Sharing a Birthday

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Grant woke up feeling old on the 19th of August. The time had finally come. He thought he would have been running a large corporation or managing a healthy stock portfolio by now. Certainly by the time he turned 30 he would have made it. He would have some token of success to hang his hat on. He couldn’t have imagined he would be working on a landscaping crew shoveling dirt and hauling rocks all day. But most things you expect in life never happen, and the stuff you would never dream of fills its place. For better or worse, plans are almost impossible to follow through with. That’s just the way of the world. Or at least that’s what he tried to convince himself was true as he rolled out of bed.

At least he had the day off work and an afternoon get-together to distract him. Every year since his cousin Liv was born on his birthday in 2002, all the extended family in the area got together to celebrate. It always ended up being a good time, and the past couple years Liv and he had started a gift swap between the two of them. The idea was to buy something funny for the other person, but they had kept it between the two of them after Granddad had a fit after one of the silly gifts the first year.

He looked forward to this day, and he knew Liv did too. This year was a special one for her, since she was finally turning 18. Grant had figured part of the 18th birthday gag gift for Liv would be some cigarettes or something that is associated with finally being of age. The age requirement for tobacco had gone up to 21 recently, however, so he was going to have to get creative. Back when he had turned 18 his friends who were old enough bought him a cigar and then took him for the obligatory stop at the local XXX store. He got a couple funny items, they had a nice laugh, and he had never been back. But he couldn’t take his cousin there, right?

The party was 2-4 with the whole family, then he and Liv always went and did something fun together just the two of them. It used to be him taking Liv to something fun for kids but the past couple years they had agreed on bowling one year and horseback riding the next. The plan was still up in the air for this year. Liv had tried to talk him into buying beer for her but he wasn’t ready to commit to that.

A friend of Grant’s has a lake cabin with jet skis, and as long as Liv was fine with it that was an option. Grant got ready to go for the day, loaded up his car with anything he thought he could need, and went to try to find Liv a gift. She had probably already taken care of buying his gift weeks ago, he thought to himself. What do high school seniors find funny these days? He was lost. The specialty stores downtown had nothing that popped out at him and the party was in 30 minutes. He swore to himself and pulled into the parking lot of an old brick building with three 7 foot red neon X’s on the roof. At night it looked more like an XX store than a XXX store, however, due to only two of signs working properly.

He had not wanted to end up here. His family wouldn’t think anything here is funny. Fuck it. Girls do bachelorette party stuff like this he thought. He saw all sorts of dark fetish paraphernalia that didn’t seem right, and he was about to leave the store until he saw a glass dildo in a case that caught his eye. It was completely transparent, with letters spelling the word “government” inside. He grabbed it, clicked his tongue a couple times, then walked to the checkout and bought it.

He stopped home before heading over to his Grandma’s house to meet up with everyone. While there, he wrote a quick bogus signup letter for the draft with her information on it, and put it in an envelope with a 50 dollar bill. Now he had something PG rated. As much as he thought it was a funny concept getting fucked by the government dildo, he didn’t want to have to explain the joke and look silly. Also, it would probably just make people talk politics, which is a pretty contentious issue within the family. He drove over to the grandparents’ and most people were already there. His brother, sister, and parents greeted him along with Liv’s 7 direct family members and a couple family friends. Liv finally came out from the house and they both tried to tell the other one “happy birthday” first. Neither would admit the other was first, and they laughed as they hugged.

Liv teen porno is 5’2″ and looks tiny next to 6’2″ Grant. They both did well in the looks department. Liv has curly light brown hair, a big blue doe eyes and plump, full lips that pull all her other soft features together beautifully. She has a healthy sized ass and great legs for such a short young woman. Her breasts aren’t very big, but they seem proportionate to her petite frame.

She had always been Grant’s little buddy of the family. She has been a part of his birthday celebrations since the day she was born, and they have a bit of a different extra bond because of what we share.Grant picked Liv off the ground and spun her around before setting her down. Liv’s sister yelled “Let’s party,” and they were off. Between opening a few presents and cards, dinner, and catching up with family, the two hours flew by. A couple folks began to trickle out, and after another half hour, it was just Liv’s mom and two older sisters there with the birthday boy and girl. Grandma and Granddad had gone back inside to cool off.

Liv had given Grant a walking cane and a pamphlet on different options to battle baldness for my gag gift. He isn’t actually going bald, but she made everyone laugh by calling him an old man. It probably would have been funnier to Grant if he didn’t actually feel like he was far past his prime. Nevertheless, the day had gone perfectly so far. My baby cousin Olivia had sure grown up. She had joked she was moving to Canada when she saw the fake draft registration. Everyone laughed, and he wasn’t sure if his joke gift was funny or if Liv’s comment provided the comedy.

Liv was gathering all the stuff she received and putting it together in a cardboard box to take home. Grant snuck over behind her and gave her 18 playful spankings as she was bent down. She was a good sport and didn’t run away, so it was pretty painless. She was wearing a light purple sundress that hung above her knees. It had an open back cut relatively low. It would have showed off some cleavage if her breasts were bigger, but instead just showed the contrast of her olive colored skin against the whiteness of her sun-deprived chest. Grant had her pose for a selfie with him as he pretended to spank her again to save the moment for the memory book.

He gathered his stuff as well and put it in the backseat of his sedan. As he walked back towards the last of the stragglers, Grant looked at the picture he just took. His arm was too short from the position he was in pretending to spank her. As a result she had to twist and lean so far back left that her dress bunched forward a bit in the front. The angle of the phone resulted in the picture showing down the front of her dress to her pale breasts. Her right nipple was showing, along with most of her boob.

Grant put the phone back in his pocket and tried to forget about the picture. Everything was already put away and Liv and grant waved goodbye and both got in Grant’s Toyota. She had brought an overnight bag in case they stayed somewhere too. They agreed on the lake spot as the destination and hit the road. About a half hour before they got to the cabin, they stopped at a gas station. Liv looked over at Grant with an exaggerated pout on her face. Grant rolled his eyes playfully and said “What’s the matter, cuz?”

Liv bit her lip and asked “Will you buy me a cigar? I’ve always wanted to smoke one when I turned 18, and now I can’t buy them! Ican’t buy really buy anything special.”

“Of course I will,” I answered. “And that reminds me, there is still something left that you gain access to at 18.”

Grant opened up the trunk and pulled out the box and handed it to his cousin before going in to get a cigar. When he got back to the car, Liv was holding the curved dildo in her hands, and had slapped Grant playfully on the arm.

“If you want something else you can take it back for a different one,” Grant joked.

She nodded and said quietly, “I think it might be too big, don’t you think?”

Grant was not ready for that question. “I mean, I guess…I just thought it was a funny joke,” he stammered out. “But if you want a smaller one we can grab one.”

Liv looked at Grant and said, “Let’s do it. I want to use this I.D. for the first time!”

Grant felt his dick getting hard. travesti porno His mind was picturing the shot of her exposed nipple. He glanced over at her and couldn’t see nipples, but could see a good portion of her small A-cups. He cleared his throat. “Google to see if there is a an adult store nearby.”

“I found one 18 miles away. I’ll navigate,” she said much more quickly than I expected. She was excited.

“Welcome to adulthood, Liv,” Grant joked, “where you can buy all the porn and dildos you want!”

“I can’t believe people buy porn at a store. Do you do that?” she asked quietly.

Grant had to use his hand to try to hide his hard cock making a bump in his lap. They were pulling up to the store, anyways, so he could readjust soon. He got out of the car and stuck his penis up in his waistband. He turned back around just as Liv stepped out, providing him with a look up her dress to the lace panties to match the dress. This had become interesting. Grant knew her when she was a baby, but he couldn’t resist getting turned on by the beautiful girl. They joked around about much of the silly stuff in the store. Grant noticed her looking at a particular box and looked to see what it was. She said “This would be kinda funny actually,” and pointed.

“You ask and you shall receive,” Grant told her.

He looked at the box and realized what it was. He just told his cousin he would buy her a buttplug with a remote control! He looked at her, mouth open, and she finally said “I’m kidding.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I just want this,” she said and grabbed a small plastic looking dildo with the smaller protrusion towards the back.

“Have you used something like this before?” He asked his little cousin.

She shook her head. Grant touched the small probe and looked Liv in the eye.

“You think you can handle this part, cuz?”

She looked back at him and whispered, “Is it the wrong kind, Grant?”

Grant could hardly speak. “Have you ever done anal?”

She looked at him sheepishly. “Not really,” she said. Grant tried to get the lump out of his throat but couldn’t swallow. The tension was palpable. After a few long moments, Grant put his hand on her bare back and lightly rubbed her with his fingers.

“Do you want it in your ass?”

Liv turned towards Grant got right against his body so his dick pressed against her belly. He could see her nipples from this angle and applied pressure back against her body. “Depends,” she mouthed at him.

“On what?”

“Depends who’s fucking me,” Liv said loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

She brushed the back of her hand against his bulge as she turned around. Grant followed her to the checkout. The employee told us she had to check I.D. and Liv was happy to comply. Grant almost just walked out, but instead slowly produced his I.D. Finally, the woman behind the counter ran Grant’s credit card and began to pack the toy in a gift box. Live stopped her, saying “No need for that.”

The woman handed Liv the fuck stick and looked back and forth between us. Liv walked towards the door as the clerk blurted loudly, “Aren’t you going to wait for your husband?”

Liv turned to Grant and said, “let’s get out of here, cuz!”

The women’s eyes bugged out as she looked right at me. “Are you?… Is that your?…”

She couldn’t even say it out loud. Grant looked back at the woman and told her, “I better catch up with my cousin.” He then ran and caught up with Liv and gave her tap on the ass. The taboo nature of their exhibitionism turned him on even more.

The drive to the lake from the store took a half hour, and nobody said a word. Grant rested his hand on Liv’s thigh as she let her dress bunch up at her waist. She put her feet together in front of her butt, letting her legs fall wide open. Grant rubbed further up her thigh and could feel the heat from her sex as he got ever so close. As they pulled up the driveway to the cabin, he briefly tugged at the crotch of her thong. She was breathing hard as he let one finger dip inside her soaking wet slit. She whimpered and pushed her pelvis forward as his finger found her clit and pushed on it.

As they pulled up, Grant’s friend Dave approached the vehicle. He removed his hand from his cousin’s pussy at the last tricky masseur porno second before they were found out. As Grant rolled the window down, Dave said, “Better not wait till dark to ride the jetski.”

They walked to the dock, neither one bothering to grab any swimwear. Liv crawled on the bench and patted the seat behind her as she buckled her life jacket. Grant unbuttoned his pants and carefully climbed behind his cousin, careful to shield his boner from Dave. He put his life jacket on and they cruised out on the water.

Grant was straddling Liv, and wrapped his arms around her to hold on. She pulled the throttle all through way back. The lake wasn’t bad, but it was a littlchoppy. The jetski bounced up and down as they bounded across the water, some of the bumps taking them both up off the seat before landing back on the cushion. Grant held Liv as tightly as possible, pulling her into him as they bounced up and down. Grant’s erection was behind her at first, but soon Liv was landing on his lap and she leaned forward a bit. Her dress was flailing leaving her ass bouncing on him with only her thong on. She eased up on the throttle a bit and they slowed to a steady pace as one of Grant’s hands slid down onto her thigh. He was so horny.

Grant pulled back and quickly unbuckled his life jacket. He then reached around and undid Liv’s. They were going just fast enough to maintain the turbulence. Liv turned around to look at him and he grabbed her chin gently and touched his lips to hers. His hands were going crazy. One of them pinched at her pointy nipples and the other slid under her ass cheek and slid inside her panties and he easily stuck two fingers in as far as they could go. Liv was leaning forward with her ass off the bench in front of him as he fingered her nubile cunt. He held his dick pointing at her hole and pulled her down. She let out a squeal as his cock sunk all the way in her quim.

For a couple minutes they just sat like that, as Grant pulled on her tender nipples. Liv leaned forward and began bouncing on his dick, while Grant stuck his thumb against her ass and pressured it inside. She bucked and screamed and had an orgasm as he slid his finger all the way in her asshole. Grant almost came as he felt her pussy constrict around his member, but he held off. He lubricated his fingers with her cum and rubbed it all over her rosebud. He had to lift her up as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and pointed the tip against her asshole.

“What do you want me to do to you, Liv?”

“Put it in,” she said aggressively

“What did you say, Liv?”

His prick was slowly penetrating her virgin opening. She was yelling out as he sank deeper, but Grant asked her one more time, “what do you want, baby?”

“Fuck my ass. Oh my God. Fuck my ass!”

Grant grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into him as he thrusted and he buried himself inside. She slowly went up and down a couple times and Grant could no longer hold it, and he came in her butt.

The cousins got ahold of themselves after a couple minutes, and saw there were two or three boats posted up within a hundred feet of them. They retrieved the stuff they threw in the water, and started back to Dave’s cabin. As they climbed onto the dock, a boat floated into the lift right next to them. Two men got off the boat and were smiling at us. Liv went to the car to change clothes, leaving Dave and me by the water. One of the men walked over to us and asked me, “Enjoy the ride, son?”

I nodded nervously, and the man chuckled. It turned out to be Dave’s neighbor. He told Dave something about a shed he was going to build in his yard the following weekend and then walked off towards his cabin. Dave looked around and asked me, “where did your cousin disappear to?”

In my peripheral I saw the neighbor stop mid-stride and look back at me. He stood completely still for a few seconds before continuing his walk home. I told Dave I had to get back home and hurried back to the car. Love was waiting for me up there. Dave had gone back inside the cabin and as I stepped out of my boxers and put my wet clothes in the trunk, Liv walked back and kissed me. We made out as she wrapped her hand around my cock as it got hard again. I flipped us around and lifted her shirt up to see she was naked on the bottom. I stuffed myself inside her pussy one more time, and slowly pumped in and out. Out from behind a group of trees the same neighbor appeared again. He was on the phone.

“Dave, what the fuck is going on?” He hollered.

Liv and I ran to our doors, hopped in, and drove away.

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