Shylo Morra Ch. 15

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Editor’s Note: I was recently inspired by an excellent writer NEFARIUM.

They only have 10 works published here, but they are all well done.

We want Morra Please!

Summer time and the living is easy!

I was having an easy summer, taking one course in geriatric sexuality, which was only offered once every two years. In addition I had started an intensive Spanish class with a tutor that Sue Rodriguez had recommended.

I was to call her Senora Madrid, but her friends called her Coco.

She met me on a Sunday afternoon, in her small apartment not too far from the U. Her cat Felix liked me, so I cuddled with her a bit, and that was the key to gaining Senora’s trust and friendship.

“I don’t know what kind of student you are Shylo, but I usually start out by having my students learn 100 basic words, mostly nouns, but some verbs too, then we have an hour session, in which I teach you about grammar, and sentence structure, then 100 more words, and another lesson were we will start to have conversations.”

Her first list of 100 words had their meaning next to them, and I already knew half of them. So I scanned down the list while Felix purred.

“Okay, I’m ready for grammar Senora Madrid,” I announced.

“Oh my, I was hoping you knew some of them, but wow, that was unexpected,” she replied, as she set down my mug of tea.

We went over her grammar lesson, which she had charted, to explain the feminine / masculine structure and another chart, which showed the past / present / future ‘tenses’ in the Spanish language. Then she gave me the next 2 lists of 100, after she found that my memory was so good, that I usually only had to read it, and say it out loud, to remember it.

Jerry and Jimmy learned Puerto Rico Spanish while spending every summer with their Abuela and Abuelo. Jerry went on to learn the difference between European Spanish and the various dialects that we speak in the U.S., Central America, and South America, which are all somewhat different from each other. Then he added Portuguese when it became obvious that he would be stationed in the Western Hemisphere.

I was now working 4 nights per week, to help out while many girls spent the Spring in remote places like Fiji and Bora Bora. I wanted to build up a little nest egg, so I raked in the money while my sexual appetite was getting to be insatiable.

In early June I asked Kirk if he would set up another gang bang session, but maybe he could invite 4 or 5 friends to keep it going? One of his friends had a nice home with a pool about an hours drive from the campus, so he set it up there, and told me when to show up.

I had a great Saturday night, really working up a craving for some hard fucking, especially after I went home alone.

I must admit, I could not sleep without using my toys, which I had been ignoring for quite some time.

As you can imagine, I did not suffer from a lack of willing participants, I had a dozen swinging dicks that I could have here in 15 minutes, any hour of the day or night. Females too, though not as many. So I had two problems. First, I didn’t know who was invited to the sex party, and secondly, I didn’t want to wear myself out with a woman.

It was like the night before a big swim meet. I call Mike and say, “Hey buddy, I would love to see you tonight, but I can’t put any real energy into it because I have to save it for tomorrow, maybe you wouldn’t mind just letting me rest, while you do the work for both of us?” That has never failed! Mike will consider it a challenge to both his manhood and his school spirit!

Now, I could call a girl friend, but the result just wouldn’t be the same. I would want to play with her body. I would not be able to stop myself from having a little sexual workout, and though it might be okay, I don’t take the chance. Call it superstition if you like, but I don’t have sex with women prior to a meet!

Sunday / Fun-day finally arrived. I figured that 3 good orgasms per day should be everyone’s minimum. Today I expected to have a dozen, with no vibrator, just five or six men that were friends! My pussy was tingling, just thinking about it!

I thanked my Uber driver and walked up the long driveway, wondering exactly what and who Kirk would have in store for me.

I rang the doorbell, and a black sack went over my head, placed there by someone who had raced up behind me just as the door opened.

I was quickly manhandled into the house. Many hands made short work of stripping me, and tying me into an oh so familiar position. Unlike the real event, I wore the mask instead of them, and I needed no gag to stop me from crying out. I was on my knees, waiting to be ravished!

Later I would remember this pause, as a yearning time. My labia was pulsing with blood. They might see it actually pushing out as I ached for the first plunge.

They were playing some Slasher on the sound system when the first cock pressed into me. There was no contact on my hips, just the slow push istanbul travesti of a well lubed cock. It was obviously not Kirk, being perhaps 6 inches long and not nearly as thick. My guess was the homeowner, whom I had never met. That made me hot right away. I was being fucked by a stranger! He was very excited, and he came within the first two minutes, leaving me wanting more, but he had a rubber on, so there was no real mess as the second cock took its place.

“Get ready for a long session Shylo, cause you are too fine and we need to enjoy your body!” someone whispered into my ear, while popping into me like a dog. He gave it a good run. Bringing forth my first orgasm, but he only lasted 5 minutes!

When I felt Kirk push into me I started to have an orgasm right away. He was such a monster that I knew who it was instantly, and the knowing just made it so titillating that I couldn’t hold back, and why should I?

I took three more cocks before the first guy was back, which told me that there were 6 swinging dicks, so they would be good for a long while.

They flipped me after the second round, which didn’t take much longer than the first. Now they started in on my breasts. Hungry mouths covered my tits during the pounding, and they were lasting long enough to make me cum, so I was constantly in a state of orgasm or pre-orgasm while they cycled through me. I must have cum twenty times before Kirk slipped the light silk bag off of my head.

Now I faced 6 smiling faces, and 6 cocks in hand, like it was a Porno production, but there were no cameras. There was cum all over me, so I suggested a swim, and everyone agreed.

In the water we played for a bit, then someone grabbed me from behind and forced my arms behind me, while others grabbed legs and spread them. Not a word was spoken, while Todd pushed into my vagina, and he didn’t hesitate to start pumping and grinding. I could hardly catch my breath, as he rammed me, making me moan loudly, in blissful pleasure.

Another round was immediately started, but I had to resist, when it became uncomfortable, as water fucking does not give any real lubrication to the pussy walls, and we were sure to start loosing condoms!

I managed to get to a lounger and Kirk came up with a good lubricant that the water wouldn’t whisk away.

After the round Kirk called for a break, and we had a chance to sit and drink some soda.

I was game for another round when Kirk’s phone rang, and he only took a minute to have a big smile on his face.

“The reinforcements are coming men,” he said with a smile.

Kirk took his time securing me into place again, but he didn’t install the bag over my head, nor the handcuffs.

With Todd’s cock bringing me to another orgasm, Kirk slipped his monster between my lips, and drove it to the back of my throat. I used two hands to help with the hummer, cause I wasn’t going to subject my throat to that horse cock. Kirk only rocked back and forth, feeding me about 4 inches, but my hands covered the rest of him with longer, full strokes.

I knew he loved a blowjob, but I don’t think he’s had one while others watched, so he lasted a very long time!

When Pam and Sharon came barging in, he finally burst his nut, filling my mouth with about a half teaspoon of jizz, having expended himself over the last four hours.

When Kirk pulled away I saw Pam’s smiling face.

“Oh, party favorites,” declared Pam, and she set her pussy down over my mouth!

For a while I had no idea what Sharon was doing, as Pam blocked most of my vision, with her thighs, and she used handfuls of my hair to force my full attention on her clit.

Next, I was invaded by a double dildo, attached to Sharon’s special belt. She powered into me, enjoying the bump that it gave her own pussy with each stroke.

All of the men settled back, to enjoy a sight that few men get to see live.

Three bitches in heat!

“Does no one want to play with these,” Sharon asked, as she leaned forward and cupped Pam’s breasts, then she went in for a deep kiss.

One guy on each side started inspecting Pam’s tits with great care, while a third pulled in behind Sharon and cupped her tits, while matching her thrusting movements so his stiffening cock would bounce against her cute butt.

After the ladies fucked me hard enough to put a hitch in my step, they took over the room of cocks, as if I needed rescuing. We all had the time of our lives, finishing well into the evening. There wasn’t a sperm cell in their shriveled sacks and each orgasm brought both pleasure and discomfort, as their cocks were doing dry heaves!

The men left around midnight, with the homeowner passed out on his own living room floor. Kirk drove the three of us home, but I was puzzled by his parting words to the other guys. “Don’t forget to call in a tip!” he said, and they all grunted or nodded.

“I was surprised to only know Todd, but it was a very nice party Kirk, thank you,” I said, and I kissed his istanbul travestileri cheek while he gripped the steering wheel.

“Well, I must admit, that I was talking to Mrs. Rodriguez after you asked me to set this up, and she told me that they are desperate for donations at the shelter on Concord, so I gave away the spots based on donations, Shylo, so you raised $5,000 for the shelter”, Kirk explained. “I knew that Todd comes from a rich family, so I called him and he had an easy time selling the other spots in the party.”

I guess that meant that I had been prostituted! I was going to have to process this news.

I asked Kirk to just drop me at the girls pad. They were not bothered like I was, because they were not even invited. They just decided to join the fun.

No one worked on Monday, so we all slept in. When I did finally hit the shower, I could hear activity in the restaurant downstairs.

I thought the girls might join me, but my swollen mound told me I had to take it easy for a while.

Their apartment was much bigger than mine, having two real bedrooms, and I could hear moans from theirs, so I tiptoed to the kitchen.

By the time they came out, I had the coffee ready, and I’d already eaten some waffles, with more cooking in their waffle iron.

Greta knocked on the door, then entered without waiting for an invitation. The girls had to tell her a dozen times that she was welcome any time, but she still knocked.

“I heard footsteps, and thought you might like some pastries,” she announced, then braced herself while the two girls danced around her giving her hugs and kisses, like they were her children! They were only wearing thongs, so it looked erotic to my eye, but it was Greta, so I just laughed. Finally, they took the tray, and we offered her a cup-o, which always meant tea to her, so I put the pot on.

Then Pam told her about our escapade the day before!

I sat there, wide eyed, while details were revealed to this older woman, that I would never have admitted to, but I could see the excitement in Greta’s eyes! She was totally turned on! I had to look at her in a different light now!

“I am a bit upset to find out that they paid money for that party,” I admitted, “I am having a hard time seeing the difference between my being sold for money, then raped, and then being sold as I was yesterday.”

“Oh dear! There is a world of difference Shylo!” Greta insisted. “You were not forced! You just didn’t know how it was set up, and that’s not on you!”

After breakfast I went online and made my own donation of $5k to The Concord Ave. Family Shelter.

Monday evening I had my one class, and there were over a hundred students in the lecture hall. I was surprised to see Gina and moved in a couple seats over. She looked magnificent, in a cute revealing outfit. Of course, I could easily envision her perfect B cup breasts, since I have admired them from close and far, as I dance at the G House. I had yet to run my tongue around those small areolas but I had hope! And I was not in a hurry.

“Hi Shy,” she said with a stage voice, then she asked the guy between us if he would switch. He was just a guy after all, so he looked at me for a sec, then stood to comply, hoping that he might impress one of us with his chivalry?

The Prof was a woman in her late 60’s I would guess, though I didn’t recognize her from around the campus. She spoke with confidence though, and she moved freely around the podium. She was wearing an odd dress that looked like a Hawaiian moo moo.

“Your parents enjoy sex too,” she confided, “but maybe you don’t know just how much.”

Then she gave some startling stats about the rising rate of STDs in senior centers, and the number of hips that are replaced, not to improve walking, but to return a person to sexual activity. She moved easily from one side of the stage to the other, as she spoke. This was just her opening lecture, so she touched on her subject scope, including cultural norms and historical issues. We already had a reading list that was 12 books long!

At the conclusion of her lecture, she had one more statement to make.

“I am happy to see such a turnout, and I want to leave you with one more point.”

“I am 68, and I love sex!” and with that she pulled two strings on her moo moo and the dress dropped to the stage, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts! She was certainly a good B cup and there was only a slight sag with the nipples fully engorged. Her waist had a small ponch, but it looked fine. She wore a black thong and she stood on high heels. I was shocked, at first, then I was horny!

Gina was first to start applauding. I joined right away, as did most everyone in the house.

The Professor bent low to get her dress, and smoothly stood back up, making it appear more like a curtsy. Then she smoothly dropped the gown, back over her shoulders.

“If anyone has a problem, the free drop out date is this Friday,” she said, then made travesti istanbul her exit.

Now I did recognize her. Of course she did not walk around in that outfit, when her figure looked that good. I would be looking for her now.

Gina and I went to the Student Union where we could get a beer, and chat. Many of the other students had the same idea, and a Monday night became a busy night all of a sudden. The staff included Ray, a thin blonde guy that I already knew intimately.

Gina and I decided to help out, and we each grabbed a box to gather up bottles.

“Hey guys, can I leave a box here for you to fill?” I asked at a table of 5 guys. “As you can see, they are short staffed tonight.”

I easily heard the one guy say, “I would love to ‘long’ staff this one.”

I turned to look him in the eye, and his confidence left him abruptly.

“Hey, if you are indeed long, you will pull it out right now, and if it meets my standards, I will mount it, right here, right now!” boldly, I challenged this dufus.

You could have heard a pin drop, but after a half minute he mumbled an apology, and it looked like I had pushed a delicate button on this guy’s ego.

“Anyway, thanks for keeping it tidy guys,” I said, and gave the guy a smile and an air-kiss, in the hope that his ego wasn’t hurt too badly.

Gina was faster than me, of course, but we had the place looking better by the time Cooper showed up to help her boyfriend, but she clocked in anyway, and spent the next two hours with Gina and I.

I introduced Gina, as a girl that I worked with, but they knew I was a stripper by now, so they assumed that Gina was also a stripper. Of course she could be, if she wanted, but she got great tips just showing her gorgeous tits and smile!

“We would love to see you dance Gina, but the prices in a strip bar are way out of our league,” Cooper explained, at least partially revealing that she enjoyed the female form.

“Oh, I’m not a dancer Cooper,” Gina corrected her, “…and I am certainly no prude, but I have found from experience, that an exposed vagina will eventually be filled with cock, and I really don’t like penis, sorry Ray, I’m sure that you’re a gentleman, but I don’t go there.”

There was nothing more to be said about that, so we talked about the swim team and the lecture that most of these students had come from. The Student Union was used to this kind of fluctuation, so having staff that was as flexible as Ray and Cooper was very helpful.

Last call came at 1a.m. and we drank until the last student was out the door and Ray was locking up. Gina and I had helped to put the chairs up, and clear the last of the coffee cups and water bottles that had been ignored by the less civil of our mates.

“We will have to get together again soon Shylo, and thanks again for the help,” Cooper said and turned to give a hug and kiss to Gina. She went in fast, pressing the tip of her tongue between Gina’s slightly parted lips.

Cooper pulled her in close, and pressed her breasts against Gina’s, and waited for Gina’s tongue to tell her what the next step was going to be.

By this time, Ray and I were just standing there, watching the two women.

When they parted, I think Gina was a little uncertain, and she looked at me for advice.

“I’m going to have to call it a night my friends,” I started, “I had a hard day yesterday, and I have to get my rest tonight, but I’m hoping the offer will still be there next week?”

I knew that my swollen vagina lips were still red, and the couple would notice it right away, revealing my most hidden slutty secret. My labia was pulsing right now, and I had to use all of my self discipline to bow out, which left us looking at Gina.

“Oh, thanks for the offer, but I am very tired,” she excused herself as politely as she could.

Like I said, I’m playing the long game with Gina, so we crossed the campus together, with me practically taking her right to her dorm.

“Thanks for walking me home Shylo, but now I have to worry about your safety!” she said with real concern.

“I’ll call you as soon as I’m locked in,” I promised, and gave her my own parting kiss, without tongue and without the deep press of my chest, just a nice, full lip, with some lingering, but no tongue. I kept my eyes open, and so did she.

Then I turned for home.

Had she called, I would have turned back, damn the sore labia, but she just watched me until I was out of sight.

As I turned the corner of the building, I pulled out my cell and called Simone. She was the one woman I could call at this time of night.

“Are you horny tonight,” I said as soon as Simone said “hey”.

“I’m on the way, don’t start without me,”she burst out, and she ended the call.

Of course I had to explain my shameful condition to Simone. She had seen me naked more than a few times, and my puffy lips were a sight.

Simone took a close look and determined that she was not going to be able to scissor with me, or even rub my clit vigorously.

“I’m going to have to sit on your face Shylo, so I can carefully diddle your clit, without touching your vagina lips, much.” “If we are not careful you will be a laughing stock on Wednesday, when you have to dance.”

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