Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 07

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Third Secretary Is The Teacher

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at the age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 7 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 6 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


Let’s get back to the present and to my office where I now had to hire a third girl by Friday. And I found the perfect secretary. Boy did I find a good one this time.

My third secretary was named June. She was exceptionally good at her office job. She was just outstanding at office skills. Her dictation and spelling were flawless. June could type without errors at over a 100 words a minute and take dictation faster than I could form the word with my mouth.

However, when I found out how spectacular she was at gratifying me sexually, I was in seventh heaven. She was better at giving me pleasure with her mouth and pussy than any woman that I had ever been with before. This was ever since I had started fucking and having oral sex with girl’s way back when I was a teenager and my dear teacher of an aunt was showing me the ways of the sexual world.

With many other women and girls of my past, I had been the teacher, instructing them in the art of good sex. But I sure did not have to teach June anything about making love with me. In fact in the beginning, I think she was more of a teacher and I was more her student.

We were really good together. We found that we liked and disliked so many of the same things in food, sports, politics, music, etc, aside from the sex we performed on each other. Moreover, that super good sex was the glue that bound us together and made us inseparable. Of course, all of this led to us falling madly in love with each other. We got married three years after she started working for me.

Today, we are still married thirty-six years later. We love each other more now than ever. Even now that we have turned old and gray, we are still performing some kind of sex acts together at least once a week.

This is because I can still get it up hard enough to poke it into June’s and other gal’s hot runny cunts. I still can get a hard-on almost like when I was in my late teens thanks to the godsend of Viagra and Celais type drugs.

Today, I would fuck June and eat her out more if she would let me. But she says she is not like me in her older age and does not need as many orgasms as when she was young.

As for me, I cannot have too many climaxes; therefore, I still masturbate a lot too.

And, with June’s permission of course, I have sex with two younger neighbor ladies about three times a month. And then once a month I still have other females at our swinging senior’s sex club that June and I belong to.

I am seventy-one years old now but I sill need and want one or two climaxes at least every other day. My extra outside sex is OK with June, as long as I stay clean, come home, and tell her all about it. She just wants me to have good orgasms and to feel good having the climaxes.

When we got married, I was thirty-six and she was twenty-eight years old. You would have thought that a man at thirty-six would have better sense than to get married, especially when he almost had all the sex that he ever needed. Nevertheless, the right girl found me.

What a truly wonderful person she has been all these years. Since back then, I have not been without a hard cock and a spitting cum climax almost whenever I wanted one. But, I am ahead of myself in this story, so let us get on with the telling of this tale.

June was my third secretary. She was older than my first and second secretaries were. After the last episode had happened with my second little miss goody, goody, two shoes of a virgin secretary, I decided to try to get a new one that was a little older, a little wiser, and maybe with more sexual experience and gumption.

I went through several weeks of interviewing before this lovely creature came into my office. On my first look at her, I was just overwhelmed with her striking beauty.

She was absolutely gorgeous. Her beauty just blew me away. I had trouble talking to her, as I was so tongue-tied. No kidding, because I had always had a big mouth and was quite a conversationalist. So, not knowing what to say with an exquisite looking woman had never happened to me before.

I think that I had trouble talking, because my tongue got hard like my cock did in my pants escort kartal there at our first meeting. Just joking, but in the first few minutes of her interview, my prick did get half-hard in my pants. Of course, it was out of sight, under my desk. I almost always had the problem of getting a little erect and tenting my pants when talking to beautiful women.

In the interview, she told me that she knew a girl who was an old girlfriend of mine. June said that the girl had told her that I was looking for a new secretary and office manager. I had upped the position a little with more duties and responsibilities as an office manager and of course with more money.

When June came in for her first interview she was 25 years old, a four-year college graduate with a degree in Secretarial Sciences and English as a minor. June had worked all through college and the years since graduation at the same manufacturing company where she first started as an interoffice secretary when she was only a freshman in college. Then the last two years she became the personal secretary and assistant to the company’s president and owner.

June was exceptionally beautiful, and proportionally, she was truly correct in all the right places. She was beyond exceptional; she was down right stunning.

She was six feet tall, just under my own six foot, two inches of height. She was about one hundred and twenty pounds with not an ounce of fat on her. She had red, naturally curly, almost auburn colored hair that stopped just short of her shoulders. You may remember me mentioning my love of red haired women. She had a beautiful, lovely face with high cheekbones set on a long neck.

June had a wide always-smiling mouth with full red lips. I just knew from our first meeting that her gorgeous mouth was big enough and the right size to fit over my big mushroom headed cock. I could only hope that June loved to suck cock.

At the corners of her mouth, her cheeks were deeply dimpled. Her dimples were so cute that when she smiled, I thought that I would just die with lust. And her laugh, which she did often, displayed a perfect set of straight, very white teeth. She had the tall woman’s longer neck that all good models have. I was going to have trouble waiting until it was the right time to lick and kiss that neck of hers.

Like all fabulous looking women, June had had very nice breasts, not overly big but very nice on her tall frame. She had at least a thirty-three or thirty-four inch bust. Her breasts stood out straight and pointy from her chest. There was absolutely no droop in them. They were so pleasing and really filled out the sweater that she was wearing at our first interview.

I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her breasts, and made this known to my soon-to-be, I hoped, new secretary. My frequent peeks at her lovely bosom were not lost on June as she kept giving me little dimpled, coy smiles. God, June was easy to look at and so sexy.

I remember thinking that I was sure she was very proud of her tits. Why else in her first interview had she chose to wear that sweater, which displayed them so handsomely? Nevertheless, what I did not know was that this was part of her cleverly designed plan to get the job as my personal secretary. And also, at first, I certainly did not know that she had designs on my personal body parts, which she had heard I possessed from that old girlfriend.

I did not know that June lusted and craved sexual activities with men who had bigger than normal sex members. It seems that June had done a lot of checking on me personally and what I did here in my soundproof private office.

But lets go back on how June looked and how this marvelous young lady was put together. She had a flat stomach, a small waist, nicely womanly-faired hips, and a little, wonderful, curvy, right sized butt. Attached to her shapely butt were two very lovely, long legs. Silently, my mouth was watering, as I so much wanted to look up her skirt to the end of those long legs, and to see and lick her wonderful cunt that must be there.

I am sure that she had been told many times that she should have become a Hollywood star or a New York model. June was just that stunningly attractive. I could not believe the good fortune that I had the chance to hire her. And, that she was still single, and a man had not snapped her up a long time ago.

I know that it is an old cliché to say I fell in love at first sight, but in an afterthought, I am sure that it was true here. I was in love for sure but didn’t know it yet when we had our first introduction to sex in my office.

For better than a year before I had meet June, I had caught myself thinking from time to time that it was about time I got married. Many of my male friends were married and had kids by now.

My very best friend and hunting buddy had gotten hitched while still in college. He now had three kids. His oldest was a fine son who was old enough to hunt with his dad and me. Seeing the boy and his proud dad always made me remember maltepe escort what fun I had had with my dad while growing up.

At that very first interview with June that day, I caught myself thinking, could this be the one that I will marry and who will bear me my own son.

I had made my decision, so I told June that she was hired pending a little background check. We went on discussing when she could start.

Then I got just a bit bold and personal with her and asked her, “June for someone as attractive as you, why are you not married?”

She quickly answered me, “Thank you very much for the compliment. I have had two boyfriends who were serious enough to propose to me. I said no to them, because one, I did not really love them and two, neither met my special requirements in a man I wanted as my life’s partner.” June then said, “I know what I am looking for in a man and he has, so far, not come my way.”

I said, “What special attributes do you want in a guy?”

June said, “Well, I really can’t tell now, its way too personal. Maybe when we get to know each other better in the near future I will tell you the man’s requirements for me to fall in love with and to marry.”

I said to June, “Oh, you are not only a woman of extreme beauty, pretty lady, but you are a woman of mystery too.” She just laughed a bit and flashed those perfect gleaming white teeth, but never commented further.

I then inquired, “With your exquisite good looks and mannerisms, why didn’t you go into modeling?”

June then did something that both shocked me a little and made me admire her boldness. She said matter-of-factly, “I didn’t go into modeling, because my breasts are too big. The model agency’s want slim, toothpick girls with little or no breasts at all. I hope you do not think that my breasts are too big, because you have been certainly been looking them over in this last hour.”

I spurted out an apology, “Oh I am so sorry, but you are such a stunning looking young lady that I could not help myself.”

June then said, “That’s Ok, I like to show my body off to handsome men like you. For a man you are down right pretty too if you do not mind me saying so.” Then she gave me her big dimpled smile and winked her eye.

Oh god I thought, how could I be so lucky? This is truly the woman of my dreams!

June just laughed and changed the subject when she told me, “I did some checking on you and your company, and found out that you are doing quite well.” She then said, “The word on the street is, your engineering firm is really going someplace. That is why I think it will be exciting to work for an aggressive younger man than my old boss.”

I knew her old boss. He was a man who was about seventy years old and had been married and divorced at least 3 times. He was known about town as a cock hound and really liked his ladies.

I knew him causally. We were both members of the same golf country club. After golf, I had seen him a couple of times naked in the shower of the club’s locker room. Which made me wonder how he got the reputation as such a ladies man?

He must have a very talented mouth and tongue, because his soft little dick was one of the smallest I had ever seen. It was as small as a man’s thumb and just barley visible in his pubic hair.

June of course was hired by me. Afterwards, we were getting along very well the first few weeks, and I found that she knew and did her job extremely well. Then she, not me, made the first move.

I had decided to take it a little easier on her, and not scare her off like I had done the last one. So I had not yet approached her about her sex life and so on. However, I did not have to worry as she moved on me first with all her sexual charm and loveliness.

We were in my office late in the day after almost everyone in the office had gone home. It was a late Tuesday afternoon. She had just finished my dictation when unexpectedly June said, “Remember, Mike, when I first interviewed with you, I told you that some day I would tell you of my special requirements in a man? Well, maybe right now is the time. Mike, I told you that my friend, who told me that you were looking for a new secretary, was one of your old girlfriends.”

“Well, she told me something else about you, Mike that really intrigued me. She told me that you had the biggest cock that she had ever seen. That it was so big and thick that she had a hard time when it penetrated her. Also, she said that you gave her the best head and your pussy licking was the very best that she had ever experienced.”

June went on with this surprising turn in our conversation saying, “Your old girlfriend said her climaxes from your licking made up for the slight pain your big cock gave her. She also said that you two did not go out together very long and she only had sex with you thee times, once right here in your office and over there on your couch.”

She was looking me straight in the eyes when she was telling me this, with not one hint of embarrassment. June pendik escort bayan shocked me a little bit with her verbiage, but I just loved her boldness with sexual talk.

She went on, “Your old girlfriend also told me, Mike, that you had this special office here. That it is sound proof so you can have all kinds of sex in here with your secretaries and girlfriends and not be disturbed. Well, I am your secretary and you have not made a move on me yet. We have not had sex yet. Why is that, Michael?”

Then June told me her very special man requirement, “I really like my men to be really hung with extra thick peckers. I want you to know that I just love big cocks. I had some wonderful experiences with an old man who had a big cock when I was just 18-years old. He took my virginity and taught me early how to deal with a big, thick man’s pecker.”

She said, “I would have no problem taking your big cock into my cunt. Oh how I like saying that beautiful, dirty, sexy word. Saying it makes me so horny.” She then repeated the word again, “Cunt, Cunt, oh now I have a very tingly feeling cunt right now.” She then shut her eyes, shuddered and squirmed around a little bit.

I watch her shudder for just a moment in her chair along side of my desk. I thought for sure she was having a small climax right before me. She then opened her eyes and said only, “Oh my.” I thought to myself, could I be so lucky to find that this woman who climaxed as easily as she just did?

Then June went on, “I just have to find out right now if the stories about you, Michael, are true. Do you really have a nine inch long cock?” she asked. She almost was begging me now when she said, “Oh please show me your fuck monster, boss man.”

I answered, “Yes, June dear, I do have nine inches when it is hard and erect. And the head of my cock is very thick too. It is just a little thicker than my shaft is at two inches in diameter around my glans helmet. And I do so want to show it to you, if you truly want to see it.”

I then told her, “June, my thickness is the reason that that old girlfriend of mine, that you know, had trouble with it. She thought that it was just too big around for her to get in her tight little cunt.”

“To successfully take me all the way in her cunt, I told her that she had to learn how to relax and stretch her vagina walls. I tried to encourage her to try to relax, but she did not do a very good job at loosening up her vagina walls. She really was quite inexperienced in how to have good sex.”

I went on and told June, “That old girlfriend was too selfish too. As she only cared about her own pleasure, and not very much about giving me some pleasure. All she ever wanted was me to get her off by licking her pussy.”

“And, that was just fine with me, because I take great pride in eating pussy and giving good head to girls. But the trouble was that after my old girlfriend had her climax, she didn’t want to do anything for me.”

I went on to June, “She didn’t like sucking on my cock and giving me head like I just done to her. She thought it was yucky to have me cum in her mouth. She only wanted to jack me off to my climax, which I did not think was enough. So I quit seeing her.”

“Oh my,” June said, “What a sad tale you tell.” She said, “But, boss, that was her sorry loss and it is in your past. I am here sitting in front of you now, Michael, and it is about time I get a look at your big prick.”

June went on and said, “I told you I had some very good experiences with a man with a big cock before. He was long too, at over eight-inches, and his prick was very fat too.”

At the time, I wondered about the fact that June was talking about this man with the big thick cock in the past tense, like he was not around anymore. But I let it pass, for now anyway.

She went on talking about her old lover of the past. “This old lover of mine had the fattest prick. He was just as fat as you say yours is, Mike, if I have been told the truth and you do truly have a two-inch-around prick head on that big cock. I just crave fat extra long cocks, Michael. Fat cocks really stretch my vagina walls and feel so good in me. With a fat cock in my cunt, there is a lot of pressure on my G spot.”

Then June said, “You know, boss man, that I am multi-orgasmic too. It is very easy for me to have three or four orgasms when an extra thick cock is rubbing my G spot. I have had little pencil dicks, medium average dicks, and a few fat ones over the years,” June declared, “But never one like my old lover. They all feel good in my pussy, but without a doubt the fat, long one that the old man possessed was my most enjoyable.”

“That is,” she said, “till now. When are you going to show me that so-called big, monster cock you have there in your pants, mister?”

June then told me that, “I am pretty sure that I will have no trouble taking your big, hard cock into my hot, runny cunt. Oh, Michael, I can feel now my cunt is really running down there between my legs. My cunt is getting so wet now. “

Then June started to beg me. “Oh please, please, let me try your nine-inch one on for size. Please screw me. Please, please, show me your cock now. Can I suck on it boss man? Oh Michael I want your big cock, please can I have it, please, please, she begged me.”

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