Shop Girl Fantasies Pt. 02

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Shop girl 2: Man at work

Chris’s heart was pounding inside his chest as he gripped the underside of Keira’s large fleshy thigh, the wetness from her soft bald cunt trickling in intermittent droplets, like beads of sweet dew, against her warm pale skin. He lifted her leg up and pushed forcefully forward, placing her foot on the high counter top in front of her.

Now she stood, one foot on the floor, one up on the counter-her leg bent right up in front of her. The counter was just too high for comfort and she was wobbling slightly as she tried to balance her considerable frame on her one standing leg. Chris’s thick cock was so hard now he felt it could explode at any minute, like an already overfilled balloon being forced to expand further with another overeager breath. He could feel Keira’s excitement building as her skin flushed a rosy pink and her breath quickened, anticipating her supervisor’s entry into her willing pussy.

Chris put one hand between her legs and held open one side of her swollen lips, then, gripping is fat shaft firmly at the base, he slowly lifted his solid erection towards her.

Both Chris and Keira were visibly trembling with excitement as Chris’s dick drew nearer.

Keira was breathing so hard now, a sensation made all the more intense by her right leg, which was squashed right against her soft dangling breast inside her bra due to her submissive position half bent over the cold hard counter top.

The head of Chris’s cock was so close to the sweet wet opening of the young student’s vagina that she swore she could feel the heat radiating from it against her sensitive intimate folds. Suddenly, the very tip just brushed against the smooth flesh of her outer labia.

Keira let out a long loud gasp as she felt the warmth of the throbbing deep-pink head touch her briefly. Then she felt something else she had not expected so soon.

Instead of the slow, sensual parting of her pussy lips by Chris’s erect penis, she felt something warm and gooey hitting the inside of her half-opened lips. Chris jolted and groaned behind her as she felt the odd feeling again, and she leaned slightly over to rest herself on one hand, with her other hand she reached between her legs and felt between her legs. Chris was still behind her, now guiding the end of his cock towards her hand, as she moved it slowly towards him. As she moved her hand slowly backwards, Chris sent another jet her way.

Now she could be in no doubt whatsoever what had happened. As she raised her hand to her line of vision, just as she expected, she saw on her palm, a pool of thick white gooey liquid.

Chris had become so excited by Keira’s sexy body, coupled with his dominant position over her, that the mere touch of her flesh against his super sensitive cock head, had caused his balls to stir beyond all control sending him spraying his hot spunk all over her cunt. Chris could only stand and watch as he saw more and more jets of his semen splattering against Keira’s groin, until the entire area was frosted ataşehir escort bayan with his slimy white seed.

“Jesus Christ!!,” exclaimed Keira as she finally noticed the end of what seemed to be at least a dozen powerful jets of cum being blasted against her, “Just how much spunk do you have in that thing?!”

Chris was relieved by Keira’s tone of voice, in that she didn’t seem angry, or even disappointed at Chris’s extremely premature ejaculation.

“You’re not disappointed?” he enquired tentatively.

“No, why should I be…” she smiled back “…Now you’ve got that out of your system, it means you can go on for so much longer when you stick that thing inside me nice and deeply and give me the good hard fucking I really need!”

Chris grinned he felt her palm slide across his side and down, until she rubbed her still cum-filled hand along his now semi-stiff cock.

“We need to get this big and hard again first though don’t we?”

Chris smiled widely as he felt her slimy hand slipping along the length of his still twitching cock, which was now dripping the last drops of cum from his dick onto the worn carpet below them, innocently enquiring “How are we gonna do that?”

“Well…” answered Keira, with clear enthusiasm for her proposed method.

Then, their conversation was rudely interrupted by a sound coming from the office. “Shit!” hissed Chris, desperate to hear what the sexy employee had in store for him “It’s the phone, hang on here-I’ll be 2 seconds.”

He then walked out from behind the counter and moved towards the office. Keira stood exactly where she had been left, still half perched upon the counter top, when Chris emerged from the office, still with the phone firmly clutched against his ear.

“Bloody stock order,” he mouthed across to Keira as he ventured out towards the stockroom, which was situated in an adjoining corridor away from the main shop and office area. “I’ll be 10 minutes” he said, covering the phone’s mouthpiece to speak to Keira. As he looked over to her, she gave him a little clue as to the intended nature of her re-hardening technique, as she slipped her middle finger slowly into her mouth and licked and sucked along its length seductively.

Just watching her do this caused a stirring in Chris’s groin and he looked down to see his shaft slowly being filled once again. “Make it 5!” he said, winking and gesturing with his eyes towards his slowly swelling penis as he rushed through the shop area into the stock room.

Keira watched Chris’s dick begin to swell as he left, and she was determined not to let his hard cock get away from entering her a second time as she watched him disappear from view. Keira swung round whispering to herself “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…” deciding to make his phone call a whole lot more interesting.

Suddenly, Keira’s progress was somewhat hindered by a very scary sensation.

As she tried to move her leg off the counter, she felt trapped. Having her foot up on the counter escort kadıöy for so long hade cut the circulation to her leg and she was unable to move even an inch from being perched on the top.

Although feeling utterly foolish at being stuck there, not to mention disappointed at her missed chance to suck Chris’s dick while he ordered the week’s groceries, Keira stayed calm, knowing that he would be back in only a couple of minutes and rescue her.

In the mean time, she thought, “I could amuse myself” and she took advantage of her well-spread legs and easy access to her already very wet slit.

As Chris went through the stock catalogue, Keira was busying herself with 2 fingers flicking over her clit and slipping inside her hole, causing Chris’s previously deposited spunk to stick to her fingers and enter her, by proxy.

Keira was well into her activities, sliding her fingers in and out, in and out, making her wetter and hotter and even more anxious for the return of Chris, who was stuck with an aching cock and a very difficult sales rep. She was so self-absorbed in fact, that she didn’t notice a faint clicking sound in the rear of the building. She was aware however, of her ever-nearing orgasm as she hastily prodded the tips of her wet fingers against her clit.

Keira was shaking as the blood rushed to the surface of her skin, as the pressure built in the base of her abdomen.

Mandy had worked at the shop for 18 months and was a woman of about 30 years old, tall, slim and what most would describe as good looking, with fashionably styled short blond hair, a mischievous looking pouty smile and a small perfect upturned nose. Other customers often commented to Chris about how they wouldn’t mind “a piece of it.” She would only ever be second best to Chris though, a fact she was well aware of. She was one of those women that wanted every man (and woman if the rumours were to be believed) she met to want her, even if she had no interest in them, it was like a power trip to her and she usually got what she wanted. However, Chris was a constant source of frustration to her as she saw how he reacted whenever he was on shift with Keira, who was still busily fingering her sweet young pussy on the shop floor.

Although she was not scheduled to be working that day, it was not uncommon for her to appear at any given hour on any given day, to catch up on paperwork or meet a rep she had arranged to see. Seeing the sign on the front door, she went around to the back door, which led, via the toilet room and stock room, to the main shop area, and typed in the staff code on the electronic lock. She entered the corridor and the door closed shut behind her. Her high-heeled shoes clicked on the hard laminate floor as she moved past the bathroom and approached the stockroom, nearing the shop with every gliding step.

Inside the stockroom she could hear Chris’s voice talking. She paused for a moment and listened. Although she heard his voice in conversation there were no audible replies and she recognized maltepe escort it as the weekly stock order taking place. She decided best to leave him to it and she continued on to the shop.

Inside, Keira was panting harder and moaning softly as she expelled her passion through firmly clenched teeth. In fact, Keira was so engrossed in her activity, she hadn’t noticed that Chris had been 15 minutes in the back now, and he was fully hard as he too had been stroking his cock while speaking to the woman trying in vain to sell him items he had no use for (if only she knew!) and he was extremely keen to get off the phone and into Keira’s waiting pussy.

Keira was preparing herself for a big powerful orgasm now, as she gripped the counter top firmly as the amazing sensations rippled through her body. She rubbed so fast against her clit that her hand was a blur, and the sounds of her pussy sloshing with spunk and vaginal juices coupled with her moaning, meant that Mandy could enter the shop unheard. Unheard, that is until the purposeful loud banging of the door behind her coincided with Keira’s yell as she came hard and strong under the play of her own agile fingers.

As she slowly continued to stroke her sopping cunt, the scene was finally cut by the sound of Mandy’s dumbfounded voice exclaiming “What the hell’s going on!?” as she looked at he girl she herself had employed only 6 months earlier spread-legged, recovering from cumming after fingering herself silly.

Keira had no excuses or answers, what could she have said anyway? “I’m sorry” was all she could muster apologetically as Mandy moved around to see in full, Keira’s predicament. Keira felt strangely uneasy as, just as she herself had been at Chris’s early emission all over her, Mandy too seemed unnervingly calm at the whole situation. “Just what are you doing?” Mandy enquired further as Keira’s embarrassment flushed her cheeks a deeper red.

Again, she had no answer to give, and stood, still-trapped on the counter top, frozen as she had now been for nearly half an hour.

Mandy glanced down at Keira’s exposed groin and saw not only her own cum clinging to her legs, but also a thicker, creamy liquid messed in and around her cunt too. “I see Chris has been busy too!” she mused, still with and eerie calm in her voice. Keira remained silent. Then Mandy’s next question took her strangely by surprise. “So…” she enquired “…was he a good fuck?”, a visible twinkle now evident in her piercing green eyes.

Keira this time tried to fumble out an answer, stuttering “He’s in the stockroom (hoping to god that he would be in there until this was all sorted and Mandy would make a swift exit before he emerged) , its just me.”

Mandy raised a well-shaped eyebrow and moved up very close to Keira. Leaning her slender neck over Keira’s shoulder, she slipped a hand down Keira’s soft Stomach and kept moving further down to her groin. Then, as she ran a finger along the inside of Keira’s chunky thigh, she whispered into Keira’s ear.

“Don’t bullshit me Keira, this isn’t icing sugar!” and she scooped up a small deposit of the mixed juices she found there. She then lifted the finger to her lips and licked off the drops. “Mmmmmm…” she enthused as she sampled the salty flavour “…I just love the taste of cum.”

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