Sex Therapy Ch. 03

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****Hey all,

Thanks for checking out this chapter. This chapter has: mm pairing, mmf pairing, anal, blowjobs, office sex, and is mildly supernatural.

Next few chapters coming up are: last chapter of Ben loves a challenge, the first spinoff chapter for Aisha (name tbd), and possibly a new gay male story about vampires.

As always, thanks for reading.


Luca felt good for the rest of the day after his time with Roxi and Ral, but when he woke the next morning that voice that he was beginning to despise was back, filling him with shame. Everytime he thought about what he’d done in Ral’s office made him horny, made his dick hard and his balls ache, but it also filled him with incredible regret. He grabbed his pill bottle, the new one Roxi had given him, and opened it, looking down on the innocent-looking white gel cap pills.

There were only eight of them. Three days worth, minus the one he’d taken the night before. Fuck. He should’ve checked before he’d left, because apparently he’d fucked the sense out of the volunteer receptionist, there weren’t enough to last until his next appointment.

Thinking about the french braided receptionist made his dick jump, had him remembering the taste of his jizz mixed with her juices.

The shame that washed through him was almost a physical force, made him feel sick. He’d been so happy to do whatever Ral asked when he’d fucked the receptionist. Fucked her twice. What was wrong with him?

Without thinking too much about it, he downed three pills at once, his whole day’s ration. He needed something to calm him down, to help him think rationally, to stop from touching himself non-stop. He had to get rid of his raging erection before he got on the train to go to work.

He drained a cup of overly sweet coffee and headed out, then returned for an umbrella the second he left his building. The weather was hot and sticky, the rain more of a mist than actual rain. His khakis and polo stuck to him in the worst ways, every brush of the fabric over his nipples or against his loins forcing his attention. It took everything he had to keep from popping a boner, and he thanked the triple dose of pills he’d taken.

On the train, two stops before his, a group of five girls clambered on, sitting down across from him. They were loud, and as much as he tried, he couldn’t stop from staring.

They were probably all somewhere in their mid-twenties, all dressed close to identically with ripped jeans that somehow looked two washes away from falling apart, but also new at the same time, and shirts that didn’t cover their midriffs. Even the chubbiest of the girls looked good, her visible curves alluring under her loose blue top. He saw she had a belly ring, a hoop with a gemstone that sparkled when it caught the light.

She caught him looking, then smirked. He looked away, his face burning, waiting for her to tell her friends so they could all call him a creeper. The longer he stared at the floor the more uncomfortable he grew, waiting for the moment they’d start yelling at him, but it never came. He glanced up and the girl in the blue shirt caught his eyes.

He looked down quickly, then grabbed his pill bottle and shook some out into his palm. He threw them into his mouth and swallowed them dry without even checking how many he’d taken.

He chanced another glance, but this time all the girls were ignoring him, watching something on the middle girl’s phone.

He sighed in relief as the train slowed for his stop. He got up, but he had to walk by the girls to get off the train, and his pills weren’t working, his dick was almost impossible to hide behind his satchel. A flash of an image in his brain, him fucking the skinniest girl from behind while he fingerbanged two of the others, one on each side. The skinny girl was nearly screaming in his head as he plowed her, the other two moaning like cats in heat.

His face flushed and he shook his head, trying to clear out the unwanted visual. He didn’t realize he’d stopped moving until someone bumped into him from behind, pushing him into motion. “Move, asshole,” the man who shoved him growled as he passed, bumping him again on his way by.

He nearly tripped, heading face first for the metal pole by the door only saved from the humiliating fall by the girl in the loose blue top. She’d caught his arm and helped him steady himself. He avoided her eyes and went to pull away, but she held firm, sliding her hand down his arm and over his hand. None of the other girls were watching, which was strange, but he couldn’t pay it any attention.

The girl finally squeezed his hand, then pushed him away with a wink.

There was a folded piece of paper in his palm, then one she’d squeezed. He unfolded it as he walked up the steps to find a phone number and a name written in neat cursive. He balled up his hand, ready to throw it away, but he couldn’t do it. He shoved it in his pocket, then pulled out the bottle of pills and downed the last three in an attempt to appease his boner before he kaçak iddaa got to the office.

His slower than normal two block walk to work calmed him down enough that he no longer had to hide his tented pants behind his satchel, though his balls ached deep into his groin.

Thankfully, the morning was busy with meetings and project updates, a blessing and a curse. He was able to focus on other stuff for most of the morning, but the ache in his loins grew stronger and stronger.

He’d just settled into his workstation to catch up on emails when he realized his satchel was open. He was sure he hadn’t left it open on his desk, then confirmed it when he noticed his empty pill bottle sitting just to the side of his keyboard. He hastily grabbed it and threw it in the trash, looking around to see if anyone was watching, wondering who was going through his things.

He knew who it was. His homework from Ral. Yesterday it had seemed so easy, so clear, what he had to do, but today, in the light of the day, it seemed wrong. He wasn’t gay, wasn’t normally into guys. Except for Ral.

No, Ral was different. It was therapy. He nodded his head decisively, then logged into his computer. He dug through emails, discarding junk and sales emails, shifting nearly constantly to try and find a position that didn’t call his attention to his aching loins.

He hadn’t even noticed until he’d needed his left hand, but he’d been rapidly clicking a retractable pen. It irritated him when he stopped, so he kept doing it. The rhythmic sound soothed him and made his head a little cloudy. He clicked his pen and scanned his emails half-heartedly.

His heart stopped cold a few emails down the list. It was from Jack, the subject line left blank. When he opened it there was no text, only two attached photos. He didn’t want to, but he clicked on the first one anyway.

It was a photo of his empty pill bottle. Ice filled his stomach. He clicked the second photo. It was the filled pill bottle that he’d ‘lost’ last week. He swallowed hard, again glancing around the room, but he didn’t see Jack anywhere.

He’d just closed the image when he got an email notification, a new email from Jack. Again, the subject line was blank, but there was text in the body this time. ’12:30 Conference Room C’.

Luca checked the time. Only ten minutes warning. Luca stood up and raced to the bathroom, his heart pounding. Was Jack going to blackmail him? For what? Stealing his pills?

His mind raced as he stood at the urinal. It took him nearly two minutes to force himself to piss through his ever present half-chub, and even then the piss came out in painful, blissful spurts.

He washed his hands and checked the time. Three minutes now. There was no way he was going to Conference Room C, Jack could go to hell for all he cared.

Somehow, though, instead of back to his desk, his feet carried him down the hall to the seldom used Conference Room C. It was smaller than the other two, barely large enough for ten people, so it wasn’t used if either of the other conference rooms were available.

Luca’s hand was on the door latch, and he pulled his hand back as if he’d been stung when he realized it, holding his hand close to his body. The lights weren’t on, the small window on the side of the door was dark behind the narrow blinds. Jack must be messing with him. He turned, ready to forget the whole thing ever happened, then plowed straight into Jack.

“Hey Lucas,” Jack said, stepping into his body instead of away. “Glad you could make it.” His smile was evil, so pleased with himself. Luca stepped back, but Jack grabbed his arm before he could escape. “Don’t go, not yet, you just got here.” Without letting go he sidestepped around Luca and pushed open the darkened conference room.

The door was closing behind him before he even realized he’d been dragged inside with Jack. Jack’s hand on his wrist was warm and firm, and he wasn’t sure why, but it had him relaxing a tiny bit. Jack was taller than him by a good half a foot, with a lean runner’s body. Things he knew about Jack, he did sales, ran in marathons, and liked to harass him. End of list.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Luca complained, finally getting enough sense in his brain to pull his arm away. Jack let it go, watching him like he was a starving man looking at a feast.

“You smell good,” Jack said, licking his lips.


“You smell good. You know what I mean.” Jack made a big show of inhaling deeply, leaning close to Luca. He could smell Jack, too, that musky scent he’d caught the other day. It smelled like Ral, but completely not like Ral, too. His dick was instantly hard despite his overdose of boner-killer pills.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he denied, backing away from Jack, only to run into one of the office chairs, nearly staggering him. “Give me back my pills.”

Jack prowled closer. “Oh, I think you do,” he purred, taking advantage of Luca’s stumble. He caught Luca by both arms this time and pulled him closer, taking kaçak bahis a deep inhale as he breathed Luca in again. “Who woke you?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You’re like me, only half-demon, and I would’ve noticed you before, so someone had to wake you recently. You don’t smell like my demon, Belin.”

Ice flowed in his veins, but somehow his body also felt flushed. He thought about lying, but what was the point? Jack knew his secret, shared his secret. Maybe this would be a good opportunity for him to get advice on how to control himself, on how to make the pain stop. “Ral. My demon’s name is Ral.”

“Ral? I’ve heard of him a few times.” Jack shrugs it off. “Why do you smell so good? You smell better than any other half-demon I’ve met.”

“You know others, ah, like us?”

Jack smiles, all teeth. Luca wonders why they look so much sharper than normal teeth. “Of course. We can smell each other. I know a few people, we’re not close, though. But you, you smell delicious. I wanna be close with you, Lucas.”

“Luca,” he corrected before he realized what he’d said. He was Lucas at work, and he was pissed at himself for the slip up.

Jack seems pleased, and for some reason it makes him happy that he’s pleased Jack. The thought instantly makes him angry so he pushes the joy away, allowing his shame to replace it. “Luca,” Jack repeats, his name like velvet on his tongue. “Ral calls you Luca?”

“Yes,” he agrees, the word sliding through his teeth.

“Relax, Luca,” Jack said, blocking the small, blind covered window next to the door, the only light source in the room.

Even though it’s dark he can see Jack perfectly, can see the high cut of his cheeks and his strong, stubble-covered jaw. Can see his deep black eyes, similar, but not the same as Ral’s. Can see his large, calloused hands, and can see the massive tent in his pants. He swallowed hard and looked away, but he can’t unsee Jack’s bulge.

He shakes his head, considered moving all the way around the table that nearly filled the room to escape, but knew that Jack would block the door regardless of which way he attempted to retreat. Jack saw him thinking, knew he was planning an escape and changed tactics.

The sound of Jack’s zipper seemed to fill the entire space, it’s so loud he feels like if anyone were to come this far down the hallway for some reason they’d be able to hear it outside. He held his breath, terrified, petrified, but instantly so horny it makes him stupid. He felt his brain clouding over, then realized he’s clicking his pen. He didn’t even realize he still had it.

“Did Ral use that, the clicking pen thing, to wake you? Usually some type of hypnosis is involved.”

“Yes,” he answered, not because he wanted to, it didn’t seem to matter what he wanted. His body was in control, and the more he clicked the pen, the less stressed out he was.

Jack wiggled his hips and pushed his pants down a little, then pulled himself out of his boxers. “I can tell you’re still real new at this, so I’m just gonna jump straight in. Come suck my cock, Luca.”

He looked up sharply, dropping his pen. “Huh?”

Jack looked at him, met his eyes, he didn’t know why, but he could see Jack perfectly in the dark. “Luca, suck my cock. Now.”

Jack’s piece was huge. Not as big as Ral, but still big enough to be intimidating. He tried to ignore the pull of Jack’s words, tried to ignore the pain in his groin, but he was somehow walking closer to the taller man. Jack smiled, then grabbed his arm and pushed him to his knees.

“Suck it, Luca,” he repeated, his fingers sliding into Luca’s hair. He grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled him forward until his shaft pressed against his nose, leaving a sticky trail of smelly precum in its wake as Jack rubbed it over his face.

“Jack,” he whined, trying hard to listen to his voice of reason, but the pain was overwhelming, and he knew Jack could make it go away. Something shifted in his brain as he gave in and grabbed Jack’s dick, then sucked it greedily into his mouth.

He moaned aloud as Jack’s flavor filled his head. He tasted terrible and good at the same time, a strong musk and a hint of urine. His dick strained against his pants, but he couldn’t seem to get them off with only one hand, his other hand was wrapped around Jack’s cock, refusing to let go.

“There’s a boy,” Jack purred, leaning against the wall so he could jut his hips forward. “Finally. I’ve been waiting to try your cocksucker mouth since I first smelled you.”

He whined, his shame still in the background, went to pull away, but his hand was still locked on Jack’s dick, he couldn’t make himself release it. He’d forgotten Jack’s hand still in his hair, but as he pulled off the delicious dick he was quickly reminded with a sharp, painful tug.

“No, none of that, I see you haven’t been fully broken in. Probably why you’re still taking the pills. Ditch the pills, Luca. I’ll take care of your needs at work.”

“No, I need them!” he exclaimed, trying to free himself from Jack’s illegal bahis grasp even with his other hand still stroking Jack’s throbbing erection. “Give them back.”

Jack shook his head. “I’ve got what you need right here,” Jack said, pulling Luca back onto his cock. The second his cockhead hit the back of Luca’s throat he relaxed, his brain resetting, the voice of reason dulling down to barely a hum as his entire head filled with Jack’s pungent flavor. “You know what your problem is? You think too much. Stop thinking, Luca. We run on lust, emotion, desire, need. You need this, right? You need my cum, don’t you?”

He tried to shake his head no, but he nodded instead and the shameful voice in his head grew even softer. He moaned as Jack thrust his hips, pushing his cock into Luca’s throat, making him gag.

“You don’t even know how to deepthroat yet, that’s kinda adorable. What does Ral have you call him?”

He pulled back just long enough to answer before sucking Jack deep again. “Daddy,” he replied, the word making him tingle inside.

“Daddy, eh? I like that, like family. You know what, I could be your big brother. Would you like that?”

He moaned, speeding up, the tingling spreading through his loins. He liked it a lot, it felt delectably naughty.

“Oh that’s fucking perfect. Let your big brother here show you the ropes, teach you what you need to know and get rid of all the rest, eh?”

Luca nodded again, he wanted Jack in charge, wanted to make Jack happy. He sucked hard, licking Jack’s shaft as he pulled back, allowing his head to leave a trail of sticky precum on his tongue. “Mmm-hmm…”

Jack pulled him by his hair again and his cock escaped from Luca’s mouth with an almost comical popping sound. “Do you want my cum, Luca?”

“Yes,” he said, fighting against Jack’s pull in his hair to get back to milking him for it.

“No, Luca. First thing’s first, you need to learn some manners. What do you want?”

Luca swallowed, the voice of reason flickering, but fighting to remain in the back of his head, fighting for control. He swallowed hard, trying to clear his head, but Jack’s smelly cock was too close, too distracting. “I want your cum,” he whispered, trying to look away.

Jack pulled his head so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “What was that? I could barely hear you.”

He swallowed again. “I want your cum, big brother,” he said, the term Jack had used earlier slipping from his lips. The growl of pleasure Jack made completely extinguished the voice of reason in his head, allowing him to drown in his need. “I need your cum, big brother. Please.”

“I like how it sounds when you call me that,” Jack praised. “I like it a lot.” He tugged Luca’s hair and then his cock was in Luca’s mouth again. “Fuck, yeah, like that, Luca. Get your first dose of my special medicine, then we’ll actually start playing.”

Jack moved Luca’s head, slamming his hips forward, plunging his rod in and out of Luca’s mouth as Luca sucked and licked as best he could. It wasn’t long before Jack grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him down on his dick just before the first wave of his orgasm hit.

“Choke on my dick, Luca,” he growled, forcing himself deeper. “Choke on my dick while I cum in your mouth.”

Luca couldn’t do anything other than gag on Jack’s dick, but he tried his best to swallow down as much of Jack’s creamy medicine as he could, he knew he needed it. When Jack finally released his head he pulled back and coughed up a little bit of Jack’s thick spunk, then wiped the tears from his face.

“More,” he breathed. “I need more, it hurts, big brother.”

“Oh, we’re not done, Luca, don’t worry about that. I’ve got this conference room reserved for the rest of the day, and I canceled your next two meetings. Take off your clothes.”

In some part of his mind he knew he shouldn’t, couldn’t strip down naked in a conference room while at work, but in the next minute his clothing went flying in all directions as he struggled out of it. “Please, big brother,” he begged. It felt good to call Jack that, and it felt good to beg him for what he wanted.

“Lean over the table,” Jack demanded. The command in his voice made Luca’s knees weak and his dick pulse, so excited that he could feel the precum leaking from his tip. “Good boy. Spread your cheeks wide.”

Luca did, then jumped when Jack spit on his hole. He spit a few more times, then rubbed it into his bud with a large, calloused thumb. “Your asshole looks so fuckable.” Luca whined when his thumb disappeared, only to squeak when the wet head of his ample member began circling his hole, leaving a sticky trail behind it.

“Please, big brother, please, I need it.”

“Tell me what you need, Luca, remember to use your words…”

He gasped as Jack pushed the tip into his tight ring of muscle, then whined when the delicious pressure of a cock against his hole disappeared. “Fuck me, big brother, please fuck me!”

“Good boy,” Jack praised, then pressed himself against Luca’s hole again. “Gonna ease it in to start, then I’ll fuck you good, I promise.” Slowly, so slowly Jack’s head pressed into his ring of muscle. He was big, and Luca could feel himself stretching to accommodate his girth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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