She, Her…. Mom

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It feels good! My cock is so hard! I’m trying to hold off by orgasm as long as I can by stroking my cock slowly but it’s difficult under the circumstances.

I was so close! So damn close to getting what I have desired the past few years.

The sensation of running my middle finger through her pussy lips is still strong in my mind. It mattered not that she still wore her panties. The short moments of stroking the forbidden treasure had produced a wet spot on her panties. I’ll admit her breathing showed no passion, nor did she issue a moan, but the physical evidence of arousal was there and the wetness allowed me to outline the lips perfectly.

Surely, she must have been aware of the bulge in my pants. Okay! I never saw her glance down and she resisted my attempt to guide her hand to my crotch, but it does not matter. Would she have let me get this far unless she had latent incestuous desires too – now brought to the surface, by my bold words in the light of day?

I’m so close! I’ve got to stop stroking my cock or I will come! I don’t want to rush it! Maybe I’ll just toy with the head. It’s leaking. Feels good wetting the domed head of my cock with the slippery cum. Why couldn’t I be wetting my cock in her right now! She had called after me, “Press, don’t leave! Lets discuss this.”

I didn’t have to leave. Yes, I did.

I suppose my incestuous notions had started with my divorce three years earlier. “37 years old and divorced after 15 years” Mom had lamented. She blamed me for the breakup. “Not taking care of “homework”, she accused. No matter that I had complained so often about not getting enough sex at home, and the reason for that was my wife was fucking every man in the building. She blamed me for allowing three kids to be born by a slut and being taken to the cleaners with child support. I had protested the third could not be mime, that I had been clipped, and she called me a fool!

At every opportunity, she accused me of “screwing” – her generational word – the 30ish year old woman in 4C in her own apartment building. The accusations reeked with the tone of a jealous wife though I denied, honestly, of having any sexual contact with the woman. I retaliated with, “if I was “fucking” – my generational word – every woman in “, and added, “Maybe some of these old ladies in this building need a 30-year-old stud to relieve their anxieties. I certainly prefer the older woman”.

I am not an animal! I had been showing restraint! From the outset, I had showed herher apartment building, it was none of her damn business breast the loving attention of an attentive lover, cupping them softly, sucking on the nipples tenderly, bringing them, alternately, to full erection. The firm nipples I took as a sign to push on. She had, dammit, not resisted my revealing them!

Of course I wanted to rip off what was left of her clothing – an already removed bra that hung loosely around her waist, a tight fitting wool skirt and those damn protective panties – to get her naked. But not to immediately fuck her.

I wanted to show her that I truly cared – to show my love by kissing her body all over, pushing by nose through her lavish bush that I somehow still remembered, then, kissing and licking her pussy and clit until she was in such a state of lust that she could not resist guiding my cock into her. Yes, certainly, I wanted her to do the deed, showing me how much she desired a glorious incestuous fuck. I would insist she do the deed!

I’ve got to stroke it! Agggg! It’s good!

Today, I had brazenly confronted her about her continuous tawdry and sexual innuendos. I brazenly told her, due to her relentless jealous words and actions that I knew with without doubt she wanted me to bed her.

As arranged, I had picked her up to have an early breakfast and do some shopping. We did such every Wednesday. I waited in my car at the complex’s main door. I was shocked as she exited the building.

She was dressed like a whore wearing the much too short, before-mentioned, formfitting gray wool skirt, a heavy black sweater that accented her straight, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and a 2 inch high pair of black shoes. I told her so too but she replied that she liked to look good when she was out on the town, then added, “made you look”. She looked like a whore but I had to admit to the daunting reality that the 52-year-old, ample and well proportioned woman, though not pretty, was stunningly sexy.

As we sat in our usual truck-stop having breakfast, I thought how stupid I was for bringing her here dressed as she was. The truckers gawked at her with wanton eyes. I glared back at them much to the amusement of my mother, who then accused me jealously of flirting with the waitress and staring at her backside. Needless to say, I was happy to get out of the place..

As we drove to the grocery store, I turned my head when speaking to her, when in reality I was noting her smooth knees and thighs. I pondered, when she spread them slightly, had she noticed brazzers porno me looking.

At the food store, the story was the same. She turned every man’s head much to my dismay and her amusement.

Returning to the apartment, I wanted desperately to get away and only offered to load her groceries into a basket, telling her I had things to do. She replied that she owed me gas money and that she did not have enough in her pocketbook, so I needed to come upstairs.

Entering the apartment, I felt compelled to empty the grocery bags, handing the items to her to put away, studying her every move especially when she bent over. She seemed to bent over a lot.

She retrieved her pocketbook. Handing me a $20 bill she accusingly said that maybe Gail, the girl in 4C, might be available for a quick screw and that the 20 should be enough.

I had had enough! I told her in no uncertain terms that I was tired of her sexual innuendos and suggestive comments. I told her since she was dressed like a whore I would much rather give her back the 20 and find out how much padding she put in her bra.

I saw her eyes flare in contempt. I knew they would! I remembered the look she gave dad whenever he told her she had a fat ass. A lie of course but in an squabble things are said to rile.

She called me a son-of-a-bitch and denied that she did any such thing. I told her I did not believe her, causing her to angrily remove the sweater, telling me to touch the damn things if I did not believe her.

Ohhh! Fuck! It’s good! I don’t want to stop or wait any longer!

Shocked by her actions only momentarily, I realized the opportunity I’d been desiring was in front of me. I reached with my right hand to toy and fondle her left breast.

I dropped my hands to her waist and maneuvered her against the wall of the kitchen, forcibly I admit.

I returned my hand to her breast and began to snuggle and kiss her neck.

Her arms remained at her side and she made no effort with movements or sounds to offer encouragement – or discouragement. I noted my breathing had increased in my lust.

I had to see them. I had to see them naked and bare. I reached to remove the shoulder straps. The bra was a tight fit but I pulled it down. As I pulled it down to her waist she did lift her arms through the straps, making no effort to stop me.

I was hungry but I held myself in check and tenderly preceded an intense study and exploration of her heavy, ample, but only sagging a little, breasts.

She remained passive. Damn her!

With the before mentioned attention the nipples became firm. Again, their firmness and her lack or protest spurred me on and I reached to gather up her skirt tight skirt and left it to her hips, revealing black panties – bloomers really.

I reached to put my right hand between her thighs. She did not willingly spread her legs but I did not have to pry them apart, only a little pressure caused her stance to shift and middle my finger stroked her pussy, soon pushing firmly between her labia. How, I thought, could she remains so passive?

I whispered into her neck, “are you going to let me screw you?”, using her generational term.

She loudly replied, “I’m not going to LET you do a DAMN thing! But you’re like every other damn man! You’re going to take whatever you want. I won’t stop you.”

My mind screamed, ‘why couldn’t you just moan you want my cock as much as I want your pussy!’

I wanted us to move to the bedroom, the sofa, anywhere her she could lay on her back and willingly spread her legs, accepting me between them, taking my stiff, rock-hard cock, placing it to her and beg me to stick it in her!

I wanted her to beg me to screw her – to fuck her – to grip her ass and pound my cock into her – to bring her to orgasm – then – beg me to shoot my hot cum into her pussy – her belly.

“Mom! Mom! I’m coming! I’m cominggggggonggggggg!

My breathing has returned to normal, I suppose I should prepare my supper.

I find, after only a few bits, that I am not hungry and sit pushing my fork aimlessly through my food.

My thoughts wander: If I have fucked-up big time, what could mom really do? She needed me to drive her places and such – she hated public transportation. She would verbally abuse me, that was a certainty – calling me a pervert for start. Her panties were wet – her nipples hard- she had to feel something! Why did she call after me, asking me not to leave. Talk – discuss – discuss what! I’m not interested in discussing anything. I want to fuck her! Well, that’s shot to hell.

My week is hell. My nights? I masturbate ever night and relive every detail of feeling her up. Pushing the bra down – the firm nipples – lifting her skirt – the wetness of her panties – the feel of her protected pussy! At lease I have the memory. I can add the ending fantasy.

I just got the call I was dreading. It’s Tuesday evening and she called as she always does to confirm our Wednesday castingcouch-x porno outing. Never-you-mind, I’ve told her the call is not needed. But under the present circumstances maybe it is. She sounded normal. I tried to.

Funny, she asked me to come upstairs when I arrived. I suppose she wants to have that discussion. I have no options – no escape.

Hearing her voice! Gets me remembering. I might as well wander off to bed. I want to fuck that woman so bad and yanking my crank isn’t helping a bit. It’s just not in me to go to sleep with an aching hard-on.

I have to leave in 15 minutes to meet with her but I need to release this stress. I’m standing in the darkness of the bathroom, using the rim of the sink to put pressure against my balls as I stroke my stiff cock. I’m dressed and ready to leave. The sink will catch my cum – no fuss – no muss – a little water and down the drain.

She’s here! Bent over this sink! Is it good mom! Mom! MOM! Ohhhhh! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I want to fuck your pussy!

That’s mush better. 8 minutes. Time to spare.

I arrived early. I’ve been sitting in my car or seven or eight minutes trying to work out the scenarios that might transpire in what I might say.

Mom opened the door for me and I immediately see she is wearing a blue terrycloth housecoat that reached almost to her ankles. Her hair is pulled into a short ponytail.

“You’re not ready?”

She replies that she thought we would have breakfast at the apartment though she had not started preparing anything on the stove. She poured me a cup of coffee and set it on the small dining table that shared the living room. It was an indication to sit. I waited for her to speak.

She leaned against the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen and across the table from me. I see she is not wearing makeup. She looks older.

“You know, I am no idiot I know damn well you have wanted to screw me for quite some time. You could have done it a long time ago. Why did you stop last week?”

My heart thumped a little bit hearing her words.

“I was not getting any reaction from you that made me think you wanted me to do it to you. I could have taken you like you suggested, that would be rape even if you didn’t try to stop me.”

The bewildered, unbelieving look on her face was like a slap in the face.

“I don’t know how many women you have been with and don’t give a damn, but I think you have been watching too many movies. I’m not the type to act like an animal in heat. I was ready and more than willing to let you get between my legs and you sure as hell should know how choosy I am about that. I know I don’t show you how much I love you all the time and I ride your ass a lot, but I do. I know you can’t afford a girlfriend. I don’t hate men. I just think they’re lowlifes in general but a woman, even a grumpy old fool like me, needs one occasionally. You’re clipped, safe, so what the hell. I help you and you help me. So, are we going to pick up where we lefted off last week or are you going to cut and run on me again?

I was making no move to stand.

“Good! I haven’t cleaned up yet. Come get undressed and wash your cock in the sink while I’m in the tub.”

I followed closely behind her. She discarded her robe short of the bathroom door and flung it towards the bed. It fell short. I studied her backside as she bent to adjust the water and got a pretty good view of her furred treasure. My spirits were much lifted as I undressed, watching her squat in the tub for a good PTA cleaning.

“I could have gave you a good ass beating when you stormed out of the apartment last week. You left me in quite a state. I have never been into self-gratification. You sure as hell better not shy from eating my pussy or you still might get that beating. I am a demanding lover – and your mother – and you will treat me right.”

The hot water and lathered was refreshing to my cock and watching my mother is causing it to rise to the occasion despite the abuse of the last week.

She stood in the tub and reached for a towel and I saw that her bush was indeed thick and ample. I was anxious to gaze upon her pussy proper.

I dried my cock as she walked past me. Again, I did not notice her looking at or appraising my manhood.

I stood short of the bed and watched her knee herself onto it, positioning herself in the middle of it and, spreading her knees wide, placing her hands on her thighs. Her words are matter of fact and without emotion.

“You’ll take care of me first.”

I’d been told by my slut wife that I gave good oral. How often had I lapped up another man’s cum?

I moved to the bottom of the bed and stood gazing upon her pussy. Not close enough to really tell it’s uniqueness but the overall picture of the mature woman laid out naked in front of me. She had enough ass that it blossomed out upon the bed slightly. I found it provocative. Her tits did not sag downward but lay deflated, clips4sale porno the nipples flat. She showed no indication of being the slightest sexually aroused. It was all matter-of-fact with her. A biological function. We would see!

I kneed myself onto the bed and lay partially on my chest. I place my nose onto her forested mound and breathed in deeply the sweet smell of soap. Using the fingers of my left hand, I parted the forest and found a most delectable looking pussy. I never would have suspected a 50ish year old woman would have such a petite and cute vagina. Thin lipped and pinkish in color I parted the lips to see a deeper red interior with a raisin sized clit. Releasing the lips, I began to kiss her pussy lightly, smelling the slight feminine odor. How long, I wondered, had it been neglected.

She watched me as I gave her oral pleasure. Still, she showed no arousal – not one moan. I slid my tongue between her lips and flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. In a moment or two, I saw her midsection tremble and her hands slid behind her thighs. She pulled her knees back a bit. Finally, she was showing she was human after all.

Reaching to slightly palm her buttocks, I pushed by tongue into her. It caused her first moan that melted into increased breathing. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go, pushing my chin into the crack of her ass, which had become quite wet.

I returned to her clit and concentrated my attack. My guess was that she would not last very long. When my forefinger gently pushed against her Rosebud, the orgasm gripped her.

She let out the barest of animal moans, lifting her ass from the bed. As the orgasm collapsed, so did her ass.

“Again! Don’t stop.”

I maneuvered her to her belly, telling her to be patient.

I pushed by face into the crack of her ass, kissing and nibbling her delectable butt cheeks for a long minute. I then straddled her and began to rub her back, letting my stiff cock slide up and down between the crack of her ass. I related to her how good I thought our new sexual relationship would be for the two of us. I was shocked back to reality by her words.

“Your dad and I had come to an understanding. I would let him screw me whenever he wished, but if I was not feeling all fuzzy I’d tell him to get with the program and get it done. If you don’t want to piss me off and cause me to withhold my favors, I suggest we come to the same understanding this moment. Now stop you’re fooling around and eat my pussy some more.”

With a soured disposition, and a slightly deflated cock, I rolled her to her back and put my face between her legs once more.

I revived my by enthusiasm by concentrating on whose pussy I was eating, her sexiness and the fact that I was going to have access to her pussy anytime I wanted – as long as I didn’t want anything from her emotionally or piss her off in general.

Her second orgasm took a while in my mouth filled with her abundant lubricant which I purged, soaking my face and chin. When asked to tongue fuck her I did.

When her orgasm hit and subsided, I scrambled above her to put my finger inside of her pussy, wishing to finger-fuck her. I was scolded back between her legs to eat her again.

“This is what I need! No other shit!”

Her attitude was nerve-racking but who was I to complain. I concentrated on “who” I was with, that my time was coming and that there would be other times if I followed the rules – her rules – the woman with treasure between her legs that I wanted so desperately.

I received no condemnation as I let my hands explore, reaching up to her breast, finding her nipples firm and squeezing them tenderly between my fingers. This she seemed to enjoy as it elicited pleasing moans.

I determined I would find a way for her to accept me kissing and nibbling on her ass. I was in ass man at heart and she had a most delectable ass, clothed or unclothed.

The third orgasm flowed through her softly as was her moan. It was replaced with a sigh. I would learn such a sigh was her resignation to give “it” up.

“Press. Come up.”

I was ready. My cock was firm and ready.

Positioning myself between her legs, I gathered her up in my arms and waited. It took long moments but she finally reached between us and placed the tip of my cock to her.

“Must be a man thing! A sign of willingness or submission I’m sure.”

I pushed slowly into her concentrating on the feeling of her pussy accepting my cock for the first time. I began to stroke into her slowly, occasionally pushing deep, causing an involuntary moan to escape her – involuntarily I suppose – woman the impossible to stifle.

“You’re quite large.”

It was the first positive words I had heard come out of her mouth, so she must set it honestly.

I began to whisper in her ear, telling her how good her pussy was, the warmth of it, the tightness of it, how much I liked her body, each part.

“SShhhhh! Can’t you just screw me without all the talk? Say one thing and you get all lovey-dovey!”

“It needs to be large to fill up your loose fuck hole.” I said in retaliation.

She reacted instantly yelling “Anytime its too loose for you feel free to pull it out! You pervert! Apologize or pull the damn thing out!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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