Sex with Coworker Pt. 02

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This story is 100% true. The names have changed to protect the guilty… lol

Please read my previous story to get some background information.

After that initial contact with Michele things in the office for us was not the same. We made it a point to eat at the same time, walk by each other’s desks. It was great. Rumors were rampant in the office about us. We just played it off and said we were just good friends. I told everyone that she reminded of my ex wife which was true. Beyond that we kept our encounter private. It was best this way for both of us. She was still married so we had to be careful of what we said or how it was perceived.

Our office manager gave its workers the opportunity to work 10 hour days for four days just to have an extra day off. I jumped on that opportunity and would work Monday to Thursday and always had a three day weekend. It was great but come Thursday afternoon I was a little tired. In any event I enjoyed my work schedule. I had the opportunity to move my work station closer to the reception area. She was in charge of answering phones, sort through mail, pay invoices, etc. I saw Michele more than once as I walked by her desk to make copies, get coffee, use the bathroom, you name it. She also enjoyed the attention and would walk by my desk as well. Great times. She would personally give me my messages instead of putting them in my box and would sometimes give a light touch on my cheeks or my shoulders just letting me know she was there.

One Tuesday our boss had taken the day off. Her assistant was leaving early and everyone else noticing this had wanted to leave early as well. I was the senior staff member and several asked me if they could leave 15 minutes early to beat the rush going home. I did not mind but I did remind them that the director whose office was in another building may see Escort Küçükköy them. If so they needed to just say they were going to the store for a drink or to buy a snack. They agreed leaving me and Michel alone in the office. How fortunate for us…wink, wink.

I was trying to get work done as quickly as possible. I honestly thought that there were other people in the office since I could not tell who left and who didn’t but Michele knew. As I said I was into my work when out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow and the light in my office was turned off. I immediately looked up and saw Michele standing there.

“Holly shit…you scared me” was my reaction. Then my jaw dropped. There was Michele in mocha stockings, high heel shoes, the ones she wore all day, a mocha nighty and no panties. She is light skinned and the mocha color complimented her assets. Damn, what a sight. I got scared thinking some one for sure would see us. She saw the concern in my face and said,

“Everyone is gone. Even Lisa is gone.” Lisa is the director of the agency. I relaxed a bit and had to reach into my pants to make room for my hard on. She smiled. With no music other than the one in her head Michele did a slow dance for me. Hips going back and forth, slowing squatting all the way down and then back up again. She turned around spread her legs and reached back between her legs to put one finger in her pussy. There was no hair at all. It’s just the way I like it. I think she knew that. What a sight. She pulled her finger out of her pussy, turned around and placed it in my mouth. She tasted wonderful!

She turned around again pushed her finger up her pussy again, pulled it out and this time she slid it into her ass. This is something new for her. Through our conversations I found out that her ass was off limits so for Mecidiyeköy escort her to do that was shcking. She had a bad experience and she did not enjoy any form of contact in that area of her body. But this was different. She pulled her finger out of her ass and let me taste it. Wow. Incredibly hot to say the least. I really had to make more room for my hard on so I pulled down my zipper. To be honest I wanted to grab her right then and there but she had other plans.

Michele grabbed my hands and pulled me off my chair. Remember she had set the mood by turning off the light. All we had was the light from the reception area and a few from desk lamps near by. Michele pushed me up against the wall and began ever so slowly to kiss my neck, my ears and my lips. She unbuttoned my shirt and reached in to caress my chest. My nipples are super sensitive and knees buckled from her touch. While she kissed me she reached my bed buckle, undid it and reached into my pants. She began to caress my dick. I was in heaven. She pulled my pants further down and caressed my balls. Using both hands pulled down my pants and underwear as she squatted in front of me.

“Damn.” is all I could say as she began to kiss, lick and caress my dick and balls. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Her mouth was on fire. I could just imagine how hot her pussy must be. After an eternity of kissing and licking she told me to lay on the floor. I did not mind as I had a rug in my office. I started to pull my pants off as I was about to lay down but she stopped me. While on my back she grabbed the base of my dick and ever so slowly guided it into her pussy. Let me tell you it was a volcano in there. If you are a man and you are reading this you know exactly what I mean. You can fuck your girlfriend, wife or whoever for years but there Merter escort bayan are times where that pussy is scorching hot. This was one of those times. If you are a woman and you are reading this then you know the feeling of being in control while mpaling yourself to the limit on your significant other. There was a low moan as she hit bottom.

Michele rocked back and forth, up and down, and sideways on my dick. I bit down on my wrist on more than one occasion as not to come too quickly. Michele did not notice. She was in another world. She sought pleasure and no one could deny her of this. She moaned more times than I could count. She said “damn” in English and Spanish which is our native language and some words came out of her mouth that I could not understand. I helped her as best as I could. I was trapped with my pants around my ankles and shoes still on. My shirt unbuttoned while Michele balanced herself using her hands on my chest. I reached up and caressed her tits. Her nipples were super sensitive and every time I gave them a slight pull she had an orgasm that rocked her body.

I don’t know how long I lasted. I finally gave in to the contractions I was feeling. My own orgasm was one that lasted for some time. Michele did not miss a beat. She smiled down at me as I shot my come inside her. She finally lay down on my and we kissed for at least another half hour. My dick finally shrunk and slipped out of her. Neither one of us wanted this to end. But of course we could not spend the night here. She got up and found paper towels for us to clean up. As we got dressed I noticed her stockings had ripped around one of the knees. What a shame because they looked so good on her. She was not concerned about that. I offered that I would buy another pair but she refused. She said it was worth having the stocking ripped.

The next day another female co-worker asked her what happened to her knees. You see there were small scars that only another woman would notice. Michele said she scraped her knee at home while giving me a wink.

I hope you have enjoyed this second part my escapades with Michele. Comments are appreciated. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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