Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 07

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Shanti’s breasts floated like life preservers on the surface of the tepid bath water. She turned a page with her wet fingers, and then started, for she realized that for some moments she had been listening to the ringing of the doorbell without realizing it.

“Oh, shit!” she cried, standing up in the tub, the water streaming down through her growing pubic hair on her shaven cunt. She grabbed a towel and made hastily wiped at her dripping body, then hopped out of the shower.

Quickly throwing on the housecoat, she ran through the bedroom and into the living room. Her feet left wet tracks on the stairs down to the front door.

Through the dirty glass of the door, she could see the outline of a man.

If that’s Riaz this early, she thought, I’ll kill him ~ But when she threw open the door, she saw that it wasn’t Riaz.

“Mavvaya, Father in Law!” she gasped.

“Hi, Shanti,” Shivu said, swallowing hard. “I bet you’re surprised to see me.”

Shanti pulled her wet hair away from her face. “Surprised isn’t the word,” she said. She wondered what he was doing there.

He was dressed in his typical traditional dress–dark-blue Tamil Lungi, hair stained with oil, and a blue denim Tamil shirt.

But he was also wearing a nice angavastaram, which she hadn’t remembered him ever wearing before. And in his hands he gripped the neck of a bottle wrapped in a brown paper sack.

She stared at him for several seconds, wondering why he had come. She didn’t want to be rude to him–he was her father-in-law, and she was fond of him even if they had separated from him but she wished he had picked a better time to visit her.

“I was taking a bath,” she said.

“So I see,” he said, grinning, and nodding at the cleavage showing where she gripped the housecoat shut.

Shanti adjusted her grip on the collar of the robe. “Well,” she said, “I guess you’d better come in. I’ll put something on.” She stood aside to let him pass her on the stairs, and then took a quick glance outside to see if anyone had been watching.

As she closed the door she said, trying to be casual, “I thought you worked on Saturdays.”

Shivu looked down at her from the top of the stairs. “Only half a day most of the time.

If there’s a lot of work, I stay. But there wasn’t anything today, so I got the hell out of there. Thought I’d drop in and see you,” he said.

“I’ll just put on some–”

“No, no,” he insisted. “I can only stay a few minutes anyway. Besides, I’ve seen you in your bathrobe before.”

“Look,” she said, startling him a little as she slipped over beside him on the couch. She put her hands on his shoulders and made him look at her.

“You’re a sweetheart for wanting to help me and Sridhar out, but there’s just nothing anyone can do now.” She gave him a little kiss on the cheek. “That’s for being so sweet,” she said.

But Shivu threw his arms around her and, before she knew quite what was happening, her father-in-law had thrown her over backward and pressed himself over her, his bristly beard scratching her face as he tried to kiss her.

“Mr. Shivu! We decided that this will not happen again, you will not touch me again, we have taken vows with your wife as a witness that is why we separated” she gasped, trying to push him away.

“Don’t fight me, please, after coming to know of the way you are fucking a entire colony and especially the junky Muslim neighbor, my cock wants its share!” he gasped, his mouth hot against the delicate skin of her throat.

His hands kneaded and squeezed at her breasts through the housecoat.

“Shivu!” she cried, once again trying to rise. “What do you–?”

But he cut her off with a kiss.

She tried to keep her mouth closed, but his hot tongue speared through her lips and pressed her tongue against the roof of her mouth.

She could smell the coconut oil in his matted hair. She pushed up at his chest, but he had caught her by surprise and she couldn’t get enough leverage to force him away.

Her bare ankle kicked against the chrome edge of the coffee table.

“Miff!” she moaned against his bristly lips.

“You’re putting out for everyone else,” he growled, only inches from her face. “You can damn well throw a little of that cunt in my direction!”

“No!” she cried. “No! Shivu! No!”

But already he had ripped off the top button to her pink housecoat, his coarse hands diving to embrace the white flesh of her nearly crushed breasts.

“You’ve got beautiful tits, honey,” he said guttural.

“I am thirsting always to get the taste of them again!”

He was trying to nuzzle his mouth into her cleavage, but her struggles effectively prevented him from mouthing her breasts in any but the most cursory manner.

But she could feel the bristles of his beard scraping over her nipples, a sensation which was not quite like either a tickle or an itch. “Stop!” she implored him.

“This is ridiculous! A joke’s a joke, but this has gone far enough!”

“I’m going to fuck you, honey,” he said.

“Don’t canlı bahis say anything. If what you said is true, and you haven’t been fucking around, then you must be just as hot for it as I am.”

“No! Shivu, no!”

“I’ll make it good for you, sweetheart! I promise I will. I’ll make you come like you’ve never had it before. Shit, I know Sridhar is no good when it comes to sex, but–”

Shanti the Slut’s hand slipped off his shoulder, her fist striking him square on the jaw. “Oh!” she cried. “Oh, please let me up.

This is wrong! It’s crazy!”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, pinning her arms down on the couch. “But I’m going to fuck you, whether you want it or not. I don’t care about the consequences.”

“I’ll call the police, the neighbors!” she threatened, looking up at his hard eyes. “I’ll–”

“Yeah, maybe. Only first you’re going to get fucked. Then you can call your neighbor for a refresher fuck. I have heard that he is holed up in this house most of the time” He licked his lips, his meaty red tongue flicking the corners of his mouth. “Take your pick. Lay back and enjoy it, or fight me and wind up tied up to this pretty little coffee table.”

“You’re really crazy!” she spat at him. “You know that, don’t you? You think you can get away with this? You can’t.”

“Maybe not,” he said, rubbing his chin over her breasts, “but it’s going to be a lot of fun trying.”

He caught the edge of her housecoat with one hand, holding her wrists with the other. When he had jerked the buttons away, her thighs lay exposed to his cannibalistic gaze, the dark wedge of her cunt ineffectively concealed by her partially crossed thighs.

“Don’t touch me!” she cried. “Don’t look at me like that! Please! I won’t say anything to anyone, only let me go!”

“Not on your life,” he said.

And she felt the thickness of his coarse fingers gently part the sparse hair of her cunt as he gazed over his shoulder at the sensitive, dark outer folds of her cunt.

“I had a dream the other night,” he said, flopping down naked on the couch with the brandy bottle in his hand. “About you it was.”

“Really?” she asked sarcastically.

“Yeah. Now, if you’re still hot for some more of the old pecker here, there’s something you can do to speed the hardening process along.”

For the first time since he had freed her off the housecoat, she looked at him over her shoulder. “And what might that be?” she asked. “You could have a heart attack doing this kind of thing, you know.”

She wondered if she could make it to the bedroom door before he could catch her.

Casually, she inched forward on the coffee table until she was facing the open bedroom door. “You ever give Sridhar a blowjob?” he asked her.


“You know. A blowjob. Give him a little head. Suck him off.”

Shanti the Slut sighed with disgust. “No,” she said dryly. “Did you?”

“Blow Sridhar?” he asked incredulously.

“No,” she said, sighing again.

“I mean, do you ever eat your wife out, or whatever you call it?” She was surprised to see him blush.

As soon as she got the strength back in her legs, she’d bolt for the bedroom door.

After a moment he looked up at her. “You want me to eat you out; is that it?”

Shanti the Slut closed her thighs.

“No,” she said. “I was just curious.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” he said.

“Yes, I did,” she replied. “And anyway, that’s none of your business.”

“I want you to blow me,” he said.

Shanti the Slut couldn’t help stealing a look at his growing cock. The very idea of putting her mouth on that organ was not a bad one. She had tasted it earlier.

“I don’t think so,” she said. He wondered about his brother’s daughter in law and his early fucking, Shanti was beautiful. Her skin was not too dusky but wheatish fair and creamy, her body firm and well curved. Her breasts were full and round. They were swollen now; her aureoles puckered with excitement, the stubby nipples nut-hard.

He recollected the last time when he took her in their house, her belly was firm and flat, and her hips flared to nice legs. Her limbs were slender and shapely. Her feet and hands were slender and well-formed. She wore a gold ring on her ring finger. Her lovely face was radiant with passion. Her neck was arched, her face flung back, her rosebud lips parted, her small, perfect teeth bared in an erectus of lust. Her slender nose was flared.

Her body jerked and rolled back and forth, her back bowing taut as he fucked her rapidly. He was bent over her on his knuckles and knees, his buttocks flexing and unfaltering, bobbing furiously over her heaving loins.

Suddenly he reached out for her. He wanted to feel her flesh. It had been a long time. She was unbelievably sexy. Shivu was tempted to ram his cock into her flesh and fuck her furiously. But he had to show that he was man enough to satisfy her, and the obvious power of her sex-drive spurred him to prove, he moved his lips and tongue down her neck, nuzzling bahis siteleri the hollow in her throat. She looked lovely, and the dark spots on her face and the side of her neck were enticing. Lower he moved his tongue and lips hovering over her breasts and she gasped as he flicked first one nipple and then the other rapidly and sharply with his tongue. Her back arched and bowed and he opened his mouth and sucked on one gorged mound, crushing the other in his fingers. Shanti whimpered, clenching his head. He scraped her rigid nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth, whipped it with his tongue. She writhed eagerly. He moved to the other breast and then, squeezing both large mounds together, sucked them simultaneously.

The ferocious-looking Shivu was happy again as he slobbered his spit between Shanti’s two tits mounds. They were smaller than his brother’s wife’s and he enjoyed the difference.

His nostrils reveled in the aroma of an experienced young pussy as he licked the naked daughter in law’s tits, his tongue whipping over both fleshy mounds and across her nipples. They were pointed and rigid with fright.

He whined, growling low, nuzzling his nose in between her firm tits and tasting the succulent meat.

Suddenly she heard a rustling noise and saw Aditya – the neighbor’s brother at the window. She never knew he had come in and how he reached the bedroom and when he castled himself out into the open next to the window.

Their eyes just met and he nodded at her – and slowly took his finger to his lips – asking her to just go on. He had a small video camera in his hands. She was shocked and could not raise her head in that direction just let Shivu do what he was doing.

The constant suckling got her excited and this new voyeur from nowhere was causing huge guilt and torment as she glanced up at him, and her heart skipped a beat. He was so handsome, with that hard, yet gentle face, those sharp, piercing, yet infinitely tender, dark eyes, the square jaw, the hard nose, the lean looks, and the immensely powerful body.

She took in the breadth of his shoulders, the astoundingly savage V of his torso, the strength in his arms and legs. Her body tingled as she stripped him mentally. His shirt was open low now and she noticed that his chest was broad and hard and deeply cleaved and quite hairless. His hips were high, the waist narrow, and she noticed, looking down the V of his shirt, that his belly was hairless too, and hard as a washboard.

There was not a roll of fat in it as he bent over outside the window, Shivu started to reach beneath into her lap. She could even see his small, dark, prominent nipples, stretched wide apart on either side of his massive chest. Feeling intensely horny, she returned to her father in law.

A few weeks earlier, she had jettisoned the sturdy eighteen-year old Aditya who she was sure possessed unusually impressive sexual skills, when he tried to reach her out at her sister’s place. To her – he looked like smitten by her and would want some commitment from her in the form of a relationship.

She wanted no such ties in her life, not yet anyway. In her typically gentle fashion, she had decided to fuck the youth relentlessly till he was drained and then quietly ended the relationship. She was sure he would leave with a smile, no regrets and a standing over to return to her bed whenever he liked. After all – he and she were not in any way – made to have any other kind of a relationship. He kept watching her.

Finally – she told him through sign language to leave and come later. He did not relent- she insisted and finally after a while – he was gone only to come later – when she knew he would fuck her violently and she will have to give into his desire unanimously. Before leaving – he showed her a hanging salwar and told her to wear the white color when he comes again at 6 in the evening. Shanti was getting into trouble.

Back to her father in law, he squeezed her breasts together.

His tongue flickered across one nipple, then the other, then the first again. Slowly, he drew the luscious mound into his mouth and sucked on it, teething the nipple, rasping it against his teeth and palate, flicking one with his tongue, the other with his fingers.

He moved to the other and she groaned loudly, her body hot, her pulse racing, her face arched back, and a vision of lust.

He slid lower and instantly, her legs spread open for him. He dragged his tongue down her belly, through her navel, nuzzling her pubis, her thighs, sliding down her legs to her feet, sucking on her toes, licking her soles, sliding up again.

Shanti gasped and thrust her moist cunt up, the cunt-lips unfurled, her clitoris gorged and stiff. He pushed his face between her thighs.

Shanti hissed as his hot breath seared into her cunt, and then whimpered and gasped as his tongue followed, flickering like fire in her cunt, flicking her clitoris this way and that, his lips pressing in to suck her clitoris.

He nibbled it gently and her hips bahis şirketleri jerked up savagely, her hands on his head, pinning him to her musky loins, her cunt juices streaming now. Her head jerked from side to side, and she panted and gasped with lust.

“Ohhhhh my Maavaya (father in law) yes … OHHhh uhhhh OHHH yes yes yes ohhh god yes ohhhhh uhhh OHHH!” she moaned.

He stopped suddenly, just short of her orgasm.

He turned her over onto her front and bent over her, kissing the nape of her neck, nuzzling her sweet smelling, silky hair, teasing the mangalsutra around her neck, trickling his tongue down her spine and the curve of her hips and buttocks, teething them, priming them apart to rim her dank, puckered anus with his tongue.

Shanti gasped and he thrust his hands under her chest, crushing her swollen breasts in his hands. Her hard nipples quivered in his fingers.

He rose higher still, over the backs of her slim thighs and they shook at his touch. He kissed her buttocks, and her hips quivered under him, as his fingers fondled her inner thighs tenderly. Gently, he parted her buttocks.

“Maava (Father in law) … please … go on…” she muttered, deeply aroused.

Smiling to himself, he pried them open further and she gasped, her head rising, mouth parting in a wide ‘O’ of delight as his tongue flickered gently against her anus, probing the dank, puckered flesh. He slid his fingers and hands under her thighs.

Her hips jerked up, her thighs spreading. Panting with excitement, she plunged a hand between her legs and spread her cunt-lips wide for him with her fingers.

“Maavaya (father in law) … tongue-fuck me again,” she gasped.

Chuckling, he slid his head lower and she gasped, crying out as he pushed his tongue up into her wide, gaping cunt once more.

He rolled his tongue inside her cunt and her finger arched up between his lips, flickering between his mouth and her cunt, his tongue dancing around her finger and her cunt, her finger rolling inside her cunt, her hips grinding round and round. She gasped, veering towards a climax.

He began to masturbate quickly, and she looked over her shoulder at him and gasped at the size of his gargantuan penis.

His cock became hard and stiff, hungry for her. He bent over her, deciding that if she had been fucked before he could as well fuck her from behind right away, take her nice and slow and deep. He pressed his cock against her buttocks, sliding it lower, and her fingers curled about it with the confidence of an able lover.

“Oh my god!” she gasped.

“Seen bigger?” he chuckled.

“Only …only in a dream before on my wedding night, you are really aroused my dear Shivu, you seem to be lusting for me … Oh God Shivu … I want it … I want it inside me!” Shanti was now in a dazzling seductive mood.

He drew her hips higher. Holding his erect tool in his hand, he slowly squeezed his huge cock-head into her. She gasped, rising onto her forearms, hands clenching the edges, and then pushed her hand between her legs to spread her cunt-lips wider apart.

“More …” she gasped, “Put it all in, Shivu … I want all of you in there … God … Shivu, please … hurry … fuck me … quickly … shove it in OH uhh OH uhh Oh yes Oh god yes Oh yes oh god oh god OH GOD OHHHHHuhhhhhhh YES YES YES YES!”

Grinning in delight, his mind soaring, he took her cunt slowly, thrusting his cock slowly into her, the thick-veined, hairy shaft rasping against her inflamed clitoris, her belly deeply, making her shudder and moan and cry out at the enormity of it inside her.

She thought it would surely tear her in two and come ripping out of her throat.

Kneeling behind her, he waited till she caught her breath. His huge cock was embedded deep in her cunt, and its incredible heat made her cunt boil, her body flame with lust.

She moaned.

Her head sank between her arms, and then rose in ecstasy, her eyes closed, and she bit her lower lip.

Her hips began to move, slowly at first, round and round, churning her cunt with his huge pestle, then faster and faster, and back and forth.

She rocked on all fours, jerking her cunt up and down on his lance with shuddering cries, pulling up till only the top of the big cock-head was inside her, and then pushing heavily down again. Faster and faster she went, moaning and keening desperately.

Finally, he began to move, sliding his hips back and forth in a heavy, steady, demanding rhythm, forcing his penis as deep into her cunt as he could, moving faster and faster, his thighs and balls slapping loudly against her buttocks, his head arching in delight. She was good, very good, her cunt hot and wet and tight as a drum.

“Ohhhh uhhh OHHHHH uhh OHHHH uh OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHH!” she went.

He paused and held her still and she waited as he spread his legs and pushed her down onto her front, her face on side on the pillow. He rose over her, knees astride her buttocks.

“Ohgod my dear father in law … fuck me…” she gasped, her mouth open. “Keep fucking me!”

He began to move again. His body corded with strain, his belly drew in and hnds on her buttocks, he stroked smoothly in and out of her cunt, keeping her pinned beneath him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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