She Never Thought She Would

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Maryanne had the shock of her life when she learned that her husband had a gambling addiction. Worst of all, she discovered that they owed almost eight thousand dollars to some shady bookie. The whole situation was a disaster. But she could not leave her husband, Todd. She loved him, and she was a devout Christian. She married for life; divorce was unthinkable. Their debt was simply God’s way of testing them. She would find a way, surely.

As lead clerk at the library, Maryanne was expected to count the money and leave it locked in the safe. One night after everyone had gone home, she sat going through the zippered pouches of money. As a busy city library, they took in a surprisingly large amount every day. She thought how easy it would be just to take a little each day until the debt was paid.

She shook her head, horrified. What was she thinking? And yet the thought nagged her. As days went by, she realized there was a part of her that was determined to do it. Todd had promised that he would never gamble again, and that it was only the matter of paying off his debt so they could think of moving forward again in their lives. They wanted children. How stupid would it be if they permanently held off on having a family because of Todd’s mistake?

So each night it began. She took a little from the pouch, usually a roll of twenties, and put it in her purse. It seemed so simple. And who would know about it? The money went to the city’s slush fund, anyway. It wasn’t like she was actually stealing. But after a week she at last had the courage to count the money she had taken. She was at home–Todd was in bed, not even he knew what she was doing for him, for them. With trembling fingers she undid the rubber bands and counted. No, it wasn’t enough. At that rate the debt wouldn’t be paid for five years or more. The next night she started stealing more. And then more after that.

It was on one of the nights when she was stuffing rolls of twenties into her purse that she heard a sound. Her heart stopped. Standing in the doorway of the office was Laura, the new clerk. She had a bicycle helmet on–she had been in the lavatory changing and had been forgotten about after everyone else had left. Maryanne had been careless. She should have checked the building first.

“What are you doing?” Laura asked, but with a tone that she knew full well.

“I’m… just counting the money.”

“But putting it all into your purse?”

“No. No, I’m not.”

Maryanne could not come up with a better reply than that. She was flushed, her heart was beating hard. She was caught! She couldn’t believe how stupid she was.

“I think you were.”

Laura smiled. She was escort bayan ataköy young, about twenty, with short sandy-blonde hair and a freckled, cute face. She was a good clerk, very personable with customers, but a little irritating to Maryanne–she wasn’t sure why.

“It’s nothing,” Maryanne said. “It’s a mistake. Why don’t you go home. I’ll lock up, okay?”

Laura took off her bicycle helmet and stepped into the office. She was still smiling.

“That wouldn’t be good if I told Becky about this, huh,” she said, in her irritating manner. She had naturally strawberry-red lips which grinned and smiled in a wry, irritating manner.

“She would understand,” Maryanne said, trying to control her quavering voice.

“I doubt it.”

Maryanne knew she was right. Becky was not the type to shrug at such an accusation. If they did an audit surely they would discover that hundreds of dollars were missing–Maryanne lately had been so reckless that she didn’t even bother to change the cash reports.

Laura seemed to be thinking. Her green eyes took in Maryanne and the situation. In truth, Laura had always been attracted to Maryanne–like every male in the building. Maryanne had long dark hair, a long neck, large breasts, and the most perfectly small waist she had ever seen on a female. It was truly incredible. Her ass was beautifully shaped; the view from the back of that ass leading to the impossibly narrow waist was a sight to behold. Her stomach was flat, and sometimes her shirt would ride up and Laura had a tantalizing glimpse of Maryanne’s smooth belly. She also had a few peeks down Maryanne’s shirt, those creamy breasts swaying in the V of her shirt.

But it was also true that she didn’t particularly like Maryanne. She felt she was a bit snooty and cold, and had a holier-than-thou attitude. She was a right-wing Christian, and there was no way Laura could ever agree with such a person about anything. On top of that, the possibility that Laura was even bi-curious was remote.

And yet, it made her want her. She knew what she was thinking was crazy. She knew she should let the matter drop. But she couldn’t shrug at little Miss Perfect Christian when she was caught so red handed. She had been horny all day, and she had been looking forward to the bike ride to give her some nice pressure in her crotch to help relieve the pressure. Now she had a better idea than a lousy bike.

“Look, I’ll forget I saw the whole thing…”

“Oh, thank you!”

“But you have to do something for me.”


Laura smiled. Was she really going to do it? She hesitated until she saw a certain haughty expression come into Maryanne’s bayan escort istanbul face. That was enough. Her lips opened and she said it: “You have to… have sex with me.”


“I want you to go down on me.”

“You’re crazy.”

Laura was getting more excited with each utterance. “You have to lick my pussy. You have to eat me out.”

“You’re totally insane.”

“Or I tell Becky. I tell everyone. You’d get fired for sure.”

Maryanne knew it was true. And she couldn’t lose her job. Not when they needed the money so desperately. Her mind raced trying to solve her dilemma.

“Look, I’ll give you some of the money,” she said. “It can be our secret together!”

“No. I’m not interested. I’m not like you. I don’t care about money.”

Maryanne shook her head. “Well, I’m not doing that.”

“Okay, then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Maryanne sat, stunned, as Laura walked out. The notion of Becky knowing was just too much. Not just losing the job, but the humiliation of it all with everyone. Laura, on the other hand, was just one person. So as long as she kept her mouth shut…

“Wait. Laura!”


“Okay. I mean… whatever. This is so… ridiculous. I can’t believe you… want this.”

Laura folded her arms. She was enjoying watching Maryanne wrestle with the idea of having sex with a girl.

“You’ve never done this?”

“What? Of course not!”

“Never made out with a girl? Touched her breast?”

Maryanne shook her head, blushed. She was actually having a memory of kissing a girl she met in camp–but that was so long ago. She continued to shake her head. She hoped that Laura would go away, that it was all a bad dream, but as she continued to shake her head, Laura started to take off her bicycle pants.

“Oh, God.”

“I’m clean, I promise.”

“What…? You…”

Laura pulled off her shoes and then stripped off her panties. She had a fairly thick bush of coarse brown hair. Maryanne looked at it, utterly amazed. Laura’s suddenly commanding tone snapped her out of her unbelieving reverie.

“Come over here. Stand up.”

On shaky legs, Maryanne stood and went over to where Laura had seated herself on one of the office chairs. She had her naked legs spread, positioning her rear to the edge of the seat.

“Come on. But take off your shirt first. I want to see your breasts.”


“Do it!”

Jumping from the suddenly loud tone, Maryanne started to unbutton her blouse. Then she unhooked her bra. Her large breasts fell free. Laura took a breath. She had not been with many girls, in fact, and much of this was new to bayan escort şişli her as well. She was a little shocked herself at how well this was working.

“Great. Now… on your knees. Come on.”

Maryanne sank to her knees. She knew she had come so far there was no point in fighting it. Yet when she was level with the pussy, which she could smell already–its aroma of sweat and arousal–she put in a last show of resistance.

“I can’t… I can’t do this. Please…!”

“Shh. Come on.” Lids heavy, Laura stroked Maryanne’s face. “So pretty. Come on. It won’t be so bad. Okay? Come on. Come on.”

“I can’t…”

Laura pressed her mouth to Maryanne’s. Their tongues briefly touched. They kissed for a few seconds more when Laura sat back again. She then pushed down, gently at first but then with increasing pressure, on Maryanne’s head. Her heart jumped when she saw the flash of red–it was Maryanne’s tongue. She knew exactly what to do.

“Aw yeah. There you go…”

Maryanne licked the pussy. After a few licks she found the engorged clit and focused her attention on it. The experience wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. While her mind fought the idea, she found herself getting aroused by it all. Here she was on her knees eating the pussy of one of her coworkers…

“That’s it. Mmmm.”

Maryanne flattened her tongue and ran it up and down on the moist folds of the pussy. Her nose breathing in the curly hair, she licked and sucked on the pussy hoping that she was doing a good job. A rush of emotion went through her as she thought how she really liked Laura after all, maybe even loved her. The whole thing was so crazy…

“Mmm, god. That’s good. Eat my pussy. That’s it.”

Laura, emboldened by her coworker’s sucking, pulled on the woman’s hair. It was so good. She felt a warmth building, almost too soon. She pulled Maryanne’s head up a little, and Maryanne let out a groan, a bit of juice stretching from the gushing pussy to her chin.

“Say it,” she said. “Say you like licking my pussy.”

“Yes. I do. I like licking your pussy.”

“Mmm, yeah, slut.”

Laura pushed the gorgeous woman back into her pussy. Maryanne sloppily licked and slurped at the wet pussy, moaning as more and more cum came out. At last Laura went rigid, arching her back, and she came hard, grabbing the top of Maryanne’s head.

“Ohhhhh, shit! Awwww, God!”

At last her shudders relaxed. Maryanne sat back, wiping at the cum around her mouth. She looked up at Laura with shy eyes.

“That was really good!”

“So you won’t tell anyone?”

“No. But tomorrow night, I’ll be here again.”


“That’s right. But this time I’m going to bring a friend. Her name is Elsa, and she loves having girls lick her pussy. See you then!”

Maryanne sat back against the desk. She knew there was nothing she could do. But she also knew she would be counting the hours until the following night…

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