Show , Tell Ch. 32

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I’d been giving some thought to my avowed threat to debase Elle in some way when I took her to the Halloween Party at our private sex club, “Options,” on Saturday night.

While the genesis of that idea had come while I sat listening to her “falsified” account of the proceedings with Allen… thinking about it during the day on Saturday made me wonder if I should just let her slide.

After all… while I’d predicted that she would have some sort of liaison with Allen… I’d done nothing to prevent it. If anything, my seeming indifference to the possibility was likely the reason it happened.

So… I’d ask her a few leading questions… see if she might change her story and give her the opportunity regain my trust…

After my Friday night with Mia and Hanna… I had nothing to lose.

Figured I’d take her to Katmandu, where she’d be in familiar surroundings, with Chloe fawning over her…


Only way she’d confess was going to be by my confronting her with the facts. Just a matter of how and when I did it.

Let her dress herself… wanted to see how she’d react to trying to deceive me and getting a mouth full of her boss’s cum in the process? Maybe she’d get a surge of self-confidence… believing she’d misled me to the point where… it might work again? It would be interesting to see if this would lead her to travel a little further down, for her, the seemingly endless exhibitionist slide…?

Got a call five minutes before I arrived at out rendezvous location, telling me to pick her up and Kathy and Vic’s house, her husband, “… more interested than usual,” in where she was going?

When I got there, Elle and Kathy were in the bathroom, Kathy doing a little, “… hair and make-up enhancing…,” Vic already having put Kathy’s car in the garage telling me, “If Todd, by some chance, does show up, Elle’s car will be in the driveway and Kathy’s will be gone. After I tell him that they’d both left a half hour earlier… I’ll invite him in for a drink… and ask why he’s looking for her …? That should be the last she hears about it.”

Vic poured me a drink and we just sitting down when Kathy called out for me, asking, “You ready to go?”

“I will be when I finish this drink…” looking at my watch, “… and if we leave now… Chloe will think Elle’s on amphetamines… because we’ve never been early for a reservation.”

“Down in a second,” Elle added.

“Let me guess,” as I looked at Vic, “Kathy’s lobbying for Elle to put on something that’s less revealing?”

Smiling, he confessed, “From the sounds of it… she’s lobbying for Elle to put on something else because, “… anything would be better than wearing nothing at all…!”

The click of heels coming down the stairs announced Elle’s arrival… and I almost had to laugh.

She’d decided… and was sticking to it… to wear her Halloween costume to dinner.

In her, never having attended a “Real” adult Halloween Party in her life “innocence…” and with Halloween being only a week from Monday… she’d rationalized that wherever I was taking her to dinner would surely understand… and even embrace… her wearing a costume on this evening. Had the costume been a nice dress or pants and a blouse… I’m sure she would have been right.

Unfortunately… Vic summed it up perfectly when he declared, “Jesus Elle… you look like a twenty dollar hooker!”

When we’d first discovered, “Seductive Nights,” our “Clubwear” headquarters, we’d also found their three “sister” stores, all located on the same block. Two of the other stores were larger, with much more of a varied product line, mostly catering to a younger, more casual crowd. But, they also carried “fun” merchandise that Elle liked looking through and also lots of “accessories” that we might find to finish off something that we’d purchased at “Seductive Nights.”

One afternoon, Hue walked us across the street to help Elle pick up black, back seam, “Stay Up” thigh high stockings, to wear with a dress she’d just sold us. While there, and in a playful mood, Hue started picking out some outrageous styles for Elle to model, this store attracting many more young males shopping with their girlfriends… thus a chance for her to watch Elle expose herself… which Hue readily admitted to finding very titillating.

One such outfit consisted of a sequined, black, micro mini skirt… that came nowhere near covering the bottom of Elle’s ass, a matching sequined “shelf bra” that merely held her breasts up… but covered nothing… and an extra “Hot Pink,” s cropped, “Fence Post,” fish net top that covered none of what the shelf bra missed. Hue then “accessorized” all of that with a pair of thigh high, Black vinyl boots… with 5″ heels…!

That was what Elle had decided to wear to dinner… oh and to the Halloween Party.

Looking at her… with a completely exasperated Kathy standing next to her… Vic and I sitting across from one another… I could haramidere escort say nothing… except… “Baby… as much as Chloe lusts after you… even she ain’t letting you into Katmandu dressed like that!”

“But why?” she whined, already having heard it from Kathy.

“Because you do look like a “Twenty dollar hooker,” and Chloe isn’t going to “Trade Down” just because it’s you.”

Even Kathy smiled at that.

“Well…,” thinking that I’d have no choice, “I didn’t bring anything else… so unless you want me to go in jeans and an old T-shirt…”

“Well…,” I replied, “I didn’t spend five years of my precious youth in the Boy Scouts because I thought I looked good in a uniform…” as I excused myself.

A minute later I returned, carrying a garment bag.

Somehow, Elle managed to look disappointed… and excited, at the same time. She and Kathy went running back upstairs.

“Is that something you always do?” Vic asked.

“You mean… “Be Prepared?” I answered.

“That too,” as he got up and refilled my drink.

“Somehow… I kind of knew she’s run off the rails tonight,” while thanking him

for the drink. “She seems to have had an interesting couple of weeks.”

When he didn’t bother with a follow up… I knew he’d ask Kathy what I’d meant by that. Maybe when I dropped Elle off later… I might find out just how much Elle confided in her friend.

Kathy came back down alone… walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Looking at Vic, she smiled and said, “Thank God there’s one adult in this group. She wasn’t going to be talked out of wearing that abomination… until you offered an adult alternative. Thank you… because now I’ll be able to relax and not have to worry about having to bail you two out tonight!”

Vic and I shared a look… which Kathy ignored… but wouldn’t for long.

The click of heels announced Elle’s return and the three of us gave her a standing ovation.

Standing in the hallway, she gave me a smile… and a question… “How did you know?”

“Halloween and all,” giving her an innocent shrug, “kind of figured you might want to show off that magnificent body… so I brought an insurance policy.”

It was a simple black mini dress, with a cowl front that tied behind her neck, which also made it backless. That and a pair of black heels… and some silver accessories… she looked so good… Vic chimed in, “That’s better… now you look like a five grand “Call Girl!”

We left on that note, her costume for the party in my garment bag.

She rained kisses on me as we walked to my car, telling me how much she “… loved me…” and how no one could ever treat a woman better than I treated her…

After having complements and accolades heaped on me by Mia and Hanna the night before… and now this, once we were on once on the road, I HAD to ask, “So Allen turned out to be a dud… huh?”

Looking at me, she answered, “Why are you asking me that? I’ve already told you what happened,” a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“You know me,” giving her an Angelic smile, “I love the details.”

Relaxing, now having her return the smile, she said, “Wish there were more details… but he was a dud.”

Stee-rike one!

Chatted about nothing… then I hit her with, “… Oh… and I got my CORI clearance yesterday… so I’m all signed up for Substituting.”

“WHAT…!” nearly jumping out of her seat, “When did you apply…? Where did you apply…? Why didn’t you tell me…?”

Loosening her seat belt, she climbed on top of the center console and started kissing me again… damn near forcing me off the road.

Finally calming her down, I told her about the process. CORI is a police department procedure to make sure applicants were not convicted criminals… or pedophiles and that I’d applied to all the surrounding school districts, “… but not in ours.”

“Why not,” she cried, “the kids and teachers all know you… it would be easy.”

“And once they figured out I don’t know anything… the balloon would fizzle and no one would listen to me anymore.”

We were still talking about that when we walked into Katmandu, the hostess excusing herself to fetch Chloe because, “… she gave me explicit orders to not seat you until she’s had a chance to greet you.”

I think that was when Elle figured out where we were, so consumed with trying to talk me into substituting in her school.

Little did either of us know where the result of my decision would eventually lead.

Chloe arrived and drooled all over Elle… as usual, copping a quick feel here and there, telling her how, “… absolutely edible” she was and inviting us to her house for the second time.

“Next time I call for a reservation,” I told her, “I’ll ask for directions to your house and you can set the time.”

“Promise…?” with a look of anticipation in her eyes.

“Promise…” içerenköy escort I replied.

Our drinks were waiting at the table, along with a handwritten menu… Chloe’s choice for our appetizer, salad, entree, wine, dessert and our after dinner drink…

Looking it over, I nodded and said, “Well done.”

Thanking me… she looked at Elle.

Having never encountered anything as “Special” as this… Elle was helpless to understand what she was looking at…

“Elle agrees,” I said, Chloe smart enough to understand.

After toasting each other… and Elle babbling about her costume and all the fun she would have with it at “Options,” I asked, “Not to belabor the point… but I still can’t believe that Allen, with his reputation, just sat in his chair and… didn’t even look at you… didn’t ask…”

Again with the frustrated look, she interrupted… putting both hands on the table and stated, “For the last time… he sat in his chair and yes… NO… he did look at me… but he really couldn’t see anything because I was just standing there… with the hoodie unzipped but not open… but he did look and his eyes got big… and I was counting and his mouth was open… but he didn’t move… and then it was over and I walked out.”

Stee-rike two!

Pursing my lips, I shook my head and then asked why she thought she could wear the costume to a restaurant… any restaurant?

She offered some convoluted reasoning, but then admitted, “But… as always, you were right… and I would have looked like an ass…”

“Well… that part is almost right… because all the men would have been looking at your ass… and everything else. But then a wife would have called “911” because her husband had had a heart attack…! However, I will have to agree that you will have a lot of fun at the Club with that costume.”

I then explained that Chloe had taken the liberty of surveying all of our menu choices from past visits and had chosen, “… what she considered to be the best of the best of “something new” for tonight’s meal.”

Now that she understood… she thanked Chloe for her foresight and gave her hearty approval on her choices.

Shortly after that, two men were seated at a table adjacent to ours, the younger of the men facing Elle. I only mention this because Chloe had been leaving the other two tables on the small balcony where we were always seated empty during our recent visits, giving her the opportunity to ogle Elle whenever she felt the urge…

The urge she must have felt this night… was to seat locally famous, for their TV commercials and billboard advertising, “Ambulance Chasing,” father and son attorneys… with a view of Elle over my right shoulder.

Had to be good for business.

And naturally… Elle had no idea who they were, although they must have sparked some interest because she kept glancing towards them from the moment they were seated.

I asked why she’d been spooked by, “… whatever or however,” her husband had acted as she was getting ready to, “Go out with the girls,” and she could only point to his asking a number of questions about, “… where they would go and what they would do…” when they went out?

She’d replied that they, “… mostly did “girly” things, “… going to the Mall, movies, different restaurants, or pubs… things like that.”

“But he never confronted you about anything specific?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “but maybe that was because I said, “Look at me… do I look like I’m ready to go to a nightclub?” He gave me one of his looks, shook his head and went back to watching the news.”

“Jeans, an old T-shirt and sneakers?”

“No, but almost,” she answered with a smile, “I was wearing a cute blouse and flats.”

While that conversation was going on, her eyes kept cutting to her left, again her interest in the men behind me undeniable.

Now I was curious.

By this time, we were working on our salad, an excellent Caprese, and Elle excused herself to go to the “Ladies Room.” As soon as she disappeared around the corner, Chloe approached and bending over, with her back to the two men, “apologized” for seating the “two gentlemen” with us.

But then she explained her reasoning…

“Tom Senior is my attorney and an old friend and I’d been bragging about your Elle for some time. When you made your reservation for this evening… I mentioned it to him and he wondered if I thought it would be impolite to ask if he and Junior could join you? I told him I didn’t think you’d mind… and so here they are.”

As always, her “perceptiveness” when it came to her “favorite” customers was extraordinary. She had obviously taken note of our inclusion of a “stranger” in an earlier dining experience, (“Show & Tell – Chapter 22) and had known that having an audience would cause Elle to react with even more audacity. The one favor I asked… innovia escort was that neither of them would reveal who they were, or what they did for a living.

“Let them pretend to be Insurance salesmen… I’m sure they’ve beaten up on lots of them.”

She stepped over to their table and explained my ground rules. Both accepted without reservations.

Elle’s return only reinforced Chloe’s assumption, Elle having loosen the strings holding up her dress by, at least 50%, thereby adding to the exposure her chest exponentially! With no other “witnesses” nearby… that wardrobe adjustment couldn’t have been for anyone else.

Giving me a slight shake of her head… and a knowing smile… Chloe intercepted Elle at the top of the stairs and asked if she would mind having the two men join us?

Looking at me, as I gave her a nod, she grasped Chloe’s hands and said, “I’d love to have them join us.”

Two busboys rearranged the tables, the four of us introduced by Chloe, Junior sitting next to Elle… Senior across from her.

Tom and TJ were both handsome men, Senior in his early 50’s, Junior in his late 20’s. TJ had been a part of his father’s advertising campaigns since he’d been a youngster, his maturation chronicled year by year until he’d joined the firm a couple of years earlier. While the advertisements for their legal specialties were kind of “cheesy…” since there isn’t any way to perfume that pig… seeing the kid grow into someone who’d never done anything to embarrass his parents and then move into the family business… was kind of heartening.

The fact that Elle had no idea whom they were, was a real novelty for them, both playing up the Insurance Company angle to the fullest, Tom the grizzled veteran and TJ the aggressive rookie. Both turned out to be interesting tablemates, Tom explain his varied interests outside of the trade, TJ having his nose to the grindstone, learning the business from the bottom up.

They did have one thing in common, however, which was to leer at Elle’s chest every time she would motion in one direction or the other, exposing one or both of her tits for all to see.

And to everyone’s delight… she was exposed far more often than concealed.

Eventually, as our “after dinner” drinks were served, Chloe had one of her urges… and joined us so she too could enjoy the view.

“What are your plans for this evening?” she asked, the question posed to no one in particular.

When no one answered, Elle offered, “We’re going to a Halloween Party!”

“Oh… really,” Chloe replied, “where… and isn’t Halloween next weekend?”

On a roll. Elle fielded that one too, “The party is at “Options” which is a club we belong to… and yes, Halloween is next weekend, but the party is tonight.”

“Is that your costume?” Junior asked.

“Nooo… my costume is in the car and if he…” pointing at me, “hadn’t been so god damned uptight… I would have worn it to dinner.”

Looking at me, Chloe remarked, “Him…? I can’t believe that. What could you possibly put on that… OH! Don’t tell me you’re going as Lady Godiva!”

Both Tom’s laughed at that… until they realized that Chloe was serious.

“No,” Elle responded, “I have a costume and I really wanted to wear it here tonight, but he and my friends all said even you wouldn’t let me into the restaurant if I was wearing it.”

I hadn’t said a word… nor had I made a face or indicated in any way whether she was telling the truth.

Chloe settled it by telling Elle, “Well, since everyone seems to be putting words in my mouth…” getting up and grabbing Elle by the arm, she led the four of us into an alcove that was off to the right of the kitchen… where her office was located.

Showing me her private entrance, she asked if I’d grab the costume from my car and she would have Elle, “… model it for us… so we can decide whether it is appropriate or not.”

I retrieved the costume and Elle retreated to Chloe’s private bathroom… while the three of them waited for her to present herself.

I still hadn’t said anything, knowing that Chloe had set Elle up… no matter how revealing the costume.

The office was crowded with artifacts, lamps, sculptures and all kinds of art pieces. There was a large “Art-Deco” sofa to our right, with two matching chairs on either side. Indirect lighting cast a warm glow to the space, a number of stand-up lamps adding to the ambiance.

“I’m ready,” she called out.

“So are we…” Chloe answered.

I was sitting on the corner of Chloe’s desk, the two Tom’s and Chloe standing between me and the bathroom door.

When Elle opened the door… there was a collective gasp from her audience!

Even though Elle was backlit by the much brighter bathroom lighting… what was visible was more than enough to make a determination that, “Well… as much as I admire and desire your body…” Chloe stated, her voice catching and her brain slipping into such overwhelming lust… that she forgot my instructions… “I do believe that, even if Tom had applied every bit of his legal knowledge to the process… nothing would have kept us all out of jail if you’d walked in the door wearing that!”

“Oh pooh…” Elle moaned, “now you sound just like him…” completely missing Chloe’s mistake.

She meant me.

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