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Our naked bodies lie entwined, caressing, pressing against each other. Our breathing grows harder and we both begin to moan gently. You stroke my hair. I brush my moist lips against yours. I lick my way inside your mouth, then suck on your tongue, taking its tip between my lips. I suck my way down, then back. Our tongues play with each other. My kisses travel down your neck towards your chest. I tease your nipples until they become stiff and then nip them gently with my teeth. I feel your whole body stiffen with excitement and I smile up at you. Then I lick you down to your navel, fondling your flanks with my hands and tickling you gently with my loose hair. I lift your legs beneath the knees and run my tongue up and down the inside of your thighs. Then I lick around your groin. I breathe on your already hardening penis and watch him grow with each pulse. I blow on the tip and your erection grows until he is standing firm before my eyes. Massaging your thighs and hips I continue caressing you with my breath, creating a gentle breeze that blows over your balls, onto the base of your cock, up the length of you to the tip and back to your balls again.

“Are you going to suck me, or what?” you growl.

“Patience, sweetheart,” I admonish.

My hands stroke up towards your genitals and massage you around the base of your cock. I admire the way he continues to grow without my needing to touch him. I start gently massaging your scrotum while with the other hand I drag my fingertips up your cock, softly tickling you. I tickle your veins at the side, then on the underside of the helmet. My other hand joins in. You’re sweating now. I can tell you are so turned on by my teasing and I smile at you naughtily. I carefully pull back the foreskin and begin to massage your helmet. With my thumbs I rub the underside and bite my lip in concentration. Copious precum has leaked from the slit and I smear it all around the head. With all my fingertips I knead the pulsing purple crown. Then with my fingernails I scratch you ever so gently, making you groan with pleasure. I insert one nail, my pinky’s, into the slit, just slightly. I can feel the throbbing become stronger and more insistent. I move the nail up and down the slit until it is covered in your bright glistening cum. I lift the finger to my lips and suck on it with my eyes closed. I suck my pinky deep into my mouth, withdraw it, then suck again, rapturously relishing the salty taste of you.

I then resume massaging your balls. I move to the wide base of your cock, working my hands around you, squeezing you, making more blood flow up to the tip. I study your reactions closely, enjoying my complete power over you. With the flat palm of my hand I rub up the underside of your cock, over the glans and all around the head. I begin stroking you up and down with one hand, while with the other, I vigorously rub your glans. Then I move both hands up and down you. With your mouth a wide open ‘o’ shape you are obviously loving what I am doing to you. My soft but firm hands are all around you, possessing you totally.

I then lower my head and kiss you just once at the tip. I massage your balls again and stroke you up and down. When my lips touch you again I slip the end of your fuck sausage into my mouth and suck lightly just at the tip. You groan. I caress your helmet over my soft lips, but only for a moment. After more energetic rubbing I replace my hand at your balls with my tongue. I lick your scrotum and gently nip the skin with my teeth. Then I take your balls into my mouth. I roll them over my tongue while my hand continues to massage your prick. Then I plant soft butterfly kisses up your shaft until I reach the tip. I pause and gaze into your face. It is a picture of excitement and anticipation. I smile and rub you again.

“Ah, what the fuck!” you protest.

I giggle, loving your frustration. Eventually I bend forward again to take you into my mouth, but pause to nibble your glans. I bite you all around the head until I wonder if your groans are of pleasure or pain. I’m driving you crazy with my teasing and you’re writhing beneath me like a snake, but I know you’re loving it and can take even more. After another pause while I scratch your helmet again, I finally allow you to slip once more into my mouth. My warm saliva must feel like a soothing balm to your poor, sore cock end. I move my lips all the way down to the base and then back up to the tip. I deep throat you again and suck hard this time. My cheeks squeeze against your girth. Your helmet is against the back of my throat. I hum and the vibration makes you gasp. I begin sucking you up and down, taking you in deeply each time. When I feel your throbbing begin to quicken I immediately withdraw and pause for breath.

“God damn it!” you cry.

I laugh and wait a few moments for your willy to calm down, then begin sucking you again, but not so deeply as your enormous size has been making my eyes water. When I pause for breath I see my lower lip is tethered the slit of your dick by a shining strand of liquid. I gaze at you lustfully with tearful eyes.

“I could cum just from looking at you,” you say through ragged gasps.

“Don’t you dare!”

Sensing kartal escort bayan that you’re close to the edge again, I take a moment to lick you up and down before plunging my mouth back onto you. I use my teeth to gently scratch you. When I come back up to the helmet I stick out my tongue to rub it back and forth over the glans. I suck you a few more times, but more gently. Then I sit up and straddle you with my back to your face.

“I’m going to cum in no time, baby,” you warn.

“Hm,” I purr, “we shall see.”

My pussy is soaking wet now. I rub myself against your genitals. My pussy and the crack of my ass become coated with my saliva, your precum and my girlcum, and I smear the mixture back into your crotch. I lean back to lie on you and give you a long, lingering kiss. We grind our hips against each other, but I still refrain from letting you enter me. I sit up, hold your hands tightly at my hips and continue to grind my pussy against your balls and my ass against your cock.

“Come on, come on!” you insist, hissing with frustration between your teeth.

I look back at you over my shoulder. You admire the shape of my back and buttocks, your eyes wide with intense desire. Your look of completely unbridled lust and the rubbing of your dick against me are driving me crazy too. You’re frantically grinding your hips and this is more than I can take. In teasing you to the brink I’ve driven myself there too. I lift my hips and my dripping pussy hovers above your penis for a moment, crying tears of girlcum onto your glans.

“Ahh!” I gasp as I finally sheathe you in my pussy. “Fuck!” I scream. You’re so big and so hot!

I release your hands and bend forward. I lift my ass and start fucking you. Your long cock fills me all the way and I love the feeling of you filling every last little inch of me. My buttocks slap against you. I draw my pussy up to the tip, then slam back down. My cunt has accepted you easily, but I am still very tight around you. Your broad dick stretches me, especially near the labia. Just when I can feel you about to cum, I slow down and lift off you for a moment. Your face is red with anger.

“Ah there, there, baby,” I tease and tut.

I sit on you for a while, grinding myself against you until the pulse of your dick slows fractionally. I lean back and lie on you. We kiss as we fuck. I lift my legs and you hold them together above me. All I can feel is you, baby, your chest against my back, your lips on my neck, your precious penis in my pussy. You hold my small body to you and your hips batter against my ass while my legs shake in the air above my face. I squeal like a little girl with delight, loving your strength and potency. Then you release my legs and I sit up again. I squat and allow you to thrust up into me while I rub at my clitty.

Fire builds inside me. The flames lick outwards to burn my whole body. I scream in ecstasy. A few moments later, you erupt like a volcano and squirt your cum deep into my womb. I’m determined to milk you for all you’re worth so I continue fucking you insistently. I squeeze you on the upward movement, then release you slightly when I come down. In so doing I prolong your ejaculations so that you throb and pulse inside me long enough to give a me a second orgasm, following hard on the heels of the first. I squeeze my thighs hard against your hips and let out a long moan of ecstasy.

As your prick softens I let him slip out of me and our combined juices pour from me onto your balls. I slither around on you for a while, covering your midriff and my ass cheeks with our viscous love cream. Then I turn and lie down beside you. We pant into each other’s faces and caress each other’s sweat slicked bodies. We laugh and gaze with love into each other’s eyes. We kiss, press our chests together, hook our legs around each other’s and quickly feel ourselves becoming aroused again.

There is a mischievous gleam in your eyes when you smile. You push me onto my back and fondle my breasts. You massage them, squeeze them together and pinch the nipples. You lick me in the middle of my chest, then take one nipple, circling it first before flicking it. You take the nipple into your mouth and begin to suck while pinching the other. Then you squeeze my tits again and transfer your mouth to the other nipple. Both are now firm and very erect.

Your other hand travels down my belly to gently stroke my crotch. I take your hand and press it against me. You begin to firmly massage me there whilst your lips, tongue and teeth continue teasing my nipples. I spread my legs wide and feel your finger part my pussy lips. I gasp when you find my clitty. It is already as stiff as my nipples. Your fingertips play over it expertly. When your finger enters me I groan and instinctively lift my hips. I bite my lip hard, close my eyes and push my head back. You fuck me with your finger while rubbing my love button and sucking my nipple. With amazement I sense that I am already close to orgasm but, just as I feel my body tensing, your hand leaves my pussy and returns to my breast. I clench my legs together, hoping the pressure may facilitate the orgasm that you have not given me, but the feeling fades escort maltepe and I sigh with disappointment.

Your face lifts from my tits and you smile at me cheekily. We kiss again. You offer me your finger to suck. I draw it onto my mouth and savour the creamy taste of myself. Your finger slides in and out and I close my eyes, imagining it is your penis. You kiss me again. I cup your beautiful face in my hands and press my lips hard against yours. We pause and gasp for breath. My bosom heaves with desire. Your lips graze me down to my belly, down to the slick skin around my pussy. My legs are wide apart for you and you plant a kiss right on my labia. The tip of your tongue probes between my pink, throbbing curtains to find my hole. Your tongue darts swiftly in and out of me. I bite my lip so hard I draw blood and I squirm with pleasure. Again your fingers play with the hard teat of my clitty. You take my legs and lift them so that you can lick from my pussy down to my anus. You lick gently around both my holes, teasing them open, making me sigh with longing.

“Ooh,” I moan, “you’re so good, honey.”

Then you reinsert your finger into my pussy and continue licking my anus. I hug my legs against my breasts so I can offer you my holes and make it more comfortable for you to play with me. You bring me to a sweet orgasm this way. It is a slow, soft immersion in a soothing, warm bath that invades every part of my being. I release my legs and my thigh muscles tighten. My heels dig into your back as I roll and writhe, but your tongue continues to work on me until my final spasm has rushed through me.

“Oh love, sweet, sweet love,” I softly sing.

I open my eyes to see you kneeling before me with your enormous cock standing like some exotic wild flower above the ‘v’ of my parted thighs. You stroke my legs and I hook my ankles together behind you, pulling myself closer to you until your knees are against my sex. I raise my arms and you fall into them.

I wrap my legs around you and reach for your penis, but you take hold of my forearms and pin them above my head. Your grip is strong, like a vice, and I struggle in vain to free myself. I want your cock inside me now, but you’re making me wait. You’re teasing me just as I teased you. Your sweat rains onto my body and, where the hot droplets land, my taut muscles twitch sending thrilling sensations down to my pussy. You graze my face, neck and chest with your tongue while your rock hard erection prods and pokes at my belly and my crotch, dribbling more precum onto my already soaking skin. You lick my lips, my throat, my cheeks, my eyes. I’m shivering with so much frustration and suspense and I implore you with my wide open eyes to fuck me. Yet you merely lick my ear. Then you release my arms so I immediately try to make a grab for your cock. You quickly squeeze my thighs together with yours, clamping the door to my sex firmly shut. I fondle your lovely penis against my navel and start to cry with frustration. You kiss me tenderly, but it’s your penis inside me I want, not more kisses. My hips continually buck and beat against you, desperate to begin fucking. I catch a glimpse of a smile on your lips when they part from mine and I fly into a rage.

“Don’t laugh at me, you bastard!” I scream at you desperately. “Fuck me! Put that fucking thing in me now!” I thump impotently on your hard chest with my small fists. “I want it inside me now, fuck it!”

My love for you is momentarily overcome with hate for your teasing. You laugh and shake your head. I spit in your face and sob uncontrollably. You snigger at me and I smack you so hard I draw blood from your lip. I punch and pummel you all to no avail. You’re loving your dominance of me. You rule my entire world. I can do nothing but submit. My arms grow tired and you wrap me in yours, pressing yourself tightly against me with my limp arms trapped against your chest. I cry into your shoulder and you massage the small of my back. You rock me gently like the baby I am. I feel ashamed of myself. When I look at you again my eyes are so filled with tears your sweet face is little more than a blur.

“Please,” I whimper.

“Please what?” you ask.

I avert my eyes, unable to meet your penetrating, interrogating stare. “You know,” I whisper.


I try to swallow, but my throat is dry. “Put your cock in me, baby.”

You turn your ear to me and ask me to repeat it. I do and you say, “How much do you want it?” With tears streaming down my face I struggle to speak, but my throat is too tight. You ask me again tauntingly, “How much do you want it? Speak up!”

With my ego beaten down and feeling utterly humiliated I manage to whisper, “More than my life.” I manage to turn and look at you. “I want it more than my life.” I tug on you with both my hands. “I’m begging you, baby, I’m begging you.”

At that moment, your thighs release mine and I feel you slip into me, straight up to my cervix. I scream out in shock. The sudden feeling of you penetrating me so deeply makes me come almost immediately. I squeeze my arms and legs around you so tightly and I shudder against you violently. For a few moments I stop breathing and I almost pendik escort pass out. I’m poised at the top of a mountain of pleasure, suspended there for an age before I convulse and shake my way down the other side. The head of your beautiful penis pressing against my womb sends sharp sensations sparking up and down my body. Then you begin to slowly make love to me. I feel every little wrinkle and ridge of your penis sliding back and forth within me. My orgasm fades and I open my eyes to gaze at your face. You’re concentrating so hard on pacing yourself and giving me all that you have. I now have the patience to match the rhythm of your fucking, though it is incredibly slow. My hips grind and circle with gentle deliberation, responding to the sweet motion of your fucking. I fondle your chest and stomach, tracing the ridges and hills of your hard muscles.

You lift yourself and hold my legs in the air while you steadily increase the pace of your thrusts. I squeeze and fondle my tits. Then you bring my legs together and hug them against your chest. This tightens my pussy, increasing our pleasure. You kiss the soles of my feet and lick my ankles. You force yourself into me harder and deeper. You lean forwards against my legs until my knees are almost bumping my face with each of your thrusts. You stop for a few moments and we gaze at each other.

“Ooh baby,” I gasp, “you feel so sweet inside me.”

You lift yourself off my legs and continue like before. My feet slip from your shoulders and the soles rest against your chest. Then I slowly cross my legs until my left foot can feel your hard left nipple press against the sole and the same with my right. The extra pressure of my pussy around you makes us both cry out in ecstasy. Eventually you allow my legs to fall to one side. You grip my hip and thrust faster, pounding my body, knocking the breath out of me. I squeeze my legs together and tighten my pussy as much as I can. With all your strength you force yourself into me, but you’re unable to maintain the same athletic speed.

You lie down beside me, press yourself against my back, hug me closely and begin to spoon me. You grip my hips again and pull me onto you. I grind my ass cheeks against your belly, then you start your wonderful quick thrusts. I feel your hot breath in my ear and it sends shivers down my spine. You reach down between my legs and find my clitty surprisingly easily. You rub it vigorously while your cock slams into my vagina. My orgasm erupts suddenly like a violent explosion. I scream and wail, juddering and convulsing while you barely miss a beat. I feel my pussy spasming up and down your hard length, quickly gripping you, releasing you, then gripping you tightly again.

You take a long pause to help me regain some of my breath. I enjoy the feeling of your entire body pressed into mine. You throb fervently deep inside me. I stroke your legs with my foot. I turn my head and we kiss passionately. We exchange the blood from our broken lips. My leg becomes entangled in yours.

With you still buried deep inside me, you roll me onto my front. I lift myself and you hug me from above. You lick my ear and your thrusts start again like a train slowly gathering speed. You lift yourself slightly to fondle my boobs, then leave them to wobble and swing by themselves as you kneel and grip my ass. You knead my cheeks and force them apart. I hiss with pleasure as I feel a little drop of your spit land on my anus. You rub it on the hole and massage the skin around it. Then I feel your fingertip probe inside. A brief sharp pain is followed by a sweet stimulating sensation that wonderfully compliments the poking of your prick in my pussy. I look over my shoulder at your lovely body rearing above me, so proud and strong. You’re banging away at me now so violently and fingering me so fast and hard that I almost feel I am being raped, but I love you for it and I wish we could be like this forever.

Another orgasm builds inside me, more slowly than the last but it hits me with greater force. I lose complete control of myself and, this time, I actually pass out for a moment. My knees buckle and I find myself lying on my front again with you on top of me, squeezing my breath out of me. You fuck me even harder and faster with an animal strength and a frenzied desperation. You thump away at my ass, screwing me more deeply than ever before. I cross my ankles and tense my thighs. Your penis massages my g spot with each thrust, but pushes on harder and further until it knocks at the door to my uterus. Your helmet bursts inside and I begin to cry. You withdraw slightly, then thrust deeply into me again, over my g spot and into my womb, battering aside the door of my cervix. Tears stream from my eyes and I sob like a child. When you feel your orgasm build you push all the way in and hold yourself there until the head of your cock bursts open and floods my innards with streams of hot boycum. You’re grunting and groaning like a bull. Each throbbing ejaculation is like a violent blow to my insides. I blubber and wail as if I’ve been violated against my will. I have never wanted you more, nor loved you more than this, my sweet love. My pussy ejaculates and squirts girlcum into your balls. Each spurt is accompanied by my screams. You collapse onto me and kiss my nape. You’re utterly spent, exhausted by your love for me. My body is quivering beneath you from my toes to my head and I have never felt so good, so happy, so loved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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