Sex With Rien

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Jamie was a young girl, only about 19, she was short with wavy black hair and sparkling green eyes. Jamie was well liked by everyone especially lesbian women. She had never really given it any thought but things have changed and here is her story… It was a Friday night and Jamie’s hormones were eating away at her. During the course of the week, she had made plans with her friends to go to their favourite club. The body that cased Jamie’s strong spirit and outgoing attitude was flawless, she had muscled arms and legs with firm round breasts that fitted her perfectly. The outfit she wore was stunning, a pair of strappy black heels, a tight blue mini skirt and a low cut white blouse. Her waves were tied up into a clip and few strands framing her face gave her a sexy look.

As Jamie and her friends walked onto the dance floor, heads turns and stares engulfed them. Soon after, the attention was off them and Jamie and her friends Kim, Tara, and Lindsay began dancing. A tall blonde slid her way over to the dancing quartet. She was clad in baggy black jeans and a tight white shirt. This stranger had eyed Jamie and her friends from across the room with growing lust…she then began to grind slightly against Jamie’s behind, curling her arms around her. Slightly startled, Jamie turned around to face this new woman. Seeing that the dancer was a woman caused Jamie to flush bright red. “Hello…” She said, the words barely escaping her mouth. The stranger smiled and took Jamie’s hand, leading her to the side of the dance floor. “Would you like to go outside?” Replied the stranger in a somewhat huskey escort levent voice. Jamie’s body shivered at the thought of where this was going. She smiled and nodded. “First tell me your name.” The stranger grinned, her teeth straight and white. “I am Rien. Rien Jacobs, and yourself?” After conversing for a few minutes, they walked outside into the cool autumn air.

Now outside, behind the building, the two began to dance to the clearly audible music emitting from the club. Their hands traveled along each other’s bodies, feeling and caressing slowly. Jamie felt herself getting more and more aroused by the situation. After about three quarters of an hour, she leaned over to Rien and whispered in her ear. “Do you want to go somewhere else?” Rien grinned because she had been waiting for this question. “Of course I do, I was waiting for you to come around.”

The two hopped onto Rien’s motorcycle and zoomed off. When they arrived at Rien’s apartment, Jamie was wracked with emotions. She was nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time. As they walked into the apartment, Jamie was overwhelmed with the smell of apples. “Wow this is a great apartment…” She admired the lavish vintage furniture which was upholstered with black and red velvet. Rien led Jamie to the couch, sitting down and pulling Jamie down on her lap. They kissed slowly, their tongues dancing together passionately. Rien slid her hand gingerly up Jamie’s skirt, creeping her fingers along her right thigh up to the sopping wet thong. Jamie lifted her hips to allow Rien to remove the mini skirt. The site enchanted escort istanbul Rien as she removed Jamie’s skirt slowly, tossing it on the floor, running her hands up Jamie’s legs to her torso to gently tug her shirt off. Jamie shivered as the air washed over her body, she felt almost paralyzed at what was happening. In the numb feeling left her quickly and she removed her bra, revealing to Rien her full breasts, the light pink nipples hardened and standing out to Rien. Rien leaned down, licking along Jamie’s neck, sucking softly while making her way down, licking along Jamie’s collar bone. Jamie shivered, placing her arm around Rien’s neck.

Rien licked down to Jamie’s full breasts, folding and kneading them in her hands. “Rien, my pussy please, my pussy.” Begged Jamie softly. Rien smiled, gliding her hands down the perfect body in front of her. “Well let’s take you to my room…”

Rien easily picked Jamie up, carrying the girl to the bedroom. The bedroom was huge, furnished with an roat-iron canopy bed with lush deep crimson covers. The walls were navy blue and small candles illuminated the room, giving it a sexy atmosphere. Rien dropped Jamie onto the bed after pulling the covers back to reveal black silk sheets. Before Jamie could realize what was happening,Rien cuffed her hands to the bed posts. Rien saw the shock and horror on Jamie’s face, speaking to ease her shock. “Just for fun my dear.” Rien removed her clothing quickly, revealing for Jamie a sleek taut body with small breasts and a pierced and shaven pussy. Rien ran her fingers along Jamie’s body, leaning escort fatih down to sniff the odor emitting from the engorged pink shaven pussy. She smiled, gently pulling Jamie’s clit away from the rest of her pussy. Rien ran her fingers up and down the smooth silky pussy, spreading the wetness over large red clit. Jamie squealed in delight, writhing in pleasure. Motivated by her partner’s reaction, Rien licked Jamie’s pussy lips in an excruciatingly slow manner, making her way up to the throbing clit, closing her mouth around it to suck it. Jamie screamed in pleasure, “Oh yes Rien oh yes, my pussy, ohhh.”

Rien lapped at the clit before her like a thirsty dog, slipping two fingers into the tight hole of Jamie’s pussy. Jamie moaned loudly, lifting her hips up to Rien’s mouth. Rien stopped abruptly, leaning over to open the drawer of the side table, revealing avout 25 toys. “Dont stop Rien.” Jamie groaned. Rien smiled, picking up a huge vibrating jelly dildo. She turned back to Jamie, stuffing it in her tight pussy after turning it on. Jamie let out a scream, her hips bucking upward towards Rien. Grinning, pleased with her work, Rien let Jamie relax before going back to sucking at that hot sweet clit. Jamie let out another scream as Rien played with her asshole a bit. Rien continued on, sucking Jamie’s clit and sliding a finger into Jamie’s asshole. Jamie wriggled in pleasure as she orgasmed, the orgasm wracking her body in waves. Rien added another finger to Jamie’s asshole, pumping her fingers in and out, turning the dildo up higher as she began to mercilessly tongue and suck Jamie’s clit. Jamie screamed out, cumming all over the dildo, breathing heavily. “Oh my god Rien.” Rien grinned, sliding her hand up and down Jamie’s thigh. She uncuffed Jamie who collapsed into Rien’s arms like a tired child. The two of them fell asleep together peacefully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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