She Wondered…

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Much of what she’d experienced with him and things he’d said had often left her mind and body tingling with excitement. She was certainly not averse to his somewhat different requests. Different for her at least! In fact she desired, craved them or rather, him!

He has this “bad boy” energy, which is magnetically enticing and oh so erotically thrilling. Though she’s not sure if he is entirely aware of the sexual energy he exudes, then again, maybe that’s precisely his beguiling characteristic.

She tilt’s her head to the side and muses. A myriad of thoughts hurtle along the corridors of her now seductively inspired mind, provoking gasps! Unable to, no, actually unwilling to control herself, she abandons mind into the titillating moment.

They’d arranged to meet that evening. She felt the thrill surge through her, just thinking of his hands, his mouth and his naked body. She stopped as she felt a twitch in her crotch, took a long deep breath, it felt good and suddenly she very wet. Her mood now even more upbeat as she planned mentally what her attire would be.

She ran a full bath, her washed and curled hair pinned up and she slipped into the warm water. With just her head above the water she laid there soaking, it was soothing and very relaxing, almost making her forget time. She washed and then gingerly stepped out of the bath wrapping herself in a big white fluffy towel.

As she stood in front of the big mirror in her bathroom she dropped her towel, exposing her beautifully shaped breasts. Her hands almost on automatic wondered over her breasts, slowly caressing them, followed by her fingers tracing around the areola then a soft pinch to the nipples that immediately perked. So lost in thought was she imagining his mouth, tongue and teeth upon her breasts. She closed her eyes, threw her head back as her hands caressed her body.

Snapped back into reality by the disruptive alarm she had set, her eyes flew open as she looked at herself noticing a naughty curl of the lip and a twinkle in her eye. Oh those tingling feelings were surging again. She hurried to do her minimal make up, a touch of mascara, a hint of blush applied delicately to her high cheekbones and lastly, her light pink lipstick. There, finished, she looked at herself smiled and walked naked to the bedroom.

Already laid out on her bed was her attire. She slipped on her black lace garter slip and it hugged her trim figure, her black lace G-sting next her black diamond mesh stockings and lastly, slipped her perfectly manicured feet into her black high heels. She hooked the stockings with the hookups, stood in front of the mirror let her long hair lose shook her head and smiled wryly. Of course she couldn’t walk out like this! The final touch – her knee length red coat, she did up the buttons and was ready to leave.

One last look in the mirror, she looked ravishing. This was definitely bound to get the adrenaline pumping.

She mobil porno hopped into her car and drove off.

Arriving at the complex, she very deftly covered her now fully exposed stockinged thighs, as the guard stepped up to her car window, needing information to grant her access. She signed the register. She then waited as the guard made the call, which seemed to take forever, and eventually, she was buzzed in.

“Ahhhh so close now.” She thought excitedly.

Yet she felt a hint of nervousness as well as justified sexual arousal and her pussy was wet.

“Control yourself!” She mumbled to herself.

She parked, got out of her car, locked it and walked to the front door.

“There he was!” She beamed.

Her knees almost buckling under her as he had this enigmatically powerful effect on her. She stepped in and he leaned towards her brushing her neck and then kissing her, followed by a hug.

“Mmmmmm.” He felt and smelt so good she thought, as she nuzzled a little closer.

He stepped away to lock the door.

She walked over to the dinning room chair and put her handbag down, and held onto the back of the chair once again steadying her jelly legs.

What had gotten into her tonight?

She looked towards him smiling and asked. “How are you?”

“I’m good thanks and yourself?” He responded cheerfully.

“You look great!” He smiled as he looked at her.

Still smiling she responded in her husky voice. “I’m doing good and thank you.”

“Anything to drink? Juice, water, tea?” He asked.

Both agreed on tea and having steadied her legs she ambled over to him and gave him a hug, then proceeded towards the couch.

She sat down and her eyes devoured every inch of him as he walked across the lounge carrying the tea and set it down on the table. Her pussy was so wet, her desire raging within.

He still had no idea what was beneath that red coat!

He sat down alongside her and she snuggled up to him, he felt and smelt so incredibly intoxicating and she was getting hotter, considering she was still wearing the coat as well as the pure sexual energy simmering.

She fanned her face and said. “Is it hot? Or is it me?”

“Take off your coat.” He said.

“Perfect!” She thought.

It was just what she’d been waiting for! She smiled inwardly, but it must have showed in her face, for as she slowly started to undo the buttons, he also undid the others. As her coat opened in the front, his mouth dropped.

“Oh my God, what a turn on, mmmmm delicious.” He drooled.

She smiled as she dropped the coat on the couch, then sensually straddled him, leaned in and kissed him. She wasn’t sure whether at this point she might have come across a little to forceful. So she eased back a little still straddling him and she felt his cock hard and throbbing against her very wet pussy.

All the while his eyes glued to her.

He said, “You’re shaking. alman porno What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she responded but quietly thinking. “If only you realized how I hunger for your cock.”

She eased off, lay back on the couch and stretched her sexy stockinged legs over his lap. His hands softly caressing her legs and feet, as she watched his expression. The touch of his hands and fingers exploring her legs and inching their way towards her pussy made her breathing faster.

She knew he wanted to taste and eat her sweet pussy and juices, but he also wanted to fuck her. He loved thrusting his cock hard and deep into her making her moan. If he could, he’d eat her and fuck her at the same time. But his throbbing erect cock also wanted her warm wet pussy wrapped around it.

She eased herself up straddled him once again leaning forward. This time they locked lips and kissed passionately as she ground onto his really hard cock. Slowly she slid down and knelt on the floor.

She ran her hands along his thighs, then further up undoing his belt buckle, and then meticulously undid each button as her hands felt the searing heat of his cock. She pulled his pants off, then his underwear, revealing what she had so desperately been awaiting; his fully erect, beautiful hard hot cock. Her mouth hungered as her senses reeled.

Her one hand found its way to his cock, and she gave it a couple of gentle strokes, her mouth could wait no longer. She leaned forward flicked the tip and licked every drop of his delicious sticky pre-cum. Then slowly she twirled her tongue around the head, left then right another flick to the very tip and took the head into her greedy little mouth. She raised her head slowly, used her mouth like suction, then slowly released, followed by a couple more twirls. Her one hand on the base of his cock her mouth and tongue teasing the head and the other hand tracing along his inner thigh to the perineum back up again as she gently played with his balls.

He continued to murmur as well as allowing small gasps to escape his lips and every once in a while his whole body quivered. The more his body responded to her touch the more she wanted his cock deeper in her mouth. With one hand firmly at the base of his cock she pushed her mouth all the way down. She loved how hard and big it was how it filled her mouth. She’d learnt to control her gag reflexes, thus enjoying the feeling of how his cock pushed down into her throat. Admittedly there were times when she needed to come up for some air and her eyes watered.

She got hornier as he watched, while she fucked his cock with her mouth.

Her mouth came back to the top of his hard cock, flicking the tip and then she ran her flat tongue flat along the underside, eliciting sensual body tremors. Her fingers slowly tracing along his thigh, as she continued to stroke his cock with the other hand, her mouth hungrily moved alexis texas porno to his balls, sucking on them alternatively and drawing them into her mouth. She loved how he tasted, smelt and how his balls felt in her mouth.

She sensually and lovingly took her time to trace his cock with her tongue, as she felt every ridge every vein of his hardness. Her mouth found its way to the tip and she “vacuumed” just the head into her mouth and released then again and released then plunged her mouth performing a rotation with her head.

It was about pleasuring and enjoying him totally, though she never failed to loose herself in the eroticism of the blowjobs.

He leaned forward, grabbed her arms and lifted her off her knees and gently pushed her onto the couch.

“Sit on the edge.” He instructed.

As he slowly pulled her G-string off he told her exactly what he was going to do to her.

“I’m going to run my tongue all the way up your pussy. Then I’m going to lightly flick your clit and I’m going to enjoy every drop of you as you come.” He said.

Her mind was delirious just listening to his seductive desiring voice. Her pussy aching to feel his hot tongue, this was driving her to the threshold of ecstasy.

He loved to tease her, building the yearning of wanting to be so fully ravished.

One lick followed by. “I’m going to let my tongue loose on your pussy until you come in my mouth.” He whispered.

Her hips lifted suddenly as if they had a mind of their own. Opening her pussy inviting him to do with it as he pleased. She knew it was going to be intoxicating. It always was! The anticipation driving her wilder, suddenly his tongue unleashed itself on her wet pussy and instinctively her moans of uncontrolled abandon were all you could hear.

“Ooohhh yeah aahhh.” She moaned.

She raised her legs and put her feet on his shoulders as she pushed her pussy harder onto his mouth allowing the deftness of his tongue, to own her pussy.

He licked, from bottom to top, stopping at her clit and delivering a pretty forceful flick, her body quivered. He continued this and each time the intensity of his tongue on her pussy and clit elicited moans of pleasure.

He then shoved his tongue deep into her pussy and her moans intensified as he continued to deliver perfectly timed thrusts. Followed by his flat tongue to her pussy the flicks and gentle nibbles to her clit.

The energy between them was amazing, every time the experience was taken to another level. They simply couldn’t get enough of each other!

Admittedly he knew just how to touch her. Her mind, body and soul responded unequivocally to his lightest touch. She writhed with undeniable pleasure. Her clit now ready and delicately sensitive, one more little flick pushed her right to the point of no return. Her body tightened and tensed, her nipples erect.

“Oh my God I’m aaahhhh coming.” She cried out.

Followed by moans and groans of enthralling pleasure.

She wanted this rousing wave to continue unabated. It spread from her engorged clit radiated to her groin, spiraling up her spine like waves of electrical impulses triggering rapture in her head.

Simply orgasmic!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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