing to contain his laughter. “Your lucky Billy took off, he’d be beside himself.”

Katrina had waded halfway across the stream before she stopped, being carefully to continually keep only her chin above water. But she was now on her knees, and she had just decided that the water was much clearer that it had any business being.

“Could you toss me my clothes and…go away?” Katrina asked him pleadingly.

Jack was still beside himself with amusement, but he stopped laughing out loud. “Sure, but could you be a dear and dislodge my fishing hook? It seems to have gotten stuck somehow,” Jack said, in a mock innocent voice.

“I…absolutely not!” Katrina exclaimed, beside herself.

“Well, I don’t feel like getting wet. And seeing how I’ve got these held hostage,” he nodded towards her clothing.

“Well I’m not moving then,” Katrina countered resolutely. Jack didn’t respond, he just kept smiling to himself. He began busying himself, as if he was rummaging through his tackle box.

This was another of their battle of will, Katrina thought to herself. Unfortunately canlı bahis he usually won them.

“That water must be chilly,” Jack said off-handedly.

“Its not too bad,” she retorted, matching his tone.

“Bit of a breeze,” he noticed.

Katrina bit her tongue. It was getting pretty cold. She had been in the water awhile now.

“Fine. Throw me my clothes and ill get your stupid hook out of the branch,” Katrina caved in.

“Nope, first hook then clothes,” Jack countered. Katrina noticed that he was longer laughing. He was looking at her in way he never had before. Katrina felt a stirring deep inside that she thought she knew what it was.

“Fine,” Katrina said. She turned, waded into the deep and looked appraisingly at the hook. It was stuck in a branch that was about a foot above the water level. She wouldn’t be able to get at it from her hiding spot. And she’d have to tippy-toe to reach it. From that position the water would only go up to her waist, or maybe a bit below her waist. He’s going to get a good look at my rump, Katrina thought bitterly. “Don’t watch.”

She waded up to the spot, stood on the tips of her toes and grabbed the hook with one hand; her other hand was around her breasts, keeping them out of view. It took her a moment to get it dislodged one handed, but after a short while she managed it. Face burning, she lower herself into the water and turned.

“You didn’t have your eyes closed, or averted, or anything,” she said to him angrily.

“No, I didn’t,” Jack said soberly. He wasn’t laughing or smiling. His honesty took her aback. She had the sudden urge to just leap out of the water in the nude, but she stuck to form.

“My clothes,” she said. He tossed them to her.

“I’ll go over here while you dress,” Jack reassured. He removed himself to the other side of the hillock and around some wild hedges. None the less, Katrina was careful to keep the majority of her body as hidden as could be. She waded out of the stream and sat on a patch of grass. The under dress was clingy and a bit thin, it wasn’t covering her as well as she would have liked.

“Here,” Jack’s voice said from behind her. He tossed her a towel, which Katrina used on her hair. Jack sat down beside, his eyes gazing unfocused into the stream.

“Your dad’s going to be pissed,” he said, gazing at the fancier parts of Katrina’s dress that was still lying on the bank.

“He can go to hell,” Katrina said venomously. “You recognized my clothes, I would’ve been touched if I hadn’t been so afraid.”

“Actually I didn’t recognize the clothes,” Jack commented. “I, kind of knew you had a habit of doing this.”

“What? How did you know?” Katrina questioned, feeling shocked.

“A kid saw you at it once…” he saw Katrina’s expression. “I won’t say who it was. You ought to check around to make sure people aren’t near when you do this.”

“How many people know?” Katrina asked.

“Only me and the kid,” Jack answered. “I know why you go off like this; you do it when you feel sad and depressed.”

“Sad and depressed?” Katrina questioned him. Deep down she knew he was dead on.

“Yeah, because of your father,” güvenilir bahis Jack told her knowingly. “You know you’ve got friends you can come to.” Katrina knew that by friends he meant himself. “I don’t want you to go like my mother did. Shutting herself away until she died of depression and heart ache.”

“Jack,” Katrina moaned. She was falling apart. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was shivering terribly. She leaned towards him and buried her head in his neck. His arms went around Katrina, pressing her body against his.

“Your shivering you’ll catch cold,” he admonished. Katrina felt his finger run under shoulder strap of her dress. He peeled off her dress to her waist. Katrina had stopped crying now, but she hardly breathed as he grabbed his towel and began running it over her body.

Katrina had never been touched intimately like this before, and her body was a puppet to his commands. He slipped the dress down her legs and off her ankles. The towel, and his hands with it, went down her stomach and between her thighs. She moaned as the towel coursed its way over her pussy.

Jack pulled Katrina’s body to his, so that she was sitting on his lamp. Katrina felt his erect cock under her ass, and she longed to get it inside her, to become intimate with Jack in the best way possible.

Jack’s hand went to Katrina’s chin and he raised her head back, then leaned over her and kissed her. It wasn’t Katrina’s first kiss. Katrina had even kissed Jack before. But then it had been on the cheek, and no other kiss had been the same.

One moment Katrina was kissing him, and the next he had turned her, and gotten rid of his shirt and pants. Her thighs were spread out, her legs around his torso. His cock was inside her, his lips on her nipples. Her hips were rocking in time with his.

Suddenly he lifted himself up, setting Katrina on her back. He began fucking her harder than ever. Katrina’s body actually began sliding a bit in the mud with every one of his thrust. When Katrina began moaning loudly, he paused and shifted weight.

“Not…too…loudly,” he said between heavy breaths. “Someone…might hear.”

“Just…fuck me,” Katrina gasped. But she did bite back her cries of ecstasy. When she could stand no longer she began moaning loudly again, but now Jack was beyond caring. He was rocking her harder and faster than ever. Then, with one final thrust, harder and deeper than any before, he exploded inside her. His explosion triggered something that Katrina hadn’t felt before, hadn’t fathomed that she could feel. As his thrusts became quicker and softer as he came in her, and she felt like her pussy had exploded and she came as well.

Almost gasping, he collapsed to the ground beside her. The both laid beside each for a moment, recovering.

“To think that…I was embarrassed just to show myself to you only a few minutes ago,” Katrina said.

Jack laughed. “I’ve wanted to get closer for awhile. I didn’t expect this much.” He paused a moment before he added, “I’m glad I went fishing today.”

“And I’m glad I went swimming,” Katrina said. “Oh God!”

“I wouldn’t go bringing him up right now,” Jack said, amused.

“No. It’s just that I’ve got mud in my hair. And in my ass crack!” Katrina exclaimed.

Jack looked at Katrina’s once silvery hair, now muddy brown, and laughed. “Better get you back in the water then!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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