Sibling Holiday Ch. 03

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After my brother got sent to the hotel room to cool down, my parents took one disapproving look at all the people laid around the pool area doing nothing, and asked me if I wanted to come with them to their friend’s place across the island instead. I declined and so they went off and left me on my own.

I went around the pool to the opposite side and found a vacant lounger near another girl who looked about my age and was also on her own. She was laid on her front, and I was slightly surprised to see she had removed her bikini top and lay topless, albeit on her front. Her bikini bottoms were the thong type, and she had rolled the waistband down so low that virtually nothing was covered. She had a lithe looking body, with a very pert looking bum; even I had to admit she looked pretty hot.

It seemed particularly amazing that a girl so young would be wearing such a sexy thong. I asked if the lounger next to her was spare. She rose up on one elbow and used her other arm to shield the sun from her eyes as she answered. She had a hint of an accent as she gave me a beaming smile and told me I was very welcome. Raised up, I could see she had very small breasts, but with long nipples standing out erect. She caught my glance and seemed totally unembarrassed as she told me her nipples were always like that.

I was slightly shocked that a complete stranger, and one so clearly around my age, could be quite so frank. She stayed on one elbow and seemed to watch me intently, as I laid out my towel and laid down on it. Once settled she recommended I sort my bikini out so I didn’t get tan lines. I would have found her unwavering gaze slightly intimidating if it weren’t for her friendly smile. She introduced herself as Heidi from Germany and told me how she repositioned the thin strip of her tiny thong every half hour to avoid lines.

Without asking or waiting to see my response, she decided to sort me out herself. She leant over and undid the bow on my halter neck and back so the main strap ends fell flat on my towel. She then reached down and put her hands on my skimpy bottoms. I lay completely frozen with shock as I felt her roll my waist band down and kept going till I almost thought she wouldn’t stop. I could feel possibly the top third of my bum crack was uncovered and she hadn’t finished with me yet, as she grasped the lower edges of my bottoms and scraped them up my bum to meet the lowered waist band.

Feeling someone else’s hands unknowingly caress my bare bum like that, gave me a tingle in my pussy, and sent a shiver down my spine. She had a very direct and seemingly matter of fact way about her, but as my body gave away my uncontrolled reaction, she gave me a knowing smile. She laid back down, this time on her back, and almost in passing told me I looked hot. I was taken aback, and as she scanned my face for a reaction I couldn’t help but scan her body, and return the compliment. I also noticed a tiny tattoo of a flower very low down, almost on her mons pubis, and half covered by the top of her bikini bottoms.

Again she caught me looking and asked me if I liked it. I told her I did, and then in a husky voice she asked if I thought it was sexy. I was so mesmerised, I didn’t even think and admitted I did. She licked her full lips and arched her back sexily whilst she briefly let her hands brush over her erect, bullet like nipples. I had never before found a girl so sexually attractive, let alone seemingly repaying the compliment. In her still husky voice she suggested we enjoy the sun and the sight of each other for a while longer, and then maybe we could go somewhere private and play with each other’s pussies. I couldn’t believe my ears. It all felt so surreal and dream like. I couldn’t reply and just dumbly nodded.

As time went by, our whispered conversation continued. She told me the things she wanted to do to me. I only had to look at her sleek sexy body and thrilling thoughts of what we could do came into my mind too. I whispered these ideas to her. At one point she got up and told me to roll over. She then started to rub oil onto my front which was getting me even more aroused. She circled my breasts and let her fingers brush over my erect nipples, then swirled her oily hand around my belly. She pushed my bikini bottoms down lower and rubbed oil on my belly and down my crotch. With a quick glance to check no one was watching she briefly let a finger slip under my bikini and brush my clit. I quivered with electricity, and she raised her eyebrow as she realised I was completely shaven. She gave me a sexy smile and told me she liked it.

Soon after she sat back on her lounger, I happened to glance up, and could have sworn I briefly saw my brother’s head appear on the balcony of our room. By now I was feeling a strong need to relieve the pulsing tingle in my pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer; I told Heidi our room number and told her to give me ten minutes to get rid of my brother from the room.

When I entered the room I could hear the shower, gaziantep olgun escort bayan I could also smell that familiar musky smell which I suspect came from my brother’s masturbation sessions. Certainly I had noticed it at home. This essence of maleness seemed to have an arousing effect on me as well as the thought of my brother masturbating. I found the bathroom door a tiny bit ajar. I stood close and could peek enough to see a silhouette through the steamed up glass of my brother’s lean form as he washed his hands over it, and was transfixed as I saw him run his soapy hands over his sizeable manhood. All the while, I was racking my brains for a way to get rid of him, once he came out.

The noise of the shower suddenly stopped and I leapt back from the door and started toward the balcony. I heard the door behind open but I didn’t look back as I pretended to be intent on some other goal. My mind was racing for ideas, and time was running out before Heidi would arrive. I made a scene of moving the lounger on the balcony and laying out my towel. I could sense my brother stood close behind me, and felt slightly excited as I bent over to give him an eyeful of my rear. I could feel that my bikini bottoms had ridden up my bum quite a bit and the tiny bit of material was half pulled into my moist pussy. I looked unbelievably horny at that moment, and I knew it.

There was complete silence from behind me for long enough that I knew he was watching. I heard him let his breath out, like he had been holding it. He abruptly turned and started walking quickly across the room shouting back that he was off to the beach. I desperately wanted to see what affect, if any, I had had on him, so shouted something intentionally garbled, so he wouldn’t hear and would be forced to turn back toward the balcony.

I watched as he re-crossed the room, trying to hide the fact I was checking out his crotch. I felt a thrill as it was apparent to see how much more tightly packed his trunks had become with his swollen manhood. He tried to walk naturally but it was apparent that something rigid in his trunks was making this impossible. It was only as he got close that I realised I better have something to tell him.

Luckily I remembered I genuinely did need to tell him our parents were staying with some friends on the other side of the island for the night and that I had some cash for our evening meal. He was looking embarrassed as he told me he was heading down to the beach and would be back later. As he turned and walked back to the door I got a lovely chance to watch his shapely bum with his trunks riding right up it.

Was he only doing a runner to hide the affect I was having on him, I wondered. Was it possible that he was having sexual thoughts about me, the way I was about him? The idea thrilled me as much as the thought of Heidi on her way up to the room. The door banged shut with his departure.

I stretched on my tip toes on the balcony and felt the warm sun and the light sea breeze across my bare skin. The novel thrill of being outside and wearing next to nothing made me feel incredibly sexy. I decided I wanted to feel even more exposed on this outside balcony, so feeling very horny in the sunshine started peeling off my bikini top and bottoms.

I lay on my towel naked, to wait for Heidi, my legs slightly parted and my moist shaven pussy bare to the world. It occurred to me that my brother might come back if he had forgotten anything, but the thought of being found by him sunbathing nude only added to my thrill.

Almost with that thought I heard the door open and shut again. I heard the sound of bare feet crossing the room. I quivered with adrenaline and sexual expectation. Whoever it was, would find me sprawled naked, waiting for them. I looked up into the face of Heidi. She had the same thong on but also a cropped skinny tee shirt that did absolutely nothing to conceal her very erect nipples and her lack of a bra.

She took one look at the view I was giving her and whipped off the tee shirt before hooking her fingers in her thong and slipping that down too. Not only did she have a little tattoo just above her pussy, but she had also shaved most of her pussy except for a tiny little rectangle of blond pubic hair. I quivered uncontrollably at the thought that shortly she would be touching my body and I hers. She stepped close and held out her hand for me to stand. As I stood she took me in her arms and we had the most passionate kiss I’d ever experienced.

Her hands went around me and held my buttocks. While doing this she pushed her knee between my legs and firmly rubbed her thigh against my wet pussy. I could barely stand as I went light headed. As we came apart she looked back into the room at the beds. I nodded and she led me by the hand to one of the beds.

It was my brother’s bed, but I couldn’t have cared less at that moment. She laid me on my back and lay on her side next to gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan me. I quivered with anticipation at what she would do next. As our tongues found each other’s again she placed the palm of her hand on my belly. Slowly with our tongues engaged she slid her hand down my belly and over my hairless mound. The first light touch of her fingers on my pussy lips was incredible. As her tongue fully entered my mouth and entwined with mine, her fingers slid along my tingling labia and then found my clit.

She slowly started to stroke my clit, gradually picking up speed. All the while we were still locked in the sexiest kiss I had ever dreamt of. As my need became more urgent my hips started rotating and I started pushing myself onto her fingers. She broke the kiss and started tonguing my breasts, then belly; working her head lower with every kiss.

My head whirled, before today only my own hand had been on my pussy, and now here I was being felt by another girl, who seemed to be about to put her mouth there. Sure enough I felt her tongue slide over my mound and onto my swollen and aching clit. As she tongued it, it gradually rose out of its sheath and stood proud. She roughly licked at my super sensitive button while bringing her hand around and slowly working a finger between my pussy lips. She worked a second finger in, which felt incredibly tight. She didn’t try to get a third one in.

Slowly she started to move her fingers in and out with increasing rhythm. At the same time she continued to stroke my clit with her tongue sending me into a rising crescendo of pure sexual ecstasy until I was laid with my hips grinding upward, circling them around the storm of electricity at the centre of my pussy. All inhibition was gone by now as I squeezed my breasts with each hand and tweaked my own sensitive nipples. I gritted my teeth and placed a hand on the back of her gorgeous head as I felt the orgasm building towards a massive climax. I pushed her head forcefully down onto my grinding pussy as my orgasm finally hit me full force. I felt my voice in my throat as I groaned and gasped audibly. At that moment I felt so incredibly sexy.

Here I was; so young and nubile with another tender young girl going down on me. As my orgasm subsided she continued to lightly tongue my clit with her mouth sending mini orgasms shuddering through me. She looked up with my juice glistening on her gorgeous face. I asked her where she learnt to do that. She said she had been with another girl before. She knelt up astride of one of my legs looking incredibly sexy. Her pussy was looking pretty wet too, and as if she had read my mind she gave a sultry smile and told me her pussy was aching for my touch. I pushed her down and onto her back and rolled on top of her.

Now I was astride her and I leant down and kissed her passionately, tasting my own sex for the first time. This only added to the sexiness of the kiss. I worked my mouth down her neck to her chest and sucked each erect nipple in turn, whilst squeezing the other small breast with my hand. She in turn squeezed my fuller breasts, reawakening the heat in my pussy. I then worked my way down her skinny belly until I was eye level with her little tattoo. I kissed it and then kissed down one side of the small line of hair on her raised mound. As my mouth found her moist snatch, she whimpered. I pushed my tongue into her glistening folds and tasted the tangy taste of another girl’s snatch for the first time. It tasted good to me, and no different to how mine had tasted on my hand after masturbating, which I often did. Then with one hand I parted her lips and with the other I gently teased back the hood of her clit. It looked tiny, but as I flicked my tongue over the little button, it grew until it stood out.

All the while she whimpered and made guttural noises in her throat. I copied what she had done to me and started working my fingers into her pussy. Before long she was rotating her hips and making little noises in a high pitched voice. As things intensified she started moaning loudly and saying things like, eat my pussy, and oh god yeah. Before long she was in the throes of ecstasy herself and I was feeling hornier than ever knowing I was tonguing another girl’s pussy. I put my free hand back between my own legs and started rubbing myself in time with my tonguing.

Suddenly she pushed my head back to stop me. I looked up questioningly. She motioned for me to swing my body around so that I was knelt over her face, with my head still above her gaping wet pussy. Then as I went back to work on her pussy, she grabbed my bum and pulled my aching pussy down onto her face. It wasn’t very along at all before we were both grinding our pussies into each other’s faces for all we were worth. As I got carried away licking her clit and occasionally pushing my whole tongue into her, she did the same to me. I could feel her reaching her climax, and gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan thought I was not quite there yet, but then that quickly changed as I felt her hands on my bum. She pulled my cheeks apart and I felt one wet finger press against my puckered bum hole. As she continued with her tongue on my pussy I felt her gently press her finger against my anus. She slowly pushed her finger against my tight ring and as I continued to move my hips I felt it gradually enter me. As I thrust myself continually onto her mouth I was pushing myself back from each thrust further embedding her finger inside me. Soon enough she had her whole finger deep inside me.

Just the thought of the naughty thing she was doing was enough to send me over the edge. As I started climaxing, she did also. Orgasms started exploding inside me, sending me into a barrage of muscle spasms. I was bucking my hips, impaling myself on her fingers in both my quim and my bum. At the same time she was arching her back and lifting her bum completely off the bed as she drove her pussy onto my rigid tongue. Neither of us stopped milking the other’s sweet young pussy until we had both climaxed several times. I couldn’t hold myself up any longer and lay down flat along her body, feeling her sweet breath on my now aching red pussy. Whilst I similarly was looking right at her now parted and open sex.

Slowly I slid off her and turned around to move up the bed and place my head next to hers. For a few seconds we lay on our sides looking into each other’s eyes with silent appreciation. She put her hand on my hip and pulled me close. Our breasts, bellies and pussies were against each other again, as we shared a slow and sultry kiss. This time the urgency was gone and we could just savour the contact. She gently played her tongue around mine. After a few moments of this we pulled our heads back and smiled at one another.

I asked her who she had been with before and where she learnt to do this. She smiled and mysteriously said she couldn’t tell me. I implored her until, with my assurances that I would not judge her for what she told me, she gave in. With a very serious look on her face she told me she had done it with her sister. I looked into her face waiting for her to say something further, or undo what she had said. After a few moments of silence, I realised she was waiting for my response.

As I thought of it, I should have been shocked, but all I could think of was my taboo feelings for my brother. I told her it was fine by me and actually the thought of it was quite a turn on. She couldn’t believe that I approved. When she asked me about this, I told her I had my own confession to make. I then proceeded to tell her how I had become attracted to my own brother. I told her of my sexual frustration living in the same house and my various attempts to get him to see me as a sexually attractive female. I told her how I had been flaunting my body at home, wearing revealing clothes and “accidentally” giving him flashes, but nothing had been reciprocated. She pointed out that all my actions had been made to appear like they weren’t intentional. He probably thought that his sister wasn’t interested in him that way and didn’t dare react in fear of ruining their sibling relationship. She pointed out that it was a very risky thing to bring out in the open with a sibling. Once that knowledge was out there, it could never be undone. The possibility of ruining your family forever couldn’t be ignored.

As we talked more about my experiences of life with my brother, and hers with her sister, she became convinced that my brother was finding me extremely attractive, but didn’t dare do anything about it. She suggested that I had to take it to the next level and show him directly, that I found him attractive, and at the same time make myself irresistible. We plotted various ways to do this; she recommended the technique she had used on me by the pool. I pictured myself sunbathing beside him, putting oil on him and letting my hand stray under the edge of his trunks. I would see his uncontrollable reaction and return his questioning look with one of lust, letting him see my intention. I made my decision and immediately felt excited as I thought of what I planned to do.

Heidi had to re-join her sister and parents for lunch, so she quickly stuck her crop top and thong back on to go down to the poolside café. Even with these on, she still looked positively indecent. Her bullet like nipples still stuck out through her top and her tiny thong left nothing to the imagination. I stood to see her out of the room. As we stood by the room door we shared another passionate kiss. She gave my pussy a little stroke and made me promise to see her again as soon as possible. She wished me luck with my brother and told me she wanted to hear all about it later. She also said she would like me to meet her older sister some time. I felt thrilled at the thought, and opened the door to let her out, still stark naked and completely oblivious to what someone might see, if they were in the corridor. Luckily no one was there and so I brazenly stood there and watched her shapely behind as she walked the length of the corridor and got in the lift. Once back in the room I took a quick shower, grabbed some things, put my bikini back on and grabbed some sandals. Before leaving I took a look in the mirror and adjusted the bikini to maximise how much it revealed.

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