Sexiplicity Ch. 05

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Monday morning was crazy. One bathroom and four people needing to get ready. We did not plan ahead or even think about it. No one got up early so we all needed to shower at the same time, which according to evil Peter was a terrific idea, he wanted to fuck all three of them at the same time in the shower but of course that wasn’t about to happen.

“It’s fine, Peter… I’ll just shower tonight… that should help for tomorrow morning,” Becca was saying as we stood in the hall outside the bathroom. Just then Tiffany came out of her room. So apparently it was Mom in the shower.

“Oh great… we didn’t think this through. Did we?” Tiffany said coming up to Becca and I.

“Nope, we didn’t,” I said.

“Well, I guess I’ll just shower at the gym after class,” Tiffany said, going back to her room to dress.

She was just wearing a robe, and evil Peter surmised she was naked underneath, which she probably was.

“Still my sister, dude,” I said to him in my head.

“Yeah, your very fuckable sister. Her ass looks amazing even in a robe,” he said as we watched Tiffany return to her room.

“I’m going to go back up to the attic to get dressed,” Becca said.

“Okay, I’m going to wait for the shower… Mom’s usually pretty quick,” I said.

Becca gave me a little peck on the cheek and headed back up to her/my room. When she was gone, I picked the lock and went into the bathroom with Mom.

“Room for one more?” I asked, sliding back the shower door.

“Peter! Oh you scared me… what are you doing in here?” she asked, covering her big tits with her arms and then realizing it was silly.

“Tiffany’s going to shower at the gym after class, Becca went back up to the attic to dress and says she’ll shower tonight so I let myself in.”

“But what if someone figures out you’re in in her with me?” she asked, as I dropped my pajama bottoms and underwear to the floor and stepped in to the warm shower.

“You’re almost done, you can sneak out before anyone notices,” I said.

“Oh, so you just came in to wash… nothing more?” Mom asked, looking a little disappointed.

“Well… I’d love more but then we’d for sure get caught.”

“True… it’s just… well, seeing you like this… it’s difficult not to… to want… to…”

“Even after last night?” I asked.

“Let’s just say I’m in my prime, Peter… I’m running hot… if you know what I mean,” Mom said, looking me up and down.

“Oh… I didn’t realize… at your age?” I asked.

“Yes, women hit their sexual prime later than men… so we’re kind of hitting it at the same time together?” she said.

“Right… wow… so I probably shouldn’t have come in here like this.”

“Well… maybe… maybe not… we might have time for a quickie…” Mom said, grinning at me.

My cock lurched as I stood a foot away from her as the water cascaded down over her body. When it started to grow rapidly her smile got bigger.

“That’s my boy,” she said turning around and presenting her round bottom to me as she bent over slightly.

I took a step forward, grabbed my almost fully hard cock and ran it up between her legs. Finding her sex, I fed my cock into her as the water sprayed down onto both of us. My body hit her ass as I buried my long cock deep. We both moaned and she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Don’t dilly-dally… we don’t have time… go hard and fast!” Mom said, trying to keep her voice down.

I reached around and grabbed both her breasts in my hands and started pounding her hard and fast like she told me to do. It felt so amazing, mashing her huge breasts in my hand and slamming as fast and as hard as I wanted. She loved it… wanting it even harder than I could manage standing up like we were. I suddenly felt her hand working her sex as I continued my rear assault on her round butt. I felt her nipples harden under my palms as well. She was working herself up, trying to cum in the short time we figured we had.

“Yes… yes… Peter… don’t stop… don’t slow down… you’re going to make mommy cum… you’re big cock filling me so full… oh… my… oh… here it comes,” she said, as her body tightened up as her hand went ballistic on her sex.

I was on the verge myself, just the very circumstance I was in made that possible. When her pussy started to spasm on my cock, I reached my own climax and blew my load inside her as we came together in the shower. We tried to stay quiet, but still moaned amid the water running as our bodies shook and convulsed together. My cock contracted over and over sending my load deep inside her, which felt phenomenal as I moved only an inch or two as I ejaculated. Her orgasm milked my cock as her pussy spasms massaged my spewing cock.

“That was perfect, Peter… just what I needed again… you’re taking good care of me,” she said, standing upright and tuning around.

She gave me a big hug, smashing her wet body against mine. She broke the embrace, cleaned herself out in the water and quickly got out of the shower.

“I hope I can sneak out okay,” she said to me as she went to the door.

I quickly began washing myself, hoping female fake taxi porno no one would catch her because that would be difficult to explain to either Tiffany or Becca. I didn’t hear any commotion after she left, so I figured she made it to her room okay. My cock shrank down in the warm water and I finished showering. Turning off the water, I parted the shower door to grab my towel and Becca was standing there holding it. I hadn’t heard her come in. She must have missed Mom by maybe five minutes at the most.

“Door was open… you don’t mind do you?” she asked, holding out the towel.

“No… it’s fine,” I said reaching for it but she pulled it away and stepped back, giggling.

I stepped out of the shower naked and wet, which was what she wanted me to do. She bit her bottom lip and looked me up and down.

“Mmm, you look yummy like that,” she said, standing with my towel fully dressed.

“Thanks,” I said, waiting to see if she’d give me the towel.

“I’ve been thinking and with me still a little sore… I know you have needs and since we’re so new at this, those needs are probably big and you probably don’t want to wait for me to get better… so I… well I want to help if I can.”

“Oh… so that’s why you came in here now?” I asked.

“Yeah… I figured we could clean it up easier in here,” she said, dropping the towel and stepping forward toward me.

She reached out and grabbed my flaccid cock hanging long between my legs. I was a little afraid it wouldn’t react like she expected so soon after cumming with Mom. But, just like Mom said… I was in my prime and even with such a short time after, my cock started to grow in Becca’s untrained hand. As it rose, she started awkwardly stroking it. It was endearing and I loved her for thinking of my needs even when she couldn’t really think about herself. Once I was fully hard, she fell to her knees onto the towel she had dropped and started sucking me the best she knew how.

I was so wide and long and she was so new to oral, that not much of my cock actually went into her mouth, maybe the head and half an inch if that, but she stroked the rest and her sucking the head felt good. We didn’t have much time or we’d be late for school and I was sure Mom was getting us something for breakfast. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t cum quick enough and I didn’t want to make Becca feel bad. What she was doing felt good and kept me hard for sure but was going to take too long with me just blowing a load in Mom and the lack of experience with Becca.

“If you want to cum quick, you’ll have to take matters in your own hands,” evil Peter said in my head. “Or I will… this is taking too long,” he snickered.

“Suggestions?” I asked him.

“She can take more in her mouth… show her,” he said.

I looked down and watched Becca sucking my head and stroking my shaft. Evil Peter was right and it would help if I could go deeper with more sensation. I put my hands on the back of her head and moved my cock forward to see what would happen. Her eyes widened as I slid three more inches into her mouth and then pulled out and did it again and again… she seemed to adapt and hadn’t gagged at all.

“See? Told you… now fuck her face and cum down her throat,” evil Peter said, rooting me on.

“I think that might be a bit much, dude… let’s take what we can get without pissing her off.”

He didn’t reply, probably because what I was doing felt really good. Becca just let me hold her head and move my cock in and out of her mouth four or five inches each thrust. She kept a good grip with her lips and with her hand on the base, stroking along with the thrust into her mouth I was getting close after not much time. I was amazed at how quick I can cum again after just having an orgasm. My balls really had to tighten this time though and snugged up firmly against my hard shaft. Becca’s hand hit both of them as she stroked.

“That’s it… I’m close,” I whispered down to her.

She moaned a reply and sped up her hand and I did the same in her mouth, maybe going a little deep on a few thrusts because her eyes got teary as she looked up at me. Shit, it felt so good… I was just humming with pleasure almost to the point of blowing, watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth as she stared up at me through watery eyes.

“Fuck that mouth… damn it feels good!” evil Peter said.

The pleasure peaked and I let go of her head, holding my load in long enough for her to take me out. She moved to the side and continued to stroke my cock as it began to ejaculate down onto the tile floor and towel. I had pretty much dripped dry by then so the towel could clean up my load instead. My capacity wasn’t as much as last night with Mom or probably this morning either but still felt good as my cock convulsed over and over as Becca stroked me onto the floor. The first few shot about six inches into the air and then the rest just dropped down in large globs of white.

“Feel better?” she asked when I finished, wiping her hand on the towel.

“Mmm, yes, thanks…”

“Good, then get dressed quick, genel porno we’re going to be late for school,” she said getting up from the floor, rubbing her knees.

She left the bathroom and I cleaned up the mess.


When we got to school, I remembered Brittany and how Becca wanted to kill her or at least give her a talking to. I noticed Becca was already looking for her as we entered the school. Just then Brittany came walking around the corner and I watched as Becca and Brittany’s eyes met. Brittany quickly turned around and went the other way.

Becca turned to me and said, “I’ll see you at lunch,” before hurrying after Brittany. I should have stopped her but I didn’t.

School was pretty much the same except now I had commentary from evil Peter in my head about everyone we saw. Mostly the girls… who was doable and who wasn’t so doable but he would do them anyway because… well… he felt every girl should have the privilege of our cock… teachers included. Which, come to think of it, there were a couple teachers that were pretty hot. I tried to ignore the incessant talking and critiquing in my head and focus on my classes and work. Even ignoring him, he still went on and on.

Danny ignored me the entire morning. He was still pissed off about me having Becca as my girlfriend and what had happened at the aquarium. He’d get over eventually… I’d just have to give him a couple of days. I had no idea if Becca had found Brittany and by the time it was lunch I still didn’t know. As I was walking to meet Becca I saw Brittany coming down the hall toward me. When she saw me, she moved to the other side of the hall and kept her eyes forward, not looking at me as we passed. I assumed from that, that Becca had talked to her.

I found Becca waiting for me by the entrance to the lunch room. She had a smile on her face and it got bigger when she saw me. She came right up to me and gave me a kiss, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the lunch room.

“I’m having such a great day,” she said.

“Oh, yeah? How come?” I asked, as we got in the lunch line.

“Because you’re mine… I made sure of it,” she said.

“Made sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, that tramp Brittany won’t try anything again,” Becca said.

“What did you say to her?” I asked, as we got our trays and started picking what we wanted.

“I just told her if she ever does something like at the aquarium again I’d tell everyone about her and her stepfather.”

“Wait… what?” I asked.

“Oh… oops… I guess I shouldn’t have said that,” Becca giggled.

“Holy shit… seriously?” I asked.

“Maybe… but we can’t discuss that right now, sweetie… not here,” Becca said.

We paid for our food, found a table and started to eat.

“So how do you know about this?” I asked.

“We’ve talked… Brittany and me… that’s how she knew you were so big… we tell each other all sorts of stuff… I just didn’t think she’d actually approach you and try to see. She won’t now though.”

“Crazy… you’ll have to tell me later what you know… I’m so curious now.” I said.

“Maybe, but you’d have to promise not to tell a soul.”

“Of course.”

Just then, Cobi walked up with two girls on each arm. He looked down at me and asked, “How’s you mom, nerd? Still unsatisfied?” he chuckled.

Evil Peter answered in my head but I couldn’t exactly say what he said. Instead I just ignored Cobi and he said, “That’s what I thought… Have her give me a call, loser. Oh and tell your sister hi.” He laughed again and walked off with his two girls. Very doable girls according to evil Peter. Both had on short skirts that almost showed butt cheek as they walked away with Cobi.

“That guy is such an ass,” Becca said.

“That’s putting it nicely,” I responded.

We finished our lunch and school ended for the day with not much else happening. I found Becca after school and we walked home with Danny trailing behind us. Still not over anything to walk with us. At home, we found ourselves alone. Mom was still at work and Tiffany wasn’t anywhere to be found either. I should have been a perfect opportunity for me and Becca to have sex again. She was the first one to say so but then apologized to me, saying she still wasn’t able yet, still too sore from the first time.

“We don’t have to have sex, exactly… we can do other stuff,” I suggested. Thinking of her big breasts around my cock, like I had done to Mom.

“You mean, like oral again?” she asked.

“Yeah and other stuff too.”

“But won’t that just make us want to have sex even more?”

“Maybe, but just think how good it will be when we can again,” I said, grinning.

“Okay, I like it when you lick me… maybe it won’t hurt if you’re gentle and don’t go inside me.”

My cock lurched in my pants as she said this, instantly coming to life at the mere thought of oral. Evil Peter was all for it too.

“Yeah, I’ll be really gentle… have you ever heard of 69?” I asked.

“I’ve heard of it but don’t really know much… you going to show me, Peter?” she asked, coming up to me for a kiss.

“I glory hole secrets porno can if you want,” I said, kissing her again.

“Then let’s go up to your room and you can school me with all your vast knowledge,” she said, giggling as she walked away from me.

I followed after her quickly. I was hard before we got to my room and shut and locked the door. She turned around, having been the first inside and looked down at the huge bulge in my pants.

“Wow, someone’s already excited. The monster wants out,” she said, starting to unbutton her blouse.

I stood by the door and watched my new girlfriend begin to undress in front of me. Her shit was first, revealing her bra that barely contained her huge breasts, probably a size too small. Her skirt was next and she stood in just her panties and bra as my cock throbbed like no other in my pants.

“Your turn?” she said.

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants. My long cock was extending out of my underwear flap and she giggled when she saw it like that.

“How are you going to get those off with it through the hole like that?” she asked.

I’ll manage, I said walking toward her until she was in my arms and we were kissing again. Her large breasts smashed against my chest in her bra. We kissed and my hand found her left boob, squeezing it as my cock throbbed between us. I moved her backwards until we hit my bed and she and I fell down onto it. We scooted together to the middle as we kissed and touched each other until I finally fell between her legs, resting my cock shaft on her pubic bone. The kisses got hotter, the fondling became heavy and somehow I got her bra off, mashing my hands around in her warm soft flesh and hard nipples. My cock oozed all over her panties and stomach with it still extending out the flap of my underwear.

We kissed and fondled each other for a while before I moved down her body with kisses until I was eye level with her panties. She helped me peal them off her, dropping them off the bed in a damp wad. I remembered to be gentle, kissing her softly on the inner thigh and around her sex. I couldn’t see any outward damage I had caused, I’m sure it was all internal where I had ruptured her hymen with my big cock. I kept my fingers away from her and just used my tongue, licking her folds and finally her clit that had grown large and engorged with blood. She cooed at my kisses and moaned when I began to lick her clit up and down, side to side.

My cock oozed and throbbed as I licked her, making a new mess of my bed sheets. She let me lick her for a long time, using my hands on her breasts and mouth on her sex. I twisted her nipples and pulled them away from her breasts as I flicked her clit faster and faster, combining both sensations. I made her cum five minutes later and had to stop licking her because she was moving around too much as I guess the pleasure exploded over her.

“Damn, that feels so good,” she said after her orgasm.

“Glad you liked it,” I said.

“I did, a lot… now I thought you were going to teach me 69?” she asked.

“I am,” I said, lying down next to her.

“Okay, so what do I do?”

“It’s easy… your head goes here and your hips go here,” I said, motioning to my cock and face.

She sat up, crawled over me, lifting her legs over my head until I was staring up at her wet and well licked pussy.

“Like this?” she asked, grabbing my hard cock that was still through my slot.

“Just like that… and now we pleasure each other,” I said, pulling her down to my face.

She learned quickly, lowering her mouth onto my cock and stroking as she sucked the head. It felt so good and after all the anticipation of eating her and oozing all over, I almost lost it in her mouth in no time at all. I somehow managed to hold it in and focused on licking her sex as she stroked and sucked my cock. It was so awesome and something I’d wanted to do for a long time but never had the chance. I could feel her large breasts mash against my body as she lowered her head to my cock and bobbed up and down as best she could. She was learning how to take me deeper each time she did oral and getting better at it as well.

I focused on her sweet pussy, licking her clit and lips but not sticking my tongue very far into her, because of how sore she said she still was. I took the time to spread her apart with my fingers and see if I could see what was damaged. I took my mind off her mouth and hands pleasuring my long dick. I peered inside of her wet sex and saw the torn ring around her vaginal opening. It was healing but was quite red and looked irritated. That’s what I did to her with my stupid large cock.

“Your mother loves our big cock, dumbass, and so will Becca as soon as she’s all healed up. Now anything smaller will seem like nothing to her. I bet in less than a week we’ll be fucking her hard again,” evil Peter said in my head.

Just then Becca sucked uncharacteristically hard on my head and it felt incredible. I moaned and rose my face back up to her engorged clit and sucked it to return the favor. I heard her giggle on my cock as we started trading favors with our mouths. When she sucked hard I sucked hard. When she just licked, I licked. Evil Peter kept pretty quiet, I’m sure enjoying it as I was. Becca and I continued 69 for quite a while, driving each other nuts until my balls were screaming for release again, tight as hell around my hard shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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