Sexy Cuz Dee and I Live-In Together

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Group Sex

Hi all, its Ali here!

I wanted to share my memories of the weekend when my sexy older cousin Dee and I settled in our new flat, starting a year-long live-in relationship. This is an account of the first weekend when I moved to Pune to start my college. I hope you enjoy this recount as you did my previous ones. Feel free to drop in a comment and let me know your thoughts after reading this true story.

A Little Background…

I am Ali. I’m fair, tall (over 5’10”), with sharp features and straight, black hair. I have an athletic built since I’ve been playing soccer from years now.

I can’t tell you the name, but my hometown is one of the largest cities in central India. I belong to a well-to-do but ultra-conservative Muslim family. Since my father has 7 real brothers, I live with my enormous extended family in a huge, two-acre piece of property at the northern outskirts of my city. We live in a vast, gated compound which has three 3-storied buildings with large, luxurious apartments for every family. Despite being rich, we follow the tenets of my religion very strictly. The women in my house choose to wear a Niqab and a Hijab to cover their body and head whenever they step out of the house. However, the ultra-strict environment at home prompted a few of my family members (my sisters, two of my aunts and two cousins), to rebel against them and start illicit sexual relationship with me.

Dee is a year older than me. She is a little less than 5’6″ tall, with smooth, light brown skin. Her dark, wavy hair accentuates her large eyes and full lips. Very similar to her mother (my widowed Aunt Sheen), Dee also has large, firm 36C breasts. She had a significantly slim waist which flared out to the sides and formed her lovely, curvy hips. However, just like her mother, Dee’s sexiest assets are the pair of large, perfectly round and brown bubble booty.

Dee and I had lost our virginities to each other when we had hit puberty. Ever since then, we have had a regular, wanton sexual relationship.


Sex Helps To Settle In The New Apartment

(Saturday, 11 Pm – 2 PM, July 2008)

Those who have read my previous post will remember that Dee and I had chosen a spacious, 1500 sq ft. 2-bedroom apartment at Kumar Picasso, near Hadapsar in north Pune to start our live-in relationship. Only her mother, Aunty Sheen, knew about us and had wholeheartedly helped me to move in with Dee by convincing my parents that it would help us to look after each other in the strange city.

We had already moved Dee’s stuff from her previous apartment before going back home a couple of weeks ago. After having packed and couriered my belonging from home, Dee and I had flew back to Pune a week before my college started so that we could settle in first. We had reached Pune a day before, a Friday, as I had to complete a few last-minute formalities for admission in the new college. Also, Dee had decided to put her education to use and planned to renovate the interior of our 7th-floor apartment.

I woke up from a deep sleep when I felt something soft and wet on my crotch. I blinked my eyes open and squinted in the semi-dark room to see Dee sitting between my legs, bent over and kissing my crotch.

“Dee…” I mumbled, my sleep disappearing fast now.

“Sshh… Lie back and let me.” Dee hushed and pushed me back gently.

I pulled myself up and settled back with my back resting against the thick, soft headboard of the king-size bed we shared in the master bedroom. I remembered we’d dozed off naked right after we had a quick fuck late last night. I was surprised to see Dee looked fresh and had changed into a skimpy outfit.

“Someone’s looking sexy so early in the morning.” I commented.

“Mmm…” Dee moaned, obviously pleased and sat straight, letting me see her complete outfit.

Dee wore a flimsy, white-colored baby doll dress. It contrasted very well with her smooth, light brown skin and showed off her soft, rounded shoulders and her deep, dark cleavage. I could make out the tips of her thick, brown nipples clearly through the sheer fabric of her lingerie. She stood on her knees and my eyes went down to her soft, creamy thighs.

“Thanks, sweetheart.” Dee said with a huge smile before she bent down and continued kissing my crotch and my thighs.

I closed my eyes and settled back more comfortably against the headboard.

“Hmmm…” I moaned my approval when I felt Dee softly lick the thick head of my large, circumcised cock.

She ran her soft, warm tongue all over the head till it was completely wet. Her hands cupped my balls and cock and she caressed them softly at first. I felt my cock respond at once with a jerk and could actually see it getting harder and larger in her mouth.

“Yes.” I moaned as she cupped my heavy balls with one hand and began to stroke the long shaft of my cock with the other.

I loved the way her soft, warm hands softly cupped and caressed my cock and balls. Her thick mofos porno lips were clamped around the thick, and now slick, head of my dick. She carefully rolled her soft tongue around it till the head engorged to its full size in her small mouth. Her hand kept stroking my hardened dick very gently, almost teasing it as she stroked with her fingertips. I opened my eyes in time to see her looking intently at me, watching my reaction to her soft sucking. I tried to look in her eyes longer than a few seconds but my eyes were pulled lower down where I could see her large, firm tits moving softly with her movements. The deep cleavage of her lingerie dropped lower and I could see her entire, enormous tits now. I felt my cock jerk hard at the sight.

“Hmmm…” Dee moaned in approval this time, also having felt the tremor that ran through my thick, erect cock.

The next moment I heard a soft ‘pop’ as she pulled my throbbing, thick dick out of her mouth.

“Oh..” I grunted in disappointment as Dee sat straight, leaving a trail of saliva from her mouth to the trembling, thick head of my dick.

“I wanna fuck, Ali.” Dee whispered, moving towards me.

She straddled my tummy. I moved closer to her and pulled her into my arms. I felt her large, firm tits against my bare chest as Dee embraced me tightly.

“Mmmhh…” Dee moaned as I kissed her neck softly once.

I pulled the flimsy straps of her lingerie down from her round shoulders. She shrugged the straps off of her smooth, soft arms. My eyes immediately went to her chest as her firm, brown tits popped out. The sheer lingerie was now bunched up around her waist.

Dee was breathing hard as she pulled me to her and hugged me tight. I began kissing from her smooth, bare shoulder and made my way towards her slim, sensitive neck. Meanwhile, I started to caress her smooth, thick thighs, running my fingers from her curvy side to her soft thighs to her firm, muscular calves and caught her tiny feet.

“Oh, fuck!” Dee swore, “You’ve already made me so wet, sweety.” I heard her whisper in a husky voice.

“Really?” I paused to comment.

I knew very well that kissing her neck gingerly was one of the fastest ways to turn on Dee. She was already horny because she had sucked my dick, and kissing on her neck was sure to make her intensely horny.

I placed my lips on the smooth, soft skin of her neck. I took a long whiff of her peculiar musty-sweet odor. As soon as my tongue snaked out and touched her neck Dee shivered once.

“Ooohhh! Ali…” She exclaimed and held me tighter.

In the meantime, my hands came up caressing her firm calves, soft thighs and went behind to cup her round, brown booty. I pulled myself up to sit straighter and reached lower down. I found Dee’s slick wet cunt in no time.

“Oh, yeah…” Dee moaned when she felt my fingertip gently brush over her smooth, clean-shaven pussy.

I was not surprised to find her pussy so wet. She had already left a smear of her juices along my flat tummy with her squirming. She moved back suddenly and settled her thick, round ass over my crotch. I could only catch her curvy sides as Dee lowered herself on my thick, long dick.

“Ahh!” She whimpered softly as the thick tip entered her cunt. I immediately felt her warm wetness envelope my dick head. Dee breathed hard and prepared herself, as she did every time before taking my cock in her cunt, before she opened her eyes to look right at me.

I nodded my head and smiled at her. Dee smiled too as she lowered herself further down.

“Unhh…” Dee grunted as she took half of my hard, long cock in her warm, slick pussy.

I held her soft sides tighter and guided Dee lower and lower till she sat, panting hard and grimacing with pain, with my thick, huge cock buried all the way into her tight, sloppy pussy. I kept looking at her cute face, eyes closed and bracing herself to ride me. She took a few deep breaths before she started rocking back and forth and started riding me.

“Mmm… sshh.. Oh… mmm…” Dee groaned and moaned softly as she rocked slowly.

I laid back against the soft, cushioned headboard and my hands moved to cup her firm, large tits. I caught them gently in my palms and lifted them up. I could feel the weight of her big breasts and Dee relaxed a little.

“Yeah… Yes Ali. I love it when you do that.” Dee moaned as I started flicking my thumb over her large, brown nipples.

I caught her nipples between thumb and forefinger and started squeezing softly, while cupping her voluptuous boobs in my palms. My eyes kept closing with pleasure as I enjoyed the wet warmth of her cunt with Dee riding me harder and harder every passing second.

“Mmpphh.. Mmm… Uunnhh.. Unnhh… Ooph!” She began to whimper and moan louder as her rocked hard over my slick, thick dick.

“Yes, Dee… Ride me baby!” I moaned, encouraging her and grabbed her thick, taut tits harder now.

“Ssshhh… Yesss!” Dee sighed hard and began naughty america porno to tremble as the first wave of orgasm hit her.

“Oh, baby…” I moaned affectionately as she dropped her head down and embraced me tightly.

I could feel her entire body trembling as she climaxed hard. My slick dick had popped out and was buried only half-way in her squishy, wet cunt. I could feel her warm, wet juices dribbling down my thick shaft and wetting my ball-sack slowly. I held her tight and close to me as her breathing turned normal gradually.

“Whoa!” Dee sighed hard once before she lifted her head out of the crook of my neck. “That was something!” She exclaimed and giggled through half-closed eyes.

I laughed along with her and began to caress her smooth, bare back softly while she held me in a loose embrace. My thick cock throbbed hard in her slick, tight cunt before she pulled it out gently.

“Oh, I’ve messed up the bed!” Dee groaned when she saw the small pool her juices formed under my scrotum on the bed sheet.

“Then let’s continue in the shower.” I said, half joking but Dee brightened up and pulled me out of the bed.

I walked behind her, watching her large, bare brown buttocks jiggle hard as she led me to the adjoining bathroom. My huge cock swung hard and free, glistening with Dee’s cunt juices in the dirty, dull light coming in from the bedroom window. I figured it was raining outside when I heard a rushing sound coming in through the small opening in the bathroom window. Dee stepped out of her flimsy lingerie and left it at the bathroom floor near the door.

Dee quickly led me to the shower are beside the large bath tub and twisted the knob for hot water. She stood facing the shower head and pulled me closer from behind when the warm water gushed out of it. She let go of my hand and started to rub the water into her hair. She turned her pretty face up and let the water jets cool her down. I held Dee’s sides softly and stepped closer till I felt her cool, wet buttock cheeks caress my throbbing, hard cock.

“Mmm… Let’s continue, shall we?” Dee said over the rush of water and placed her hands on the cold tiles of the bathroom wall. I watched her arch her bare, wet back which pushed out her large, round wet booty prominently. The water jets now fell straight on her lower back and ran in rivulets down her deep butt crack.

I smiled wide and positioned myself behind her. I caught the base of my thick cock in my left hand and pulled apart her tight butt cheek with the other hand. I had to grab the wet, firm booty cheek quite hard to keep a grip on it.

“Aahh.. Sshhh…” Dee grunted as I clenched her buttock in a strong grip.

“Oohh…” I moaned as I pushed the thick head of my throbbing dick into Dee’s tight, wet pussy.

“Mmhmm…” Dee moaned her approval and pushed her big buttock back on my thick dick.

I let go of my dick and grabbed her other butt cheek and firmly pulled it apart too. This let me penetrate my long cock deep into her slick, wet cunt with one single thrust.

“Unnggh!” Dee grunted in pain as I rammed my thick dick completely into her tight cunt without a warning.

“Ooohh… baby…” I moaned at the way her clean cunt lips clenched and unclenched around the base of my cock. The walls of her pussy clung hard to the thick shaft when I pulled it out slowly before ramming it all the way in with another strong thrust.

“Aaah!” Dee exclaimed again, this time spreading her legs wider on the wet bathroom floor.

I bent my knees and pulled into position. I put my arms around her curvy, smooth sides and gripped her hips. I started to thrust up and down in a steady rhythm. My eyes were glued to her large, round ass cheeks as they jiggled when my crotch smacked against them at every thrust. I was always mesmerized by the way her sexy, bubble booty swung and jiggled when she walked or fucked. I focused on it and began to fuck her from behind under the warm shower.

“Umm.. ohh.. ohh.. ooohh… Yes… yes, baby! Oh, yes…” Dee now encouraged me to fuck her faster and faster. I picked up pace and now the smacking sound of my crotch against her enormous, wet booty cheeks was clearly audible over the noise of the shower.

As I stared at her sexy brown, wet booty wobble with every thrust I could feel her wet, warm cunt tightly gripping my thick, long cock. Even after nearly 5 years of fucking her almost on a daily basis, Dee’s pussy was still very tight. I felt my balls bunching up in anticipation of a climax and I began to thrust my thick cock faster into Dee’s pussy.

“Aah! Aah! Aah! Aaa… hhh!” Dee’s moans and turned into groans but I barely paid attention to it.

I was too excited as I watched the rhythmic jiggle of her wonderful, wet buttocks and the way her clean-shaven cunt lips gripped the sides of my thick dick. I started to pant with the frenzied fucking and closed my eyes just as I felt Dee’s firm, large butt cheeks clamp shut public agent porno tight. I opened my eyes just in time to see her body begin to shake as her second orgasm of the morning hit. I felt her sticky, wet juices spill around my thick shaft a few seconds before my semen spurted out into her slick, warm pussy.

“Aarrgghh!” I grunted loudly as I shot my load deep in Dee’s welcoming vagina.

“Ooo…” Dee could only moan breathlessly as her body was wrecked with waves after waves of an intense orgasm.

I recovered in time to put an arm around her soft tummy and supporting her. She could barely stand and was shivering hard as her climax continued. My knees were feeling the strain by now but I ignored the dull ache of being bent in my position. I caught the shower knob in front and stayed slumped over Dee’s bare, wet back with my throbbing, climaxing cock buried into her pulsating, climaxing cunt.

It was after several minutes that I managed to recover from the intense orgasm. My dick was half-erect now and I slowly pulled it out of her sticky, slippery cunt. The water was falling hard enough to slowly wash our juices from the shaft. A few moments later, Dee shifted under me and I stood up.

“Ali… If this is how we’re gonna fuck every day then I wish we’d started living together sooner.” She commented as she turned with a naughty grin playing on her wet, happy face.

I could only grin stupidly, because I was thinking the same thing right then.

I remember we were hungry by then. So Dee and I had a quick shower together. During the shower, Dee told me she was up since 10 AM and had prepared a light breakfast from the limited things we had bought yesterday in a rush.

It was nearly 1 when we finished our shower and stepped out into the bedroom once again. I walked completely naked to the large window opposite the bathroom door and flung the thick, black curtains aside. Dee was also completely nude as she shuffled around the bedroom, trying to decide what to wear. As we were on the 7th floor and there were no other buildings of the same height facing us, we were not worried about anyone seeing us naked.

I watched the drizzle outside turn into a fine mist while I changed into a pair of black soccer shorts and pulled a sleeveless white-colored T-shirt over my head. I brushed my hand through my moist, long hair and pushed them away from my face. I heard Dee step out of the bathroom just as I turned around.

“Hey, sexy!” I half-yelled when I saw what she was wearing.

Dee stopped at the door and turned her head to grin before she was gone. But it was enough for me to check out her outfit.

Dee had changed into a pair of white-colored cotton shorts that barely covered her large, round butt cheeks. Her firm, shapely legs looked wonderful in contrasts to the whiteness of the shorts. On top, she had on a fitting, white-colored vest which accentuated her perky, braless tits wonderfully.

As I followed her out of the bedroom she commented that we should have our late breakfast on the balcony of the living room. I readily agreed and offered to help but she declined. So, I grabbed the packet of cigarettes from the side-table of the couch and walked out with the ash tray and lighter into the balcony. I took a seat on one of the low, steel chairs that surrounded the medium-sized coffee table.

Soon, Dee returned with a tray of sandwiches and coffee. We shared the breakfast while chatting excitedly about the monumental decision we had made when we started living together. It sort of made our illicit relationship official, she commented. Smoking cigarettes and sipping on our hot coffees and watching the misty rain falling softly, Dee and I made huge, exciting plans.

Stoned Sex on Stormy Afternoon

(Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM, July 2008)

After a late coffee, Dee announced that she had better start cooking lunch. I agreed to go out and get groceries and stuff. Pulling on a black windcheater, I rode the elevator down to the parking lot, got on my Royal Enfield Bullet which I had sent to Pune from my home town a couple of days ago.

I rode out in the soft drizzle and enjoyed the cool, fine droplets falling on my face. I was very happy and excited because today was the first day that we would spend completely at home. I managed to get everything that Dee asked. I stopped to buy a few packs of cigarettes and bought a couple of large beer bottles on a whim. It still took me the better part of an hour and by the time I returned to our apartment, it was past 3 PM.

I was about to ring the doorbell to our apartment but suddenly Dee opened the door.

“I heard your bike coming in the complex.” She smiled and commented when she saw my surprise.

I grinned and stepped in. Dee took the bags off of my hands and kissed me quickly on the lips before she turned and walked to the kitchen. I watched her lovely, large booty cheeks fighting for space as they jiggled in her tight, white booty shorts. I could never get bored of watching her sexy, smooth bubble butt jiggle and sway when she moved.

I followed her into the kitchen eventually and helped empty the bags.

“Are you planning to celebrate so early, baby?” Dee commented when she pulled out the two, large beer bottles.

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