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As I stood looking into the window of HMV, I could see the reflection of a man stood behind me looking into the same window, but the strangest thing about it was I thought I recognised him. I looked around, and a smile formed on my face, yes I did recognise him,

“Hi,” Was the first word I said to you,

You looked at me surprised yet I could see you knew who I was,

“Yes, it is me, how are you?”

“Good thanks” was your reply.

We talked for ages and wondered around the shops occasionally buying the odd item of clothing, etc.

“Would you like a coffee,” you asked,

“Oh yes please,” I replied, “I am so tired of walking, lets sit down and have a good old chat like we said we always would.”

Time flew by and before we knew it the shops were starting to close for the night, you looked into my eyes and held my hand, it felt so right,

“Would you like to come back to my place? We could get something to eat on the way back,”

“Yes please,” was my reply,

It felt so right, as if we had known each other for years.

You opened the car door and I got in, I watched you walk round the front of the car and get in the other side, you smiled at me and patted my leg, before starting up the car and heading off towards your place, we talked more on the journey back to yours, we talked about so many things like two friends that had lost touch for a real long time and had just found each other again, it felt so good and so right.

We arrived at your place after making just one stop at the pizza hut, I gathered all my bags out of your car and followed you up the path to the door, there was a slight chill in the air and it was starting to rain, it was good to get indoors, into the warmth of your home.

You put the pizza into the kitchen and I took my coat off, after dumping the shopping bags in the hall, I looked around your living room gebze escort so warm and friendly, just like you, you came out of the kitchen with two plates with a slice of pizza on each one and two glasses plus a bottle of wine,

“Your spoiling me, you do know that don’t you?”

You just smiled and said I was worth it and I laughed.

The pizza was lovely and wine was divine, with music in the background playing softly and the lights down low I felt so relaxed.

“Ill tell you what, I will try my clothes on I brought, you can tell me what you think?”

“OK, go for it,” was your reply.

On that note I jumped up and got the bags out of the hall. I emptied them out onto the settee and started to look through the clothes,

“Hmm this one first I think,”

I kicked off my shoes and undid my trousers then looked up,

“You don’t mind me changing here do you? I could go into another room if you like?”

“No” was your reply, “not unless you want to?”

I smiled at you and slipped my trousers down and stepped out of them, I then undid the buttons on my shirt and slipped that off too. I could see you looking at my body and it felt good, I took the dress off the settee and stepped into it lifting it up over my body and onto my shoulders, turning I asked if you could do up my zip, you jumped at the chance and zipped my dress up sliding your finger up my back as you did so, making me shudder as you did it, I turned around,

“What do you think,” I asked,

I looked up to see your reaction and I felt your hands on my arms, and your lips on mine, the kiss was like a kiss I had never experienced before, so soft and tender and so passionate, the kiss was returned and your arms wrapped around me, I could feel your fingers fumbling with my zip, and them unzipping my dress, the dress fell to the floor and you picked me up, I göztepe escort wrapped my legs around your waste as you took me over to the mat in front of the fire, you lay me down on my back and knelt down beside me, you rolled me over onto my stomach and undid my bra.

Leaning over me and reaching to the cupboard you take out some oils and proceed to massage my back, your hands rubbing all over it and then down my legs and back up to my butt, my hands moved down and started to remove my panties and you helped me, slowly sliding then off, your hands then rubbing back up the back of my legs and on to my butt, rubbing in the oils, it feels oh so good.

Hot hands sliding up and down my body, butterflies fluttering inside my tummy as each touch of your came closer to the base of my spine, you turned me over back onto my back and sat up to take in all of me, you looked at my body and them into my eyes, I saw something there that made me feel so special, I smiled at you and you leaned down and kissed me, I arched my back raising my arms up over my head as you proceeded to kiss me, first on my lips then down my neck and onto my chest, it felt so good, my hands now rubbing over the top of your shirt undoing the buttons and sliding it off you, rubbing you as you kissed my chest, your hands sliding down, parting my legs hmmm I lean up onto my elbow, kiss your ear and whisper into it.

“Take me.”

Slowly you sat up and I placed my hands around your neck and brought my self to my knees, kneeling there in front of you my hands now running down your chest yours holding my elbows, I lean forwards and kiss your chest, running my tongue over it as my hands slide down and undo your jeans, I run my hands round the waist band of your jeans before pushing them down, you raise your self allowing then to slide off your butt and down, along with your jeans followed halkalı escort your shorts, both of us looked into each others eyes, me totally naked you semi naked, your jeans around your knees, my hands cupping your face and slowly kissing you, your hands around my back a total embrace, fireworks exploded as the passion was sparked.

You fell to the floor onto your back with me on top, kissing you all over allowing my tongue to guide me to be where ever your body seemed to want me to go, I can hear you groan as my tongue reaches your hard swollen cock, I tease it with the tip of my tongue and taste it allowing it to enter my mouth but just enough for you to arch your back and take a sharp intake of breath, I run my hands up your chest and then all of a sudden I take you all deep into my mouth, all the way sucking hard and teasing, my hands rubbing up and down your chest, you move my hair out of the way allowing you to see me sucking you, my whole body moving up and down your legs, my nipples perked and hard rubbing on your thighs.

With your hands on my head holding me there, I release my grip on your swollen cock and slowly lick my way up your body kissing each and every part of it as I travel up, my whole body gliding over the top of yours till I am positioned over the top of you, with your hand you hold your cock and guide it into me, I lower myself down onto it, oh the feeling as it enters my soaking wet aching pussy, the feeling as it slides in and out, your mouth latched onto my nipples, your hands groping my butt fingering it as I move up and down on you, slipping and sliding and grinding, faster and faster, my back arched, my head thrown back your tongue licking at my throat my arms wrapped round your neck, OH MY GOD, hmmm bodies starting to shake and twitch together, the moment is here we are in heaven all time freezes and two bodies glide together into a mass frenzy of stiffening muscles and arching backs, moans and groans and the odd OH MY GOD, then time restarts and two aching bodies relax and together they slump back down onto the floor and finally embrace with a kiss of passion that rekindles the flame and it all starts again …….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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